Sep 21 2010

God Chicks and the Men They Love - Holly & Phillip Wagner

Are you a GodChick?  Holly and Phillip Wagner share in their book "GodChicks and the Men They Love" that a GodChick is "a woman who understands her value, enjoys her relationship with God and loves others (while having fun on this journey called life!)".  They join us this morning with great insight into relationships - whether you are married or not.


Chapter 10: Give Me Five! from Oasis Church on Vimeo.

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9/21/2010 5:24:44 AM
Lena Shirley United States
Lena Shirley
Good morning! I try calling in, never get through, so here goes. As a student, sitting in class. we watched a video, it was a radio one from way back in years. the word content included worsd of a man's anatomy, and sexual pornagraphic words. Another lady, and I walked out of the class. I didn't go the next class debating what to do, I just kept praying. Well I did go back to class. then he had us watch a video, with two of our past Presidents, where they edited their words. I know for a fact, he does too, that our Presidents never said the words, from their mouths. It was showing how one can record, edit, and splice. Yet why use our authority figures? Shows disrespect to our retired leaders. Well I walked out, spoke to the lab assistant to the teacher, asked questions. Went home Prayed, dropped my classes after talking to the teacher. Wrote several letters on this matter, hopefully get some responses. Was to meet with the Dean, feel it migfht go wrong, so sending full details with a letter. I'm praying, someone needs to take a stand for God, he placed me there so I'm doing it, for God, and every student. God Bless!
9/21/2010 6:20:09 AM
Lindsey United States
Hey Lisa,

I heard you say a few months ago that you went to Captain Shreve.  It was so weird to hear that as I was pulling in to the CSHS parking lot!  I also graduated from CSHS and teach here now!
9/21/2010 7:32:03 AM
Tracy United States
I LOVED THIS!!!!  In theory, it sounds WONDERFUL!!!!  I only pray I can get my hands on the book before it is to late for our marriageFrown  Thank you and God bless!!!
12/12/2010 7:17:32 PM
Lena Shirley United States
Lena Shirley
I'm not sure what or if anything new was changed in the class. the semester is at an end, but I've decided to go back in the Spring. I continue to pray for God's direction in my life, well life goes on. Thank you all for praying too! LenaMae
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