Oct 01 2010

Clean Comedy from Kerri Pomarolli


You may have seen her on the Tonight show in the past ... comedian Kerri Pomarolli joins us this morning.  Kerri and her husband, fellow comedian Ron McGehee, have a new DVD out called "Two Comics Walk into a Church ..."  Watch Kerri and her husband Ron doing the "greatest wedding dance" ...



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10/1/2010 8:33:42 AM
Stacie United States
I LOVE Kerri and her book is awesome! I highly recommend it! I'm also a single, Christian girl who is in her late 20s and I have experienced most of those same things!!! It's amazing what people don't tell you...everyone expects Christians to get married right out of college and then when they don't, there is automatically something wrong with them. Where are all the good single, Godly men? Kerri's book was such an encouragement and very entertaining!
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