Oct 14 2010

What If You Weren't Afraid?

“Don’t be troubled. You trust God, now trust in me…. I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.” (John 14:1-3 NLT)

Like Laura's story......is fear stopping you from something?

Is fear preventing you from supporting K-LOVE?

Maybe your fear is from something out of your control and you can relate to Sharon's story:


"I am currently giving $20 (tho I only pledged for $10). My husband left me last year with only $100 in the bank. I cried and listened to K-Love when I was most lonely, frightened, and anxious.  K-Love comforted me when no one else was around. I now have a new job which will pay more and so I would like to add to my current donation to make it $40 a month. Thank you, K-Love for giving me courage when I was scared and pointing me to God for all my problems and issues. Please continue to pray for me and my ex-husband who is not a Christian."


What would you do if you weren't afraid?


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10/14/2010 5:20:13 AM
God bless you guys, I have been blessed by this ministry st my desk every work day here in Lagos, Nigeria in Africa. Please I would send in my contributions soonest. Please could you play Britt Nicole - LOST GOT FOUND for the 33 miners in Chile God had miraculously found.

God bless you.
10/14/2010 5:21:05 AM
Kelsey United States
If I was not afraid, I would walk through this life following my God and my God only, not worrying about the casualties that make up our world.
10/14/2010 6:09:10 AM
Susan United States
I was terrified to start a new job in financial planning where you must make contact with the client. 70% of those you contact reject you!

A couple of days ago, The Lord gave me a word, "Fascination, not fear!" If you become fascinated with Jesus, fear fades away. It works and I no longer fear the rejection I receive every day because I have become fascinated with Jesus and what He can do in my life.  

10/14/2010 6:12:45 AM
Greg Keen United States
Greg Keen
Fear knocked at the door.  Faith opened it to find no one there.
God Bless!
10/14/2010 7:20:43 AM
Jason United States
My name is Jason and I just lost my brother Sept 24. I want to say that with support of family and God in your life you will pull through the problems you are having with your addiction. Stay strong and with every trouble that come before pray and don't let the addiction pull you in.

I will pray for you and your family.
10/14/2010 7:26:48 AM
Lynda United States
I gave my donation before this drive started, but I was listening this morning on my way to work & had to respond. My fear was keeping me from making my pledge for my church & all because I needed to talk to the pastor about my resources. I have now called the pastor.
I AM NOT AFRAID. I walk with God!
10/18/2010 7:57:55 AM
dawn United States
During the last pledge drive, I was really struggling with donating to K-Love.  I felt that God had really put donating on my heart, but did not think I could do it financially. I was listening in my car, and K-Love needed families to donate $30 a month and I heard God's voice say call and pledge.  Again I struggled because I had done the numbers, there was no way I could do $30 a month! God said to me again, call and make a pledge and I will take care of the rest.  So I called, made my pledge and said ok God I called now what am I going to do when the request comes to pay? The very next day I got a call from the lender we bought our new vehicle through and they stated they figured my interest rate out wrong and needed me to sign new papers.  Our payment went from $347/month for 5 years to 347/month for only 3 years.  I realized the car dealer had filled out my warranty papers wrong and checked the higher coverage warranty. When I called him to tell him of the mistake, he said no one has ever called to tell me of that kind of a mistake, thank you and because you were honest I going to give you the better warranty for the same price of the one you picked (the higher warranty was $2000 more then the one I paid for) Last, I got a call from the employer I had interviewed with and got the new job I wanted (pay increase of $12/hour).  God gave me way more then my $30 a month back!  If God is putting it on your heart to donate at this K-Love pledge drive, don't miss out on the blessings God has waiting for like I almost did! Listen to His words and step out not just on Faith, but on His promises He will take care of you!
10/22/2010 11:20:25 AM
Cindi United States
On the day you were talking about fear, Lisa said something that made me gasp out loud.  Our pastor had just spoken about fear keeping you from doing, giving and serving.  He talked about how worry can take over and what it does to you spiritually and emotionally and physically.  And in the course of the sermon he said not to worry, "God's got your back".  Lisa, when you said those very words - I gasped out loud!  I was in my car by myself and I just felt like God was talking to me!  I can sometimes become consumed by my fears and can focus on little more than that, but with God's help and KLove's encouragement, I am learning to lean on Him more.  Thanks for all you do!
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