Sep 29 2010

Stories That Just Make You Say, "WOW, God!"

It may have happened yesterday or 20 years ago ... it's a story that almost leaves you speechless where your only response may be "Wow, God!".  In some cases it could the be the story of your life ... that defines you.  What's your "Wow, God" story?

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9/29/2010 4:07:50 AM
Kristen United States
WOW God, God is soooooo good...Yesterday I was having a blue day trying to shake the rain off. So after dinner I was on facebook and my phone rang twice didnt hear it. My hubby brought me the phone didnt realize the number. So I just through my phone back into my purse. Then I got a text saying it was Ryan. Well Ryan is like my long lost little brother. Although not biologically related. He and his mother lived w/us for a little bit 15 yrs ago when he was 4/5 yrs old. And we havent seen or heard from him. Although I tryed looking for him. My dad so wanted to see him one last time before he died two yrs ago. The story even gets more WOW he actually worked in the same county and state that we had lived in..Plus he worked a few miles away from my parents house. I was married and living in a different state, Ryan also had been in that state and county..So close but so far way..I know this doesnt make much since or its unbelieveable and hard to follow..but all I can say God is truly Amazing and He does answers prayers in His own time not ours..I give God the Glory for letting Ryan and I find each other on facebook to start and then dialing my number..God is SOOOOOOOOOO Loving and Faith..short verison of my wow story..Ive been running on aderiline since dont thnk I slept much all night making sure I didnt dream it.O by the way we talked for close to 3 hrs.
9/29/2010 4:21:38 AM
lisa United States
My son is an active drug addict, we have had him in rehab several times, and he was back out using.  His Girlfriend got pregnant and was living with us, turned her life completely around, goes to church with us. Our entire church has been praying for him for years.  He finally at about the 7 month mark in the pregnancy, decided he wanted to come home.  we wanted him to go to a sober living program but knew he wouldn't go willingly.  we asked for prayers of discernmnt, for God to light the way.  my son came home and met with me and firmly informed me that if i wouldn't let him come home, he had decided he was just going to move into this sober living home!  he has been there two weeks and now has a job building a church!    He is God's child and we just need to stay out of the way!
9/29/2010 4:21:52 AM
Wanda Johnson United States
Wanda Johnson
Yesterday, we buried my father-in-law. He received full Military Honors. We thought there were only going to be about six Marines. As we entered the cemertary, there were non other than seventeen Marines standing at attention. I love our country.
9/29/2010 4:41:20 AM
Sheska Moore United States
Sheska Moore
Several weeks ago my husband and I were preparing to take an overnight trip to southern ohio to 4-wheel with a group of people.   After much discussion, we agreed that we would pull the camper.  Thursday evening, Aaron (husband)started preparing for the trip and had made the decision to set up the truck and trailor to make Friday's departure as smooth as possible.  He pulled his pick-up forward,  then put it in reverse to hitch up the camper. The brakes blew on the pick-up.  He used the emergency brake to get the truck stopped and safely back on the parking pad and came into the house to share the news.  No truck, No camper...

I praised God immediately and said what a blessing it was that we were not in the truck when this had happened especially pulling the camper. WOW God!

So the trip was still ago, but naturally with no truck and no camper our sleeping arrangments needed some tweeking.  So, we went with our only viable option...the work van.  YUCK!!!  This is a BIG WHITE VAN that has doors all over it and is used every day to haul doors, windows, awnings, tools.....dirty stuff.  With the assurance that he would tidy it up I agreed to these less than desirable arrangments.  The trip down went off without a hitch.

We went on a late ride.  The night was chilly but the weather was beautiful.  We rode up baby mountains and down again all over God's beautiful country side.  The stars were as bright as could be and we enjoyed the company.  Two hours, we were gone traveling up broken rocks, over trees, and through who know's what. We head back to camp.  2 minutes from camp we hear this awful noise and start to smell something.  We all pull over to find pieces of our drive belt shredded.  The 4-wheeler will not "go"  without this belt so naturally we were saddened.  We made it back to camp without any trouble.  When the housing from the 4-wheeler was removed we found that the belt that was 2" wide was now as thin as a pencil.  Had the belt started to shred any earlier my husband, my self and possibly others in our group would have been hurt by our 4-wheeler rolling,or sliding down these baby mountains.  WOW GOD!

Well, with the internet on phones we were able to find a local dealer who carried our belt and went to pick it up the next morning.  

If the pick up truck had not broken down in the drive way we would not have had the tools to fix the 4-wheeler.  The tools were readily avalible in the work van and the job of fixing the 4-wheeler was completed quickly.  Not only did God provide the tools and the means to get the belt, some of the guys that were in our group had already changed their belts before and had the experience to do the job.  WOW GOD!!!

I know this was VERY long but I thought you would enjoy it.  

God doesn't just love us at church or church functions.  He loves us every where we go no matter what we are doing, his love for us is unchanging.  
9/29/2010 4:50:50 AM
Tina United States
My story happened 8 years ago. I had tried for 2 years to get pregnant and now was the moment of c-section.  All went well until I was being wheeled down the hall to recovery, I ran into the pediatrician and asked how the baby was.  He looked at me for a moment and said I will be in to see you in a minute.  I knew at that moment my life would never be the same.  He told my husband and I that our beautiful son, Jackson, had Down Syndrome. I immediately began to grieve as if my sweet baby had died (a fact I am deeply ashamed of to this day). I felt a burden and emptiness I had never known. I realized he would never be able to have a "normal" life and for 24 hours I cried and screamed and questioned everything I had ever known. I don't remember anything else until the next day. All the nurses had been in saying "Don't worry" and I felt like no one would ever understand.  I felt like Jackson and I both were being punished.
Later the next morning a new nurse came in to take care of us for the day. Her name was Teresa, and I have no doubt she was a part of my Heavenly Fathers greater plan. She looked at me and said "I don't know what to say, do you mind if I pray with you?" So there in that hospital room we prayed. Her prayer was different from any prayers I had been sending up the past 24 hours. She simply said "GOD please help this family deal with the situation they have been given and that in time they realize it is your will". After that I didn't cry anymore, I was able to smile and hold my beautiful Jackson.
As they were wheeling me out of the hospital holding Jackson I looked at my husband and said "I can do that..I can help someone the way Teresa helped me." I went to college and have been a registered nurse for 6 years now. I carry the LORD in my heart always and pray with my patients as often as I possibly can. I know GOD gave me the most wonderful gift...Jackson, who he used to bring my life into perspective. GOD's plan for my life was not what I expected, I mean that stuff only happens to other people, until he sends the blessing in disguise to you!! GOD is so good!
9/29/2010 5:04:37 AM
Kelly Roach United States
Kelly Roach
I am a single mom of 3 wonderful children and have been battling an illness for the past 5 years. The first 18 months of my illness there was absolutely no money coming into my home and lived on nothing except faith. My pastor was doing a series on stewardship, being faithful with everything God has given us because after all it all belonged to Him anyways. After this particular Sunday I had come to the realization that everything I had including my health, children, thoughts, emotions and of course my possessions weren't really mine and it all belonged to God so I made the choice to give back to Him all that was His to begin with. During the week I had received a check for $540.00, the first check I had seen in 18 months. I knew the all of that check belonged to God but His only expectation was that I would generously give Him back 10%. At the time $54.00 was a lot of money but I knew I had to be obedient so I put it in an envelope and anxiously waited for Sunday morning. As they were taking the offering I was holding on to the envelope like it was my life line and my very dear friend Martha touched my arm and said "It's okay you just wait and see what God does." I smiled and said I know it is safe for me to trust God. Tuesday night Martha called and asked if I was gonna be home Wednesday afternoon and I told her I would be and she said somebody dropped an enevelope off for me and she thought it might have some money in it. So we made arrangements for her to come by. Martha and her husband are my landlords and all during this time had not asked me for one dime for rent. She arrived at the agreed time and standing in my driveway we open the envelope and in my hand was a stack of $100.00 bills. I couldn't believe it and we started to count the money. We got to $1000.00 and tears were streaming down my face and I was shouting thank you God! Thank you God! We continued to count and there was $2000.00! I just couldn't believe it. I had enough money to pay $1000.00 towards 18 months of back rent and all of my utilities with $200.00 put in another envelope for Sunday morning Church. I knew right then and there the faithfulness of a loving Daddy!
9/29/2010 5:08:35 AM
Stephanie United States
Five years ago almost to the day I found out my husband lived a double life.  He not only currently had a girlfriend, he also had carried on a year long affair with my best friend, and had a dozen one night stands over the course of our marriage.  This was a man who taught Sunday School every week.  I was totally blindsided by these revelations.  EVERY person I know told me to walk away and move on.  But God did not give me peace to do that.  I surrendered my situation completely to God and He brought us through victorously.  God promised me that if I was faithful He would bring my husband back to him and restore our marriage.  He did just that.  Today my husband is a God fearing man who loves the Lord and loves his family.  Our marriage is stronger now than it has ever been.  God was faithful to his promises.  I am thankful for the trials I went through because we never could have got to this place on our own.  God is AMAZING.
9/29/2010 5:11:09 AM
Debbie United States
This happened many years ago.  Mom, my brother and I were traveling from Pa to Va to visit my sister.  We were all having a wonderful time traveling together when suddenly we had the urge to stop and get directions.  It was one of those moments when, for some reason, we just knew we had to stop.  Got the directions, we were on the right road and continued down the road only to find a HORRIBLE accident.  Mangled tractor trailers, a body (dead) on the road, another car hit etc.  The tractor trailers hit head on and other cars or cars were also involved.  I guess the cars were following the tractor trailers.  We couldn't even say if more than one car was involved as the car we saw was over the enbankment.  Had we not stopped for directions, we would have been in that accident!  I literally got out of our car and kissed the ground and immediately said a prayer of thanks to Jesus.  I knew our lives were spared in a MAJOR way.  
9/29/2010 5:15:15 AM
Robin from Conway SC United States
Robin from Conway SC
Before my son was born, I was told he may have Spina Bifida. I was given an amniocentesis to confirm this. They also performed an ultrasound at the same time and told me that they would call in a couple of weeks to let me know the results. I took the ultrasound to my car to pray and look at my son. As I looked, I remembered that the technician showed me where my son's head was on the ultrasound picture, but I noticed another head and flowing arms and body. It was a boy angel in the picture beside my son's head. I knew at that moment that Wesley did not have Spina bifida. The doctor didn't even have to call to confirm that because of the angel in the picture.

I carried the ultrasound to work and asked others where my son was in the picture. They thought the angel was my son, and when I showed them his head, they immediately realized that the other boy was an angel just like I did.
9/29/2010 5:15:18 AM
Lesli United States
After 10 yrs of marriage, my husband and I divorced. We had 2 small boys ages 2 and 4. I was far from my pentecostal upbringing. After 2 yrs. of going it alone, I turned back to God.  Through a process that took over a year, God restored my relationship to Him. He then restored marriage on the day of our 13th wedding anniversary. Nine months later, we were blessed with the arrival of our third son, Isaac who is truly a promise of God.  My husband and I are still together and Isaac is now almost nine.  WOW  God!  
9/29/2010 5:22:50 AM
Sharon Gault United States
Sharon Gault
Several years ago, a gentleman in my Sunday School Class (Calvary Baptist, Greenwood, IN) had a brother to die suddenly and tragically.  The funeral was to be in Bowling Green, KY.  Well, I was praying about whether to attend the funeral or send flowers, etc.  I went ahead to work the Friday morning of the funeral and decided to just send flowers.  As I was walking down the hallway, God spoke to me and said "What are you still doing here? You should be at that funeral."  So, I walked back to my office, called the choir director at my church to get directions to the funeral (since he was from Bowling Green), and informed the personnel director at my firm that I had to leave for a funeral in Ky.

What I did not know was that several weeks after the funeral, the wife of gentleman in my SS Class (sister-in-law of the deceased) told my SS teacher that she had a dream the night before the funeral and God told her that one person from our church would be at the funeral.  I was that person.

I am still AWED and Honored to this day that out of all of the members from our church and SS class that GOD chose me to be His representative at that funeral.  It still boggles my mind, that God chose someone like me to represent Him.  
9/29/2010 5:23:28 AM
Diane Springer United States
Diane Springer
Here is my WOW story.......

I had been working in a job with a supervisor that micromanages to the Nth degree.  I loved the work I did and my fellow co-workers, but my supervisor was causing me much stress.  My hours were 8-5.  I also have 2 sons ages 7 & 9.  Due to our various evening activities, homework was just squeezed in and many times was barely completed if at all done.  Naturally this let to them having difficulties in school.  

Towards the end of last school year, I started praying that it that job was where God wanted me to be, that I would make it work, but that if it's not where he wanted me, then show me a sign.

Well, on July 16, I received notice that my position was being eliminated due to budget constraints.  Of course at first, I was mad, upset, furious, scared, the whole gammet of emotions.

I went home and told my husband the news.  His response was "Don't worry, God will provide."  We talked and cried for a little while until my husband made a suggestion that has changed our family's life.  He suggested that I come work with him as Office Manager for the business he owns with his father.  It would be part-time working 8-2, I would be home by the time the boys get home from school.  Afternoons would be devoted to homework, meaning no TV, Wii, games, or outdoor play until it was complete (including reading for 15-20 minutes daily).

I accepted the offer.  My first day on the new job was also the first day of school for our children.  It has truly been a GOD-sent blessing.  The boys come home everyday & go straight to their homework with very little prompting.  I already see an improvement in their grades.  They are excited about school and give me very little grief about reading which was always a huge struggle before.

Thank GOD for answered prayer.  It has truly made a huge difference in our family life.  We have started praying with our children more (not just a blessing at meal time).
9/29/2010 5:24:58 AM
Nancy Flesher United States
Nancy Flesher
About 5 years ago, I was just getting off the night shift.  There was a bad thunderstorm.  As I was leaving work I just had the feeling that I needed to pray because of a bad car wreck.  I even saw a car hitting a tree as I was praying.  I prayed all the way home thinking it was the Holy Spirit telling me that I would be the one in the accident.  I walked in the door at home and my husband said that out 2 teenage kids had had a bad wreck and we needed to get to the hospital.  Our daughter was thrown from the vehicle which saved her life because the engine was sitting in her seat.  They thought our son had been killed.  After several days in the hospital and six surgeries they both came home.  Our son still has problems from the accident but I praise God that the Holy Spirit Momma to pray that morning.  Wow God, you are so good.
9/29/2010 5:52:03 AM
Kristi United States
Monday, February 19, 2007 in Omaha, NE.  Late winter thaw that leaves black ice in the morning.  Me and my daughter were on our way to daycare and work.  I went down a small hill from our house to a main street.  I was going a bit too fast and hit black ice and couldn't stop.  I saw to my left a city bus in the outside lane about 60-80' away, going at speed (40).  I couldn't see if there was anyone to the left of the bus.  As I couldn't stop in time I punched it and swerved out in front of the bus into the inside lane.  Thankfully, there was no one in that inside lane.  Had I not done that, the bus would have hit us on the driver side between my daughter and me.

The next day, I found out I was pregnant with our second child, another girl.  God has something amazing planned for her.
9/29/2010 5:59:55 AM
Carolina Proscurchim Brazil
Carolina Proscurchim
I always  said  I was never going to get married because of the kind of men I knew, the bfs I have had and what some friends of mine gone thru with their boyfriends .I really got traumatized and I had fear of dating and let myself like the guy because they could hurt my feelings .
But GOD WAS SO GOOD because when I wasn´t thinking about meeting somebody he made my now husband find me on a dating website I have made my profile when I was 15 (Im 26 today and we´re married for 2 years now ).My husband said he didnt find any email or msn address there , but he he thought " I´ll add after her nickname to see if it works" .And it really did .We started talking ,met after 1 week or so , started dating ,got engaged and finaly the marriage came after 7 months.
I thank God because He gave me an excellent person to live with , we are crazy about each other and my marriage has been a bless ever since ( of course with ups and downs ).Ipm glad God changed my mind and gave me the oportunity to find another kind of happiness I though could never exist .
Woooowwwww God , you are amazing ! You make my life better day by day !!
9/29/2010 6:04:26 AM
Sarah Ousley United States
Sarah Ousley
My Wow God story happen 5 years ago. My brother was Dx with Pancreatitus on March 18th, 2005 and on March 31st, 2005 he went home to be with the Lord.
On the morning of March 31st, my parents called me and told me to come on to the hospital and to bring my niece (my brothers 6 yr old daughter) cause today was the day that we were gonna have to say goodbye.
I woke her up and as we sat in the floor and I combed her hair, I had to prepare that precious child to do one of the most unfair things ever, say GOODBYE to her Daddy.
As we sat there and I held her explaining to her what the day would hold, she explained to me that she wanted to read her Daddy a story before he went to heaven. She got up and went and got the book Morris the Moose goes to school. She practiced all morning....
After we were ready, we went to the hospital and when we arrived she said she needed to go on back. My parents and I took her back and as I walked in the room with her, I swollowed deep and said a quick prayer.."Lord, Please give me the strength".....She climbed up on the hospital bed beside her Daddy *at this point he was brain dead and was very hard to look at*...She said "Daddy, now put your tongue back in your mouth and listen, I wanna read you a story".....Without skipping a beat, she read the entire book and then reached over and kissed his cheek and said "I Love you Daddy"...As she sat there and displayed such bravery, I was dying inside..I was about to lose my big brother, my first friend, a part of me...and I laid my head over onto his weak and dying body. As I did that she said quickly "Papa (my Dad) Do you see that angel?? With it's hands beside my Sissy's (me) hands?" and my mom and dad just looked at her.....She then said "I believe my Daddy's soul just went to heaven".....
Later that day, we had to make the hardest decision a family can ever make..turning off the machines that were keeping him alive.
But now and forever, I truely believe that at that moment, my brothers soul left his body and went to be with Jesus...Maybe his body didn't die til later that day...but as I laid my head upon his belly and his daughter sat snuggled closely to him and our parents held his hands...He drifted away..
Thank GOD for saving my soul so that one day I will get to be with my big brother again Smile
9/29/2010 6:13:06 AM
Anne United States
My life has been one Wow, God moment after another but, for me, I think the most obvious Wow, God moment was the last day I worked in an office.  I had worked for a large insurance company for 24 years.  In April 1994, I took a week off during my 13-year-old daughter's Easter vacation and we had a ball together, going shopping, going to the movies, just hanging out.  The day I went back to work, I cried the whole way there.  I was praying, "Dear God, please show me what I'm meant to do with the rest of my life.  Please open a door for me."  You see, I had not felt right about my job for a long time and I truly believed there was something more that I should be doing.  About an hour and a half after I arrived at the office, I received a call from our county adoption unit.  They had a sibling group of three children, 5-year-old twin boys and a 7-month-old girl, who were being surrendered that day and they wanted to know if my husband and I would be willing to take them as an at-risk adoption placement.  I explained that my husband was out of town until that Thursday and asked if I could get back to them on Friday.  No, they said, they needed to place the children that day.  So I called my husband, leaving a voicemail message for him: "Hon, DSS called.  They want to know if we will adopt three children.  Call me when you get a second."  After several phone calls back and forth between him, DSS and me, it was decided that, yes, yes, yes, we would gladly welcome them into our home.  The children arrived that afternoon at about 4:00.  Our life together has not always been easy and we have had to work through some difficult situations but we always know we can rely on God to see us through.  Sometimes God answers my prayers in subtle, quiet ways.  Other times, His answer is like a spiritual 2x4.  One thing is for certain, though.  I am often left saying, "Wow, God!"
9/29/2010 6:21:40 AM
Samantha Polfer United States
Samantha Polfer
My husband and I had been living together unmarried for almost three years.  We decided in May to set things right with God and get married.  We had been putting it off due to financial reasons.  My credit is shot, his was beautiful, so we didn't want to get married and turn his upside down.  But we took the plunge anyway, knowing that the Lord will take care of us.  A few months before we got married, we took in one of his friends.  We have a full house already.  I have two teen daughters from a previous marraige, they are here with us.  My husbands father died June 2009, so his mom is also here with us.  So to take on another person, well it put a little monkey wrench into things.  But my husband feels convicted that this is the right thing to do.  So, here we are in September, we are a month into faithful tithing (we had never been big tithers--financial issues).  Things were looking pretty bleak, my husbands job is in the pits right now (real estate agaent), my boss is cutting our hours.  Mother in law doesnt have a steady job (substitute teacher), and our border, he has been trying and trying and trying to pass the EMT test (no luck so far).  We are getting close to rent time, but there is also really no food in the cupboard.  I prayed, the Lord lead me to make a month long menu of dinners for the family.  While I was at work, hubby did the grocery shopping off of my list.  He didnt cut anything out, we end up going over budget.

Then.......God came through  Smile

Our border got $3600.00 deposited into his bank account from some back child support that he was owed.  (Yes, you heard me, HE was owed---when does that ever happen??????).  Our bank account was down to $30.00, our border handed us $1000.00.  He said that he knows he owes us more, and as he has it, he will help us out.

Our whole relationship/life/marraige have been leaps of faith.  God truly does take care of us, and He does it in His own time, and when He decides to bring a blessing, He does it very BIG like...  Smile

so thats my Wow God story.  
9/29/2010 6:21:42 AM
Timothy Jackson United States
Timothy Jackson
About five years ago I walked into a church service and saw a woman and in that moment I felt God say she will be your wife. At the time I thought there is no way. I am in no condition to get married. Three years later with one and a half years where I wasnt even shure we she was. God brought her back into my life. during that 1 and 1/2 years God had been placing each of us other the others heart. Telling us things about ech other. We then found each other and well now we have been married for over 2 years. I had always believed that God would bring me my wife and that I did not need to search but never thought it would be so amazing as how God di it all. He is truly Wow and amazing.
9/29/2010 6:28:58 AM
David United States
WOW God!

My wife and I are on the rebound from a financial situation. We really felt the need to move as part of chaning our situation, expenses, etc... We looked at a few places and none of them went through. We came accross one rental home and fell in love with it- it met all of our requirements. On paper, it did not look like we would get it, but everything went through and Praise God! we are moving in in late October!
9/29/2010 6:35:10 AM
Fran United States
A friend recently lost his dad and gave what amounts to an alter call at the funeral service.  At least 3 of his family members have given their lives to Jesus as a result of that.  A big WOW! goes to God!  
9/29/2010 6:37:50 AM
Sarah United States
Me and my husband have been together for almost ten years now. When we started dating I had drifted far from God, and he was completely ignorant to the love of God. After two and half years of being together we were lost more than ever, I had became what I swore I never would. We were living together, selling drugs, and physically fighting. This was what I grew up in and it was now passing through another generation. An old friend that had found her way back to the Lord kept inviting us, but we kept putting our sin first. One night we hesitantly agreed to go to a revival at her church. That night we gave our lives to God, and left all the junk behind. We have now been saved and married almost 7 years, he has completed his Masters degree and works for the government, I am a junior in school; going to be a teacher. The best for last God blessed us with a beautiful son, who is the joy of our lives and who will be raised with a family and church that will show him Gods love and grace. The same love and grace that saved his parents!
9/29/2010 6:39:45 AM
Winnie Jones United States
Winnie Jones
My WOW story is when i went to Florida this summer for IYC. It was an amazing trip. I had a great time. But one night i was really stuggling with just a lot of things. God sent a man (he was our speaker that night)to me that night. He made me cry the whole time but i just felt that he was talking to me. Its amazing to see God work through other people! That night will always be in my heart. This speaker made me realize just how much God loves me and that i should love my self. It changed my life. So that is my WOW moment, just know that God is there and that he loves me!!!
9/29/2010 6:40:12 AM
Matthew Bready United States
Matthew Bready
My "God Moment" is here and now.  Due to some poor decisions I made a couple years back, a great deal of adversity came into my life.  Little did I know then, but this adversity was one of the greatest blessings I have ever received!  This adversity broke me, enabling me to find Jesus Christ.  Now, as I walk with Christ, all things seem possible.  Just yesterday, my 7 year old son was saddened by a song on K-Love. (Think it was "Follow Me")  I asked him why this song upset him, and he said it was because he wanted to 'follow' both his mom and dad, but it was hard since we don't all live together.  At this point, I explained that his mom and dad both follow Jesus, so if he did the same, he could know that he was following both his mom and dad.  Thanks for letting me share.  God bless!!!
9/29/2010 6:40:32 AM
Teresa A. Foss United States
Teresa A. Foss
I have an awesome Praise report. My daughter is 34 and her and her husband have a beautiful 13 yr old daughter "Rennie" whom lives for the Lord to it's fullest. She has been praying for a sibling for many years now. As well as her parents. She's tried everything the Dr's have told her to do. Nothing worked. So mom finally said she's done with all that stuff. If God wants us to have another child he will see to it. So Rennie has prayed and prayed real hard over and over. Mom more or less gave up on another child. Well Rennie didn't. 13 years later moms preagnant with her second child due in Feb. They have sinced found out the new baby is a little girl and her name is going to be "Leilah Rose". Rennie will tell you this is a miracle babe and she prayed for it. Thank you Jesus for their Blessing. Nana
9/29/2010 6:43:56 AM
Keneta United States
29 years ago, when I was 8 months pregnant with my son, I had to have an emergency C-section because of "very, very severe toxemia." If I hadn't nearly died, he would've been born dead, because the cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  Another WOW GOD moment: During a bad financial time in my life I was being very jealous of people with money. I received an "anonymous" email with no source of where it came from. The subject line: BE NOT THOU ENVIOUS!
9/29/2010 6:45:18 AM
Tiffany Burch United States
Tiffany Burch
Yesterday, my sister and I went to the Tag Office to get her ID. While we were waiting in chairs along the wall to get her photo taken, a car crashed through the building and struck us from behind. It happened so fast. It was like scenes from a movie, but we were living that movie. I kept hearing people say in shock: "You were hit!"  We were taken to the hospital where we were examined and released with just bruised and a little soreness. I just want to give GOD all praise, glory, and honor, for Patty and I should not be here today to tell our story!
9/29/2010 6:45:56 AM
Daisy United States
My "God Story" has to do with the song by Switchfoot, "Your Love Is A Song." I am 7months pregnant with a girl. Smile My stepdaughter picked out the name 'Melodie' before we knew it was a girl. I wanted a boy and was pretty bummed out when I found out it's a girl. I was not a hundred percent on the name 'Melodie', but I knew that my husband and stepdaughter really wanted that name. So I asked God to give me a peace about her name. He did!!! I was driving home and really heard that song by Switchfoot.
In the chorus it says, "Your love is a symphony, all around me, running through me. Your love is a melody, underneath me, running to me."
When I heard that, it made me realize that my daughter is God's love! When picking a middle name, I was looking up the spiritual meaning of some of the names we had already picked. Kadence was one of them. Kadence means "Symphony". I knew right there that God had given my beautiful daughter her name, Melodie Kadence. Which means "Joyful Symphony." I praise God everyday for her! And every time I hear that song I am enveloped in God's love and excitement to meet my daughter God has blessed me with!

9/29/2010 6:45:57 AM
Selma United States
My husband has been unemployed since March 2010 and getting unemployment. He had been looking for a job but not luck. It was 2 weeks before his unemployment was going to run out and he was not extended and they called him with a job. WOW!! We both knew this was GOD's  work. Thank you God!!!
9/29/2010 6:48:20 AM
Janet United States
My WOW!!!
I grew up in a loving household.  My father was everything to me.  I had put him on a very tall pedestal.  When I was engaged to be married, I received a call from my mother that Dad was in the hospital and was going to have brain surgery for a tumor.  I believed in God, but felt that He was too big to notice me, but I fell to my knees and prayed to not take my “Daddy” away.  I knew if I prayed “in earnest” that God was supposed to hear it.
Three months after I married, my father passed away.  I was devastated!  How could God do this to me.  For about 10 years, I was in a fog and slipped in and out of depression.  Then one day my mom gave me an “Upper Room” booklet and showed me one of the stories.  "Kathleen" had been visiting hospitals and witnessing to patients.  She had witnessed to this man who was very ill.  He came to Christ that day and began going from room to room in his wheel chair and witnessing to others.  The story was about my dad!!
From a suggestion from our preacher to write down our story, I began typing the story and at the end of the story, I felt the presence of Jesus with his hand on my shoulder.  I was no longer typing, but reading what was He was typing.  He had heard my prayer 10 years before.  He had led Kathleen to witness to my dad to ensure that Dad’s soul would never be taken away from me.  He is waiting for me in heaven.
My life has never been the same since.  I know that God is not too big to notice me.
9/29/2010 6:48:42 AM
Donna Hill United States
Donna Hill
This November it will be 53 years ago when I was born a preemie and the doctors said I might not make it. I got pneumonia then double pneumonia. In 1997 I found my sister who my mother put up for adoption.  My husband and I have now adopted a little boy who the doctors said would not make it. He died over 17 times needed a kidney got it came home with all kinds of machines and now he is off of everyone of them and going to school. I am so thankful how God has used these events to show His glory. God is good! How can anyone not know how good He is and want to live an abundant life with Him.
9/29/2010 6:48:52 AM
Gail Lynn United States
Gail Lynn
This past June my sister, granddaughter and I were in Orlando for a Disney vacation.  My youngest daughter (granddaughter's mom) was supposed to be with us but she had relapsed in her addiction.  I received a phone call while at Disney Animal Kingdom that my daughter had a drug induced psychotic episode.  I couldn't find words to pray so I asked God for a sign that He was in control of the situation.  The next morning as we drove to Disney Hollywood Studios, I watched in grateful AMAZEMENT as a skywriter wrote these words across a crystal blue sky:  GOD N JESUS + U = HOPE.  My sister and I began crying as she told me, "There's your sign".  Praise His glorious name!
9/29/2010 6:51:10 AM
Lona Breecher United States
Lona Breecher
I have suffered with the bipolar disease.  But, I didn't know that when this WOW God moment happened.  I was 23 years old.  My abusive husband has just left me for another women.  I was deviated.  No one in my family has ever been divorced.  I went off the deep end. I didn't care about life anymore.  It was too hard.  I planned my suicide.  I had a date, place, and people that would be there.  One week before it was to happen, I found out I was pregnant.  I decided to live for my child.  I got diagnosed while pregnant.  I am now married to a wonderful Christian man.  We have three kids.  I would have missed it all.  Thank You God for sending me an angel to save my life.
9/29/2010 6:51:46 AM
Tami United States
I was headed home on a lunch break when the electrical system on my van went out for about one second. I thought this was weird, but I parked the van in my driveway,not thinking any more about it. Twenty minutes later, I came back outside, and the vehicle was engulfed in flames. All I could think was to praise God that neither me nor my children had been in that vehicle when it happened. Isn't it wonderful that His timing is perfect?
9/29/2010 6:52:48 AM
Crystal United States
In January 2001, I married the love of my life after dating for 2 ½ years.  I was 18 and a senior in high school.  He was 20 and about to start his career in the Air Force.  He was planning on joining just after we were married.  He would be sent to training and I would finish my education and join him after graduation.
Around the beginning of April I noticed swelling in my chest, arms, and face.  Assuming it was nothing more than allergies, I didn’t think much of it.  I saw an allergy specialist, but nothing was determined to be the cause of the swelling.  At the end of April, the swelling was getting worse.  I was working part time at JCPenney.  A lady I worked with named Tina approached me.  She told me she was very worried about me and begged me to go to the doctor.  I assured her I would after my shift was over.  So after work that night my husband and I went to the ER.  The doctor I saw ordered an X-ray.  Shortly after the X-ray he also ordered a CAT Scan.  We waited patiently for the results, not really concerned.  At around midnight, the doctor came in with the results.  He explained they saw a mass on the X-ray.  The CAT Scan confirmed the mass was cancer and it was pressing on my vena cava vein.  This was the cause of my swelling.  I had no symptoms of cancer.  It was caught in the very early stages.  Although this was dangerous, I would have never known it was there if I had not swelled.  I feel as though it was God’s way of saying, “Crystal, we have a problem.”
I was immediately admitted into the hospital.  The next day a biopsy was performed to determine the type.  Due to the swelling, they were not able to get a good sample and ordered another biopsy. The second biopsy determined I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  My third night in the hospital was the night of my senior prom.  I had to miss it.  The nurses in the Oncology unit were wonderful.  They brought in a small radio and a piece of cake for us to celebrate.  
I spent the next two weeks in the hospital.  My husband stayed in the hospital with me every night.  I had lots of prayers going up for me.  I was visited by lots of family, friends, teachers, and class mates.  Visitations were hard.  Everyone that would see me would break down crying.  My husband never cried.  He stayed strong and never shed a tear in front of me.  I spent the next six months going to chemo and radiation.  He stayed by my side the whole time.  Telling me how beautiful I was every day, holding my head up when I was sick from the chemo, and making sure my every need was taken care of.  By November 2001 all of the cancer was gone.  I asked my husband how he was able to stay strong through everything.  He said he did it for me, but he would talk to his mom every night, grieve, and pray with her.  
I thank God for all of the people in my life and the prayers that helped me through that tough time.  January 2011 we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  There isn’t a day that I am not thankful for him in my life.  Our marriage was tested right from the beginning and I know we will be celebrating many years together.  Wow God, you are amazing!
9/29/2010 6:53:51 AM
Brian Ford United States
Brian Ford
Thirty six years ago a good christian man and woman had a baby boy. The couple had two older daughters but God honored the mans request for a son.  Shortly after birth the baby became very very ill.  He had many test and eventually after spending many days in and out of the hospital he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.  The doctors informed the couple that the child had a terminal illness and most likely their son would not survive past his teen years to early twenties. Obviously they were devastated but they knew that God was in control. The father while sitting over his son's bed prayed for his son.  His prayer was "God if my son is going to grow up to love and serve you then please save my son's life, but if he is not going to serve you then please just take him now." Now that prayer was just the prayer of a hurt and broken man, but after that his son began to improve.  Shortly after you could not even tell the boy had ever been sick. There was no sign of the horrible disease left in his body.  The boy grew to be a very big healthy kid.  Now as he got older he began to drift from the things of God he was raised knowing.  As life went on he got far far from God.  Seeming to many that the mans prayer was not fullfilled the father never stop reminding God of the prayer he said over his son all those years earlier.  Well in his mid twenties that young man came back to God. He eventually became the assistant pastor in his church.  The church in which his Godly father was already the Pastor.  Now I know that all this is true because the man who had the son was my father and I am the little boy that was so very sick.  Now at 36 I am the father of three and am a child of the Most High God.  Wow God you are good.
9/29/2010 6:54:55 AM
Melissa Grimes United States
Melissa Grimes
A few years ago God saved me from the oppressive and spiritual darkness of Mormonism. I was a member of the Mormon Church for 13yrs, and never knew the true meaning of the word “grace”. I was taught how they believed works played a huge part in my eternal salvation, and if I did my best, then Jesus would do the rest.

Jesus was always somewhere in the back of my mind. My testimony never included what he has done for me, but was always about the Mormon prophet(s), their extra scriptures, and the religion, this is just how things were done in Mormonism. Mentioning the name of Jesus, praying to him, and singing to him are all foreign and dare I say even foolish things to this religion that claims to be Christian.

So you can imagine my shock and surprise when I enter a Christian church for the first time and heard people singing praises to Him, worshiping Him, and praying to Him, everything was about Jesus. God is incredible, I can’t believe he saved me from the life I was living, and brought me into the light. He heard my prayers, opened my heart to him, and showed me the path to Him. For this I’m eternally grateful! Smile

Psalm 40:1-3a: I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God;
9/29/2010 6:55:09 AM
Heather United States
Boy do I have a WOW God story, Just last Tuesday morning, a close friend had a heart attack. He went to the hospital, had a few stents put in. He was then moved from ICU to his own room. That same night went into Cardiac arrest. BUT God is sooo good, after the doctors resuscitated him for almost an hour,which the doctors say they usually dont do it that long but they did, he was back in ICU not knowing if he was going to live.After much prayer and a week later he is ALIVE and going home. God has healed him! My friend has such a story. God delivered him from a 42 year herion addiction and now has healed his heart! God is soooo good!
9/29/2010 6:56:23 AM
David United States
My Wow God moment came earlier this year.  In January 2009 I nearly lost my job for inappropriate behavior at work.  My supervisors had a meeting with me and told me that they were aware of my activities and that I could be fired.  However, instead of firing me, they placed me on probation, and kept the details of my misdeeds confidential.  I considered myself lucky and was completely satisfied with the outcome.  In February 2010, my supervisors told me that my probation was lifted and my file was "expunged".  It was like nothing had ever happened.  I was exstatic!  God was watching over me.  But the best part happened in June...  I got promoted to head up the department in which I was working.  Going from nearly getting fired for bad behavior - seeking God's guidance and work in my life to correct my problems - and then getting promoted by the very people that were going to fire me!  WOW - only God could do something like that!  
9/29/2010 6:56:49 AM
John from Waco United States
John from Waco
Sometimes God has to slap us to get it.

Last Friday, a member of my family was challenged by another person. My family member did not loose it and came home and told me about it. IT MADE ME MAD!

The next day I went to a friend's house and was telling them about it. In the middle of our conversation their phone rang. While my friend was on the phone I picked up their daily devotional. There it was on the first line, "Harbor no resentment". My friend got off the phone and I asked them to pray with me for forgiveness.

I later found out that the 'offender' was going through a bad day and later asked my family member for forgiveness.
9/29/2010 6:57:29 AM
Bev United States
My "Wow God" moment happened listening to Lisa and Eric this morning, and it involved Larry the Cucumber!  I was grouchy on my way to work after having spent yet ANOTHER morning trying to get my slowpoke 13 year old daughter off to school, and myself off to work.  We pulled up to the bus stop just in time to see the bus pull away.  I had to drive her to school (the opposite direction from her baby sister's daycare at grandma's house), it was foggy, and we got stuck waiting for a train to pass.  By the time I got to my mom's I was running 15 minutes late and feeling VERY Frustrated and upset with my daughter.  It is the second day in a row her pokiness has made me late.

As always, I had KLOVE on the radio.  Lisa and Eric were talking about children's shows (I always thought Caillou was too whiny, by the way) and then they played "I Love My Lips"!  In a moment I was singing along at the top of my lungs, laughing.  I was also remembering the fun times watching Veggie Tales with my three older daughters - they are now 20, 17 and 13 and not so much into Larry and Bob anymore.  God reminded me that childhood is fleeting, and every day is precious with our kids.  Even the moments when they aren't living up to our expectations.  I have a five month old daughter as well (another Wow God story) and I'm looking forward to singing the Cheeseburger Song with her in a few years.  

Lord, teach me to number the days with my children, for I know how fleeting they are, and how much I will miss them when they have grown and gone.  Teach me patience and kindness, especially during times of stress.  Amen.
9/29/2010 6:58:36 AM
Dara Costiloe United States
Dara Costiloe
WOW GOD! You never cease to amaze me.  This is a very short version of my testimony.  I was healed of Breast Cancer in 1999, praise God.  I had 2 young children during that battle and was recently divorced due to an abusive situation.  After being followed by an oncologist ever since then, I recieved a horrifying phone call while at work in November of 2008.  My doctor told me the Breast Cancer had returned and this time it was Stage IV.  The cancer was terminal.  It had spread to my spine and sternum.  I went through the chemo treatments beginning in February 2009.  My husband and I both began 2009 with a fast.  We fasted and prayed for healing for my body for 40 days.  I did the complete fast drinking only fluids.  By December of that year, I was officially in remission.  We had a New Year's Celebration honoring God's goodness and mercy.  After living in remission for a few months, I had some bad test results.  In March of 2010, My doctor asked me to come in right away.  I got my 20-year-old daughter to go with me.  Fear tried to overwhelm me and paralyze me.  The God who lives in me is stronger and more powerful than anything else.  He is my rock.  My fortress.  The doctor came in the room with us and she said it was serious.  I smiled and kinda giggle and told her, "What could be more serious than Stage IV Breast Cancer?"  She told me that I had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and wanted me to immediately go to OSU James Cancer Center for treatment.  When I went to the Leukemia specialist with my daughter and my husband, we were told by her that my prognosis was not good.  She said I would only have about 2 to 6 weeks to live without any treatment.  With treatment, we were told that I only had 7 months at the most.  This was due to having the Breast Cancer as well as the AML. She did not even know if she would attempt to treat me.  We were advised to go home and just be together and take this information all in.  We all cried.  I had a bone marrow biopsy done that day so that the doctor could decide if she would attempt treatment.  We spent the whole weekend calling family and friends and letting them know the prognosis.  We went to church and had the elders pray over me and annoint me with oil.  After 6 months of intense chemotherapy, I am in remission from the Leukemia.  My husband and I fasted and prayed the New Year in this time as well.  There have been so many miracles through this experience and throughout my life that I believe the Lord wants me to share it with anyone who will listen.  I am planning to write a book and will give my testimony whenever and wherever the Lord leads and opens the door.  I praise the Lord daily and thank him, thank him, thank him for more time with my family.  I have two sons that are 9-years-old and 13-years-old still at home.  They have seen God's amazing hand up close and personal and know that without a miracle their momma would already be dead.  Cherish every moment.  Wow GOD! Thank you Jesus.  I love you so much.
9/29/2010 6:58:46 AM
Debby United States
Some years ago I attended Bill Gauther seminars and he spoke on women having their tubes cut and tied to prevent the blessings of God and the problems some women experience around 10 years after, which is what I was experiencing. In those seminars God spoke to me that I needed to have a tubular reversal. The Gauther seminars had a list of doctors that performed the surgery for little to no cost. I had called all the doctors on the list and found some to be to expense for me or they no longer performed the surgery due to their medical reason with the exception of one doctor. One day I received some money $5900.00 dollars from a home investment. I called my husband and told him to call the last doctor listed, he fought calling because this doctor is in a very prominent area outside of Chicago, but I eventually talked him into it. He called and spoke with the doctor and ask him approximately how much he charged to do this procedure. The doctor explained that he was in the process of reducing fees, working with a staff of Christian individuals and hospital. My husband again asks can you give me a estimate right now approximately. He began hearing the doctor using a calculator in the back ground. Finally the doctor said right now approx. $5900.00 dollars. My husband called our pastor and spoke to him about this and our pastors opinion. Our pastor simply said you haven't made your airline reservations yet. We fly to Chicago round trip, rented a car and drove to the hospital. The airfare, rental car, food everything we returned with a few hundred dollars of that money. But God wasn't finished it wasn't until my husband confessed he had sinned in our marriage. It gave me allot to consider about our marriage and the day we decided to remain married and actually came together again I conceived that very day.  17 months after my surgery I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now 17 will graduate this year and wants to go to medical school to be a pediatrician. God really Wowed us!  
9/29/2010 6:58:47 AM
Rev Charles Margarido United States
Rev Charles Margarido
This happened in April 1986. I had spent the prior 18 years driving truck, without one accident.
   I was waiting to pick up a load, and something told me it was time to shave, and get a haircut. Which I had not done for years.
   The next morning, I had to stop in our yard, and have the mechanic check something on my truck. Whne we lowered the cab, my seatbelt was caught, and I could not use it. At that time only certain states required wearing it, I almost always did. I continued towards my delivery. Along the way I stopped twice, once for fuel, and again to join another driver for the same company for lunch. When we left the truck stop, we ended up with a school bus between us. We were on a windy, well used route, alongside the river. As I started into a, somewhat bad, curve, I looked in my mirror, and saw my trailer tires off the ground. The next few minutes were a blur.
   When my truck came to a stop, I crawled out, not seriously injured. I was about 500 foot from a popular restaurant. To my surprise, an off duty ambulance squad, came from the restaurant, where they had witnessed the accident. As I said, this road is very busy, and being it was noon, there should have been major traffic both ways. When I was having my accident, there was none, oncoming, and somehow, I managed to get the truck into the oncoming lane before it flipped onto it's side. Had I not done this, I would have gone down a bank, and into a river.
   When I was transported to the hospital, the doctor kept showing one of my injuries to the nurses. Finally I asked about it. He explained, I had nicked one of the main artieries going to my brain, had I cut it, I would have been dead, he echoed something I heard at the scene many times, I was very lucky to be alive.
    The next day, I went back to the truck, and saw the steering column, of the truck, which was bent to about a fifteen degree angle.
     I was off work one year, had many operations on my wrists. The day I started they 'tried' to send me the exact same place. Enroute, my water pump blew, which was put in, brand new, the week before. Then a few weeks later I was sent there again. I stopped for a nap, in a rest area. When I woke, I went to the rest room. I checked all my tires, before I headed out, they were all fine. 10 miles later, another driver, I was passing, told me, via the CB radio, that I had a flat, on my trailer. I pulled over, and checked. I had not one flat tire on the trailer, but three, on the same side. When they were replaced, I finished the run. The next day, I was told there was nothing wrong with the tires/wheels, they were still holding pressure.
   Less than 6 months later, I had more operations, on my wrists. My Doctor, informed me, I would never drive truck again. The last time I saw him, he explained I would end up losing the use of my wrists. Slowly I see this happening.
    But with the chain of events, on that day in 1986, I have no doubt in my mind, it was not me, who prevented death, and more injury, it was God.
     By the way, 2 months later, I found out that the load had shifted, due to faulty maintenance on the trailer.
9/29/2010 7:03:17 AM
Devona United States
I want to say first and foremost that God is Amazing!!! God knows what you need even when you don't realize you need it. I've been saved for almost a year now and my daughter (6 yrs old)has been saved since the first of the year. She fell and collapsed before she even got to the altar, she broke down and was crying. God was truly working on her. The preacher told her "little one I know that you don't understand all there is to know about getting saved, but Jesus will help you to understand" She said between sobs, I know that Jesus is in my heart already I just want to make it official. My heart leapt. Then 2 weeks ago a neighboring church had a revival and we decided to go, it was on the way home from my husband's work so I was to find a ride there and meet him there. I was really sick and couldn't even get off the couch that day. My husband told me that morning that if I didn't feel like going he would just come on home. Well I called him to say I didn't feel like I could make it sitting through a revival. And when he answered the phone the words that came out of my mouth were "Are we still going to the revival?" That right there told me that God was working his miracles, and that I needed to muster up all the strength I could manage and go. Because if that was the night my husband was supposed to get saved and I made him miss his chance to know the Lord and Savior personally like we do then I would regret it forever. We went and the preacher came and grabbed my husband by his hand and led him to the altar. There were no words spoked except in his heart and mind and my husband gave his heart to the Lord right then and there. The preacher whispered to him that the Holy Spirit heard his words. And in that same moment my husband was Slain in the Spirit. So he got a double dose of God!!! I testified later that night that my miracle was my husband being saved and now we could walk the last mile together. The next night the preacher stood at the front of the church in like a trance and said no one was in more awe of what happened last night then he was. He didn't know he was pulling a sinner out of the pews, he felt led to him by the Holy Spirit. Isn't God Great?!?!?!? Thank You God I praise your holy name.
9/29/2010 7:03:46 AM
Katrice United States
Well were should I start,I will start when I was 17yrs old the day I heard my couins shot himself in the head. On that day I feit I will never see 18. i left home at the age of 16 and live place to place. I knew of God but did not have a relationship with him. But moving forward. I was a single mom and soon to be homeless again until someone on the bus reachout to me as I was praying and give me her number to go to church. The days of trying to become the person that God wanted me to be was hard and wonderful all at the same time. But I made it. 9yrs later I am here and still running. But still had downs I got married (but that was the up days lol). But a little over 2 month of being married I was going to a ball game and ending up in the hospirt for a week with many huge blood clotes on my lungs. The doctor was puzzie on why such a young person have so many blood clotes. But God had a plan for my life. I got better and had another child. I have two beautiful children. And very bless with a great family. But still learning on what God wants to do with me next. Thanks for letting me share my story. Katrice.
9/29/2010 7:03:58 AM
Kendall Strong United States
Kendall Strong
A few years ago I was feeling really down on myself. I had stopped in at a Sonic and ordered a slushie. After a few minutes a car-hop was skating by my car and he just stopped dead in his tracks. He came up to my window and said, "I hope you dont mind me saying this but you are beautiful"! I of course said thank you and went on with my day. Later I went back to find that car-hop and Sonic said they had no one that worked there by that name. I know God sent an Angel to meet me that day to lift my spirits Smile
9/29/2010 7:04:18 AM
Lorraine Mens Belgium
Lorraine Mens
God is awsome everyday....  

I was recovering from a back operation a few years back, and was battling a bit with not having a church and being stuck in the house, i kept getting this urge to get into a christian chat room...  I know now that it was God talking to me...  but at the time I thought I was losing it...  

I did what I was being told to... and that is where I met my best friend in the world... She has been an angel in my life... we have both been through some very difficult times in life...  and she is still battling now... I have only met her once 2 years ago but we speak for hours everday...  She lives in the USA and I will be seeing her next month and cant wait.  She somehow knew my hearts desire of being baptized, as a surprise for me, she has organized for me to be baptized at her church when we are there... Wow God thank you for blessing my life with such a friend....
9/29/2010 7:07:13 AM
Dustin Matte United States
Dustin Matte
My name is Dustin i am from longview texas. i am so blessed every day to have the chance to listen to klove it really lifts me up everyday.. I have a wow god story that just recently happend. I was saved two years ago and its been great has its ups and downs as the devil trys to get me alot. Came from years of drug use and alcohol use. Here recently i found my faith slipping alot and questioning my faith cause of some the things i been going through. I have a church friend who recently just had a baby i believe bout 4 weeks ago. His name is Dawson the doctors told her before he was born he wouldn't make it that if he was born alive he wouldn't live. As the days go by we kept hearing miracles performed on baby dawson. The doctors said he wouldn't ever breathe on his own they took him off respirator he started breathing on his own. weeks down the road they told her he wouldnt be able to eat from a bottle now 4 weeks down the road baby dawson is a healthy living baby breathing on his own and drinking out of bottles daily now. After hearing all these miracles thats happening to him it has taken my faith from almost falling completely to strengthening it more than it ever has been. to see god work these miracles on baby dawson has been the biggest blessing in my life. God is the almighty healer and only doctor we need to listen to and have trust in..
9/29/2010 7:08:37 AM
Katie United States
This summer I was driving (alone) a "recently fixed" vehicle from Ohio to Kansas for my used car dealer Dad.  I knew there was a chance of car trouble and it didn't take long for my fears to be realized.  After trouble in Indy and a 45 minute rest stop, I made it back on the highway with specific instructions NOT to stop unless I absolutely had to.  Now that's just humorous in itself considering that it's a 15 hour drive.  So I carefully planned my lunch, gas and bathroom break to hit at St Louis.  It turned out pretty good and I made it back on the highway.  30 miles later, I noticed the battery charge gauge (whatever it's called) was almost in the red.  I thought "Oh, great!  This is really going to leave me stranded on the side of the road!"  So I bravely stopped at a little hole in the wall garage and got back on the road 45 minutes later with what I thought would be a full charge.  I didn't understand the whole battery/alternator thing until later.  Anyway, I was swiftly loosing my spirits when I saw that the gauge was reading the same charge as before I stopped.  In fact, it was loosing charge even faster!

I was praying and subconciously wondering "Does God even work in this way anymore?"  I mean, He rained bread from heaven for Israel, but that was quite awhile ago.  

The next time I looked down at the gauge, I kid you not, the alternator had started working and the battery was charging.  The van worked perfectly all the way to my destination.

ps.  I should also mention that I had posted a request for prayer on FB during my first stop in Indy.  When I got to my parents house and pulled up FB, I was moved to tears with all the responses.  The power of prayer is beyond our comprehension!    
9/29/2010 7:11:13 AM
Kelly Carder United States
Kelly Carder
I lost my Mom 13 years ago to cancer.  In the last several years I've become very active in our local Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.  Two years ago, after another successful Relay, we were cleaning things up.  Each year, we line the track with luminaria bags, which we light at dusk to honor our survivors and remember loved ones lost.  Several of the candles on our area of the track had barely burned and one of the girls on our team brought them to me, asking if they would reuse them next year.  I told her that I didn't know if they would, but then noticed what she had brought them in.  It was the luminaria I had purchased in Memory of my Mom.  I asked her if she knew that was my Mom's to which she informed me that she did not, didn't even know my Mom's name.  I knew then and there that it was a God thing.  A hug from Him and a hug from my Mom.  To this very day, this memory brings me chills and tears.  Thank you Lord, for such a touching moment and a reminder that my Mom was still looking down on me!
9/29/2010 7:15:10 AM
Michelle Young United States
Michelle Young
My husband and I tried for a year and a half to get pregnant.  It was such an emotional roller coaster because I wanted so badly to be a mom and it seemed that EVERYONE around me was constantly making that exciting announcement.  I just couldn't understand why God wouldn't bless me with something that my heart desired so strongly.  Then a family situation came up and two boys, ages 1 & 2, needed a home until it was decided whether or not the courts would allow them to be returned to their biological parents who had been arrested for drugs and other charges.  My husband and I felt that we should open up our home & take care of them in the meantime.  This became a very long & complicated process and we found ourselves on yet another emotional roller coaster as we grew to love these boys as our own, but knew there was the possibility of them being returned to their parents.  But God had a plan for us as well as for these precious boys.  In February 2007, parental rights were terminated & the adoption process began.  The very next month, we found out we were expecting.  In just ONE year...God blessed us with THREE kids.  God's plans & timing are always perfect.  I don't know that my husband and I would have ever taken those two boys into our home had we already had kids of our own.  We are now a happy & complete family with our two amazing boys and one adorable little girl.  WoW God!            
9/29/2010 7:15:11 AM
Sophia United States
God stole my keys.  Which probably sounds like I'm crazy, not a WOW moment, but wait for the background.  Foolishly, I only had one set of car keys.  I came home last Friday and dropped them in my room.  When I needed them Saturday morning they were gone.  Gone all day.  Gone all day Sunday.  Fortunately, my parents let me borrow their car during this fiasco so I could get around.  By Sunday evening, my dad had some choice words for me and in that moment I felt so betrayed and unloved.  He is human and has made many human mistakes in the last few years, but I never realized I was ok with not loving him.  I was broken. I cried for 15 minutes before I picked myself up off the floor and continued my search.  I do not know why, but I started pulling my bed apart, and between my foam topper and my mattress, two feet deep were my keys.  God's WOWs are sometimes harder than paying the hundreds of dollars to have my car re-keyed, but I know that rebuilding that relationship is important to God and now I must find his strength to do what I can and trust HE will be with me every step of the way.
9/29/2010 7:15:12 AM
Barb Johnson United States
Barb Johnson
I love Beth's story about Michael the archangel today.  Did you know that today is the feast day in which we honor the archangels?
9/29/2010 7:17:01 AM
Trista Delo United States
Trista Delo
I work in a preschool, with underprivileged children. Last year there was particularly trying child that I would frequently loose patients with. One morning I work up with the extraordinary sense of piece. I was smiling all the way to work and feel good about life. When I walked in this child was having a melt down. All the other staff in the classroom were at their wits end. I walked over to the boy and placed my hands on his shoulders and a hymn came into my head. While the rest of the classroom went on with there day I stood there humming with this child. He kicked, he screamed, he knocked things over and I just stood there. Song after song running through my head. 30 minutes later he just stopped. I was exhausted but I know that the peace I felt and the songs that played in my mind were given to me by God so that I could help this child feel his love and his comfort. I would never have been able to handle this situation if it weren't for that. Thank you Lord.
9/29/2010 7:18:15 AM
Donna Baker United States
Donna Baker
I have a younger sister who has a serious heart condition and was told she would eventually need a heart transplant; in fact at one time they gave her 5 years with her own heart. She knows the Lord personally, but with the medications and her physical condition, she stopped going to church with the family....saying she was too ill. She told me she did not feel the Lord's precense in her life anymore and, regardless of my encouragement, she pulled away from everyone....staying in her bedroom sleeping 10-12 hours a day. As the months, and now years, passed she grew increasingly dispondent - sinking into depression and isolating herself from the family. I have continuously prayed for her mental, physical, and spiritual healing - thanking the Lord for His answer to my prayers before I see the effects. - Now, fast forward to a few months ago. I was traveling to see my mother two hours north of my area. (My sister lives about another hour north of my mother.) I noticed a man walking the same way I was headed on the side of the road and, as I got closer, I could see he was carrying something HUGE on his shoulder.....dragging it on the ground behind him. When I finally got close enough, I could see that the man - middle age - dark skin - was carrying about a 10 foot wooden cross! As I passed him, I immediately looked in my rear view mirror to see more......and he was not there! I looked over my shoulder behind me - NO MAN OR CROSS! I immediately got chill bumps because I knew I had seen a "God Thing". I believe (and told God so) that the man with the cross was headed to my sister's house and it was the Lord's way of letting me know He was answering my prayers. Within two weeks, my sister called to tell me that she had a report from her doctor at John Hopkins Hospital that her heart condition was improving - that she had been praying again and returning to church! I shared the story of the man carrying the cross with her and we KNOW it was an angel headed to her house and we have claimed it as a sign for answered prayer. I have learned (AGAIN) that we need to wait upon the Lord - He provides beyond what we could have ever imagined! GOD IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD.
9/29/2010 7:20:44 AM
Cristina United States
I have had many WOW moments in my life. Three stand out:

1. When I was a little girl I was at a "birthday party" at McDonald's. The mom went to pay for our food and didn't have enough money. We were all going to just not eat but a very nice man stepped up and paid for our food (12 6-year-olds can eat a lot of food). When we turned around to thank him he was no where in sight and people wondered who we were looking for. We called him our angel. Funny...I can still remember his face...

2. When I was 16 or 17 I was driving down an oil road on a rainy day. It was winter in Iowa...yes, rain that car grabbed a bit of dirt and sent me flying backwards into a deep ditch (thankfully snow covered). My friend who was with me had probably one of the first cell phones ever with her but we couldn't get reception. The car was teetering and my automatic seatbelts had us trapped (probably a God send because if we would have gotten ourselves out we might have tipped over). Suddenly we see lights coming down this country road. Not only was it a passer was a tow truck! He helped us out of the car and pulled the car out. That day, my friend really started believing in God and in miracles.

3. I was in a very abusive relationship for a long time. My life had been threatened and I had finally left for good. I was staying with my dad. No one was home and I got out of the shower to find my ex standing in the bathroom doorway. He had broken in and I hadn't heard a thing! I prayed as I panicked and to be honest do not remember anything about how I talked him down the stairs and into the car to leave (by his own will) but I felt God leading me in a way that I have NEVER felt before. He took my words, calmed my ex's anger, and he left. This was VERY uncharacteristic. About two months later my ex committed suicide with a shrine of me in the house. The police assumed I was dead somewhere because of everything that had revealed itself. When they found me the look of relief even scared me. They said it was almost no question in their mind it was a murder-suicide. Wow!

God has protected me so many times and I can think of many more stories. We have an amazing God and I cannot wait to meet him to thank him for everything he has done for me!
9/29/2010 7:20:50 AM
Misty United States
Last year a lot of my extended family was in a suffering season from health to divorce the problems seemed to keep piling on everyone and I was worried about each and every one of them. My husband and I had been talking and then I had walked back into the living room to go over my 6 year old daughter's Awana Bible Verses. We had been practicing them over the last few days. I set down at the table and said, "Okay your first verse this week." She spits out..."1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." As soon as she finished the verse she said "Oh, wow oops that isn't my verse." I was completely shocked, I grabbed the book to see how far back that verse had been. We were very near to the end of the book it would have been several months back since she learned and said this verse for her Awanas study. I was so amazed in that moment at the power of God speaking through my 6 year old daughter.  God is amazing!
9/29/2010 7:21:06 AM
Kerrin United States
Lisa, you'll like this's about chocolate. Smile But it's about more than chocolate. It's about my God who loves me and constantly makes me go WOW...I say it every time I eat a piece of chocolate. Smile
My birthday is July 7th...I just turned 19. And in case you couldn't tell- I love chocolate. Smile Well this past July 7th, I'm driving to a college class fairly early in the morning and I'm listening to KLove (of course!) and you are talking about the fact that it's "Chocolate Day"!!! I had never even known that there was such a thing as Chocolate Day, and certainly didn't know that it was the same day as my birthday! It made me smile, and realize how personal God is to me! I had an awesome could I not, sharing it with chocolate? Smile Someone might say "oh it's just a coincidence." My response? God knew the day I'd be's no coincidence that God loves us and enjoys making His children smile and say "Wow, God."
P.S. As I type this, you are talking about how it's "Coffee Day"...I'm currently drinking iced coffee Smile
9/29/2010 7:23:41 AM
Elizabeth United States
Two years ago, I was having a hard time my sophomore year of high school. I was stressed and depressed. I had prayed for an angel and sure enough I received one. It was in the sense I had thought of, but my dad's coworker gave him a willow tree angel for Christmas. My dad then gave the angel to me. The angel of prayer. The angel said it was an angel of prayer for those that believe in the power of prayer. WOW God really answered my prayers. This past Christmas I was having some anxiety & depression issues and I received the angel of hope: light and courage. GOD is good and answers our prayers!!!!!
Another time I was massively! stressed & depressed & a song frequently played on K-love was playing in the school hallways w/ lyrics"ive seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new...this is what faith can do." & it was coming from the nurse's radio. Never have I heard music like that at school, but it gave me hope when I so desperately needed it.
9/29/2010 7:25:22 AM
Karen McCurdy United States
Karen McCurdy
On Aug. 3rd, God put a spirit of something was wrong somewhere in me. Even called my pastor, nothing that he knew of. On Wed. Aug 11th my sister was missing around six oclock. My husband said they will find her in a revine. On Thursday we were busy putting out flyers out trying to find her,among with the police looking. As I was on my way with this task I have a cousin nearby so I stoppen in. I was going to let her start the praying on that end. God remined me of the previous Tuesday. That is where I was when I got the news that they had found her. She had wrecked and was decesied. She was 48 years old.I was in the place I need to be when I received the news, not driving. When I begain calling loved ones this is what happened. Her daughter told my Mom that God had told her the previous week she was going to lose her mother. My brother inlaw's girlfriend told me she had a bad feeling she could not get rid of. She thought it was the death of Bill, because we lost him about a three ago in Aug. It did not pass so she called her family. Then she got the call from us. Everyone has a second home. I called the people that was our second home. Her youngest daughter said Mom I felt four weeks ago something was going to happen to my Mom and Dad. When my Mom got the news that she was missing she said God told her it was ok that Sharon was with him.   All I could say was WOW. God had been preparing us for weeks. All these people live in different states. We have a long distance God and he is so good.
9/29/2010 7:29:48 AM
Martha United States
My WOW God is a two parter - Late last year I was preparing to go on a mission trip with my church to Senegal, West Africa.  I was struggling and praying about whether I was trying to raise my support through my own strength and not leaving it up to God to provide my support.  For 3-4 months, I had been selling poinsettias, pies, held fundraisers, yard sales, sending out letters to everyone I knew, and doing all kinds of other things to raise the money.  I wondered whether I was not giving God the room to move and reveal himself in my fundraising.
   Well, as I was driving home from work one day, the station on my radio suddenly changed from the FM station I was listening to an AM station.  It REALLY surprised me but I thought maybe I should just listen to see what it was all about.  Well the station had changed to the Dave Ramsey show.  He had a guest on the show and I really don't remember his name or even the topic he was speaking about. But the guest on the show said.. "Pray like it depends on God but work like it depends on you".  I had never heard this quote from St. Augustine before, but it was an answer to my prayer.  I was then at peace over my fundraising.
  Even more WOW God is what happened this year.  I believed that God was calling me to go to Haiti.  Since May, two opportunities to serve on first one Haiti mission and then on another, a medical mission to Haiti, had fallen through, so by August I thought maybe I was not hearing God clearly about serving in Haiti. Then less than one month before the trip my church was taking was set to leave, I was asked if I wanted to join the trip.  I had absolutely no funds to go on the trip and only 3 weeks to raise the $1500 required.  I just prayed, asking that this time if this was God's will for me to serve in Haiti, then it would all have to be all up to Him.  Well in 2 1/2 weeks he had provided all and more of the funds, over $2000, that I needed.
9/29/2010 7:31:16 AM
Alana Carpenter United States
Alana Carpenter
When my youngest daughter was 6 1/2 months old, she was shaken and suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Within an hour of this tragic event I had her in the ER where she was diagnosed.  After being stabilized at our local hospital she was transferred to Children's Hospital in Omaha, NE where we stayed for several days and made subsequent trips back over the next couple of weeks.  She since has made a complete recovery and does not suffer in any way from this horrific event.  When she was about a year and a half, my mom, older daughter & myself were putting a puzzle together of Jesus.  My little one was watching and when we had enough of the puzzle put together to recognize Jesus she says, "I know Him."  I asked her, "How do you know Jesus?"  She replied, "He was holding my hand when I was hurt in my head!"  Now that was a God WOW!!! moment.  Thanks KLOVE!  I really love listening to your station all day, every day!!!  =)
9/29/2010 7:31:21 AM
Rebecca United States
My wow God story is about the birth of my son. 11 years ago, after several laparoscopies for endometriosis, 2 miscarriages and the birth of 2 preemie daughters, my doctor decided it was time to do a complete hysterectomy. I went thru a lot of mourning over it. I didn't feel like I was done having children, but medically it made the most sense. The day of my surgery, I was put under, the incision from one end of my abdomen to the other was opened up. The doctor then left me on the operating table to go speak with my husband. He told my husband he wasn't sure why, but he couldn't do it. He was going to laser off the endometriosis, and while a hysterectomy made the most sense, he just couldn't do it.That was the only explaination he ever gave. "I just couldn't do it" In all honesty I was angry to find out I still had all my parts when I woke up. A year later our son Christopher came into the world. The following year I had my hysterectomy. But God was not going to allow it until this incredible child he blessed us with had a chance to come into the world.
9/29/2010 7:31:56 AM
Jodi United States
I have to say that in the mornings when I listen to these stories, I can't count the number of times I'm almost brought to tears! Or covered in goosebumps! But just recently, God has brought such wonder and awe to my own life, I have been so blessed! I recently graduated from college, and with the state of our economy, I was tremendously worried about finding a job.
A month into my unemployment, my mom came to me and suggested I try to pray a Novena. So I did a little research and chose a prayer called "The Never Fail Novena", which requires you do say the prayer in a church for nine consecutive days, leaving two copies of the prayer each day.
So for nine days I prayed... and it truly started a spiritual journey in my life... I have always strived to be close to my God and to know him more, but in these nine days I found myself on my knees pouring out my soul to the one who knows me best... and I truly fell in love with Jesus Christ.
On the ninth day, after praying for employment for 9 days, to my surprise, I did NOT receive a phone call. And late that night, as I laid in bed, whispering, praying, and talking to God, I told him, "I will love you anyway... because YOU are in control, and YOU will decide where my life will go... I will trust in you."
A few days later, on August 9th, I received a phone call from a local company I had applied to during my Novena. I went in for an interview only four days later, and was offered the position 5 days afterwards... exactly 9 days after I received the phone call. I AM BLESSED to worship such a beautiful God that HEARS my prayers.


PS (PAY IT FORWARD...) I also received a phone call from the head of my church's CCD department. She informed me that they were in need of a few high school religion teachers and thought that maybe I would be interested... How amazing! that God not only creates a career opportunity for me to work in our ever changing society, he also creates an opportunity for me to work IN MY FAITH, and to share this new-found love and adoration for my Lord with the youth that can change the world tomorrow! How amazing, God sent me yet another answer to my prayers through another phone call that just so happened to come exactly NINE DAYS after I started my job... WOW GOD
9/29/2010 7:32:10 AM
Cristina United States
on Saturday sept 25, my brother in law with his girlfriend were drunk, the car was going around 50-60 miles per hour they rolled over 5 times, my brother in law broke his neck and his wife only hurt her leg, the car was completely destroyed it is a true miracle. In the hospital bed my brother in law asked Jesus into his heart, you see this makes us feel so much joy because he never took God seriously, we are just thankful that God gave him another chance! today 5 days after his accident he is going to be released from the hospital. When i went to pray for his girlfriend the lady next door had cancer, and God gave me the opportunity to pray for her and I know that GOd healed her because we both felt his presence in the room! God is good, his plans are to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future-with Him. I love you GOd!
9/29/2010 7:37:19 AM
Dennis United States
Here's my WOW GOD story ... I bought 4 tickets to a Joel Osteen event in Indianapolis but did not have anyone else to use the 2 extra tickets. I am always on time and that night I was running a little late and didn't even know where to park. When we finally arrived at the event we still hadn't found anyone to use the tickets so I told my friend , lets look for someone who looks like they don't have a lot of money and we will bless them with the tickets. Little did I know that when we went to give the tickets away we were standing in front of the WILL CALL window so everyone we asked had their tickets. When I realized this we moved down in front of the windows where you purchase tickets and the first person I saw was lady with someone who appeared to be her son. I approached her and asked if she had her tickets and she cautiously said no so I asked ... how would you like to use these tickets and set with us. She looked amazed and said ok ... and then the person with her (her son) asked ... "how are you doing" to me. I asked him do I know you and he replied yes ... from the "farm" (that is the correctional facility I minister to the inmates at). I was amazed and remembered talking with him at the facility. It's amazing how God's timing works ... I had to arrive at the perfect time and stand in front of the WILL CALL window just long enough to meet the people that were to use the tickets and then to know the man I ministered to in prison was such a blessing ... I have often wondered if I am making an impact in anyones life and God showed me I am. Today I am blessed !!!!!!!!
9/29/2010 7:38:10 AM
Corrine Smith United States
Corrine Smith
My most memorable 'Wow God' experience was several years ago, I was 19 (now I am 32).  I was going through a really hard time one night and found myself on a midnight walk.  I started talking out loud, trying to work through the suppressive pain, when I found myself talking directly to God.  All these questions started pouring out, when I stopped looked up at the sky and said "Are you really there, are you really listening to me, do you really care?!"  Right at that very moment a shooting star shot across the  sky  right in front of me lighting up the sky from one horizon to the other like I have never seen!    I was elated, the burden turned to joy but as I walked down the road the doubt started setting in.  Negativity said ' that was just a coincidence.'  So I said out loud 'God was that a coincidence?"  and immediately another star shot across the sky lighting it up again!  Let me tell you I have seen many shooting stars, but these were different, they were special and they shined with a brightness I have never seen!  I walked home transformed with the truth in my heart that God does care, he listens, and he loves each one us SO much!  
9/29/2010 7:42:43 AM
Eric Mills United States
Eric Mills
In 1990 I traveled on my first mission trip to Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy with a soccer team from Missionary Athletes International.  The trip was very meaningful to me because God used this trip to confirm my calling to full-time ministry.  

I currently serve as the Outreach Pastor at Heritage Church in Rock Island, IL.  This past January we had a missionary couple contact our church who were going to be traveling through the Quad Cities and were asking if there would be anyone who could host them as they traveled through.  Our family agreed to host them and awaited their arrival.  This couple was preparing to go back to the Czech Republic where they are both originally from to serve as missionaries.

When they arrived at our home we began talking and getting to know each other.  As we both shared our stories, I mentioned that I had traveled to Czechoslovakia in 1990 with a soccer team.  As shared that, the wife perked up and asked where our team traveled.  She told about a soccer team traveling to her town in 1990 and playing against the team her dad coached.  As we discussed it further, we discovered it was the team I traveled on that had played against her dad’s team.  As a result of our team being there, her mother prayed to receive Christ and later led her entire family to the Lord.  Now twenty years later, this ladies daughter is sitting in our living room sharing their journey of going back to the Czech Republic to serve as missionaries to their own people.  It was a "Wow God" moment.
9/29/2010 7:46:47 AM
Char United States
About this time last year my 4 year old daughter developed a terrible earache. I took her to the doctor several times and even to a specialist. They gave her several different well as antibiotic injections in her little legs. Nothing would shake this earache or ease her pain. My mom and I lifted my daughter up in prayer before she went to bed (my daughter prayed for herself as well). The next morning my daughter woke up and said, "Mommy an angel came into the room last night and kissed my ear and now it is all better!" We went to tell my mom the good news and she said, "WOW...God is so good! I asked him to send Lauren an angel and give her peace through the night!" There is nothing more precious than to hear your child speak of Gods glory. She gave such amazing detail of what this angel looked like and how gently her ear was kissed. She is a little prayer warrior...she knows the power God holds and often she reminds me..."Mommy you shouldn't get upset about should pray...God will take care of it." She has wisdom beyond her years! Thank you God for the annointing you have poured out upon my child!!! Praise be to you Savior and King!!!
9/29/2010 7:50:44 AM
Jennifer Stuart United States
Jennifer Stuart
One evening in late spring, me my hubbu were rushing around trying to do the daily grin of a hurry up dinner time. I hear his cell phone ring. He looks at me very strangely and says. "it's your Nanny " ( she is 82 yrs old ) I answer it and didn't hear much on her end. So I start shouting so she can hear me. She starts talking crazy stuff. I immediately know something is crazy wrong. I drop the phone drive like a maniac to her house. About 5 mins away. I arrive to her house and she is very obviously having a stoke. The WoW God moment was the fact that she called my husbands cell not mine from her home phone. She couldn't do that on a good day without looking for his number that is written in a book. I honestly believe there was an angel there to dial that number for her. WOW God. She is fine and perfect lil memory loss but who doesn't have that at her age. No paralysis and the doctors told us how lucky we were to get to her so fast.
9/29/2010 7:54:48 AM
Heather United States
A month ago my fiance and I were in a quadding accident.  We attempted to go up a hill that we shouldn't have and the quad flipped backwards.  I remember think oh gosh this is it we are going to die.  God had another plan for us.  My fiance was able to throw the 800 pound bike over us!  He ended up with some road rash on his back and a hurt wrist.  I on the other hand ended up with a fractured back, a black and blue lip and road rash across my back.  As bad as all this may sound I feel so blessed.  I was told stories of people who had been in the same kind of accident who were not able to walk again.  I sat there for a moment and just started praying to God for those people and for blessing me.  I am so thankful for all that God has done for me and my fiance.  GOD IS SO GOOD!
9/29/2010 7:58:26 AM
Erica United States
My WOW God story is actually my son's story.  My son Zander is 9.  We have been attending church but not always very regularly.  One morning, right before school started back this year, he asked me "mom, how do you know when God talks to you?".  We discussed this and talked about the different ways you know God talks to you.  So a little bit later he tells me, "Mom, I woke up at 3 this morning and said a prayer".  (I was thinking he prayed to go back to sleep!).  I asked what kind of prayer and he told me "Mom I surrendered my life to God and asked Jesus to live in my heart and let me do good things".  I was FLOORED by this statement and had to pull over as I was driving at the time.  I had never talked about a plan of salvation with my son and for him to know to surrender to God and ask forgiveness for his sins was just a WOW moment to me.  What made it even better was that he told me he was sound asleep and God told him to wake up and pray and he did!  The following Sunday he went forward at church and announced his salvation in front of everyone.  So many church members came to him and told him the story of Samuel and how God called on him in the night.  My son was sent to do amazing things.  I can feel it!  He is such a natural leader and his teachers at school tell me how he has led other children to read christian books and he is not afraid to stand up for his faith and love of Jesus.  Such an inspiration that boy is to me!! God is great!
9/29/2010 8:18:02 AM
Tena United States
I was listening to your show this morning and thought, WOW God, I have so many!! God has been so good to me! I wanted to share this one only because a complete stranger said it and amazed me!A few years ago I was traveling to work, I live a ways from where I work on a good day it takes me about 45 minutes to get there. I was traveling down a two lane road when all of a sudden a young man pulled out in front of me, I was going about 45 miles an hour, I saw that he was going to go across so I began to slam on my brakes, as I was trying to avoid hitting him in the side of his car, I took my car off the road, the next thing I know I was heading towards the rod iron fence, as I was turning my steering wheel and trying to control the car, I hit the fence, the rod iron comes through my wind shield, you would think that my car would stop, I looked up and there was a house and all I could see was I was going through it, all of a sudden the car came to a complete stop. All this time everything in my car was thrashing around, it was like the "Matrix" everything in slow motion, I was praying with everything that I had! When the car stopped, I was crying and I was just sitting there Thanking the good Lord that I was not hurt, just shaken, all of a sudden this man jerks my door open and he says are you all right, I said Yes Thank you, He began to say he has never seen anything like this, he said there is no way that I was driving that car, he said it was like Angels picked my car up and turned it away from that car, he said it was amazing,he knew that God was in the car with me!! That was a WOW moment, The rod iron fence could have came all the way through the wind shield but it didn't. I have worked this job 13 years now, and this is the only accident that I ever had!! That is my WOW! My God is good, his traveling mercies are with me everyday!! Thank you Jesus!!
9/29/2010 8:23:03 AM
Anonymous United States
My 22 year old son has been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for several years.  He has been through a short-term and a long-term rehab.  He did great when he first came home from the long-term rehab; however, within a few months he was running with the wrong crowd again and was spiraling out of control.  I made one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make when I asked the Judge to have him arrested for violation of probation.  I knew I had to get him off the streets or he would be in prison or end up dead.  He realized he needed to go back to rehab but he was scared and so messed up on drugs that rather than turn himself in he took off in his truck.  His father and I were at a loss on what to do.  Finally, he decided to go looking for our son, knowing that he likes to drive out in the country just to get away from everything.  I stayed at home in case he came back.  My son was so despondent that he broke the mirror off his truck and was holding the glass to his wrist ready to cut it when my husband came around the curve of that country road just in time.  We all three KNOW that God performed a miracle that day.  He saved my son's life.  The fact that my husband just happened to come up in the knick of time was indeed miraculous.  My husband didn't even know where he was; he was just riding around hoping to find our son.  Afterwards, my son agreed to turn himself in at the jail; and, subsequently the Judge sent him to a halfway house to be supervised.  He now has a good job and is attending AA and NA meetings regularly.  He is finally himself again.  God is Great! Thanks be to God!
9/29/2010 8:31:09 AM
Leela United States
I am going through a time of great questioning and struggles, but just reading these comments buoys my faith!

There have been several "God moments" in my life. One of the greatest was when I was 4 years old. I was walking around the house and thinking about what I had learned about Jesus. I knew that I did sin sometimes and I needed a savior. I found my Mom, who was cleaning the bathroom, and asked if she would pray with me. We knelt down beside her bed and I asked forgiveness for my sins and for Jesus to save me. I looked up and remember for a few moments I heard a chorus of singing.

When I was 12, I heard a sermon about how there was more rejoicing in heaven over 1 lost sheep found, than 99 who were already in the fold. I realized that I got to hear some of that rejoicing.
9/29/2010 8:43:04 AM
Bre Allen United States
Bre Allen
I am 18 years old and SaturdayI found out a very dear friend of mine took his own life. I have experienced death of loved ones in my life before. This is a whole different feeling though. It wasn't by God's will for my friend to be gone, he made that decision. There were no signs. My friend did not believe in God. We had had many conversations about God, and he believed in all the hard things like there was a higher power, an after-life, and those sorts. He just didn't believe the God I spoke about was true. What really got to me was the fact that I never simply told him that God loves him. I was constantly thinking that if I would have told him that it could have made all the difference. I could not find any comfort or peace in this. I did not know how to use this to reach out. My friend is possibly in Hell right now. I was so numb from all of this and the only time it felt real was when I started to think about his soul, then my heart broke and I couldn't stand the pain. Sunday morning at the alter call my pastor said that he could feel that someone in the room was holding back. I knew God was telling me to go pray. All the rest of the day I was still pondering and going over all of this in my mind. I was talking to God all day about these things. The next morning I woke up and there has been this comfort and peace inside of me. I have found this unrealistic strength in God. I know that it is all from God, and the fact that He can take such a horrible situation and make good of it shows his power. Also looking back these past few weeks God has been preparing me for this. My strength in him was going to be tested and He was getting me ready for this battle. WOW GOD!!! The next few days leadign to the funeral this weekend will be difficult. please keep everyone involved in this tragedy in your prayers.
9/29/2010 9:00:19 AM
Cheryl United States
Last Christmas season, my family and I were heading north on our annual ski trip. I was driving alone with 4 kids and 3 dogs.  We left early because my hubby had to work. He was coming up in 2 days. So i was a little nervous and I prayed that God would get us there safely. The day before, the mechanic had just put on 4 new tires. About 3/4 way there, I noticed that the van was acting strange, pulling to the left. I stopped and looked around but nothing.  We were about 5 miles away from our destination, when all of a sudden the car made a loud noise like a tire blowing out. I got the car under control quickly, pulled over. The car behind us pulled up and made sure we were okay. I figured that I had a flat tire. The man in the car informed me that the tire flew off. The  Wow God moment came when I realized that I had just driven over 250 miles with a loose tire going 65 to 70 miles an hour. If it would have come off then, I am sure that something bad would have happened at that speed. Instead it came off when I was going only 35 miles an hour coming into the town of our destination. I called wonderful friends who came and got all the kids, dogs and stuff. God is always in control and watching over us!!!!!
9/29/2010 9:16:22 AM
carla United States
My Wow God moment started a little over a year ago.  My husband and I had decided early on in our marriage to only have one child and be able to provide well for her instead of more and struggling. We had our one daughter one year after our marriage and I went on the pill, since that was the least health risk birth control, I was nervous about surgery.  Well, fast forward 12 years, and I started to think I was going through the "change" since my mother had at age 36 as well.  Well, I went through a change all right!  I found out I was three months pregnant!  We had blood work done, since I had had no prenatal, and with my age, Down Syndrome was very likely.  I had a nephew who is very touched by God, active in church, and looking to become a minister, at age 15, he is already God's.  He led his church into a prayer circle for my baby, as soon as he found out I was pregnant.  At this time, I have been away from church since I was 11 and had lost my mother.  Two weeks after I took the blood work, it came back positive for Trisome 18, which was one of the worst possible birth defects, the baby would be still born, if the baby lived to birth, she would live in a NICU for 5-10 days, then we would lose her at that time.  I had many family memebers who felt abortion was a reasonable solution at that time. I had an amnio done to confirm the dianosis, and prayed.  On the day I prayed the hardest, I got a text from by brother-in-law "may God's peace be with you", ten minutes after that, a knock on my door, 7th day adventist were at my door, inviting my to a revival (we live in the country down a 950ft lane). I politely thanked them and shut the door, then glanced at the pamphlet they had handed me.  It was "why is abortion wrong".  At that point, I changed my prayer, to "God just give me the strength to accept your will in all things".  Two very long weeks later, we got the call, for the results.  A perfect, healthy little girl was going to be our blessing.  She was born in November of 2009, we named her Hannah Grace, for she is God's Grace in our life.  My firstborn went to her cousin's church camp this summer, and was saved.  I recommited myself to Jesus, and attend church faithfully.  So one scary unplanned pregnancy has saved three lives.  My baby was saved by God, and through my nephew and his faith my first daughter and I are saved. WOW God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/29/2010 10:28:26 AM
Liz<3 United States
Mona Lisa was sick as a child. She had seizures. A brain tumor. Brain surgery. She took medication upon medication upon medication. She was awkward, shy, and sick. She dreamed of a better life and watched shows with Spanish dancers because she thought that having a Spanish daughter would be the greatest thing ever. As the years progresses Mona stayed ill and when she was sixteen years old she was told by doctors that she only had one year to live and if she miraculously made it to her 17th birthday, she would be barren for life and never be able to have children. God was with her and she made it to 17. Her father became angry one day and threw all of her medication out declaring "She doesn't need it anymore." Time progressed and so did Mona's life. A few years later Mona's mother had a dream of a small baby girl with a full head of black hair but she questioned God because she was too old to have children. My name is Elizabeth. I am an 18 year old Mexican-American studying Theatre in my freshman year of college. I was born in April of 1992 to 30 year old Mona Lisa. Wow, God.  
9/29/2010 10:48:25 AM
Stephen United States
Just recently, in August my mother, brother, and I spent several weeks together in the ICU waiting room of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi as my dad was fighting non-alcoholic liver disease.  During our time there we saw many families who were experiencing similar pain and turmoil as we were.  We also had many friends who came by to show their support and love.  One of those friends was a lady who has a 5 year old with retinal osteoblastoma.  He had recently had an eye removed because of it and they had been traveling back and forth from Madison, MS to Memphis, TN, where St. Jude Hospital is for his treatment.  She called me and told me she wanted to bring supper to my family at the hospital.  I was so touched by the encouragement coming from a woman who certainly was in a place of need herself.  She told me that her "plan A" had fallen through and she was moving on to "plan B".  She later called me and said that "plan B" had fallen through but she was coming to that hospital to bring us dinner regardless.  She arrived at the hospital and I was waiting outside for her so she could find her way up to the ICU waiting room.  As she approached I saw her talking out loud and I walked up to her, inadvertently interrupting her open prayer to God.  We stopped right there and she explained to me that every effort of hers to bring us dinner had fallen through but she knew God was wanting her to bring us dinner and she was going to come with dinner regardless, because she wanted to be obedient.  She hadn't been in this part of Jackson in a while but thought to herself everyone likes KFC, so I'll bring that... not knowing if there was one on the way or not.  She just left her home in obedience to God and God provided for her... there was a KFC across the street from the hospital.  We both cried a little bit at how God worked it our for her to be obedient and show us both how He provides for us in our times of need.  My father died a few days later but that moment, among many others made me and my family realize that our God, while He is so much bigger than us, cares for our every little need.  He showed us how much He cares for us in that moment and we were and will continue to be humbled by His immense love.
9/29/2010 11:20:40 AM
Sharon Morlock United States
Sharon Morlock
My daughter Kevyn had registered for a Cosmetology class in September 2009. The school is located 45 miles away from our home in Steamboat Springs Colorado. The class was an evening class from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and she would have a 2 hour round trip drive everyday. The class was postponed to begin in February 2010 rather than in September which meant her commute for the majority of the class would be Winter weather conditions, as well as Spring and Summer when wildlife roam and cross the highway causing many, many accidents! Through the winter months she'd usually leave for school right after her morning job, around 2:00 PM giving herself enough time for the slow drive on snow-packed Hwy 40 in her little VW Beetle; then back at the torturous drive again at 10:00 PM and making it home around 11:00 and sometimes later depending on road conditions. Of course it was always a nightmare for me from the time she'd call when she was leaving school until the moment I'd hear the front door open and know she was home safe. She made it for 7 months without any incidents or accidents and school ended on September 22nd. So, here's the WOW God part of the story...on Wednesday September 22nd her LAST 90+ mile round trip drive, she thought she'd be heading home around 8:00 PM but instead she got out an hour earlier thrilled not to make the drive home at night and that's the night she hit a deer! She was okay, no damage to the car or the other 2 vehicles behind her that had to stop suddenly after she hit the deer. She was pretty shaken when she realized it was a baby deer and still somewhat alive. Thank you to the man in one of the cars behind her that stopped and took care of getting the deer off the highway safely. WOW thank you God for taking care of my little Angel Smile
9/29/2010 11:30:20 AM
Lisa United States

This is my testimony:

In January 2009 I discovered I was pregnant.  
February 5th I went in for an ultrasound to learn I was approximately 7wks pregnant.  The tech was quiet during the ultrasound and once finished asked me to wait in a room to talk to a doctor.  The doctor came in to share with me that the fetus had no heart beat.  He needed me to come back in a week to do another ultrasound to determine whether the baby would pass through my system on its own or we would have to do a procedure to scrape it out.  
I was devastated, I lay in bed for the next week to weak to do anything but cry.  How could god do this to me???
I remember during this time my mom calling to say that I needed to pray.  God could create a miracle.  I refused, I was not about to get my hopes and grieve all over again.  How could she even talk like this to me?  She started prayer chains among the family, her friends and among her church.
February 11th was my check up appointment, and the most beautiful words I have ever heard were shared that day,  “We have a heart beat”!!!  The doctors never explained to me how this was possible and I didn’t care.
After my beautiful daughter was born I requested the medical records from my doctors office.  The first appointment states on February 5th the yolk sac and the fetal pole were identified and the fetus was 1.04cm = 7 wks 1 day.  No heart beat.
The second appointment states on February 11th the yolk sac and the fetal pole were identified and the fetus was 0.59cm = 6 wks 3 days (Smaller than the fetus measured the previous week!!!).  Heart rate 116.  
I called my doctors office, I wanted a medical explanation!  How is this all possible?  How can the fetus be smaller a week later?  What did we see during the first ultrasound and where is it now?  The nurse couldn’t explain.  She told me to go give my little miracle a kiss.  I talked to my doctor the next day, he couldn’t explain it either and testifies that she is a miracle.  He sent me my ultrasound images from both appointments; a fetus is clearly seen in each image.  
My baby girl turned 1 this week and she is forever a miracle in my heart and to the many others that were able to witness this miraculous story.  GOD IS AMAZING!!!

~ Lisa Zick
9/29/2010 11:40:04 AM
Beverly Tripp United States
Beverly Tripp
March 14, 1997 - I was home alone with our then 4 month old son, our firstborn.  My husband was gone to work, and I was getting ready to leave for an appointment.  As I was getting the baby dressed, I heard glass shattering on the other end of the house.  I laid the baby down in the crib and went to investigate.  As I came around the corner to the kitchen, I saw flames shooting out of the laundry room.  I immediately went back and grabbed the baby and the cordless phone, and escaped through the front door.  It was a cold March morning, and the baby was only wearing a diaper at that point because I hadn't finished dressing him yet.  A policeman arrived and put us in his cruiser to keep warm, and shortly afterwards, the firemen began to roll in and fight the fire.  My neighbor, an elderly woman, came out to see what all the commotion was about.  She went back and brought out a beautifully knitted blanket for my baby.  She said she had just finished it, but hadn't known who she was making it for.  She said, "But God knew."  

But that's not even the "Wow" part.  Smile

Later we began cleaning up the rubble.  As I stood in the street in front of what was left of our home, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with despair. Almost everything we owned was either burned to ashes or ruined by the smoke and water.  For the first time in my life, I literally had no home, no clothing, not even a toothbrush to call my own.  

In that moment, a huge gust of wind blew through the neighborhood.  Papers and debris were swirling about the yard, and one particular paper blew up and STUCK to my leg.  I recognized it immediately as a page from a large family Bible that we had owned.  Its edges were blackened from the fire, but the writing was still clear.  At first I thought it was just happenstance, but upon closer investigation, I could see that this paper was more than just debris - it was a message.  The page was from the last chapter of the book of Genesis.  This verse in particular seemed to literally jump off the page at me:
"So therefore, do not be afraid; I will provide for you and your little ones." (v.21)

And.... HE DID.  
9/29/2010 1:48:06 PM
Jennifer United States
I am a care giver at nursing home and this morning we had every one down in the dining room for breakfast. One resident had finished his breakfast of a bowl of oatmeal, bacon and toast. When he was done eating he starting praying out loud thanking God for the food and that he knew where it came from. When I heard him praying it made my heart smile, to know that he was not ashamed to pray aloud and in front of many people.It was a nice to hear, from this sweet man that his faith is still important to him even though he might be blind or have other physical ailments!
9/29/2010 2:37:31 PM
rebecca Cernich United States
rebecca Cernich
WOW GOD!  I was 23 yrs old when I had my twin boys Dustin and Darren. 2 days old Dustin passed away and 7 wks later Darren passed. I was in totally depression. I had a 3 yr old son that was waiting very patiently for his brothers to come home then I had to tell him they would not be coming. My son was upset about his brothers! My heart was totally broken and I was not a christian so my OH WOW story is that through all of that I was saved, I know teach sunday school and attend church regularly. It took that to get me to seek and find our Lord. and I know that one day I will def. see my boys again.
9/29/2010 2:40:59 PM
Jennifer United States
One God WoW to another. Ever since I was married in 2001, I really wanted a baby. But no matter how I begged and pleaded with my husband or God the answer was still no. Finally about 5 years later I just had enough and told God no matter whether or not we have a child, I will still love him. That summer my husband and I went on a trip to Walt Disney World. While we were there, my husband’s elbow was becoming immobile. While we couldn't understand what was happening, he was young, in shape, it kept getting worse. When we returned home, we went directly to the ER. People had come in saying we don't know what this is, but it's serious, you could lose your arm. We were both very concerned. Within a few weeks he had many biopsies, and they finally determined he had ostiomelitis (bone infection) only 1 out of 10,000 people get it. So he had major surgery on his arm and was in the hospital for three days and on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. He always jokes because he is a teacher and had staples in his arm. About when the 6 weeks were up, he said, I think it's time to start trying for kids. Of course I was very excited.
It didn't happen right away, taking about 2 months. I remember telling him, but he made me take test after test just to confirm it. Not sure why. Everything was going great and then we decided to have a Triple screen test. Not sure all three things it tests for but one was Down syndrome. Well, my sons’ numbers were 3 times what they should have been. They said that most tests are false positive, but because the levels were so high, they were sure he had it. We had 3d ultrasounds that measured certain parts of his body, also leading to him having it. The doctors wanted us to do different tests, counseling, and I think someone even mentioned ending the pregnancy. That of course was never going to be an option. I was deviated of course, but said, if God wants us to have a child with this, we are the best ones for it. So each night I prayed that God would remember my grandparents who served Him, and that He would heal anything wrong with his body. It was a very long 9 months. Well, happily I say, 4 years later my son has 'no' signs of Down syndrome (unless feet size is one, he wears a size 1). In fact he is very intelligent, and mischievous as all little ones are. We are also blessed with a little girl who is so awesome. Who they also wanted to have the triple screen- but I said No WAY! Hoping for more, no one has said no yet..   God is SO good.
9/29/2010 3:29:09 PM
Sarah United States
My WOW God moment came this past summer. I was working and staying at my University this summer to make some extra money before studying abroad this fall. Well, it was a difficult summer. I was not respecting myself in my friendships and relationships and I was just feeling depressed about how I was living my life. I went to talk with a priest that I had become friends with to tell him of my summer/year so far and how I was feeling about my life. We discussed a lot of things and at the end of our conversation, he recommended to me PSALM 139. Well needless to say I did...and I loved it!

About 2 or 3 days later, I was sitting in my church praying and asking God for guidance especially for things that I had discussed with my priest days earlier. A good friend of mine saw me in the chapel crying with my head in my hands. She did not say anything to me but as she was leaving, she handed me a letter. In this letter, she wrote "I dont know what you are suffering through or how I can are never alone...God knows you better than you know yourself. Read PSALM 139..." and she went on telling me that she was there for me.

As soon as I saw that she mentioned PSALM 139, I about had a heart attack. It was the second time in days that I had been told to read this verse. I could not help but believe that God was acting in these people that were in my life. This was His way of telling me that He is here, protecting me and watching over me.

All I have to say is WOW God. He is so great and amazing and works in the smallest ways to let us know that He is here!!!

PSALM 139:
"O Lord, you have searched me and known me!
2 You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
you discern my thoughts from afar.
3 You search out my path and my lying down
and are acquainted with all my ways.
4 Even before a word is on my tongue,
behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.
5 You hem me in, behind and before,
and lay your hand upon me.
6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
it is high; I cannot attain it.

7 Where shall I go from your Spirit?
Or where shall I flee from your presence?
8 If I ascend to heaven, you are there!
If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!
9 If I take the wings of the morning
and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
10 even there your hand shall lead me,
and your right hand shall hold me.
11 If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me,
and the light about me be night,”
12 even the darkness is not dark to you;
the night is bright as the day,
for darkness is as light with you.

13 For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. [1]
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them.

17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
18 If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
I awake, and I am still with you.

19 Oh that you would slay the wicked, O God!
O men of blood, depart from me!
20 They speak against you with malicious intent;
your enemies take your name in vain! [2]
21 Do I not hate those who hate you, O Lord?
And do I not loathe those who rise up against you?
22 I hate them with complete hatred;
I count them my enemies.

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart!
Try me and know my thoughts! [3]
24 And see if there be any grievous way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting!"

9/29/2010 4:01:00 PM
Mary United States
October 2nd 2009 we were invited to a birthday party at a family members house my husband had just started harvisting that day so me and the children went to the party we are all having a good time when my motherinlaw and two sisterinlaws start screeming and running I turn around and start running to not knowing what I am running to it was my 2 year old daudghter falling out of a second story window coming down with the screen landed on concret she had fallin 12 or more feet I picked her up and all she said was ouchie ouchie and I did not see that she had fallin from the window I thought she had fallin off of a scooter that I had just seen her ride I can not beleave she was upstairs. I was turning i circles not knowing what had happend and everybody was standing around me screeming take her to the emergeny and I said why it just did not register to me that she fell out of that window so finally I went to my car with her in my lap behind the wheel started my car and was gonna go and they said you can't drive so my sisterinlaw drove us and on the way to the emergency I called my brotherinlaw who works at the hospital and told him to get them prepared I was coming I needed help right away we live in a small town then I called my husband and told him what was going on when we got to the emeregency they were getting ready to take her to do a cat-scan right away we got that done and the Doctor came back to talk to me and I said she is fine right and he said no we are putting her in an ambulace we need to get her to a bigger hospital 75 miles away where they can help her better and I could not go with I had to follow them my brotherinlaw drove me and we meet up with my husband on the way who was rushing to us had already got pulled over by a cop for speeding we stoped and my husband got in and our brotherinlaw stayed to explain things to the cop and we were onthe way about 10 minutes on the way they called me out of the ambulance to say they were going to trancefer her to flight for life to not try to keep up with them. we both thought she is not gonna make it my husband drove so fast it scared me and we made it to the hospital the same time the chopper landed and I ran in the emergency and asked where is the baby they brought in with flight for life and they said calm down we did not have anyone come in on flight for life I said they are on the roof I heard them they told me to have a seat they would let me know as soon as they knew what was going on it seemed like it took for ever when they finally said she was there and she was doing okay they were doing lots of tests they would tell us when we could see her it took about an hour or more when they came and said just me and my husband were to come in to this little room and the doctor would come talk to us I could not help but think it was the kind of room they put you in when they tell you they did'nt make it we waited and waited not a word was said between us I think we thought the same thing finally a doctor came and said she is stable she has a 4inch crack in her skull some internal bleeding we could see her in a few minutes we were releaved to her she was okay at the moment when we went in to see her she was sleeping and there was a big bump on one side of her head they put her in the NICU for 5 days and watched her close the bleeding stopped on its own and her head swelled up so bad that it  pushed her skull out enough to were she did not hhave to have surgery then they put her in another room for two days and she went home with us is doing real good. I call her our mirical child.
9/29/2010 6:10:21 PM
Kymberli United States
my wow God moment came this past winter, i was wanting a new car, mind you there was nothing really wrong with mine, just a little wore looking... but i had found a BMW a few hours from our house at a lot willing to finance us. We just bought a house the same year that had a pretty high payment, well the night before we were to go look and get the car, we had ran to the store for something and came home and we had ran over a nail and gotten a flat tire. Well we had been praying for God to let us know if getting the car was a good or bad idea (niether of us have a car payment) well so as soon as the i saw the flat, i was leery of going to get the car. Well my husband had gone out to change the tire and the lug nuts would not budge from the tire. he even stood on the tire tool to loosen them, no luck. Well right then he said "God, i hear you, we wont go get the car, but i have to change this tire regardless" at that moment he put the tire tool down and removed the lug nuts w/ his bare fingers! then walking back to the house he said "God give me a sign that it is you" He was no where near his truck and the horn honked one short honk! Wow GOD!!!!! he knows what we need and provides for us always!!!!
9/29/2010 6:32:48 PM
ashley United States
my wow God!

im 13 now and my mom also posted on here.a little over a year ago my mom and dad told me they had a very special present for me. it turns out i was going to get a little sibling.i was so happy and excited because i was an only mom went to the docters and the results werent the best.she had warned me somthing bad could happen before she went. the docters said my sibling could be born still. i knew what it meant and just wanted to curl up and cry. i felt as though God was leaving my side cousin however, was very close with God and kept telling me more and more about the Bible.he said i could get saved whenever i felt it was right and i had never even known what to he asked me to come to church camp with him and i agreed because it sounded fun. for the first to nights when we had service i didnt do much. i watched the preacher preach, watched people cry, and watched people pray and be saved.i didnt cry, i prayed but not enough. on the third night i watched some people get saved and tears started to come to my eyes and i didnt know why. my friend grabbed my hand and said "ill go up there with you if you want" but i didnt know what to do so i said "no its ok" before i knew it i was walking up to the alter and i didnt know why. i knew my friend was behind me but i didnt notice her much. i just dropped to my knees crying and prayed to God to forgive me for all that i had done. my friend behind me was crying and my cousin,well brother in my eyes, dropped to his knees beside me and was screaming " Thank you God! Thank you so much!" we then got up and looked at each other and hugged. iv never felt happier then i did then. Thank God for all he does!!!!
9/29/2010 8:58:32 PM
Candy United States
This was definitely a 'Wow God' deal. In 2004 when I was deployed to Iraq, we were on a mission to Jordan to pick up some equipment they were donating to the Iraqi army. We were a sizeable convoy, over 40 vehicles. Well, the moon had gone up and then set and all we had was starlight. We were on a four lane highway divided by a median. I had just scanned left and was scanning right when I saw this huge flash of light, heard this enormous boom and then my HET shook. Not easy to shake a combination vehicle that weighs over 90 thousand pounds. Didn't know what it was until later, but still thought it was awesome. Found out there was a 20ft connex in the median that was set up for as an IED. Evidently went off after I started looking right. Get this Eric and Lisa, NOT ONE VEHICLE, NOT ONE SOLDIER WAS HURT OR DAMAGED!! NOTHING!! The carnage that could've happened would've been enormous, but there was none. I knew that we were well encased in God's hands that day or otherwise there would've been some seriously wounded if not killed soldiers that day. Some say we were extremely lucky, I say we were extremely well protected by our Lord and Savior.
9/29/2010 10:13:46 PM
Jerry Stapleton United States
Jerry Stapleton
Beth's angel WOW story on 9/29/2010 brought back memories of when I was younger and experienced an angel in a time of need. I am now 42 but still remember the details as if it were yesterday.

I was about  4-5 yrs old at the time my sister was a teenager. She was watching me for the day and decided her and her friend would go up to the hotel close to where we lived so they could go swimming in the hotel pool.

As I played in the pool, my sister and her friend were busy talking about girl stuff by the lounge chairs. As I did not know how to swim at the time, I clung to the side of the pool and was slowly working my way around the pool side when I lost my grip and fell into the water at the deep end. When I reached the bottom of the pool, I pushed my way up to the surface, but once I emerged I only had enough time to spit out the water and take another breath before sinking again. Due to the pool being sloped along the sides, I found my self in the middle of the pool. Each time I surfaced, I could see my sister just twenty feet away but not paying attention and I could not scream due to the water and trying to take another breathe.
I was at the point where I could no longer keep fighting, when upon taking my last breath I could see a gentleman walking into the pool area through the metal security gate surrounding the pool area. He was dressed in a bathing suit with a towl over his shoulder.

In a split second, he dived in and helped me out of the pool. After he asked if I was okay, I quickly ran over to my sister and her friend who were still talking by the lounge chairs. I was very upset with my sister because she had not been paying attention to me and told her that I would have drowned if it wern't for the man over there. As I turned around, no one was in the pool area. The gate had not made that slamming noise that spring loaded gates make and he was no where to be seen. My sister and her friend thought I was crazy as they had been sitting there the whole time and not seen anyone enter the pool area.

I often ask myelf why would someone come to go swimming, then just leave within minutes. I always come to the same conclusion, that I was saved by an angel that day.

Although my sister is still hesitant to beleive what happened, I know God sent an angel to save me that day. And I know that God is always there when we need him.

God is wonderful!!!
9/30/2010 6:57:18 AM
Shani United States
I have several wow stories...but this one is truly amazing to my family & I.  It was a saturday morning Oct. 11th 2002.  The game started at 10:00am.  My 16 year old son Brandon was playing his first freshman football game.  I remember sitting in the stands feeling like a proud parent.  It didn't even matter that I didn't know anything about football.  It was among the first few plays when a big hit happened. My son who was around 150 lbs was hit by a kid weighing 245 lbs below the belt.  It was a helmet blow.  Both players went immediately to the ground.  The kid from the other team got up shortly there after with a broken collar bone.  My son lay there on the ground motionless for a few minutes.  The team, coach and Dr. gathered around him.  They helped him up and he walked off the field to the sidelines.  The Dr. stayed with him and checked his vitals.  I knew it was bad.  I felt that was something was wrong.  I stood up in the stands and my eyes filled with tears immediately.  The Dr. scanned the crowd for me and motioned for me to hurry & come down there.  My son was lying on a bench.  He had no color, other than a greenish grey hue.  He couldn't talk and started throwing up.  The Dr. said he needed to go to the hospital and they called 911.  

The ambulance took us to the nearest hospital.  We were at the hospital all day.  They ran a few tests, blood tests, xrays & a cat scan.  They said he had some internal bruising but nothing serious.  Yet, the whole time we were there, he was drifting in & out of consciousness. They hooked an iv up to him for a while.  He stopped throwing up but complained of great pain in his abdomen.  Hours went by, a nurse came in & said they were releasing him and we could go home.  I went to use the payphone to call my parents who were watching my younger children.  I was hanging up the phone when someone approached me.  It was the nurse and ER Dr. again.  They took me in a nearby room and told me that we were being transferred to the trauma unit at a hospital well known for trauma treatment.  They informed me that another Dr. looked at his catscan results & xrays.  Oddly enough they could not tell me who it was that looked at them or made the recommendation to transfer him immediately.  They scanned through the paperwork and found a signature they didn't know & couldn't read.  They could not give me a name at all.

We were taken by ambulance within minutes to the bigger hospital.  When we arrived there was a team of Dr.s waiting for us. We bypassed all the other people waiting in the ER.  They didn't stop to make us complete any paperwork at all.  They had a room ready for us.  My family had been called & were there waiting as well.  I had never been more scared in all my life.  A Dr. walked in and she introduced herself as Dr. Lisa Patterson.  I will never forget that name.  They took him to do another catscan and within ten minutes she was back in the room with us.  She verified with me what time this injury occurred, around 10:15 am.  It was now going on 8:00pm that night.  She told me the force of the helmet and the kids weight pushed my sons organs against his spinal cord.  His pancreas was nearly severed.  They needed to do an emergency surgery now.  She told me with an injury like this there is only a 12 hour window in which to save someone's life.  We had already lost nearly ten hours.  She told me she would do everything she could to save my son.  I nodded because I couldn't speak.  The surgery took hours & hours.  My family & I sat in the waiting room.  Time seemed to pass all too slowly.  It was a waiting game.  I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. I cried and I cried and I cried.  I was too nervous to eat, or drink the coffee they offered.  I couldn't even read or watch tv.  I sat with one foot tapping the floor the entire time.  Finally about six hours later, Dr. Patterson came into to see me.  She said the surgery went as well as they could expect.  There was more damage than they originally thought.  His pancreas was severed and the two halves were barely connected, the liver was cut and a few other organs were bruised.  She said she was confident that the liver would heal itself.  The pancreas was another story.  They couldn't remove it because it is a vital organ.  She tried to repair it in in hopes of it healing somehow & staying together.  She used a certain kind of glue used in surgeries and sutures.  She said now, we just had to wait.  She told us to continue praying for him.  He was not allowed to eat.  He had a GI tube inserted to remove stomach acid and tubes on both sides of his body for other fluids that had leaked out before the surgery.  They were concerned about the fluids leaking internally if the surgery wasn't successful in repairing the pancreas.  He had 41 staples from his chest to about 2 inches below his navel.  He felt miserable.  He was on morphine for days and then other pain meds, antibiotics & such to prevent infection. The staples were removed.  About a month went by, he was allowed to drink milk now.  He asked for chocolate.  You've never seen a kid so happy to get chocolate milk before in all your life.  I think he would've drank a gallon if allowed. He was finally released the week of Thanksgiving.  That would be his first real meal.  He was allowed to eat but very small portions. The tubes had to be left in his sides in case any problems occurred.  I missed two months of work in order to care for him.  I had a rollaway mattress on the floor in his hospital room right next to his bed.  He missed 2 1/2 months of school.  We ended up back at the hospital a few days after Thanksgiving due to a bad infection.  This time he stayed only a week and was able to return home once it cleared up.  In December, we saw Dr. Patterson again.  She was happy with the progress and removed the tubes and cauterized the openings.  Hopefully, he would not have any problems in the future from this.  He was able to return to school in December.  We had a meeting with the principal & all his teachers.  They all agreed to pass him for that quarter without having to make up all the work he missed.  

Over the time he spent in the hospital we had so much love, support & prayers from so many people. Even people we didn't know came to see him.  In fact, the nurses had to start screening visitors and limiting them.  We had the OSU football coach come by with a signed photo and well wishes from the team.  It turns out that this sort of injury was unheard of, even in the often rough sport of football.  He was so devastated when this happened and about the various scars he would have from surgery.  He was somewhat of a celebrity in the hospital.  We had other nurses & Dr's coming by just to meet him.  One of his nurses sons even let him borrow his nintendo game system from home since he was in the hospital so long.  The nurses borrowed a tv with a built in vcr from one of the breakrooms so he could watch movies too.  I think the love shown & my silliness trying to make him smile helped him along the way.  I sang to him & did silly voices.  He'd laugh a little and then tell me to stop because it hurt too much to laugh.  But at least I knew he smiled.  

Today he is 23 and healthy.  He works fulltime, goes to college and is a proud papa of a son & daughter.  

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that GOD intervened and did a "WOW" on this one.  Think about it, an anonymous physician with a signature no one knew or could read ordered for my son to be transferred immediately to another hospital.  If this had not been done, we would have went home & I would have lost my son forever within 24 hours.  God is indeed the great physician & healer.  Praise his name, I am forever thankful.  
9/30/2010 8:27:06 AM
Sarah McNeill United States
Sarah McNeill
My two children and I were in a very scary car accident. We were drving home on a very curvy part of the road when I lost control of my van. I tried to get it back on the road but I overcorrected and my van tumbled down into a steep hill on the side of the road. There was no other cars on the road thank God or I would have hit one head on or on my daughters side of the van. The only thing I remember is my van coming back down from almost fliping apparently. I am so thankful to MY Jesus! I believe God set the van back down on 4 wheels. The windshield shattered  on impact, but God kept it in place from breaking out into me and my kids. Both of the kids sides of the van were totally untouched and my precous children were absolutely fine with no scratches or anything. We all walked away from, what could of been a horrofic accident, just fine. I am so thankful that MY God loves and protects ALL of the time.
This has taught me again that I serve a faithful God who literally spared our lives because HE has great and awesome plans for us. My son's name is Caleb which means faithful. He and my daughter, Hannah remind me daily how faithful Jesus is.
9/30/2010 11:50:55 AM
Teresa Burgoyne United States
Teresa Burgoyne
This isn't my story, but every once in a while you will hear a testimony that will blow you away. I want to share it because I feel it is a miraculous "WOW" story that will touch any life that hears it. I can only send the web address because I am unsure how to send the video from facebook. May God touch and bless each and every one of you that listen to this!!/video/video.php?v=158348990848143
9/30/2010 11:55:32 AM
Lisa United States
God is an amazing healer..... I am 29 years old have been battling cervical cancer for about 4 years now. I recently had a surgery to remove the cancer but when I went back for a re-check, the cancer was still there. My bible study group and many others prayed over me for healing. I never doubted for a moment God's power, mercy and grace. I went back to the doctor for another round of biopsies last week to prepare me for an operation to remove my entire cervix. My doctor called me two days ago and said....
" I don't know how to explain this at all but we got your biopsy results back and they all appear to be normal. You are not going to need surgery at this time." I was so shocked (as was my doctor).. and completely amazed. I was instantly on my knees thanking God for this miracle. I just got married on Saturday and my husband and I hope that this will mean that some day we can have a baby.... Sincerely amazed Smile
9/30/2010 9:18:19 PM
Kelsey United States
This past Sunday over 250 people got baptized at my church in central Indiana. It had to be the most amazing Sunday service I have ever seen! God is so good!
10/1/2010 5:45:36 PM
Jelena Germany
Here is another of my WOW God stories:

God used professional athletes to lead me to Christ. So I have been convinced through all of my CHristian life that professional athletes are great multiplicators to eventually lead fans and colleagues to Christ. Because of that I had been given out countless Bibles and New Testaments in many different languages to make sure all these athletes (mainly soccer and tennis professionals) get the Bread of Life in their native language. Well, after more than 5 years of giving out Bibles and following the sports news to maybe find out someone of those I presented a Bible, I got discouraged as I just didn't read the news I so desperately wanted to read: that someone of "my" athletes had converted to Christ. Then in the summer of 2000, one of the elders in my church talked to me before the service saying: "Do you know the book 'Fußball-Gott'"?(In English it would be named something like 'Soccer-God') I answered: "I heard of it and want to buy it as well, but still don't know it." "Well, there is a player talking of you." I only said: "Who?" He named him and I realised it is a player of the local club. But I didn't even remember I had given him either the NT or a Bible. Hmmmm. So I rushed the next week in town and bought the book. You can imagine the first testimony I read was that one... And while I was reading it, the memory slowly returned. I now remember it was a floodlight match, I had several Bibles and NTs with me to give them to the players of the opponent club. When the bus with the opponent club had left the stadium I had one German NT with testimonies of athletes over. As I didn't want to carry it back home and I just saw this player coming out of the stadium I offered it to him.

He said in the book my elder told me about, he immediately knew it was a special present, but as he never was a great reader he just put it in the cupboard. One evening months later as his gf wasn't at home and he didn't want to watch tv, he had a look into his cupboard and found this book again. So he opened it and who was grinning there from the picture of the first testimony of the book? His teammate, the goal-keeper of his team. Smile

Well, back to my story now: As I said I had been discouraged at that time and wondering about if all this giving out Bibles and NTs was really worth it. I can tell you that this testimony of this player, provided to me by my elder, reassured me at that time that it is really worth it and I am still going out to football clubs or tennis tournaments packed with Bibles in the appropriate language to deliver the word of God to people who may have loads of money but still lose the sense of life cause they don't know Christ.
10/2/2010 12:42:32 PM
Samantha United States
It was around May, 2008 when my life started to change forever. Early May my depression had worsen. The summer before that I had planned my suicide. I remember one night I called out to God, questioned his existence, and asked for help. I had asked him to send me someone, any one that could help me. It was my sophomore year in high school, and my naive self had an image of God sending me a guy. This guy and I would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. That would not happen though.

It was still early may when I met this guy. He was my ‘knight in shinning armor’ and we quickly started dating. Things started looking up for me. May thirteenth rolled around, which is my dad’s birthday. The only thing he wanted was for me to go to church. That night the pastor walked through the crowed and stopped at me. He prayed for me and the next day my depression was gone.

Seven months had gone by and this guy and I were on and off. I kept trying to break up with him, but he kept saying he would change. In the beginning I had told him that I was waiting for marriage. He acted like that was fine. He didn’t have any intention of keeping my wishes though. He was only interested  in a physical relationship. Since I thought he was a gift form God I was easily fooled. During that time, he had managed to sexually, physically and mentally abuse me.

We never had sex and that was all he was after. I don’t know why I never told him no before. Maybe I was to ashamed or scared to. Maybe both. One day I had enough. He had hurt me for the last time. I told him no and in a firm voice I told him that we could never do that again. He became angry and left. Little did I know that he was leaving me for good. The day after he had found someone knew.  If I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted he was going to find someone that would. I was devastated, but with my friends and new church family, I quickly recovered.

Two years had passed and I thought it was all over. One night I was talking to God and he showed me what really happened so long ago. He showed me that he knew that I would fall for this guy. Also that he knew he was going to hurt me. I had began to cry at this point. He continued to show me that he had actually saved me more than just that night at church. Then it all just clicked. He knew that if I was still unstable and that guy would have left me like he did, I would have passed my point of no returned. He didn’t want me to kill myself. God knew what was going to happen, and he loved me too much to let me do that to myself. I smiled through my tears at the thought of Him leaving me a cushion to land on.

It goes much further than that though. The very next day, one of my friends, that had told me to get out of the abusive relationship, had walked passed my house. She was not alone. She was walking and holding hands with that very same guy. Naturally, I had felt like I had been smacked in the face. I called my best friend Ashley and just told her everything.  She helped me realized the only reason why I felt that way was because I had not forgiven myself. I thought I was still hurting because I had not forgiven him for what happened. She helped me see that I blamed myself for everything. I hated myself so much that I couldn’t come to terms with God’s forgiveness.  She told me that I don’t need to punish myself any longer and that I need to trust God. Then I realized that God had showed me that to tell me he had everything under control. He wanted me to know that I could trust him and leave everything to him.

That entire experience had turned my world upside down. I know now that I am not worthless or a piece of trash to kick to the curb. I am who God says I am. I am not tainted or ruined. God has made me new. He wanted me to see his love and how much he loves me. I’m so grateful that he pursued me. I find life much more enjoyable when I think about the way He loves me.
10/2/2010 1:42:06 PM
Samantha B. United States
Samantha B.
It was around May, 2008 when my life started to change forever. Early May my depression had worsen. The summer before that I had planned my suicide. I remember one night I called out to God, questioned his existence, and asked for help. I had asked him to send me someone, any one that could help me. It was my sophomore year in high school, and my naive self had an image of God sending me a guy. This guy and I would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. That would not happen though.

It was still early may when I met this guy. He was my ‘knight in shinning armor’ and we quickly started dating. Things started looking up for me. May thirteenth rolled around, which is my dad’s birthday. The only thing he wanted was for me to go to church. That night the pastor walked through the crowed and stopped at me. He prayed for me and the next day my depression was gone.

Seven months had gone by and this guy and I were on and off. I kept trying to break up with him, but he kept saying he would change. In the beginning I had told him that I was waiting for marriage. He acted like that was fine. He didn’t have any intention of keeping my wishes though. He was only interested  in a physical relationship. Since I thought he was a gift form God I was easily fooled. During that time, he had managed to sexually, physically and mentally abuse me.

We never had sex and that was all he was after. I don’t know why I never told him no before. Maybe I was to ashamed or scared to. Maybe both. One day I had enough. He had hurt me for the last time. I told him no and in a firm voice I told him that we could never do that again. He became angry and left. Little did I know that he was leaving me for good. The day after he had found someone knew.  If I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted he was going to find someone that would. I was devastated, but with my friends and new church family, I quickly recovered.

Two years had passed and I thought it was all over. One night I was talking to God and he showed me what really happened so long ago. He showed me that he knew that I would fall for this guy. Also that he knew he was going to hurt me. I had began to cry at this point. He continued to show me that he had actually saved me more than just that night at church. Then it all just clicked. He knew that if I was still unstable and that guy would have left me like he did, I would have passed my point of no returned. He didn’t want me to kill myself. God knew what was going to happen, and he loved me too much to let me do that to myself. I smiled through my tears at the thought of Him leaving me a cushion to land on.

It goes much further than that though. The very next day, one of my friends, that had told me to get out of the abusive relationship, had walked passed my house. She was not alone. She was walking and holding hands with that very same guy. Naturally, I had felt like I had been smacked in the face. I called my best friend Ashley and just told her everything.  She helped me realized the only reason why I felt that way was because I had not forgiven myself. I thought I was still hurting because I had not forgiven him for what happened. She helped me see that I blamed myself for everything. I hated myself so much that I couldn’t come to terms with God’s forgiveness.  She told me that I don’t need to punish myself any longer and that I need to trust God. Then I realized that God had showed me that to tell me he had everything under control. He wanted me to know that I could trust him and leave everything to him.

That entire experience had turned my world upside down. I know now that I am not worthless or a piece of trash to kick to the curb. I am who God says I am. I am not tainted or ruined. God has made me new. He wanted me to see his love and how much he loves me. I’m so grateful that he pursued me. I find life much more enjoyable when I think about the way He loves me.
10/4/2010 1:40:59 PM
Jennifer United States
One God WoW to another. Ever since I was married in 2001, I really wanted a baby. But no matter how I begged and pleaded with my husband or God the answer was still no. Finally about 5 years later I just had enough and told God no matter whether or not we have a child, I will still love him. That summer my husband and I went on a trip to Walt Disney World. While we were there, my husband’s elbow was becoming immobile. While we couldn't understand what was happening, he was young, in shape, it kept getting worse. When we returned home, we went directly to the ER. People had come in saying we don't know what this is, but it's serious, you could lose your arm. We were both very concerned. Within a few weeks he had many biopsies, and they finally determined he had ostiomelitis (bone infection) only 1 out of 10,000 people get it. So he had major surgery on his arm and was in the hospital for three days and on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. He always jokes because he is a teacher and had staples in his arm. About when the 6 weeks were up, he said, I think it's time to start trying for kids. Of course I was very excited.
It didn't happen right away, taking about 2 months. I remember telling him, but he made me take test after test just to confirm it. Not sure why. Everything was going great and then we decided to have a Triple screen test. Not sure all three things it tests for but one was Down syndrome. Well, my sons’ numbers were 3 times what they should have been. They said that most tests are false positive, but because the levels were so high, they were sure he had it. We had 3d ultrasounds that measured certain parts of his body, also leading to him having it. The doctors wanted us to do different tests, counseling, and I think someone even mentioned ending the pregnancy. That of course was never going to be an option. I was deviated of course, but said, if God wants us to have a child with this, we are the best ones for it. So each night I prayed that God would remember my grandparents who served Him, and that He would heal anything wrong with his body. It was a very long 9 months. Well, happily I say, 4 years later my son has 'no' signs of Down syndrome (unless feet size is one, he wears a size 1). In fact he is very intelligent, and mischievous as all little ones are. We are also blessed with a little girl who is so awesome. Who they also wanted to have the triple screen- but I said No WAY! Hoping for more, no one has said no yet..   God is SO good.
10/6/2010 3:56:03 AM
Bridget United States
Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m., I took my husband to the emergency room.  When we arrived we found  he had a heart rate of 166 and an irregular heart rate.  His blood sugar was so high it was off the charts, kidneys were functioning at 50%, and his blood was beginning to congeal because he was so dehydrated. He also had elevated white blood count because of pancreaitis.  When they could measure it, his sugar was over 860. (He was diabetic and didn't know it.  He just had the classic symptoms, but we didn't recognize them--frequent urination, dry mouth, weakness.) He was placed into ICU that day. By 7:00 p.m. with prayers from all my friends and me (including Psalm 91) his blood sugar was at 90, and his heart rate was 70.  He has no damage to his organs, especially his kidneys.  He was released Saturday afternoon from the hospital.  Today he woke up with 115 sugar after two days of insulin shots and healthy eating.  Many friends have told me of others who with sugar levels that high had to stay in ICU several days and a regular room several more days.  My miracle man stayed only two and a half days.  We were given a resurrection!  Thanks be to God who restores!  The most High God El Eleyon!
10/6/2010 4:03:11 AM
Ty Blume United States
Ty Blume
I was going to college fulltime and I was working third shift and getting only about 4 hours of sleep a night. Well one night I went to work and one of the production lines were down and they were asking for volunteers to go home and I thought thank you Jesus cause I need a full 8 hours of sleep. Well it had been raining all day like 2 to 3 inches of rain so there was flooding everywhere. As I was going home about 11:30 p.m. I came over a hill and I felt my car being lifted off of the road. I stood on the brake pedal and I appeared to go faster all I could see was telephone poles and I said dear God just don't let me hit a telephone pole. Next thing you know I hit something and all the windows crashed in the air bag deployed than the car stopped and was full of smoke. I thought I need to get out of here cause the car is on fire, so I crawled out of the passenger side into about 2 feet of water went to a house and called 911. When the deputy he told me that I rolled my car and I said noway he said look at the roof. The roof was all caved in the drivers side door was open and I was not wearing a seat belt. What I had hit was a cement culvert that caused my car to roll over. I walked away without a scratch,bruise or anything. THe deputy told me I should have been killed by the looks of the car. At that time of my life I was doubting God for not answering prayer, but I will never doubt God again.
10/6/2010 4:10:41 AM
Rachael Wallace United States
Rachael Wallace
God is truly amazing! My school is going through some financial difficulties right now and just to see everyone pull together so that the school can open next year is awesome! Yesterday someone came in to school and told us that their church will do anything to help; their handbell choir is even going to hold concerts to benefit our school. God is so good; and because He is, I know we will pull through this. It's so great to see Him working. He is the God that can do above and beyond what we ask or think.
10/6/2010 4:31:54 AM
Susan United States
(unknown source) got this in email thought it was a nice perspective.. a universal WOW for every believer... happens every day... I guess you can consider yourself among the among the fruit & vegetables..( and nuts !!!) Blessings...
Nice perspective for "Pumpkin Month"....
"Being a good person is like being a pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all of the yucky stuff -- including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then He carves you a bright new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see. This was passed on to me from another pumpkin. Now, it is your turn to pass it on to a pumpkin of your choice. I liked this enough to send it to all the pumpkins in my patch."

10/6/2010 5:38:09 AM
Sandy Keller United States
Sandy Keller
To those outside of our family, the following God moment as we call them, is most definitely a WOW God! story. For our family, God's coverage through this is normal. We have lived and breathed God for longer than I've been alive and we recognize, but have come to expect God to take care of us like this. That's not to sound arrogant, but confident in God's care. Here's what happened:
Friday, on Labor Day Weekend, Dad, age 66, had an accident on the tractor. When you talk about tractor accidents, you're usually talking about the loss of a limb or of a death. Neither is the case. He was cutting the field on a hill with the brush hog. For those of you not from the country, that's like a big lawn mower deck attached to the back of the tractor. He was cutting downhill on a steep section. When he hit a dip, the deck flipped up and hit him in the back of the head. The force of the hit smashed his head into the steering wheel. This is an old 1940's tractor, the kind made to last forever. The steering wheel is a solid steel circle covered with a rubber coating. The wheel was bent considerably. He managed to stop the tractor before it went down another hill into the creek and then pushed the decking off his head. He held his gaping forehead and walked the 1/4 mile back to the house, never losing consciousness.
He ended up in the ER with 50 stitches and staples running straight up from the corner of his eyebrow to the center of the top of his head. The skin was loose clear into his orbital socket--they could see his eyeball from looking into the wound in the center of his forehead! Most of the ER Staff stopped in to see, reacting with "that's one impressive laceration!"  No concussion, no fracture of the skull, CT scans showed no damage, and his pain level was a 1 out of 10. When they flushed out the wound, he said it increased to a 2!
He was monitored and released with no activity restrictions and back to chopping wood in a few days.
This has been an amazing time for showing God to others. Everyone says he's lucky and we take that opportunity to remind them he's not lucky, but very blessed. Dad keeps busy taking care of and helping God's children. This clearly showed us there's more for him to do before he goes Home and that God isn't ready for him "upstairs" yet.
10/6/2010 6:04:18 AM
Stacy United States
It was in 1999 my now husband and I were driving on our way up north, And we were hit by a car on my husbands side, I blacked out for a moment, and when I came to I looked at my husband who was leaning forward in his seat with his head dangling and blood dripping from his lips, he was non responsive, I freaked out and went to the middle of the road and started praying to God or actually pleading with God, I said God I can't bare this please don't do this to me now, please don't take him yet I'm not ready!! And then a man showed up and came to me he said everything is going to be okay, all you have to do is talk to him come on talk to him he said , tell him its not his time to go yet, I was doing what this man said and nothing happened I said see Its not working, he said just trust me i was only 3 feet away I saw the whole thing and all you need to do is talk to him, at the time his words didnt register to me . only 3 feet away?? but I continued to talk to my husband and then finally he took the biggest breath and rolled his eyes forward, and climbed out of the car,  he had a major concusion and broken wrists, and toe, I asked him hunny are you here with me and he said hunny I struggled to be here but I'm here...I went to find the guy who's name was Frank that helped me and he was gone..not even on the police report!! And the funny thing is when I was little and the wind would blow our house door open I would say Hi Frank Smile
10/6/2010 6:29:00 AM
Kristy Milum United States
Kristy Milum
My wow God story happened eleven years ago the 25th of this month.  My husband and I had been married for 9 1/2 years before I got pregnant.  We tried everything you could think of.  We spent thousands and upon thousands of dollars trying different doctors.  I was finally told I would never get pregnant at all. In November of 1998 I found out I was pregnant.  I miscarried that same month.  We were devastated.  How could this happen, because we knew it had to be because of God I even got pregnant.  Three months later I found out I was pregnant with twin boys.  They will turn 11 years old the 25th of this month.  To top it off 2 years later I had another healthy little boy.  He will be 9 in November.  No matter what people say God is awesome and always "gives us the desires of our heart" if we will just learn to trust him.
10/6/2010 6:29:02 AM
Laurie United States
During a ice storm a few years ago our electricity went out and we were running on a generator.  The carbon monoxide from the generator leaked into the kitchen.   Since I am a teacher, I went into the kitchen to call to find out if we would have school that day and dialed the phone.  I then passed out from the CO2 and hit the tile floor.   I was bleeding from hitting my head and was totally unconscious.  My husband, didn’t know that I had gone in the kitchen to call went outside.    When he came back in, I had been moved from the kitchen to the back bedroom, which is on the opposite end of the house.  There was no one else in the house that could have moved me.   My husband rushed me to the emergency room.  The emergency room doctor said that If I had been five more minutes in the kitchen that I would have died.   I know to this day that God sent his angel to save me.
10/6/2010 6:35:26 AM
Cindy United States
My wow God moment was one I actually prayed for in a round about way. It was coming up on the holiday season right before Thanksgiving and I prayed "Lord I want to make a big difference in someones life. I meant like make someone a meal who didn't have the money for food or clothing to someone who was cold and without a coat. Well little did I know my life was about to change drastically. My husband became aware of an employee that used to work for him was homeless and living on the streets in front of a wal-mart. Santi as we call him was an alcoholic and had lost everything. He told me he was going to get him and bring him
home for the holidays. Well that was two years ago and many health related issues later. Santi almost died due to these issues but has since recovered. I thought there is no way you are bringing a stranger home to live with us!!!! We have a daughter still at home. I dont know this man or anything about him. Well we now love Santi like a family member who has been here all along.

10/6/2010 6:37:04 AM
Christina United States
I struggled with Anorexia for almost 15 years through middle school high school and after high school while I served in the got to the point where i weighed less then 90 pounds and was starting to have heart problems. my doc told me i could not live much longer like that. I was in and out of hospitals and rehab centers. nothing ever worked for me. my family had our whole church and all our friends and family praying for me the entire time. about 2 years ago, i started praying for myself that God would somehow take that burden from me with out the hospital and medical treatment. not even a month later i found out that i was pregnant! i now have the most amazing son who is 14 months old and have not even thought about weight or calories or anything sense that day i found out! I asked God for a different way to help me and he sure did! God is amazing!!
10/6/2010 6:45:16 AM
Mary Jo Pergantis United States
Mary Jo Pergantis
I am 43 years old and I was only about 19 when this happened.  I was right out of high school working at an office supply store.  My boss was an older man who was married with a young son.  I worked there for about 2 years and one day we were talking, and he told me he was a satanist.  I was immediately nervous and he quickly put my fears to rest by telling me things like " were not bad people, we dont do sacrifices or hurt people.  We light our candles and do our spells and get what we want done etc.  So I satrted asking questions, and he gave me some books to read.  Within two weeks, the store was closed by the owner and i was transferred to another store where the manager and assistant manager just happened to be christians..  What a wonderful god we have.  I was saved, and am a born again catholic today, giving God all the Glory
10/6/2010 6:46:45 AM
Renee United States
My husband was unemployed for about 12 mos, a couple yrs ago. He had a potential interview, but he was really nervous. You see, my husband has low vision, which means he's considered legally blind. The company was in an office building with suite numbers and when I dropped him off, he simply told me, "Just pray that I can find the number" 'cause he knew he'd not be able to see the suite numbers well on the doors. I immediately called my mom and asked her to pray. When I picked him up a while later, I asked him how it went. He said that, as he was walking down the main hall, trying to find the company, a man came out of one of the doors, looked at him and asked, "Are you Tim?" and then proceeded to tell my husband that he was the guy interviewing him, he had just stepped out into the hall to get a drink of water. When I called my mom to tell her how it went, she started laughing. She then told me that she specifically asked God to send someone to help Tim find the right suite number. He didn't get that job, but that was enough for me to know, God has us in the palm of His hand and that's the only place we need to be.
10/6/2010 6:47:27 AM
Jenn United States
I wanted to share this with you since, as I work, I am hearing so many others call in with ways the Lord has tangibly answered their prayers.  Well, before I asked Jesus to run my life, I found myself pregnant at the tender age of 16.  One night, I was going to sleep and I was terrified.  How in the world was I supposed to do all of this alone.  So, I prayed and I said, "God, please, if you are going to be with me, please give me a sign, please make my baby's eyes green."  Her biological father's eyes are brown and mine are blue, so genetics tell us they should be brown.  Today they are the most beautiful hazel/green you could ever see.  This was 7 years ago and the Lord has kept His promise to stay right beside me each and every day that I let Him.  I have married to a wonderful man who loves the Lord as well and our family has been blessed by being complete!  Thank you for what you do for the community.
Jenn, St. Joseph, Mi
10/6/2010 6:50:11 AM
Tricia United States
for the past 18 months, my family has been struggling due to my husband losing his job.  We have five children under 6 and it forced me to take on more work.  Well, needless to say, but I went into a deep depression.  And on one particular day was really bad.  Thoughts of killing myself to end the pain came into my head.  Well, for some reason, I took a different way home from work.  The route took me past a church that had a sign in the front by the road that read, "patience is trusting is God's timing".  That was all I needed.  I knew he was with me and that he was working his miracles.  Two weeks later my husband got a job.
10/6/2010 6:53:34 AM
Tricia United States
another Wow God moment and my favorite. . . my husband has a real problem spending money that we don't have.  One day, while cleaning his office, I found an expensive "toy".  Called him about it and he said it cost $300.00.  Well, he was not working at the time and I was so stressed about money.  I about lost it.  I just prayed to God to help me.  Well, that evening my husband checked the mail and handed me this letter from my church.  Inside was a check for $300.00!!!!  I am not kidding, the same day that I found out my husband spent the money God gave it back.  I just looked up at Him and said, "now you are just showing off!!!"
10/6/2010 6:53:49 AM
another Wow God moment and my favorite. . . my husband has a real problem spending money that we don't have.  One day, while cleaning his office, I found an expensive "toy".  Called him about it and he said it cost $300.00.  Well, he was not working at the time and I was so stressed about money.  I about lost it.  I just prayed to God to help me.  Well, that evening my husband checked the mail and handed me this letter from my church.  Inside was a check for $300.00!!!!  I am not kidding, the same day that I found out my husband spent the money God gave it back.  I just looked up at Him and said, "now you are just showing off!!!"
10/6/2010 6:55:41 AM
Lisette United States
Years ago, I was involved in a relationship I had no business in. I had been in this relationship for 3 years and had tried many, many times to get out of it, but always ended up right back where I started. I had not yet given my life to Jesus at that time, but I had been feeling Him tugging at me for a while.  Finally one night I sat in my bed holding the ringing phone and told Jesus that I was ready to release all my fears and believe that He was real and trust that He loved me and give Him every piece of my existence. I asked Him to help me be done with this toxic relationship. And of course, because He is so faithful, just like that, it was over. I answered the phone, told the person I was involved with that it was over and hung up the phone. It felt so different than any other time I had tried to end the relationship. There was this amazing peace that came over me that I know can only come from God. I never went back to that relationship. I never even wanted to go back, it was the most amazing thing! Just like that...that easy, it was unbelievable! Something that I, in my flawed humanity, had tried to be done with for 3 years, God took care of in a second! WOW GOD!! Thank you Jesus! Smile
10/6/2010 6:55:47 AM
Stephanie levsen United States
Stephanie levsen
I have a Wow story to share
my son Barry levsen received a liver transplant when he was 7 months old that was a miracle in itself And then a couple of years ago when he was 11 yrs he was suffering from low platelets and was in out of the hospital for treatments to bring his platelets back up well on his last treatment he was really sick before we left the hospital i had this gut extinct that he should not be going home with the way he was well since we go to the hospital so much I had a medicaid transportation driver come get us And it was hot out and the providers air was not working i knew this was bad because my son Barry was already puking and having diarrhea on top of the heat
well by the time we got home he was lymph as could be and he rolled his eyes back on us my husband was like we got to get them to the hospital so we sped to the hospital we went 90 all the way there got him checked in at the er and he rolled his eyes back again twice on them they literally rushed him back and start doing treatment on him in the hallway of the er I was so scared I was shaking so bad I thought he was for sure gone i would tell him I was there but he did not know he just kept screaming my name i was like I am here Barry He ended up passing out on the doctors well God sent an Angel to pray over him Because God knew I was so scared I was emotionally sad and Distraught And as soon as the lady prayed over him my son started waking up And he said mom I have something to tell you but do not cry I told Barry mom always cries so tell me and he told me he seen Jesus and angels and Jesus told him to get back here He even said he seen my grandma he did not even know about my grandma dying so I know it is true that I almost lost my son I am so Glad God gave him back to me My son is such a miracle and blessing in my life He is amazing I am like in WOW everytime God heals my son And he gave my son live by letting that family bless my son with a new liver Smile
Stephanie and Barry Levsen
10/6/2010 6:57:36 AM
Stephanie levsen United States
Stephanie levsen
I have a Wow story to share
my son Barry levsen received a liver transplant when he was 7 months old that was a miracle in itself And then a couple of years ago when he was 11 yrs he was suffering from low platelets and was in out of the hospital for treatments to bring his platelets back up well on his last treatment he was really sick before we left the hospital i had this gut extinct that he should not be going home with the way he was well since we go to the hospital so much I had a medicaid transportation driver come get us And it was hot out and the providers air was not working i knew this was bad because my son Barry was already puking and having diarrhea on top of the heat
well by the time we got home he was lymph as could be and he rolled his eyes back on us my husband was like we got to get him to the hospital so we sped to the hospital we went 90 all the way there got him checked in at the er and he rolled his eyes back again twice on them they literally rushed him back and start doing treatment on him in the hallway of the er I was so scared I was shaking so bad I thought he was for sure gone i would tell him I was there but he did not know he just kept screaming my name i was like I am here Barry He ended up passing out on the doctors well God sent an Angel to pray over him Because God knew I was so scared I was emotionally sad and Distraught And as soon as the lady prayed over him my son started waking up And he said mom I have something to tell you but do not cry I told Barry mom always cries so tell me and he told me he seen Jesus and angels and Jesus told him to get back here He even said he seen my grandma he did not even know about my grandma dying so I know it is true that I almost lost my son I am so Glad God gave him back to me My son is such a miracle and blessing in my life He is amazing I am like in WOW everytime God heals my son And he gave my son live by letting that family bless my son with a new liver Smile
Stephanie and Barry Levsen
10/7/2010 8:31:12 AM
Kris Lake United States
Kris Lake
My WOW event happened 20 years ago when my son was not yet 2 years old.  We had taken him to see his doctor because he was very weak and had a high temperature. After some blood tests the dr. sent us to Childrens hospital cancer unit because his white blood cell count being extremely high.
After more tests at the hospital the doctors told us he indeed had Leukemia as he had what they called Blast cells which are the cancerous cells in the blood.  I was so upset and dicouraged I couldn't even pray.
The next day the doctor told my wife and I that they had to preform a spinal tap on my son the next morning and unfortunetly they could not give him an anesthesia because of his age.  That is when I knelt down and prayed.  I didn't  exactly ask the Lord to heal my son I asked him not to let him suffer, to please find a way that this little boy didn't have to go through the pain involved in a spinal tap.  I begged God not to let the devil win and have this child suffer.  I prayed continuasly for hours.  Later that night the dr. came in to talk to us about my sons situation...he seemed perplexed,he said there would be no need for the spinal tap, he stated that the cancerous blast cells seemed to be reversed.  He had no explanation and said that we could take our son home in the morning,  but he had to come in once a week for blood tests. After 2 weeks of tests the doctor said there was no need for our son to have further tests because this boy is 100% healthy...WOW, MIRACLE..Truely the love of God
10/7/2010 4:24:56 PM
Samantha United States
It feels like my whole life I have been saying WOW God, I was born dead and because of the lack of oxygen to my head I could have very easily had many brain problems but praise the lord I don’t, I was also almost paralyzed from the waist down from falling from a bunk bed at church camp, the nurse was sure I would never walk again, another accident was when I flipped a four wheeler on a HILL and watched it start to fall back but it was like the hand of the Lord just stopped it. Another time was when I was told I had cancer on my side I was young and scared but after months of praying the test came back negative! So many WOW God moments but the one that still brings tears to my eyes was when my father finally accepted Christ as his Savior. My dad was a drunk and druggie I spent a great deal of my life mad and hurt by his actions but my family and church family never gave up praying. My dad even says he knew we were praying because everywhere he went he felt the Lord. I was 15 when my dad got saved that, day was the last day he ever did drugs, that was also the day he became the spiritual leader God made him too be.  Out of everything that the Lord has done for me and saved me from the fact that my little sister has the dad figure that I never had and my mom is loved the way she deserves to be is the Best WOW God moment!    
10/8/2010 8:40:46 AM
Shari Jennings United States
Shari Jennings
I just heard about this again on the radio yesterday, and for some reason felt inspired to share my old story.  5 years ago on November 2nd my mom turned 70.  Dad passed away in 2001.  OK, I had just moved back home with my 3 year old son, to my mom's house.  After fighting for 2 hours to get my small boy to stay in bed, I sat down next to mom and noticed she was crying.  She said, she always thought her husband would be there on this day to share it with her.  I told her he was there, and always would be there with us.  She said, it's just not the same. At about that time, my young son ascended the staircase again, this time stating he had something very special to show me- being the mom I am, I told him he would have something very special on his behind shortly if he didn't stay in bed, but he kept coming, with his arms stretched out and something delicatly lying in his cupped hands, he said, but mom, I have grampys bible from when he was in the and I both looked at him astonished for many reasons.  #1 my son didn't know my dad was in the army, nor that he had received a bible when leaving for the Korean war. #2 my mother hadn't seen that bible in 30 or 40 years- and I diddn't know it existed.  #3, at 3 years old, my son coudln't read enough to know that he was holding a Bible.  Mom and I both started crying, I told her see- I told you he was here! It could only have been a sign to us from GOD that daddy was ok and watching over us. It still makes me cry to tell the story. It was an absolutely AMAZING GOD moment for us
10/8/2010 11:02:25 AM
Lori Hinners United States
Lori Hinners
My WOW God story has been continuing through my family estrangement from my family of origin as well as extended family.  Shortly before the Christmas holiday three years ago, I received a mean, belittling e-mail from my sister, composed with my niece and encouraged by my mother, stating that I wasn't really wanted at Christmas,  I was blindsighted by such a communication from my sister, especially since I had just talked with her and her daughter the day before, thinking we had a cordial conversation.  This type of out-of-the blue, mean communication had happened before from my sister and I was starting to see how deeply the resentment from her and my mother who condones/encourages it ran.  Feeling stunned and rejected, I went to a Borders (secular, not a Christian bookstore by any means).  As I was checking out, the cashier offered me a discount from a Borders card, the savings were significant so I said an animated "THANK YOU".  She responded with "That's alright, you're already favored anyway."  I immediately felt as though that was God speaking directly to me through her.  I knew that I was out of favor (probably never have been in favor) with my family but God was letting me know I was always in His favor.  These words rescued and started to heal my soul.  There have been many, many instances of God blessing me through this ordeal.  Although the estrangement doesn't seem to have a happy ending in sight as far as circumstances go, the relationship with Abba and His people have strengthened and deepened immensely.
10/9/2010 1:00:29 PM
Jill United States
WOW GOD - My great nephew, Trip is 1 1/2 yrs old.  Last night, his dad was backing up his truck and Trip ran behind the truck, was knocked down by the back tire, and then it ran over his leg and hip.  His mom screamed and his dad stopped the truck before the front tire went over him. They rushed him to the hospital.  We are praising God and just in awe that God had his hand over Trip protecting him....he has severe bruising, but had no broken bones, no internal bleeding, no concussion.  He spent the night in the hospital, hooked up to monitors.  They got him out of bed this morning and he stood up and ran over to some toys.  The whole family is praising God and thankful for the miracle we received last night.  

Please pray for Trip and his mom and dad, Tad and Bekka.  Tad is having a hard time dealing with all of this and forgiving himself.
10/30/2010 6:14:50 AM
Beth Walker United States
Beth Walker
I was a very active young mother, until 1994.  I was found on the floor with a 106 % temperature one evening. I went into a coma and was put on life support. Brain tissue began to swell uncontrollably and the fever would not break.  Neurosurgeons were at a loss as to what the illness was. They told my family and pastor that a partial dead brain tissue removal would give me more time for the brain to swell and more time them to find a prognosis. I would be an invalid or most likely die if they did it. Our pastor left that day and began preparing for my funeral arrangement.    The small group from my church were allowed to come in before the surgery was to begin.  They layed their hands on me and prayed for healing.  The surgeon came back to start the procedure after they left and found that I had suddenly stabilized!The surgery was canceled!Medicine shows GOD's mercy.  Miracles show HIS power!  A week later I came out of the coma. I could not read, write or walk. Encephalitus was the diagnosis and over half of the brain had been damaged. Only my salvation was the memory that remained!God says "Do not fear or be dismayed, I will never leave you or forsake you."
10/30/2010 6:43:05 AM
Beth Walker United States
Beth Walker
When I came out of the coma God was the only thing I knew and who seemed to know me.  I was totally confused and frustrated with everything else.  My 2 year old daughter and husband were introduced to me. (Gosh I'm married and have a kid! I didn't get to pick them either)!  My little girl became my physical therapist.  She was allowed to push my wheelchair around in the hospital and sit on my bed with a spoon of mushy food to help me swallow. If I didn't walk soon , we would crash and have both legs broken.  If I didn't learn to swallow I would have drowned! 6 months later I was released from rehab.The visual side of my brain was no longer.Things I've seen are always new to me! My husband claims that I go the wrong way  100% of the time !I am so lost at times I cry.But I know GOD is with me, and will never leave.
11/1/2010 12:59:50 PM
Tina Z United States
Tina Z
When I was about 15 I held a razor blade to my wrist.  I tried to slice my wrist but there was something holding onto my hand that would not let me do it.  God had a plan for me that I could not have imagined.  I got married at age 21 my plan in life was to have one biological child and adopt one.  Little did I know that would never happen.  After being married for 9 years my husband and I finally gave up trying to have our own child, my husband was dead set against adopting, he said he would never do it.   One Sunday our preacher's  sermon really touched my husband, I really don't remember what it was about, it was God speaking to us.  When we left church about a week or so later my husband asked me to call and get us signed up to be foster parents.  We decied we could only handle one child, God had different plans.  They finally approved our home and we waited, they called us on October 3rd, 2006 with two sibling sisters ages 5 and 8.  we decied to accept the placement, we figured that is what God had planned for us.  In January of 2007 I became pregnant, in Feburary I lost the baby whose due date was Oct.2, 2007.  We looked at that as God wanted us to take in another child.  On October 4, 2007 we were blessed with another little one age 2 months.  We have been very fortunate that all three have been with us and we will be able to finalize adoptions for them this November 5th, 2010.  
11/3/2010 7:22:26 PM
Rebecca United States
My WOW God story is still in progress. It started when my husband and I married, we decided to try for a family right away. I have a medical condition that normally females with this condition are not able to have children. We prayed about starting a family asking God's will to be done and guide this decision. being a newly married couple we began looking into purchasing a home. Our Realtor reminded us that we would need to provide the inspection fee and earnest deposit, we had nothing saved. that night we went home and prayed asking God if this home we fell in love with was the house he wanted us to start our family in to provide a way. The next day, we were notified of two refunds from a phone company and a college that was exactly what we needed for the inspection and earnest deposit. Shortly after that we moved into our little home, I got a new Job. That fall, they announced they were changing their medical coverage to include infertility insurance. Finally! a way to get some answers! Yeah God! We finally did get our answers, and the problem most girls have with my condition is their heart. not strong enough to handle a pregnancy. After seeing a cardiologist, she confirmed that my heart had none of the abnormalities they were worried about. God gave me the heart from the start to be a Mom! Our savior is amazing. The world may have said no, but God said yes!
11/3/2010 8:37:04 PM
Michael United States
Last January, my wife's sister Angala, who was only 35, passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. About 2 days before she passed we all had our private time with her. She told me that she loved me and wanted me to forever take care of her sissy. She also made me promise her that we would get our children and ourselves back into church. Well I promised her that I would. We went to the church that she attended and it immediately felt like home. Since we first started going, we've only missed 2 or 3 days and that was because of the weather. We have become very involved with our church. My wife and I are now in the choir and are enjoying that very much. We have an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son that are enjoying it as well. My Abi was recently saved (10/27/10 at 10:04 p.m.) and she is already discussing her baptism with our pastor. They have been talking and I have now found out that she wants ME to baptize her. Now I myself have knowingly had some issues to work on, but I am going to talk to our pastor about him baptizing me first and then allowing me to perform hers. I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about how AWESOME that will be. And I know that she will never forget that and neither will I.
11/10/2010 7:13:49 AM
Angela United States
Christmas Eve 2009 I was driving to work at 7am with a car load of Christmas gifts to bring to town and a big winter storm was on it's way in.  It had rained a little throughout the night, I guess it was enough to ice the bridges.  As I came across the bridge I hit a patch of ice and lost control of my car and flipped down the side of the interstate. I start screaming "Lord catch me, O Lord please my girls need me".  Before my car was done rolling there were 3 people there to help.  Lucky for me, my car landed upright, and the barb wire crosses that flew from the back of the car landed in the passenger seat with everything else from the back.  Not one scratch on me, I walked away with a jammed thumb!!  God is awesome and I am VERY thankful and blessed!!  
12/15/2010 3:35:40 AM
Mike Diehl Afghanistan
Mike Diehl
(Soldier serving in Afghanistan)
WOW God!!  Stories are everywhere over here.

The holiday (Christmas) season is tough when you're away from home, but the distance just makes us love our families and friends more.

Of course the word "love" always reminds me that God loved us so much.. that he sent His Son to die for us... WOW God!!

God bless you all...
1/25/2011 5:23:23 AM
Robyn United States
My WoW God moment was in 2004, during the night I awoke to feeling very anxious and at that moment I felt the need to pray. I sat up in bed and started praying, asking the Lord to be with who was on my heart that needed his strength and help at that moment. The anxious feeling left and I went back to sleep. Later in the day as I usually do, I called my sister. She was pregnant and I just wanted to see how she was feeling that day. When she answered and told me that she had been to the ER during the night after losing a very large amount of blood. She was sure that she had lost the baby. The doctor checked and a very strong heartbeat could be heard. I told my sister through my tears of what happened and at that moment I knew I had been praying for my sister and nephew who just turned 7 this month. God is so good!!
1/25/2011 5:38:13 AM
Lindy United States
God is good!!!  I found out that I was pregnant last December (2009).  I told my employer and a few weeks later I was let go "due to the economy".  I searched and searched for a job and was willing do chose any career path.  A few months went by and nothing.  I was paying my bills for the month and wrote my check for my house note and had about $20 in the bank.  We had went through all our savings.  I said God it is in your hands now.  By the way, my husband worked in construction and lost his job about a week before that due to the economy.  A few days later, I got a call for a job interview.  I didn't know what the job was or what I had applied for.  I went to the interview and the next day they called for a second interview.  Before we proceeded, I told them I wanted to let them know I was pregnant and wasn't trying to hide anything from them (I was not showing much yet).  Do you know that they still hired me, and my husband got a job the same day as well with another company.  We started working that Monday.  We now have a healthy beautiful baby girl, and I still work at the same place where I feel they really care about me and my family.  Thank you Jesus!!!
1/25/2011 5:43:46 AM
Diana United States
We were wanting a baby but could not conceive.  My husband was going to the hospital every month for IV therapy for his asthma.  One day he was visiting with his nurse and shared our struggle, she had a niece that was pregnant and was thinking about giving it up for adoption.  We got an attorney and met with this pregnant girl.  It didn't go very well (she didn't look us in the eye once-although her grandma liked us).  I pretty much shut the door on God but my family did not!  I did not want to go through more heartbreak!!  Well, the due date came and went.  Then one day our attorney called me at work and asked "how would you like to pick up your daughter tomorrow?"!  
I have had MANY "WOW, God" moments...but this is my favorite!  Our daughter is now 15 and I thank God for her birth mother every day!!
1/25/2011 5:56:49 AM
Jan United States
I hadn't been listening to God much, but he finally whispered loud enough for me to hear.  He whispered "you should go live with your mom".  Mom is 83 and has health and vision problems.  On her 82nd birthday, I told her that when she was ready, if she wanted me to, I would move in with her to help her with the day-to-day things that are hard for her.  She told me she was ready.  I made the arrangements and my toy poodle and I moved in with her thanksgiving weekend a year ago.  About a week after I moved in, I was sleeping, and I heard my dog softly barking. And then I heard Mom calling for me.  She had fallen and couldn't get up. I helped her up and back in bed.  She wasn't badly hurt, but I can't help but wonder how long she would have laid there before someone came to check on her if I hadn't been there.
Then, I started having problems as my job.  It seemed that nothing I did was right.  On June 2nd, I was fired.  If I hadn't been living with Mom I know I would have driven my car into a tree because I would not have been able to afford my own apartment, etc. Mom provided me with a place to live and a reason not to give up.
I'm back at work, making much less than I did before, but there is no stress here, and I am appreciated.  
I thank God every day for what he has given me. What could have been a horrible year for me has been one of the best.  And now I make it a point to listen, really listen, to what God wants for me and what He wants me to do.
1/25/2011 8:28:44 AM
Tina United States
After 7 1/2 years of marriage, I found myself becoming a single mom to my then 4 year old daughter.  We held on to the promise that God would "take something bad and turn it to good" for us.  Living on a single, teacher's salary, the financial stress was often a difficult burden to bear.  I remained faithful to give back to God through my tithe and He definitely remained faithful to us in meeting our every need....and often even blessing us with some "wants"!!!  =)

At the age of 4, meeting my daughter's immediate needs of home, food and clothing were in the forefront.  However, I knew one day she would be ready for college.  We had what we needed from month to month but saving for something as big as college seemed impossible.

Our God is so BIG and He knew that future need.  My daughter started college in August of 2010...a freshman at A&M.  Through the intelligence that God gifted her with as well as the work ethic, determination and love of God (He also instilled within her), she is attending college with NO out-of-pocket expense.  As a matter of fact, when the tuition is all paid, she is MAKING money to go to college!!!!

WOW, GOD is all I can say!!!!  He definitely has provided.....ABUNDANTLY!!!
1/25/2011 12:02:01 PM
Jeff United States
My dad was diagnosed with cancer approximately 7 years ago. Doctors expected him to only live 1 to 2 years.  About 3 years ago he collapsed while in the hospital and was without oxygen for 30 minutes and was placed on a ventilator. The doctors said he would probably not survive and that we would probably have to decide when to unhook the life support.  That day approximately 40 people from our church arrived and held a prayer service.  2 days later, my dad pulled his own ventilator out and began talking.  He relayed to me that he had been in heaven and was on a tall mountain with water flowing from the top. God spoke to him and told him He was not ready for him and had work for him to do on Earth and blew on him.  That is when my Dad woke up.  He fully recovered and shared his story with many people and touched many lives.  My dad went to be with the Lord on February 11,2010 in a Hospice House.  The last time he spoke, he told us that the angels were there and told him that he would be with them in Heaven in 5 days.  He said that he was not scared because he had been there before and was ready to go back.  5 days later he went to Heaven peacefully.  January 26 would have been his 76th Birthday which I know he will be celebrating in Heaven.
1/25/2011 9:54:12 PM
Christopher United States
God saved me!... He saved my soul!  He sees me for what he created me to be.  In all of my failures he sees success.  When all is dark, he brings light!... My God is AMAZING!!! I know I don't deserve his love, but I have it! Smile That is what makes all the difference.  
1/25/2011 9:57:23 PM
Beth United States
I don't even know where to start. My boyfriend and I went to the first FCA meeting since the semester started tonight (we are both students at Missouri Southern State University). Some of the group had just gotten back a few weeks ago from the Passion Conference in Atlanta, so we watched a video of Francis Chan from the 2010 Passion conference. Needless to say it felt like God was speaking right to me. He spoke of ignoring sin, refusing to listen to God, not removing sin completely, receiving God's grace, and so much more. Afterwards, our student leader talked about the changes he wanted to happen this semester in FCA. How he didn't want us to be so stuck in our world of being defined by what we "don't do" like we don't drink or we don't have sex or we don't ect...Instead we should be looking to be defined by what we do.He quoted David Platt saying "We are holy bc of what we don't participate in (and at this point we may be the only organization in the world defining success by what we don't do." Our service and love to and for others all because Christ has filled us with love. This was all great, but none of it really hit me until later when my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out where we wanted to pick up reading the Bible. We randomly flipped a Bible around and he told me when to stop and we opened to Jeremiah, a book neither of us had a great deal of knowledge about. We turned to the beginning of the book and read a little about the history to get some understanding. There is book introduction of what topics will be covered and what the major themes. The last paragraph reads "As you read Jeremiah feel with him as he agonizes over the message he must deliver, pray with him for those who refuse to respond to the truth, and watch his example of faith and courage. Then commit yourself to being successful in God's eyes." This seemed to be the exact thing that our FCA leader was trying to convey. we continued reading about the themes, thinking well that was a coincidence. The first theme was Sin, and talked about how the people ignored sin and how we shouldn't settle for half measure in removing sin....sounds A LOT like what Francis Chan had said. Next Punishment talked about how we cannot blame others for our sin...another point brought up by Francis. Next was the theme that God is Lord of All and it mentions that we should submit to his authority..yet another point brought up my Mr. Chan. We were on a roll....and starting to realize this was no coincidence. Next was New heart explaining that God transforms us by changing our hearts, once again a point that had been brought up earlier in the evening. Finally was faithful service which ends by saying, "We must do God's work even when it means suffering I sat back and said "Wow God!" The words sounded familiar but i couldn't place them. I asked my boyfriend and he had no idea. It eventually popped into my head..K-Love Wow God Wednesdays! It was like we were meant to share our WOW GOD experience with everyone! It is such a blessing to have a God that loves us and guides us with his word!
1/26/2011 5:00:06 AM
Chris (Warwick, RI) United States
Chris (Warwick, RI)
Our 17 year old daughter started college on the same weekend I was a budget cut from my job (last Labor Day).

My severence had run its course, but I received an extra check covering 2 weeks. At the same time, our church wa asking for pledges to help build-out the youth center. My wife & I decided to give the whole check (since we weren't planning on receiving that anyway).

Meanwhile, I notified my former employer that they may have made a mistake. They said they'd look into it.

We gave our pledge/check that Sunday on faith. On the following Tuesday, my former employer reversed the direct deposit and took back the last check. This all happened in early December.

In early January, we were notified by our daughter's college that paperwork we filed after I lost my job had finally been processed. She had received a extra grant. Her first year was completely paid off - in fact, we had paid-in too much. They asked if we would like them to cut a check for the overpayment. Considering I am still looking for work, we said yes.

The check was for 150% of the amount involved in the pledge!

WOW God!
1/26/2011 5:11:48 AM
Tia United States
We had just registered our oldest daughter for 1st grade thinking that our preschooler son would have to go to a different school.  That would have been a hardship on our gas considering we get around in a 1991 conversion van.  As we were heading out to the van to go to the other school, one of the clerks tells us that there was a spot open at the school.  She had not been to work on the previous Friday and had just found out about it.  I was thanking God and saying WOW God.  He provided a way to keep my kids in the same school.
1/26/2011 5:18:39 AM
Makala Barnett United States
Makala Barnett
I missed bible study last week. So I had no idea what they talked about. Then that Friday I was really stressed out and frustrated. I cried out to God and He told me that it'll be taken care of. He told me that he will give me a "peace that surpasses all understanding. Then I found out this week that the memory verse from the week before was Phil 4:6-7 and in verse 7 it says "then you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding" I didn't know anything about that verse on Friday yet God still layed the exact phrasing on my heart. Wow God.
1/26/2011 5:22:29 AM
Lianna United States
A special prayer team was brought from out of town to our retreat last weekend. I approached one of them at the altar during worship and asked her to pray with me for healing of a physical problem I'd been having. She placed her hand over the place of pain (without knowing) and began to pray. Her prayer was intense and soon changed from healing to praying for the all of the specific things that I pray to God for myself about, things she would not have known about. Then, her prayer changed from one of asking God to "God wants you to know..." God was speaking through her to me! He began reassuring me about  the doubts I have been having lately, and even provided direction. I was confused at first at what was happening, then stunned, and then just lost it when I realized her words. Making it even more amazing is the fact that I've been praying for direction lately, and asking God to make it obvious when He is ready. I wasn't expecting Him to actually speak English to me. I just thought Wow God!
1/26/2011 5:36:18 AM
Tovias Duckworth United States
Tovias Duckworth

I only did exactly what the worldly education system taught me to do: Use logic and listen to experts and their respective sciences.

Over the last few years in college, I began to question the existence of God, ultimately declaring there was no God since he didn't withstand my worldly tests.

I became puffed up in vain self-Godliness, disregarding biblical morals and mocking those of Faith whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Little did I know, the God who I professed wasn't there, was putting stumbling blocks at every turn in my life to bring me home. Alone in my room one night, he settled this ongoing self-dispute.

On January 6, 2011, After spending years as an Atheist doing everything I could to disprove God's existence, I told Jesus Christ he really was the way, the truth, and the life. His Holy presence brought joy and peace which cannot be articulated with words. I've never been so happy to be so wrong.

We danced for hours that night while praises erupted from my inner being as I willingly bowed down to the Lord of all. Because of his long suffering and love for me, he wrestled with my sinner's heart which was tirelessly seeking.

Four years later, I finally have rest.

For those of you who have never left the faith, there is nothing else out there. Stick with the one true God. Everything in your life is subject to his power. Do not grow weary; soon we will all have eternal rest.
1/26/2011 6:03:24 AM
Terryl Yelverton United States
Terryl Yelverton
God keeps His Promises!

In October, 2007 I became very sick. The Doctors here in Jackson, MS could not determine what was wrong. As the months progressed, I got sicker and sicker. I was clinically diagnosed with many different diseases, and then would pass every test. In April, 2009 with still no answers but a lot of medication, I had started reading bible devotionals several times a week. I was trying to find words of encouragement from God. One day as I was reading, Isaiah 38 was next. As I began to read, verses 1 - 3 tears welled up into my eyes. I knew in my heart that God was ralking to me at that very moment through His word. He was warning me. After clearing my eyes and praying, I continued to read - verses 4 - 6. With that, I lifted my head, and felt a huge smile come across my face. God reversed His decision and promised to save my life, give me a diagnosis and a cure. As I finished thanking God for my life, I had a battle in my mind. One side being negative = "Don't listen, youre crazy", and the other side saying "Claim it!"

I claimed it, and told my family, friends and everyone around me what God promised and how He promised it.

Shorlty after this promise, my health began to deteriorate more rapidly. My heart rate was 110 bpm at resting, I had double vision, and I had a few focal seizures. In September, 2009 I was rushed to the hospital where they found an AVM in the my brain. It had been missed during many scans of my brain. The Radiologist said that it was a miracle that he saw it because the brain has so many different views. This wasn't the cause of my illness, but it would have been the cause of my early demise, for it had a 60% chance of bledding at the time they found it. God saved my life, but I continued to hang on to the rest of His promise (A diagnosis and a cure). Many days of prayer were filled with encouraging words still. I felt God saying "Hold on, your diagnosis is near". One morning in particular, God said "Terryl, hold on, be strong. I am using you as a tool. I will knock everyone's socks off when the answer comes. Know that I am holding you. When you hurt, I hurt, When you cry, I cry."

More negative test results and the doctors started thinking there was a malignancy they just couldn't find. In March, 2010 I was referred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I  went in April of the same year.

After two weeks of testing at the Mayo Clinic, as my husband and I sat waiting for the diagnosis, God said "Be ready Terryl, be strong!"  the Doctor walked in and explained that when I was abused as a child, my flight or fight hormone response was hyperactive and malfunctioned. The inside of my body was acting like it was constantly in a state of great fear even during my sleep.  This pumping of the adrenaline constantly was causing all of my problems. It is called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. When I asked if there was a cure or treatment. He said "YES" - A medication to slow it down and re-training of my brain. GOD Truly knocked our socks off.

Three weeks later while sitting in Church on Sunday morning, I noticed a new feeling that I had not felt in three years- No pain, no fast heart rate. The medicine was working.

You see God cured me physically, but He also did so much more. He healed the most inner parts of my heart and mind. Back when God said "I will heal you" I had no idea He meant for every part of my mind, my heart and my body.

1/26/2011 6:38:19 AM
Sharon Hornfeck United States
Sharon Hornfeck
I have 2 Wow God stories. We live in the country and I walk & or jog down our country road quite often. About 2 years ago I was jogging and I was just about to pass the 1st of 4 houses on our road when I noticed the big dog that is usually behind the fence was on the front porch I looked back to make sure there were no cars coming before passing to the other side of the road thinking that would be enough, now our road is completely flat and you can see 1/2 mile in either direction, there were no cars in sight either way and just as I crossed the dog bearing all his teeth and making a horrible growling sound started running full speed at me I said Dear God help me, at that very moment a car passed and grazed the dog just enough to knock him back in his yard, and the owners came out to retrieve him he was only slightly bruised but I know with out a doubt it was an intervention from God it was only a matter of seconds between the time I looked back and saw no cars for 1/2 mile and it literally came out of nowhere at the exact time the dog took one step onto the road!! My heart was racing and my mouth was praising God the entire way home!!
1/26/2011 6:48:31 AM
Sharon Hornfeck United States
Sharon Hornfeck
My 2nd story is this!! In September of 2010 my husband & I were on a weeks vacation camping in an area where phone reception is very limited.  About our 3rd day there we were relaxing around the camp and our friends who we were with happened to get a call from their niece who said she was looking for us, she said she had gotten some distubing text messages from our son who is bipolar and has many lifelong issues. We started for home and noticed that we had several missed calls from our pastor.  When I finally go a hold of him he said he had received the same messages and was already on his way to our home.  We were 3 hours away. He got to our home & found our son in a heap on the floor after an attempt to commit suicide.  He waited for the paramedics and was still at the hospital with him when we finally arrived.  Our son is fine today and receiving the help that he needs but here is the WOW GOD part after all had settled down our pastor shared with us that he had JUST learned to text message the week before.  He said he had never even attempted it but he just had a feeling he should learn, and if he hadn't he would have never received the messages from our son and he probably would have died that day!! What and AWESOME GOD we serve!!
1/26/2011 6:48:58 AM
Gary Morris United States
Gary Morris
I have only told this story to 3 people in my wife, my mother, and my sister; I guess mainly because I don't know if anyone else would believe me...but it happened, so I maybe it's time to share. There are so many stories here, who knows if anyone will read or even believe mine.

It happened about 7 years ago or so now...there are several "Wow God" moments during that time. I was going through a divorce & was having an extremely difficult time. I was rarely able to sleep & was on the way back home to VA from out of town, coming up I 85 from NC around 11 p.m. The last I remembered before I fell asleep, there were no cars in sight in front of me & I was in the right lane. When I awoke...who knows how many seconds or longer it had been...I was looking down at my hands in my lap & I remember the steering wheel straightening out. As I looked up, I was in the left lane, passing a car on my right...with several more ahead.  That was one of several instances I beleive God intervened and saved my life...Wow GOD!!

Now, I am extremely happily married to a beautiful woman & my best friend. My kids are doing great and life is better than I ever could have dreamed it could be.
1/26/2011 7:07:46 AM
Barb United States
I have a Wow God moment that I have only shared with my husband.  Hearing others testimonies, I realized that I needed to share how God showed up EXACTLY when I needed him.

It starts on November 27, 1998. The day after Thanksgiving.  My entire family had been over, we had a wonderful day together.  Our 3 month old son Joseph was napping.  I had just met the next door neighbor, we had just moved into our new home.  I went to check on Joseph and my world fell apart.  He was not breathing.  I called 911 and tried to give directions and administer CPR.  The whole time, I am having an almost out of body experience.  Everything seemed to be in slow motion.  I don't even remember running down the stairs to open the door for the EMT.  Even though they tried their best, they were not able to save him.
At the hospital, a male nurse was assigned to us.  We found out just before leaving to go home, he and his family had lost their daughter.  God placed him there to be there for us.
After the funeral I became very angry with God.  How could he take away this little angel?  My heart became ice.  I did not want to have anything to do with anyone.  My husband and I became very distant.  My prayer life died.  I was not the mother that our 15 month old needed.
Then on August 29, 1999, which would have been his 1st birthday, we went to the cemetery to sing happy birthday and place balloons and flowers on his grave.  I cried all the way home.  I still was struggling with my anger for God.  An hour after we got home, the door bell rang.  There was a gentleman I never met before with a blind teenage boy.
The gentleman said that they were driving around in the neighborhood, when the teenage boy told him to stop and pull in the driveway.  He said that someone here needed prayer!  The man asked me if I believed in God.  I told him yes but I was not currently on speaking terms.  My face was still swollen and tear stained.  He asked me if everything was OK?  What was going on?  Why had I stopped talking to God?  I told him my story.  They prayed for me.  I gave my life to Christ that afternoon, on my son's first birthday on the front porch!
That is my Wow God moment!
Thanks for providing a great place to keep me grounded.
Independence, KY
1/26/2011 7:51:26 AM
Carol Cote United States
Carol Cote
We serve a miraculous God!!!  
Here are two accounts in the same journey of how the Lord works in miraculous ways:
Our son and his family were moving from the midwest to Alaska to serve there as missionaries.  They raised their own support over a period of several years and the $ they had for the move was minimal.  They loaded up their truck with their four children, a dog and a large trailer filled with all their earthly belongings.  They first drove to California to visit a pastor friend and his family.  After a couple thousand miles they were almost there.  As they were descending a mountain road the brakes on the truck began to burn up.  Fervent prayer ensued and God kept them safe. Fortunately there were trailer brakes he was able to use for the rest of the way.  But, he knew the brakes would have to be replaced once they arrived in their friends town.  The problem was, they were specialized brakes for his truck and the town they were going to was approx. 1100 people...too small for a major auto store that would likely have that kind of brakes, and the fact that they would be expensive.  Well, by God's grace they got there safely.  Off they went to the tiny parts store.  The Lord knew they were coming as the store HAD the exact brakes he needed. WOW GOD!  Our son replaced them and all was well, except the unplanned expense of the brakes.  At the little church where his friend pastored he spoke on a Sunday night and told of their ministry that lay ahead in Alaska, not mentioning the unplanned brake expenses.  The church took a free will offering after he spoke and there was enough $ collected to pay for the cost of the brakes as well as gas money for the rest of their trip to Alaska.  PTL!!!  We thought...WOW GOD!  Well, this was just a small taste of what God had in store for them.  As they continued on their journey, they crossed the boarder into British Colombia and continued north.  They stopped overnight in a small town, and went on their way in the morning.  About 2 miles out of town they heard a terrible sound coming from their truck.  He pulled over to the side of the road, no small feat on the narrow mountain road pulling a huge trailer.  As he pulled over the truck just quit.  A car traveling behind them pulled over as well and the man asked if he could help.  Our son checked under the hood and it didn't look good.  The gentleman who stopped said that he would take our son back to the town, that his brother 'just happened' to own a Dodge truck dealership, and of course, our son's truck was a Dodge!  WOW GOD! So, back to town they went.  In the meantime, a Highway worker just happened to be passing by that stretch of road and stopped by the broken down truck, that held our daughter-in-law and grandchildren, and asked what happened.  She explained and the Hwy. worker said that he would put up cones and stay with them until a tow-truck arrived.  He didn't want them to be alone!!  (God's protection) Our son came back with two tow trucks, one for the trailer and one for their truck.  They were towed back to town.  Conveniently, (God had this all planned), there was a motel right across the street from the dealership, so they had a place to stay for a night or two while the truck was being looked at.  The next day the news on the truck was not needed an entire new transmission, at a cost of over $5,000!!  They had NO money to pay for this or for a long stay at a motel, at a cost of $135/night.  Immediately prayer went out for God to work in a mighty way.  Friends contacted friends to pray for/tell of the situation.  A man who owned a lumber mill in the next town heard of the situation and was moved by the Lord.  He called our son and told him that he wanted to pay for the new transmission.  WOW GOD!!  Then on top of this God added another blessing...a couple in the area called our son and told him that they had heard of their plight from a mutual friend and would like to have them be guests in their home until the repairs were completed. They had an entire lower level of their house for them to use, a yard for the kids to play in and for the dog. They were to use any and all of the food in the house as they needed.  Also, they had a van for them to use while staying there.(God is in the details)  WOW GOD!!!  They spent a week in that little town and were GREATLY blessed and awed by how God was working in every detail of their journey, from the smallest to the biggest.  How His people were working to help a brother in need.  Our God is awesome in how he cares and provides for us.  Satan was determined for them to be discouraged and defeated, but the Lord in HIS MIGHTY ways saw them through this and brought glory to Himself in all of these events.  OUR GREAT AND AWESOME GOD!!!  
(They eventually arrived at their destination in Alaska blessed beyond comprehension and humbled by His grace) WOW GOD!!!
1/26/2011 9:23:06 AM
Brenda Pulliam United States
Brenda Pulliam
My WOW God story happened in Oct 2006.  My daughter had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Krisaleigh Rae, but the cord was wrapped around her neck and she was in distress.  They tried for 45 minutes to bring her back but were unable to do so.  Finally my daughter told them to just let her go.  It's one of the hardest things I've ever experienced in my life to lose my grandchild and to see my own child devastated. Finally later that night I left the hospital to take my older grandchild, Cassie, who was 3 years old to our home to put her to bed.  I was exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically.  I had cried out to God during the ordeal to please save Krisaleigh but his answer was No.  I was having a hard time with that and was questioning my faith and questioning God.  As I mentioned earlier, I was taking Cassie to our home after what had been a very long day.  As I left the hospital I wasn't paying attention and I turned the wrong way.  After driving for a while I realized I had become lost.  I was in a rural area where there were very few houses, no stores that I could see.  I kept making turns trying to get turned in the right direction to go home.  I became more and more lost.  So now I was not only lost as far as my faith went but also I was physically lost. My cell phone was dead and I had no idea where I was. Cassie was asleep in the back seat of the car. I realized that I was driving in circles so I cried out to God and begged him to help me.  I told Him that he had already taken one child from my daughter and begged him not to let anything happen to her other child. It was at that point that I heard these words clearly in my mind "Do you trust me?" That simple question made me pause for just a moment and then I said "Yes God, I trust you"  I made up my mind at that point that I was going to trust God completely no matter what happened.  At the next 4 way stop I turned left yet again, hoping to find something familiar to tell me where I was.  There on the right hand side of the road was this large white sign with big black letters that said "Indianapolis ---->" I had already made this turn several times and didn't see that sign before but this time there it was. I couldn't believe it!!!  I thanked God several times and followed the sign back to Indianapolis and back to my home. My daughter is currently pregnant again with a baby girl.  We are looking forward to the arrival of this little one. I praying that this little one arrives safely into the world.  But no matter what happens I am trusting God. I've come to realize that even though we cannot always understand it. God's will is always best for us. That's my WOW God moment.  
1/26/2011 9:23:49 AM
Sylvia Arriaga United States
Sylvia Arriaga
I have a wow god moment! My husband Rudy left me in September and I have prayed daily for restoration. Well even though My marriage is not yet restored, I know God is listening and sends me signs:For Example, yesterday my son Gabriel only 2 and I were talking about who we love. I asked him, "Does Daddy Love momma, he said "no momma he loves Abigail." Of course My heart stopped and I wanted to die. His father called and I shared with him, he said "boy that boy has quite an imagination. He's crazy I am not with anyone I don't know any abigail." I left it alone and I prayed for revelation and peace. Today, this morning I opened my klvoe devotional and Proverbs 31 and in Proverbs 31 is story of Abigail Nabul's wife! wow God!!! I wanted to know what kind of woman God wants me to be!!! Here it was coming from His Angel's own my mouth : My son Gabriel! 2 years old ! Wow God!!!!
1/26/2011 11:01:51 AM
Sue Massaro United States
Sue Massaro
To begin, you need to know that I am over 50,only 5ft tall and not slim.  In my house you were either considered a skinny minnie or a chunck of chocolate, I fall under the chunck of chocolate category.  

About 12 years ago I had decided to become a volunteer with our High School group.  We were on a retreat with the freshmen class and they were participating in team building activities.  The final activity was for them to get everyone over a 15 foot flat faced wall without any ladders or equipment.  The idea of the excercise is to get everyone working together to get some people on top and others from below and strategically plan how to accomplish the task.  Usually some of the stronger guys get up on top to pull people up and others hang back on the bottom to help push from below.  Until finally, they make a human ladder so the last person can climb up and pull the remaining person to the top.

Leaders do not usually participate as this activity other than being spotters.  This particular day we had several young women who were on the heavy side and were refusing to participate as they were fearful of being dropped.  I prayed about it and I heard God tell me to volunteer to go "up the wall".  I was petrified but knew it was something I had to do.  I even mentioned it to one of the other leaders saying "I think I need to go up and over".  She said, are you kidding me?  I knew it was what I needed to do.

I asked the youth if they felt they could get me up the wall knowing that "I had no upper body strengh and was not a petit flower that they could throw over the wall."  They said, Yes, excitedly.  I looked up and saw 2 small freshmen boys on top and decided we needed a group prayer.

It took several tries but they finally got me up and over the wall.  They were thrilled and every youth decided if I could do it, they could do it too including all of the other leaders.  We became a very close group and to this day, I keep in touch with many of those youth from that trip.

Wow God to give me the strenght to do what I deemed impossible and Wow God to give others the strength to safely get everyone over the wall.
1/26/2011 1:02:53 PM
Susan Pontius United States
Susan Pontius
My story is about how God used a song on Klove to remind me about what is really important in life.  

Last week it seemed every day I let the little stressors of life overcome me.  And usually my husband was the receiptant of my frustrations.  For example, on Thursday I gave him a hard time because he had packed my lunch and didn't pack my favorite spoon (I'm embarassed to share how petty I was that day).  On Friday, I couldn't find my lipstick. I was dressed really nice for work and I NEEDED my lipstick.  After wasting 15 minutes looking for it, I started the hour long drive to work, planning to stop at a CVS on the way to grab a new lipstick.  When I was about 3 miles from the store, Fancesca Battistelli's new song "This is the Stuff" came on.  I started listening, thinking what a silly song for Klove to play.  Then, as I listened, God spoke to me  about how I was letting all these silly frustrations take my focus off all the blessings He had given me (and believe, me, He has given me a ton of blessings).  As I began to pray and ask forgiveness, I turned a corner and my lipstick rolled onto the car floor in clear view.  I started laughing, thinking how even in my littleness, God cared about me. . . and he had a sense of humorSmile  As soon as I could make a phone call, I called my husband, told him the story and apoligized for how unkind I had been acting.  And I've told my story to several people this week because I want everyone to know how much God cares about the little things. . . and that He is the kind of friend who loves you in the midst of everyday life.
1/26/2011 5:07:28 PM
R.R. United States
I believe in miracles big and small. Our "Wow God" story is nothing short of a miracle.  One of our children as a young man/college student made some choices that have caused him pain and regret. It was a battle we never dreamed we would be living as a family. It has been an uphill battle but he is succeeding and we praise God for that.  But one of my prayers has been very specific. I have prayed this particular prayer for over 2 years. It was a private prayer I didn't share with my son. At times I thought I must not know how to pray.  I sometimes lost hope but only for a moment. I know God doesn't need me to give him ideas on how to carry out my request but I prayed/begged him to send someone to our son's place of employment, a restaurant, and have him invite our son to church. I also have been praying for good Christian friends. People  he enjoys doing things with. Recently, out of the blue, but in God's perfect time, a young man walked up to our son and asked him if he had seen him at a local college and then said, "This may sound weird but would you like to go to church with me?  We have a great college group." I can't begin to tell you how I felt. Tears filled my eyes.  Tears for the miracle, tears for the young man who was brave and carried out God's plan, and tears for a new beginning. Writing this, I can barely control my emotions. I want to thank the young man for being brave and carrying out God's plan. We are forever grateful for his obedience. I want to praise and give God the glory for this specific answer to prayer.  I want to shout it from the rooftops but the complete story isn't mine to share.  Someday when my son feels comfortable, he can share his triumph and the way God has worked in his life. Wow God! He is awesome!
1/26/2011 7:07:30 PM
Mike Hamsing United States
Mike Hamsing
I just had a wow God moment  On Wednesday evenings i volunteer at a local prison in Los Lunas New Mexico.  i have been going to that prison for about 2 years and sharing God's word in the chapel.  Tonight after service, i was fellowshipping with one of the inmates.  He is doing time for DWI vehicular homicide.   He came to the Lord several years ago and was transferred to this prison several months ago.  Since he got to Los Lunas he has been trying to figure out how he knows me.   Tonight we figured it out.   In 2004 he lived next door to my mom.  I was there when he had the accident that took the life of a young lady.   He had been crying out to the Lord to help him stop drinking and learn to overcome his anger.   That morning he had been out drinking all night and was on the way home to committ suicide.  Then he had the accident.   He was saved in prison.  He is now a new creation in Christ, a completely new man.  One of his daughters recently got saved, in part because of her dad' example.  He still has 2 years to do and in that time he is committed to serving the Lord.  It is truly amazing to see what God has done in his life
1/27/2011 6:33:33 AM
Cheryl United States
The Love Letter
Have you ever had God answer your prayer in such a specific way that you just knew it was from Him?  I had received a distress call from my friend, who sat in her car, in a parking lot, on a cold winter day, “He doesn’t love me anymore” was her cry.  She is one of many unsaved friends of mine, who, in those dark moments will reach out to me.  But I was running out of things to say, all I could do was remind her of what I’ve told her over and over.  I shot up a quick SOS prayer for words to say.   “Who is always going to love you?” I asked.  Through sobs and sniffs she uttered “God.”  Then I went to a subject that made no sense, a topic I took great pains to totally avoid discussing in fact.  I asked her what the psychic had told her.  Immediately the SOS prayer went up in my mind, what are you doing God?  Why would I bring that up!  I should point out here that I had been awakened from a sound sleep, so I wasn’t really thinking clearly on my own.  If ever I was in a place to be Spirit led, this was it.  She went on to talk about how the psychic told her that that man she was with wasn’t her soul mate, that she would meet her soul mate later that year.  Now, I have never in my life thought about God as being my soul mate, yet I told her “I believe that God is the soul mate you are supposed to meet.”  We then went to the practical things of where are you spending the night? Do you have money?  After hanging up I fell back to sleep pleading with God to give me something specific that I could share with my lost friend.
The next morning, I went out to the mail box.  Inside, among the bills and junk mail, was a package addressed to Tally-Ho II Stable.  I hadn’t ordered anything, so it was with great curiosity that I opened the package.  Inside was a note from a woman who had seen the website about our riding stable, noticed we were Christians, and was sending a video specifically designed for unsaved horsewomen, “Love Letter to a Horsewoman.”  She asked me to share this video with unsaved horsewomen that I knew.  As if reading the note and realizing the potential that this could me my answer to prayer wasn’t amazing enough, just imagine my shock went the first scene played and across the bottom was written “This is a love letter from your soul mate.”  WOW!  I cried throughout the entire video.  But that isn’t even the most WOW part of this story.  I called the woman who had sent me the video, to thank her and tell her about my friend.  I asked her what had made her send the video – for free even.  This was something they sold to bring in money for their nonprofit.  She said she was just moved to do so.  So, here was God, knowing ahead of time about my friend and her call, prompting someone hundreds of miles away to send a video.  But even that isn’t the most WOW part of this story.  As we were both praising our Lord for his provision, she asked me if I still had the package the video had come in.  She asked me to check if it had been sent first class.  It was!  She had been mailing several rush orders that day, and again, felt prompted to send the video to me, my free video, that I hadn’t asked her for, first class.  God made sure I got that video the very morning after my midnight prayer.  After the call, and time in prayer, I called my friend and told her I had received something for her in the mail that morning…a love letter from her soul mate.  
I went on to order several copies of that video, which I have shared with many unsaved horsewomen.  Some have been saved, others not.  But the lesson I learned is a priceless gift.  Whenever I’m tempted to doubt that God is able to answer my prayers in tangible and obvious ways, I remember the love letter from my soul mate.  Not only can God answer prayer, He always sends His response First Class.
1/27/2011 9:52:35 AM
J United States
I have so many Wow God! stories, but the one that comes to mind happened in February 2010. I am 38 and have a 10 year old daughter. I was trying to make a better life for us by going to the local vocational college for my Practical Nursing degree (LPN). While attending my Dad, who battled Diabetes over half of his life, was suffering from the final effects of this disease. He was in a wheel chair without the use of his legs. He couldn't see, use his hands, shower and numerous other things. He also had an ileostomy, was on complete dialysis due to Diabetes related renal failure, and his heart was operating at 30%.
I moved back into my parents home so that my Mother wouldn't have to bear the blunt of taking care of Dad because we made the decision not to send him to an extended care facility. My Mother, twin brother, daughter and myself found it an privilege and honor to care for my father the last 3 years of his life.
We fed him, bathed him, changed the channel on the TV, read to him and the list goes on and on. And not once did any of us complain about any of it.
Well, a person can't be this sick and not realize that time on earth is drawing to a close. We all had lots of "I Love you's" , hugs and tender touches for Dad. And he had his things to tell us. His last words of wisdom for us, if you will.
His words of wisdom for me were to finish school. He said, "Quitting is the easy way out. If I can fight this, you can finish school." I would love to be able to say I finished school. Unfortunately I am not as strong as my Dad.
I being the only daughter my parents had was and still am a Daddy's girl so it was very hard to go to school and learn about all the details that assisted in ending my Dad's life. At any rate, I resigned from school one February morning around 7:30. I told my Mother that God would give me confirmation on wether I did the right thing or not by quitting school. I was sitting at a fast food restaurant with my daughter that same afternoon and a former coworker came up to me. She asked me if I needed a job. I immediately got on the phone and called my Mom! I've got a job! I was worried how I would find anything much less something in a field I had already worked in and with most of the same people.
God had given me confirmation within 5 hours! He is just so wonderful! He knew my pain and worry and comforted me as only He can! I thank God everyday for each opportunity He gives me. I also thank God everyday for the parents, daughter,family and friends he sees fit to give me! Everything is a gift from God and we need to be ever thankful in the good times and bad. Through the smiles and through the tears, God is always there for us!  

Thank you for alway being "Positive"! God Bless!
1/27/2011 12:03:59 PM
Shawna Avendano United States
Shawna Avendano
witness of miracles in a faithfull servant of God.
  On October 12,2010 my husband  of 17 years.Age 48 died from a rare genetic form of familia Alzheimers. seven days to almost the hour he was given only hours to live.That evening all family and friends gathered in our home around my husbands frail soul. As we all gathered we prayed with hands held tight to heal him.  two hours if that had passed and notice of his already cold feet and limbs started getting color and warmth. through the night his whole being changed. For the next seven days we witnessed miracles of God through my husband bringing every soul that gathered around him that night being convicted to come to the lord. My son whom is only 11 years old
wrote five letters of memories of his father along with my daughter writing letters also. Everyone he touched that night followed by writing their fondest memories of my Husband,their
father,brother, son-law,brother-inlaw and friend.
What a faithful servant he was to not only touch and bring so many to the lord but, the memories shared with me will always be with me to treasure.
  Each day that passes I learn something new of those seven days that God was teaching us and I say "WOW".  The incredible strenght that God gave me through his illness to endure everything in the days ahead I look back and say "WOW!" He still continues to wow me with strength,courage, and wisdom to step into the world daily and be a now single mother of two. Only by my faith and by his grace!                 Shawna Avendano
1/27/2011 1:31:40 PM
Lauren Sutton United States
Lauren Sutton
My mother passed away many years ago from diabetic complications.  It was not an easy time, so many of her systems had shut down.  Everytime she coded, the hospital staff would bring her back around.  I thought we should let her go and be at peace, but understandably my father and siblings wanted to hold on.  I expressed my self at one point in a very angry manner and stormed off to the hospital chapel.  As I kneeled before the open bible on the alter, with tears in my eyes, praying for God to please just take mom home, a tear drop feel on 2 words in Isaiah 7:4 - everything else was blurred, but those 2 words were directly from God's mouth to my ears, "BE QUIET"!  I smiled at my Father from Heaven's scolding and sat alone silently in the chapel until my brother came in to tell me that the family had decided to let her go the next time she coded.  WOW! GOD!
1/28/2011 6:06:02 AM
Fernando United States
This happen to me about 19 years ago, I am a former US marine, we were in Africa back then, we were on a patrol walking throughout the dark streets of that destroyed city, you could only see devastation all around you, when we were about to get to the last checkpoint, when a pick up truck loaded with armed terrorists came around the corner, mounted with a machine gun and bright head lights on top, everything happen so fast, we as a squad tried to jump the wall to the right of us, but the wall was too high for me, I was a pointman and therefore I was the first one on line, everyone got to jump the wall, but I couldn't, my desperation and frustration were high, so finally I calm down and took a knee and accepted I wasn't going to get out of this one, so I aim my rifle to them and waited, but I noticed my friend went back over the wall and took a knee with me and told me "if you go down I'll go down with you" all of this happen in a matter of seconds, as I saw some of my brothers climbing back the wall to fight by my side I look at the enemy and focus on my aim, then I felt  my friends hand over my shoulder and a sense of peace I have felt before took over me. The terrorists drove right by us with their bright light shining right on us, but their eyes look like they couldn't see us, I should had die that night! There was nothing in front of me to cover me, the lights were bright on us and they did  not see us!. About a year ago I found my friend again he came to my house, and met my wife and kids, and we started to talk about that night, I mentioned to him how much I appreciated how he stood by my side, even when death was a reality, and I told him how much peace and security I felt when he put his hand on my shoulder!!! To what he answered "Fernando I did jump back over the wall and I took a knee by you, I was just as afraid, but I never touched you, the hand you felt on your shoulder wasn't mine"   "Ialso will never understand how we all survived that patrol without being seen by the enemy" I know now who protected us that night and who blinded those men so they couldn't see us.
1/28/2011 10:47:23 AM
Jason United States
I listen to Lisa and Eric everymorning on my way to work and the other morning I was listening while Lisa was talking about being close to coming up with what her "One Word" for 2011 was going to be. As I listened, I pondered what my word should be and with a conviction and a surety that could have only been God talking to me, I said aloud BOLD. I want to be bold in my faith. Here is where the WOW God comes into play. I opened my email this morning and read the KLOVE Encouraging Word from Hebrews 4:16 and it said that "So let us come BOLDLY to the throne...", that just took my breath away and was just a moment that I knew that He wants me to be bold in my faith, to be bold in my life for Him. It also just gave me such a feeling of rightness that it had to be God.
1/28/2011 8:59:17 PM
Cindy United States
I spent 10 years in an abusive marriage.  Verbal, psychological, was all ugly.  He professed to be a Christian and he even beat me while quoting scripture from Paul at me from time to time.  But my WOW, God story is about the night he wrestled me to the ground in our small mud room.  I was curled up in a ball, waiting to die as he stood above me.  He raised his foot and thrust his leg down at my head with all his might.  I had suffered for so long that I gave up at that moment, but I threw out a prayer to God, asking him to protect my 4 children.  It was like an electric bolt shot out, and, just as my husband's foot struck the side of my face I felt a hand insert itself between my face and his foot.  He was thrown back against the wall, unable to make contact.  He was so shaken by what happened that he ran out the door...and I sat in that small room and felt the love of God surround me as if a warm blanket was thrown around me.  At that moment I knew that regardless of the hateful words I had heard for so long...I was loved...and CHERISHED...and that God had, literally, SAVED me.
1/30/2011 4:42:35 PM
Jenna Bernard United States
Jenna Bernard
I am a young (13) teenage girl. Every morning when my mother takes my brother and I to school we listen to KLOVE and it starts my day off to a great start. I always go to school having the words of the last song that was playing before I get out of the car. My WOW God moment happened this past week. It happened on the way to school. It was just as quiet as a mouse in the car and KLOVE was the only thing heard. My favorite song came on; I Will Follow. Immediately, I turned it up and was singing along with it. I always just sang along, never really listened. That day when I was singing it, I just really listened, and I realized that "Hey, I'm being selfish. I am not spreading the word of God like I should be. I should be following his ways, always thinking WWJD." -That day, I really changed. When I heard someone that day say the Lords name in vain then the person continued and even said "I don't believe in God." I just kind of caught my breath and just said to him, "I'll pray that you open your heart to him soon, because when you do, you'll never stop smiling and your life will change for the better." And after I walked past him I thought to myself 'If I'm just in the eighth grade, and I can help him, then imagine what I can do ten years from now." Smile From now on, I'm going to let God speak through me to others, so that I can help the world change.
1/30/2011 10:58:06 PM
Mary United States
My WOW God story happened on March 20,2010...
My husband was to be gone for a week with a good buddy of his. It would be difficult for us to talk on the phone due to poor out of state reception on the cell phones. I don't like to be home alone without him there with me. He left midweek and by the weekend I was feeling lonely, sad and needed a hug. I have 3 grown sons and 2 grandkids but they too were all busy that weekend with their own lives and families.  So there I was sitting by myself being sad and listening to KLOVE 105.3. I prayed for strength to get me thru the week when the song "You are beautiful" came on. Then I checked my e-mail and there was only one inbox note from my sisiter-in-law.  She had NO idea that I was by myself all week. The note she sent stated, "Dear God: The lady reading this is beautiful, classy and strong and I LOVE her.  Help her live her life to the fullest. Please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations. Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love. Protect her at ALL times, lift her up when she needs YOU the most, and let her know when she walks with You, She will always be safe... Love you Girl!!!!!!. I started to cry.I think that letter was sent as a message from God.  But wait my story continues...after that letter I was feeling better so I went to do outside spring cleaning of our yard.  As I was picking up old debris from what the winter had left, I suddenly noticed something waving in between our fence posts.  I thought it was another plastic bag that had blown in the yard but it wasn't. It was a silver, deflated helium balloon.  When I untangled it from the fence the message was shocking....It said," God Loves You/ Us" and on the back it said "St. Patrick teacher of the Trinity" and inside a clover is the words "Father -Son-Holy Trinity"...Nothing else!!! I truly believe God had answered my prayer and showed me HIs love for me that day when I felt lonely and needed love.  Today I continue to tell my story and show the silver balloon with the message to others. It still gives me chills to tell the story.  The balloon and the letter sent in an e-mail is in my bedroom to remind me that God Loves me!!!I Love Him too, WOW  GOD
1/31/2011 7:33:10 AM
Sheena Frey United States
Sheena Frey
The Miracle God has worked in our lives!
by Sheena Frey on Sunday, January 30, 2011
If you're reading this you might want to make sure that you're sitting down and prepare yourself for a powerful dose of GOD!

We have a testimony that God has laid on our hearts to share with anybody that will listen!

Our testimony is of hope, of encouragement, of obedience and trust. It's a story of the power of prayer and God’s grace.

If any of you  are struggling with health issues, with family troubles, with sin in your life or if you haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior please be encouraged today with our story of just how Big and how faithful God will be if you are trusting and obedient to His will for your life. Jonathan and I started hearing God's call for our lives at different points earlier in our lives and different circumstances. But we each wanted God’s will for our lives especially our marriage and future family. As we started repenting and praying God began to open many doors and started showing us paths that we never would have chose on our own. God is so faithful when you are obedient and seek Him!

About 3 years ago now I had some devastating news and was diagnosed with some female complications and the Doctors told me that my chances of conceiving in the future were slim to none. They encouraged me to start medications that would try to jump-start  my body for the time that I would be ready for a family. After Jonathan and I got married the problems got a little more complicated and the doctors were challenged with what options to take. They said the older I get the more likely my ovaries are to shut off completely.

Jonathan and I went straight to the Lord and asked his will to be done in our lives. We asked Him to open doors for us and we were open to whatever path God had for us. We just wanted to love and raise children even if it wasn't our own.  We surrendered our future family to God. We lifted up this road block and trusted that God’s timing is perfect and that God knows our hearts and knows what we need.  Now Im not telling you this road was easy or that trusting came natural! It was difficult and there were times when it hurt a lot! Our human nature wants the plans we make to happen flawlessly and then when a problem occurs we want to fix things that are wrong and we want the answers to happen NOW! But over this time period we continued to seek God’s face and tried to learn what God wanted us to learn from this life challenge. God answered us by molding our hearts and teaching us some very valuable lessons: Patience, waiting on the Lord and his plans to unfold in His timing; A heart of Expectation, expecting God to do a great work in our life to glorify Him; The power of prayer, the freedom to call out to the Lord and ask others to lift your concern up as well; and last but not least was God’s plan for our Marriage, God continues to build a solid foundation to our marriage through each challenge that we face. We developed a heart of thankfulness and awe as we watched God working on our hearts and decided that whatever God was doing in our life through this challenge of conceiving we would turn it to Glorify Him to all those we came into contact with. So we surrendered and we prayed and asked God to take His time shaping our hearts and when it was His timing to bless us that He would speak loud and clear and show us what the next step in our life would be.

On Thursday January 27 we found out that God put miracle in our lives. We found out that we are 5 weeks pregnant!!!!!!  After over 2 years of medications and hearing the possibilities and percentages go down as time and medicine didn't work GOD PROVED THEM ALL WRONG and showed everybody  in our lives nothing is impossible for GOD! I have had some people ask us … "you weren’t supposed to get pregnant ... can you believe it?"  My response is … "YES I CAN because my God is BIG!"  They have said "oh you must be so overwhelmed about all the things ahead"… I say "NO all I see is GOD and the Miracle He has done"

If it is God’s will for our lives He can and will be seen and work miracles in our lives. He does those things because He loves us unconditionally and our past mistakes do not remove our future blessings! God wipes the slate clean if you are willing to seek Him and change from your old ways of rebellion. We do not deserve His Grace, His Mercy or His Love but it is a wonderful free gift when we realize we cannot do it on our own and we call out to Jesus to be our Savior!  He desires a relationship with us and wants to work miracles in our lives so that our lives are a testimony to HIS GLORY!

We will glorify and praise the Lord with this baby. God is faithful to those who are obedient and call out to Him. It may not be our timing and it may not be the way we would do things but when you trust that the Lord’s will is perfect all the blessings of God will be beyond your wildest imagination.  There is nothing God cant do!

Thank you for all the prayers and for lifting us up. God has been faithful and He is SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing this miracle with us!

2/7/2011 1:56:08 AM
Savanna United States
My story is one that even I had to say "WOW, God!" to.

When I was born, I was the second child to newlywed teenage parents. Their marriage quickly dissolved and my mother was not able to take care of me. I was severely malnourished, neglected, and quickly dying. When I was taken to the doctor, my family was told "Take her home, try to get her to eat, love her, and pray" because they didn't expect me to live. If I had been in my mother's house even a couple more days, I would have died without a doubt. I was adopted by my mother's parents later on.

19 years later, in November of 2010 I found a tumor in my breast. I approached a woman at a breast care information table set up in the local mall and began asking for information. After talking for a while, we realized that she was the woman handling my case, and we had even spoken on the phone! She invited me to go to church with her, and we both knew it was NO COINCIDENCE. I began attending Harbor of Hope (Assemblies of God) Church and I FELL IN LOVE. I began attending regularly. Through a series of very unfortunate events, I moved in with a family member. My younger half-sister also moved in and I was able to take her to church with me.

NEITHER OF US had ever DREAMED we would be church-goers, but here we are. I can say, personally, that I can look back on who I was and say "WOW, God!" From the very beginning He had me in his hands, and in His sights!

My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to PROSPER you and not to HARM you. Plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE".
2/10/2011 8:13:52 PM
Victoria United States
I have a Wow God story that I would like to share. I would also like to let K Love know how much of an impact they have on our lives and hopefully from my story they will see.

I am was a domestic violence victim. On December 8th 2009 @ 2:00 am the father of my children broke in to my house (intoxicated) and ripped me from my sleep by my hair. With out going in to specific details I will just say for 3 hours I was beaten, kicked, and thrown around at knife point in front of my children. I truely thought that I was going to die that night in front of my children. Every second that past I was waiting to feel the piercing of that knife. He finally left and I was able to call the police and press charges. After this incident I decided that I would go to church with a friend of mine that had been inviteing me for about a year. The moment I walked into this church I felt...... overwhelmed with happiness comfort and cleanliness. I felt like the whole word was lifted off my shoulders. Every service I cried and cried and cried just out of pure happiness for I dont know how long. I continued to go to church every sunday and even joined some womens group and got my children involved in a few things. Well while we were enjoying our new life, I still had the legal stuff to deal with. I found out that the DA was cutting him a deal. And this man was still medling in my life. Then later I found out he just got probation...... all the happiness that I had been expieriencing just went away. I found my self crying on my patio to some friends of mine wishing ill things upon him. My friends were trying to calm me down and I said at this point I just really need a miracle. He will never let me be happy he will always find a way to ruin my life. I really just need a miracle. After I said that I reached for the door knob to the door turned it and felt my phone ringing. I looked down and didnt recognize the number so let it go to voice mail. About a minute later I checked the voice mail and it said " Hi Victoria this is K Love we just wanted to give you a call and thank you for listening and supporting us. We were also calling to see if there was anything that you would like for us to pray about for you." Thank you K Love. God used you guys as my miracle to let me know he was listening to me and he was takeing care of everything and to just leave it in his hands and trust him and to remind me that he will never abandond me. Thank you!
2/11/2011 4:42:04 AM
number 4 United States
number 4
2/20/2011 5:06:46 PM
Mindy United States
I know it is not Wednesday but I have a Wow God story that I'd like to share. It happened on September 21, 2008. I was going through a really rough time in my life. My father died that year, I just had a baby and my relationship with my fiance was broken. I rebelled in every way possible from drinking to hanging out with the wrong people and ignoring my family and friends. I personally walked away from God and didn't care. Eventually I reached a point where I knew, for my children's sake, I needed to get back into church. So, on this particular day we were running late and I was very irritated and I ended up behind this car that was driving slower than ever!  I didn't honk the horn or say anything bad I just said, ok, there has to be a reason this is happening to me. Well, as I stared at the car in front of me, something caught my eye. The license plate. It said "3John-11" and right away I knew it was a bible verse. How funny that immediately after I noticed it, the car sped up to normal speed. When we got to church I looked it up and it said "Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good.  Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God" I knew God placed that car in front of me that particular day for me to notice that and had i been running on time, i may have missed it.  From that moment on, i got myself back on track.
2/24/2011 7:33:55 PM
David Eichentopf United States
David Eichentopf
It was a day not like any other that I had had.  You see, my daughter had joined Wycliffe Bible Translators as a language surveyor.  We had just sent her off for a three year stay in S. Asia and she would not be coming home during this time.  I could not be more proud of her as a Christian father; what more could or should I have hoped for.
Some friends helped us with the send-off at the airport,  which was very nice to keep us on track and to get Steph on the plane.  She was quite a sight with her carry on, her backpack, dragging her large duffel bag, it was all she could do to move everything.  She got off okay amidst tears and hugs.
On the way home,  along the other side of the freeway was a perfect rainbow.  The bottom glowed white from the mist off the road and the colors of the rainbow were very bright!  It was a perfect rainbow.  A rainbow is a promise from God.  When I see one I always try to thank God for His promise and His sign.  While thinking of the rainbow, it faded away.  Thinking back, the rainbow moved way off and was gone from sight  My next thought was "God how about a little sign that you will watch over Steph while she is away and keep her safe".  Before I was even finished thinking this thought,  the rainbow was back.  The hood of the car lit up and I could see three different colors inside the car on the dash.
I woke up my wife and said, "do you see this"?  She said, " it's a rainbow".  I replied, "so you do see it then"?  She said, "Yes"!   And then after a moment, it was gone.  I shared with her my little prayer.  Sometimes prayers don't get an answer that we can see and sometimes we get an answer before we are done saying the prayer.  We do have an Awesome God!
3/7/2011 5:33:48 AM
Renee A United States
Renee A
My Wow God story is about one incredible day back in 2009. My daughter Jenni and I are a miracle in and of itself, as she is the child I gave up for adoption at birth, whom I met for the first time in 2003. The amazing “wow God” story happened Nov 19, 2009. Jenni showed up at my door very late that night, frantic that her  2 ½ yr old son, Landon, had disappeared. There had been a note from her husband on her front door that night when she got home from work, and he said that the power was off and he had gone “somewhere warm”. (In the Midwest, it was 40 degrees outside). The note also said that Landon was asleep, so we concluded that he must be with his step-father. We had no way to contact him, so Jenni stayed in my spare bedroom and we both prayed that we’d see Landon the next day.

When I got off of work on Nov 20th, I got a very strong “nudge” from God. He told me to drive west, when I would normally go south to head home. Literally I was not driving my car, and it headed straight to Jenni’s workplace. As I pulled in the parking lot, my phone rang, and it was Jenni, asking if I knew where Landon was. ( She worked at a call center, and I would not have been able to contact her myself ). I told her to come outside, and we headed straight for the house she had just left the previous night. As we pulled up, we noticed that her husband’s truck was not there, but I told her that I knew Landon was there. She fumbled with her keys, and we heard it…Landon crying for his mommy. As we pushed the door open, we found the bedroom door barricaded shut, and Landon safely inside. Amazingly, even with a very wet diaper and clothes, his skin was warm--and it was only 50 degrees in the house. Wow God !!! He had been alone for 20 hours! He was hungry and scared, but otherwise OK !

Footnote: The night of Nov 20, the temperature dropped to 10 degrees…how powerful that realization is !
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