Oct 13 2010

WOW God - Wednesday!

It's a miracle to see each Chilean Miner emerge from the darkness after weeks - WOW God moves!

As we hear stories from, YOU, our K-LOVE family - WOW God moves!


The Living God is moving all around us - what's your story? How has God rescued you? Was it a song on the radio,

a story you heard, a "stranger" helping you?



Listen to Katie's story again:   Operation Christmas Child story




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10/13/2010 6:39:22 AM
Rosanne Hanshel United States
Rosanne Hanshel
Thank you Lisa & Eric for just allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely. God spoke to me while listening..why that suprises me...He has several on occasions. However, this morning I was just NEEDING to hear from God. I was halfway to work and hadnt turned the radio up thus far. Crying, praying..I turn up the radio, just to get my mind off of the problem.......AND WOW GOD!!!!!!!!! It hasnt stopped yet.........EVERY SINGLE SONG! You guys spoke of marriages being totally healed, lives being changed, people saying "It is what it is" Those words are the EXACT words my husband said to me! Because, in complete truth my husband is running from God and I know it. Thank you God! I hear you, and I know You hear me! Thank you God!Please pray for me and my husband, for his total surrender to Jesus Christ and MY total surrender to Jesus Christ. Thank you guys so very much. I have by faith stepped out and made a pledge...yesterday!!!!!!!! And that was another WOW GOD story! Thank you K LOVE, may God forever bless your beautiful ministry.
10/13/2010 7:27:12 AM
C United States
Six years ago I was in total darkness.  Addicted to prescription medication for depression, chronic back pain, anxiety and panic attacks I turned away from GOD and my family.  During that time I didn't know who I was and I had lost touch with reality.  I lost my husband and lost hope thinking I was worthless and just wanted to die.  

After lying on the floor crying and praying that GOD give me the strength to get out of the pit of Hell......The following Sunday, I started attending church again and was renewed to the True Word of GOD.  I rededicated my life to GOD in late 2005.  

In 2006, after a 2 year divorce, GOD gave me my husband and family back and forgave me for my transgressions.  Had it not been for the awesome love and power of GOD, I might not be here today to tell this story and share the joy of Life with an amazing husband and teenage son.

It has not been an easy task for my husband to trust me again, but GOD has and is guiding us and preparing us for something grander than we ever had ----- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  

Our son was sent to us by the grace of GOD 13 years ago, at a time in our life full of turmoil and heartache.  We thank GOD everyday for our  precious son and for giving us his son, JESUS, to so our sins are continually forgiven.

GOD is a GRACIOUS, LOVING GOD, and I thank HIM each and every day for the opportunity to listen to KLOVE and to share my story.

GOD BLESS KLOVE and the amazing work you do thru the Power of GOD.

10/13/2010 8:29:20 AM
amanda seevers United States
amanda seevers
i love this radio station. i get up in the morning and get in the car and the first i hear is k love and the pledge drive and i will be one of those that give before saturday night.
10/13/2010 8:34:19 AM
Heather Hughes United States
Heather Hughes
The last few days have been a challenge for me emotionally and I hit these points where I don't want to believe...where I am so frustrated... That I feel that there is no way HE sees or even wants to help me. But then things happen.. Little signs. I try to ignore them.. But at the same time I want to scream at him "I HEAR YOU... OK... I HEAR YOU... GEEZ". I have a one mile,yes, ONE mile drive to work every morning. Only a few minutes in the car. I get in and flip through my stations. Since most of them are dj's gossiping... I stop on the one that has music. Well look at that.. Its KLOVE and Mercy Me's "Word of God Speak" (one of my favs) is playing. So I listen and it ends. Now remember only ONE mile in the car. The DJ comes on saying"NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD"... I scream "I HEAR YOU!!" They remind me that if I am facing something and feel like nothing is ever going to change... He is there, he sees all and he answers....NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! One mile..... THANK YOU GOD... THANK YOU K-LOVE =)
10/13/2010 8:36:00 AM
Jennifer United States
A couple of years ago I was working in a Hallmark. I had been there for a couple of years so I was a pro at handling rude customers. Well my uncle who had cerebral palsey was in the hospital with pneumonia and a lot of other things. We knew that he wouldn't survive this we just didn't know when the end was for him. Well one day when I was working my mom called me with the news that he had passed, so obviously I was torn up. I went to the back room and cried and cried and calmed myself so that I could go back on the floor and work and I was okay, until I had a rude customer. She told me she didn't trust me and I apologized to her for my not being as perky as normal and that I had just found out that I lost my uncle. She replied with "well then you shouldn't have come to work". So again I ran to the back room and just cried and cried. Once I composed myself I spoke with my manager and told her what happened and while I was explaining all this to her there was a couple in there shopping and over heard what I was telling my manager. They came up to me and said "we are so sorry for your loss and that the other customer was so rude to you" The both gave me a hug. They truly made my day and made me feel better.
10/13/2010 8:45:03 AM
Christine United States
I was at camp I learn a secret about a friend from our church his little 2month sister had a terminal illness the doctors did not know if she was going to make it. I camp director and the staff members all got together and and the first thing he said that the LITTLE GIRL WAS GOING TO MAKE IT. We were all doubting and at shock at what he just told us. Anyways we all gather in a circle and started singing and praying and crying and just praying over in over for the healing of God that the test will come out negative and the little girl will make it.
  It was Thursday evening the boy got a call from his mom the little girl made I ran to him and Hug Him thinking it was God God did That
he save that little girl

10/13/2010 9:06:52 AM
Sarah United States
There are so many Wow God moments in my life it's amazing what He can do for even one little person.  Around December 2002, I was leaving the restaurant I worked at and it had just started to snow.  Instead of driving on the highway I decided to take the backroads to avoid other drivers and a possible accident.  I was driving slower than the speed limit but still the snow was just starting to stick and was too slippery.  I lost control going around a corner, and it was like something out of a movie going in slow motion in my mind, but I went sideways up onto the sidewalk and slammed into a telephone pole.  I was dazed of course and after the emergency response vehicles got there and determined I was ok, I realized that the damage in the car surrounded me but did not reach me.  The windshield was all smashed in on the right hand side (the side that hit the pole), but there was only one crack going all the way across to my side.  The passenger sideview mirror was completely flattened and the dashboard was all destroyed but the damage stopped where I was sitting.  The passenger side window had exploded on impact and the glass was all over the sidewalk and the passenger seat.  I even found shards of glass all over the back seat of the car, but not one shard of glass hit me or landed where I was sitting.  All that happened to me was me walking away from that accident with whiplash, painful yes, but it could've been so much worse.  I could almost feel God surrounding me and protecting me from harm.

And even though I have fallen since then, because of me finding KLove, I have found my way back.  I often think of that day and how he saved me from getting seriously injured, but I also know he has saved me from so much worse than anyone can imagine.  I just finished pledging a one time gift.  I wish I could give everything I have, or at least a monthly gift, but because I am a temporary employee who works for a temp agency, I never know if I will have a job after the current one, so I just gave what I can for now.  I really appreciate what KLove does and want to see that continue and possibly change other people's lives.  It has certainly changed mine and is slowly helping my marriage by keeping me on track and my husband being able to see God shining through me. Please pray that my husband finds his way back to Christ and that I stay on my forward path to becoming closer to God.

God Bless everyone at KLove and keep up the great work!

With much love,
10/13/2010 2:24:36 PM
Kelly United States
My 14yr old adopted daughter has been set free from demonic oppression that has been with her since she was very young.  She has been diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, bi-polar, etc and has been on 2 or more medications since she was 3 years old. She was taken into state custody last year and was living in a group home because we could no longer control her. But Christ has healed her broken heart and set her free from captivity!  I have actually cast out demons in the Name and Power of Christ Jesus! It has been amazing.  Now, my daughter is back in our home, back in school and praise God medication free after 11 years!! WOW, God!  We still have a long way to go but I can see in her eyes the freedom she has in Jesus.  He is SO GOOD.  Thank you, K-love, your encouraging songs have been with me every day of the last 2 years and has helped me with that vital connection that we must keep with God.  
10/13/2010 5:07:45 PM
Anonymous United States
About a year ago, i fell away from everyone. I became depressed and reclusive; i wouldn't talk to hardly anyone. I barely smiled, i barely laughed. I felt pressure from school, parents, friends, relationships. My depression became so deep that I devised a plan for suicide. It took me about a week to get everything in order, for the circumstances to be right. When the day came for me to do the deed, i woke up to K-Love(my alarm clock/radio happened to be set to the station.) It also happened that I awoke to "Let the Waters Rise" by Mikeschair. The beginning lines spoke to me, like where he said "Don't know where to begin, it's like my world's caving in. And i try but i can't control my fear." I was a tad groggy, but that made me sit up and really listen. After the song finished, I started to cry and to cry. I gave my life to Jesus that morning, and that's the reason I still have my life today. So, i thank you K-Love and i thank Jesus for saving my life and my soul that day. I am now 17 years old and listen every morning on my way to school. Thank you Jesus and thank you K-Love!
10/21/2010 3:39:05 AM
Anti Aging Lotions Serbia and Montenegro (Former)
Anti Aging Lotions
Do you mind if I quote you on my website if I link back to your website?
1/26/2011 8:04:06 AM
Olivia Hazelwood United States
Olivia Hazelwood
My Wow story is; I am 11 yrs old and in 6th grade.  When the teacher announced that we would be starting NWEA testing, she gave us a bathroom break and I went into the restroom and prayed for this test.  Other classmates asked me what I was doing and I told them.  When the testing was finished and results were given to us.  I raised my score from that last test 20 pts.  From 225 to 245.  The best in my class.  God really moved in my life that day.
1/26/2011 8:36:23 AM
Mary Vogel United States
Mary Vogel
Many Wow God Wednesday stories are life changing, mine might be considered small but it's mighty in my life.  My 12 year old dog, Max, tore his ACL on Monday and after a trip to the vet yesterday found out he needs to have knee surgery.  So today I walked my class over to Chapel (I'm a Lutheran teacher of 1st and 2nd graders) and our service today was from the Comfort Dogs!!!  I was aching over being worried about Max's surgery and leaving him at home.  He's been the best dog in our house for all these years, and the message and seeing the dogs made me want to be with him and cry with happiness all at the same time.  It was a Wow God Wednesday for me because Lutheran Church Charities share these beautiful dogs making people feel better.  Their handlers love them and care for them, and it lifted my heart to know that God answers even the small prayers we have for our four-legged family members.  Thank you God for giving me comfort today and every day!
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