Oct 18 2010

Make a Difference Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....EVERYDAY!

Every Monday we encourage you to "Go MAD" - Make a difference in someone's life.

Today, you can know that you are doing something to make a difference, by supporting K-LOVE.  You can know that K-LOVE stays on the air and stays strong because of your involvement.  Every day – whether you listen that day or not, you can know you’re making a difference in someone’s life.

Here is just one story of how YOU are making a difference in the life of one K-LOVE listener:

 "....Over the last 4 years. I have lost both of my parents. My marriage is broken and I have 6 beautiful kids. Inside I feel so broken and bruised. At times I feel like I can't go on anymore. But I look at my kids and I turn K-LOVE on and I just keep going. I'm a stay at home mom. And I feel like God is so far off at times, but really he is right here next to me. Praise God for all of you at K-LOVE and Thank you to all the supports who help minister to people like me!!" ~ April

Each month when you support K-LOVE....you can know that you are making a difference in April's life!

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10/19/2010 8:29:22 PM
Anne United States
I feel your pain I have 5 children an have been seperated from my husband for little over 3 years and work a full time job. If God wasn't at my side I don't know were I'd be right now. My God and my kids are my motivation to live and keep going forward and thanks to K-Love I have just
started listening to them for about 6 months now.
Love Annette G.
10/20/2010 6:47:25 AM
Gennie Abalos United States
Gennie Abalos
God is a God of exponential everything! A God of more than enough. He said that we put a thousand to flight with our prayers and two of us put to flight ten thousand!!!! Ten thousand!!!! what happens when there are three? A hundred thousand!!! What if with just a dollar a day we put to flight thousand enemies for ourselves and the others that are in so much need? Think about that when people give and two people doing that put to flight ten thousand enemies of Christ!!! With the small donations of thousands Obama got into office! Anything can happen when we all work together!!! Let's challenge God to stand on His Word! He is challenging us to make it happen and to trust in His ability to be more than enough in our every situation.
10/21/2010 6:39:13 AM
Sandy Heckler United States
Sandy Heckler
Come on Milwaukee - get off your duffs and pledge to Klove.  It is so positive and uplifting.  I have had a terrible 17 months, my husband died, my mother had to go into a nursing home, and now my son is being deployed to Afghanistan for the 2nd time and he is a reservist.  I couldn't have gotten through these times without my God and Klove.  Everytime I Can Only Imagine comes on I feel uplifted and praise God for His Son Jesus Christ.  Let's get Milwaukee fully funded
10/21/2010 11:08:48 AM
Jennifer Uhlman United States
Jennifer Uhlman
How my husband made a difference.  

we were driving down main street at about 4:15am on our way to work just like every other day...when my husband sees a man laying in the street. knowing it will make us late to work he stops to see what is wrong. as he gets closer to the man he notices that it is the same homeless man we see very morning, and that he is bleeding from his head. there was another man walking by that called 911 while my husband got out the first aid kit and started to give what first aid he could. we waited with this man until the paramedics came.
later my husband called the hospital to see how he was. they said that he will be fine he just needed a few stitches, and that they were letting him rest before they discharged him.

so many people would just drive by or pretend that they didn't see anything...to see my husband stop and help someone in need has had such an impact on me. it didn't mattter that we would be late to where we were going, he saw someone in need and helped. Hopefully it also made a difference to the man he helped.

could you also pass this on to your prayer team. just to keep the homeless man in thier prayers, his name is Ray. i don't know what kind of prayer he needs but i feel the need to pray for him.
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