Sep 14 2010

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien has had a career in Christian music for over 20-years, as both a solo artist and with the band Newsong. He joined us for a morning mixed with fun songs (click here to listen to his "Low Fat Latte" song) and his raw, honest story.  For years he battled a secret sin that nearly destroyed his marriage and the health of his family.  See Michael's incredible testimony of how God set him free and restored his family below ...


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9/14/2010 4:45:32 AM
Lisa United States
I was listening to Michael and you and Lisa coming into work.  What an inspiration he is.  Thankful that he humble enough to see what needed to be done and did it instead of doing a macho man thing and think I don't need any of this.  I understand the guilt and the shame and not wanting to be with people.  I am a pastor's wife and struggle constantly.  Most times I do not feel worthy enough to have that title.  I have my own demons that I deal with and feel way to proud to talk to anyone as they may see me as weak.  When I get home I am going to listen to everything again when it is ok to cry.  Driving is not a good place/time to be crying.  
Thank you so much for having him share his story.  I am sure he has touched many other people out there who feel all alone.  

May God bless him and his wife and their ministry.

9/14/2010 4:54:28 AM
Jennifer United States
I was listening to Michael's story on the way to taking my daughter to school this morning.  I could not believe how much I was listening to my own story.  I came home and listened to the video and I just want to say thank you for being so open and willing to share.  My husband was diagnosed with major depression/bipolar and was hospitalized for suicidal intentions.  When he got out of the hospital he attempted to pursue a physical affair.  Our marriage had been on the edge of destruction for about 2 yrs already and I really thought we were done.  I wanted out but the Lord had other plans.  The morning that my husband confessed to where he had been he called our pastor and we went to the church.  I wanted out but my husband wanted to save us.  To make a long story short a month after meeeting with our pastor twice a week he prayed to God right there in our pastor's office and ask God to come into his life and take control.  A few months later he was able to come of the Lithium and 2 other meds. Now he only takes Lexapro and for the past 18 months he has been doing great! My husband has made permanent changes and I can honestly say he is my best friend!  Thanks again for sharing and when I'm praying for my family I'll send a prayer up for yours also.  
9/14/2010 5:51:59 AM
Jill United States
Jill is so awesome to know that people are not alone in their journey on this earth.  My husband had struggled with pornography for most of his life. I struggled with perfectionism.  So, your story is so REAL.  We would have moments on the the mountaintop thinking the battles were won, only to find ourselves back in the valley.  It wasn't until my husband accidentally shot me with a 12G shotgun while cleaning it.  He had not been the last to use the gun, and didn't realize it was still loaded.   This was my husband's wake up call, he calls it.  He struggled through grief, guilt and shame as I was struggling to recover and heal physically.  We were introduced to a christian counseling ministry called Repair the Breach that totally transformed us as individuals, then us as a couple.  We just renewed or wedding vows recently; and even though we still have our moments, we know to reach out to God and He will get us through anything.  He already has pulled us out of the pit of misery.  We are so thankful to be able to pass on to our children the legacy of an healthy marriage.  It is so amazing what God can do when we put Him in the center of the moment, instead of trying to contain Him in a box with the thoughts that we can do this alone.  Thank you for your courage to speak out about your journey.  My husband and I are finding out that there are many couples in similar situations, but are in fear of talking about them.  Many blessings to you and your family for taking the leap of faith!!
9/14/2010 6:14:34 AM
Kate United States
Just wanted to say that I am excited to hear Michael O'Brien.  One of my all time favorite songs from 1996 is the song "If Ever I Forget."  I remember hearing just a small bit of it on the 1996 Dove Awards, and thought to myself, "I HAVE to hear the rest of this song!"  I did like when Mark Lowery referred to Michael as Skippy from Family Ties.  I'm guessing there's an inside joke to that.  Anyway, even though Jars of Clay won, I would've voted for Michael if I had the chance, but I was too young then.  Here's a clip of the song in case you wanted to share it on facebook.
9/14/2010 7:15:15 AM
Tomi United States
Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with Mr. O'Brien

Ok so i don't have facebook (even though I'm 17 years old) and this was the only place i could find to comment. I have two reset phrases, normally for when i just feel tired or stressed because of college. The first one is "It is way to early in the morning for this." This is normally what first pops into my head, however, once my brain actually figures out its like past 11 in the morning (not so early anymore), I tell my self over and over "Today is a good day." After repeating that 10 or so times (give or take), my entire body gets back into gear and I'm ready to go Laughing
9/14/2010 7:20:48 AM
Anita United States
What keeps me going when life becomes difficult is to know that this is what Jesus is for. He reminds me to go with the flow and find the positive in every situation.
9/14/2010 7:29:12 AM
Anita United States
Oops,,wrong spot....see frustrating but funny. This morning my husband was so sleepy that he pour milk into the coffee pot thinking it was water. We had a good laugh and that is what we all need to do is is music to God's ears.
9/14/2010 7:32:59 AM
MaryDale United States
I want to thank Lisa and Michael for standing up and telling their story.  It is a story that too many couples live in secret.  My husband and I are going on 19 years of marriage and the first 14 was built on lies and secrets. There are many times that I thought I was crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with us, him, or me.  God was merciful to me when the truth came out by restoring the confidence I had grown up with.  I remember in a single moment realizing that I was not the problem. The problem was certainly mine to share and to overcome but that there was nothing wrong with me. God has been gracious to us both through the healing and restoration He has orchestrated.  Without Him I would have left and would have missed out on the witness of so much Glory. He is certainly worthy to be Praised.  Sometimes the road is still rough and scarey but we know that our lives are in His hands.  
I pray that the life of Lisa and Michael and others who are experiencing Victory of this will shine as hope for the many  families lost and dying to pornography.  Christ can and will heal those who seek Him.
9/14/2010 7:41:18 AM
Melissa United States
This story has touched me so! To know that God is so understanding that no matter how we feel in that dark place he is yearning to meet us there! I love it! When I feel like I'm slipping, all I say is," Lord bring the rain,cause I need to see the rainbow!!"
9/14/2010 7:51:14 AM
Sophia United States
I find it so inspiring and amazing that faith leaders like Michael are so transparent.  To open up your life and your flaws to the world reminds all of us that we are human and we can all strive through our imperfections and faults.  So often the temporary thrill masquerades itself as happiness, only to create problems larger than we ever thought possible.  

Thank you for recognizing your problems, it inspires me to let go of my secret sins, as I pray it will in many others.

I was driving on the way to work when I heard your mother's day song. What's the name of it and where can I find it?

9/14/2010 8:18:23 AM
Tyra United States
I was listening this morning when Michael O'Brien was singing the "latte" song. Can you upload the song to the K-Love page?  I love my non-fat lattes!!  Thanks K-Love for being such a great radio station and inspiration.
9/14/2010 8:52:13 AM
Cindi Rice United States
Cindi Rice
My "restart phrase" : "The BEST I can do is pray"

So many times we think of everything else but prayer, when we know someone is hurting, but the BEST we can do is pray!
9/14/2010 10:34:36 AM
Kim United States
I was driving home from dropping my son off at school and heard Michael share a bit of his personal struggles and then sat in the driveway so I could hear the song he wrote for Lisa on Mother's Day. I felt like the Holy Spirit was talking right to me. It is so awesome that they were willing to come forward and share their personal story to give hope to others struggling with this same trauma. This same addiction has plagued my marriage but I wouldn't know Jesus Christ if it wasn't for this. I am certainly not wishing this on anyone but He uses hard times to teach us and to bring us closer to Him. My walk with the Lord has been a process for me. I work on trust issues everyday of my life. I am so looking forward to the day that I can " Let Go and Let God". I can envision me taking this huge leap and He is there to catch me and hold my hand. I have just learned that praying for my husband and his addiction to pornography and lust will soften my heart and allow the bitterness to fade away. Thank you so much for sharing and K Love you are what keeps me grounded!!!
9/14/2010 1:29:57 PM
Jim United States
I stumbled upon KLOVE one morning on the way to work and haven't changed the station since. I heard only a little of the Lisa and Eric show this morning with Michael O'Brien.  I've never heard of him, but he sounded interesting, so I decided I would check the website when I got to work to find out more.

I have to say, AMAZING! GOD is amazing. I listened to his testimony and was floored because he was talking about my life almost to the tee!

I too have been delivered from Pornography and all that comes with it.  I almost lost everything was was important to me.  I was on the brink of divorce and suffering from depression.  God's grace has restored my life and marriage.  There are times when I struggle, and as corny as this sounds,God puts things in my life like Michael O'Brien on the Lisa and Eric show to strengthen me.

Thank you Michael and Heidi for being brave enough to share. Thank you for trusting God and thereby being and inspiration to others such as myself.
9/14/2010 2:31:57 PM
Gale United States
Thank you for sharing this story, My first marriage ended in divorce because of pornography and now I am seeing my sister going through the same thing.  Please pray for her because her husband, who is a christian, doesn't think that anything is wrong with it and that she is making a big deal out of nothing.  No one knows that he has this problem and he is continuing to hide it.  He has agreed to go to counseling but in his eyes it is a waist of time.  She is pregnant with their third child and I am concerned about her.  She struggles with the anger just as Michael's wife did.  He has obsessive compulsive behaviors and tries to make himself feel better by buying things.  Only God can help him!  Thank you for sharing the hope that this can get better with God's help.
9/14/2010 3:10:11 PM
Kelly United States
I struggle with anger. I pray about it often but don't feel much different. It keeps me up at night and continues to be the main focus in my life. It often causes me to question the mere existance of God or his love for me. I often wonder if he loves me or not simply because I am a woman or I am not perfect.  It gives me hope when I hear how someone stuggled so long with something and God brought them through the pain.
9/14/2010 3:11:06 PM
Michael United States
I listened to this this morning on my way morning devotions at my church, being currently in the winter season of marriage (papers drawn and everything), praying for a summer; this definitely brought me hope for a smile I've been longing for for a few months now. I am so thankful for all our LORD has done in restoring marriages around the world, truly; "All things are possible." Praise the LORD.
9/14/2010 3:19:58 PM
Michael United States
Stories like this bring so much hope to those who are in a winter season of their marriage. I am currently going through this season with my wife, who is no longer here but I pray for her daily and long to one day see her smile again. In this struggle, I am so thankful that the LORD for all he has done in countless marriages around not only the country but the world. "With GOD anything is possibly." That we know for certain!
9/15/2010 5:57:19 AM
Pastor George M United States
Pastor George M
Thank you for this message IT Will help my Wife And I AlOT! We all have serious Threats to our marraige
making ourselves accountable through Groups will change us God Bless
9/15/2010 6:12:26 AM
Christine United States
After seeing Michael & Sandy's story on the Billy Graham's program (which I very rarely get a chance to view), I was convinced this was God's way of telling me to push to save my marriage. My husband I had several very difficult years of marriage and were on the verge of divorce.
I purchased Michael’s CD “Something About Us” (which also features “low fat latte”), the CD was so encouraging and romantic and a true example of how one man can show God’s love to his wife.
I strived to make every day a day of healing and renewing in our marriage. Through God & Michael’s CD & testimony, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary and renewed our vows in 2009. The theme of our wedding was “November’s Kiss” which is a song featured on Michael’s CD (which was fitting since we got married in November). My husband and I now assist & advise married couples during the trying and troubled times in their marriages.
I want to thank Michael & Sandy for sharing their testimony with those of us in need of an encouraging word in their marriage, as well as thank Michael & God for releasing “Something About Us”, I know if it were not for purchasing that CD, I wouldn’t have had made an effort to heal my marriage. God is using them in a mighty way! and  FYI: an evening of romance & dancing in the kitchen is great with Michael’s album “Something About Us”!
9/15/2010 7:39:31 AM
Cathy Collinson United States
Cathy Collinson
I would like to nominate Michael O'Brien for sainthood! You know why? Because he "gets it"! Women don't want you to just "be there", we want you to give us unconditional love and support.
I have a condition called disassociated personality disorder. In severe cases this is what causes multiple personalities, but mine is not THAT severe (though I'm sure there are times when my husband WISHES he could come hone to someone else!), but I do tend to escape into my "inner self" quite a bit. I would weep with joy if he would just tell me, just once, that he still loves me and that we will face this and, hopefully, get me well TOGETHER. Not in fancy words, just plain simple blue collar language.
Guess I'll just have to keep hoping he'll "be here" for me.....
10/14/2010 11:03:13 AM
Michael United States
I once drove a BMW but got rid of it a few months back.
12/15/2010 11:20:55 AM
Deanna United States
i heard the story on the way to school about michael preaching in a prison cell. its really funny and awesome how God sends different things to make people laugh at that right moment. it encourged me on how god does miracle work differently through eveyone
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