Oct 21 2010


"My husband & I have had problems and listening to K-LOVE I have found that I am not alone. When I heard the song "Lead Me" I burst into tears...I always seem to hear the right song at the right time. I gave my marriage to God and he is repairing the problems..." -Karen

Keep the music going, call us at 1-800-525-5683 or donate online THANK YOU!

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10/22/2010 4:52:09 AM
Norma United States
what a beautiful song Smile
10/22/2010 6:58:55 AM
Mariam United States
Yes, sometimes songs tunes coincide with our hearts' rhythms.
10/22/2010 7:17:10 AM
Brenda Shaw United States
Brenda Shaw
How did the pledge drive end up?  I can't find information anywhere!  I think it needs to be mentioned on air .... after all, there were many, many people praying and giving to help you reach your goal.  And now the total is nowhere to be found?  I have searched all over Klove.com and only find HOW to donate.  (which I did)

PLEASE GIVE NUMBERS!  some of us are very excited to see what God did yesterday!  Smile

10/22/2010 11:42:44 AM
Dawn United States
I love this song so much! It's so annointed and beautiful! This definitely is my song and is very important to me, and is one of my prayers for me and my amazing husband! This song makes me cry in a good way and ministers to me everytime!
10/22/2010 1:31:28 PM
Hannah Matecko United States
Hannah Matecko
I love this somg very much.. it reminds me that God willa lways be there to catch us when we fall, and to, well, Lead Us! Thank you Lord, for all that you have done for me. You have made the biggest impact in my life, even though T'm only 12 years old!
10/22/2010 1:32:30 PM
Hannah Matecko United States
Hannah Matecko
I'm sorry, I'm not very good at typing!
10/23/2010 3:31:11 AM
Jenny Gardner United States
Jenny Gardner
Hey Lauren,This morning my family is having a HUGE Yard Sale to raise money for our adoption from Ethiopia.  I know this is last minute but maybe you could even pass this on to the next DJ scheduled.  Over 40 families have donated.
6505 Dresden Lane Raleigh, NC 27612 7am-1pm!
All proceeds go towards the Gardner's adoption.  My husband and I are on staff at Hope Community Church.  We have $10,000 to raise by 11/28/10 and $25,000 total.  I am selling my wedding rings next week.  Please help us get the word out about this sale!  Thank you!jennyg@gethope.net
10/23/2010 7:18:42 AM
emily taylor United States
emily taylor
yes this song made me cry and i am only 13 this song could help people who don't even think god is real so please email me who would like to help me at this my email is emily.taylor@live.com!!!!!!
plz help if you can.thank you
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