Aug 26 2010

Vacation Pics :-)


A New Jersey family visiting the Wisconsin State Capitol had an unexpected person show up in their vacation photo - a man in the background stealing their bag! They were able to show the photo to security, who moments later apprehended the thief.  Got a vacation photo that can top that?!  Share it by clicking HERE.


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8/26/2010 6:04:23 AM
Claire United States
Nice! My vacation-we had every body looking at us. People video-taped us! We really didn't have no vacation. But now, I look at it-it was very funny!
8/26/2010 6:09:06 AM
Merrissa United States
oh, wow! that's hastarical!! I don't mean it's funny that there bags are getting stolen! it's just kinda random hahaha
8/26/2010 6:43:03 AM
Diane United States
Okay - is it just me? Did you notice that the woman was smart enough to at least keep her bag close (it's right behind her in the photo). Why would you leave a bag with valuables that far away???
8/26/2010 2:14:32 PM
Lucy United States
Oddly enough less than a couple weeks I had gone downtown with a couple of my girlfriends.  Left our locked car briefly to take some pictures (fyi- we were less than 50 ft away) and a few minutes later a car pulled up and broke the passenger window, grabbed our purses.  Great can read it on my blog at on 8/25/10.

Lesson to learn - leave NOTHING of value in your car, even for a minute. Ten seconds is all it takes.  Tell your teens too!
8/29/2010 12:43:27 PM
Rebecca United States
Wow! Good thing they caught himSmile
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