Sep 09 2010

Out Live Your Life - Let God Unshell You (Chapter 3)

 *Chapters posted will be made available on the Lisa & Eric page for one week.  To purchase Out Live Your Life, click here. All author royalties from the book will go towards building water wells in Uganda*


Chapter 3

Let God Unshell You

Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado

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“Reprinted by permission.  Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make A Difference by Max Lucado, 2010, copyright date, Thomas Nelson Inc. Nashville, Tennessee.  All rights reserved.”


Questions for Discussion

1.  What habits, attitudes, possessions, and technologies create a clamshell of sorts to seal you off from the needs around you? How can you work around or remove these barriers?


2.  Have you experienced what the chapter calls a “compassion attack”? Did you respond by ignoring the need or becoming distracted? Have you responded by trying to meet the need?


3.  Describe a time when you saw God work in a sudden and unexpected way. To what extent are you open to the unexpected leadings of God? How could you prepare yourself for those times?


4.  Respond to the following questions posed in the chapter:

a.  “With whom do you feel most fluent?” To what kinds of people or needs can you most easily relate?

b.  “For whom do you feel most compassion?” What kinds of needs touch your heart most deeply?

Ideas for Action

       Respond creatively to the needs around you. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Some people carry around fuel vouchers from the local gas station or free meal coupons from a nearby restaurant to give to people in need. Others have a special fund they are always prepared to use. Some individuals regularly give to a church benevolent fund and refer people to that church for aid. Plan ahead to respond with compassion (instead of waiting to see whether you feel like it in the moment).


       Consider focusing on one country with greater needs than your own in your prayers, giving, and relationships. Discover the true needs. Research what is working well. Find out what is not working. Pray intentionally. Eat their food. Celebrate their holidays. It might be possible to use your vacation time to go on a mission trip to that country.


       Research ministries or orphanages dedicated to that country’s needs. Invest resources and build relationships. Make that country a second home in your heart. Over time you will be amazed by what God will do in and through you.

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9/9/2010 8:04:25 AM
Clair United States
I am so thankful that ya'll are putting the chapters on your page! I bought the book this morning and hope to have it here soon! It is definately going to change my life... I can already feel God's Spirit moving in me guiding me to the next step He wants me to take in life. I am so excited about what God will reveal to me through this book! Thank you Klove and Mr Lucado for this opportunity!
God Bless
9/9/2010 4:15:38 PM
Sunshine Arnette United States
Sunshine Arnette
I wish I could purchase it, but I am SO glad that you were able to post the first 4 chapters because as I have listened so far, it is already changing my life.  Thanks for all that you do K-Love family - xo
9/11/2010 3:49:35 AM
Peggy United States
Thanks for putting these chapters on here! You are a blessing K love family.  "Lord please use me for Your honor and glory."
9/11/2010 10:57:43 PM
Nelcy United States
I thank God for His compassion and mercy toward us -- we have so much that He has bestowed upon us in talent, time and even wealth and we have squandered it over time without using it for His glory to do His will.  Thank you for reminding me that I need to give my ALL to Him because He gave His ALL for me!
9/13/2010 7:30:36 AM
Cherie United States
9/14/2010 2:01:10 PM
Aina Akisanya United States
Aina Akisanya
When i heard each chapter of the book "Out Live Your Life" was to be posted each day on the KLove site,I was curious to find out what it was all about.
Each chapter i must say sinks deep within my soul and it makes me question and think about ways i can out live this life. Little things that I take for granted becomes those very things that someone in another part of the world believe it's a great deal. I am therefore grateful that the book is posted Chapter by Chapter. I share this with my Facebook friends everyday as my form of Evangelism. My prayer is that our lives would be renewed and we would view the World and it's people through the eyes of God.
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