Oct 29 2010

Friday's Guest Co-Host - Angela Thomas


Author and speaker Angela Thomas fills in for Lisa this morning.  Angela is the best-selling author of numerous books including DO YOU THINK I'M BEAUTIFUL and MY SINGLE MOM LIFE.   She is a gifted teacher and story-teller speaking to thousands each year.  Angela teaches and transparently shares life experiences that draw her and others into a deeper passion for knowing God. 


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10/29/2010 5:26:40 AM
Mickey Ferguson United States
Mickey Ferguson
I want to thank you for your story about your son.  I have an 18 year old son whose heart is also hard towards the Lord.  It broke my heart the night I asked him if he believed and he said, "Not really. It just seems to far fetched."  My biggest fear is that Michael will die tomorrow not knowing God and live an eterninty in Hell.  I am in constant prayer for him and have everyone I know praying for him as well.  Your story was exactly what I needed to hear.  For me, it is a story of hope.

Forever grateful,
10/29/2010 6:35:05 AM
Rachel United States
I have heard you speak at a conference before, and I am a facebook fan of yours. Being a single mom of four myself without dad in the picture at all, I have always wanted to purchase your books but had not done so. Today,after hearing you speak on klove I downloaded both your new book and the single mom book. Thanks klove for letting us hear from some of our favorite people this week. Thank you Angela for not letting being divorced, single mom in the past stop you from reaching for success and sharing with others.
10/29/2010 6:45:14 AM
Christine Klemstine United States
Christine Klemstine
I just had to write and say that when you talked about feeling invisible, I thought, well this message is for someone else. Then you mentioned piles of laundry and how God could see you wherever you are. To give you a picture of my day, I was standing at our pool table which is covered in 5 loads of laundry with 3 more in waiting...our playroom has the carpet cleaner and the vacuum in it because mice invaded our couch bed and the dogs peed on the floor...my father in law is coming in 2 and a half hours for a 4 day visit...my contacts felt like fire in my eyes this morning because apparently I didn't get the oil from the jalepenos off of my hands last night well enough before I took them out of my eyes,I stopped at the eye doctor after dropping my four year old off at school and they weren't open...and the kids Fall party at school is today, for which I am the homeroom mom, party planner extraordinaire....boy am I glad God knows where I am. I took a few minutes to sob at the realization that I guess sometimes I do feel like I am all alone in my responsibilities, but God is always with me. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.
10/29/2010 6:47:18 AM
Gwynn United States
I was listening this morning & I only caught the tail-end of something Angela said when she was talking about her son.  The phrase she used just made my spirit leap inside and I should have written it down right then but was busy getting ready to leave for work.  Can anyone tell me exactly how she put it, something like "my son knows he was prayed alive to Jesus."  Thanks and God bless you!  Gwynn
10/29/2010 7:15:53 AM
Lauren Young United States
Lauren Young
Ms. Thomas:
That story you shared about the Soccer Game and how you realized that you had wanted someone to just invite you to be a part of the group, "Come sit with us," really resonated with me. All my life, I have struggled with being so different from my peers physically (I'm over 6 feet tall), spiritually (the Lord has allowed me to walk a solitary road), and in my opinions (because of the solitary road, I see things on a different level than most of young people my age. I'm 25).
What you said is so true for me. Even in the middle of the group, I feel periphery, but I know in my heart of hearts that I am made special by Jesus, and He accepts me just as I am.
Thank you for that story! I wept.
I listen to KLOVE every morning because my Mom (who lives 700 miles away) listens to it, too, while she gets ready for work. I was blessed by that story. Keep spreading Jesus!

Lauren Young
10/29/2010 7:44:04 AM
Lynn United States
Are any of these stories recorded to hear if we missed them?  Thanks.
10/29/2010 7:47:23 AM
Lori United States
This comment is to Lauren if I may. You sound like such an awesome young woman with much insight! God Bless you! I hope my girls grow up to be the kind of girls that don't mind being a little different because they understand the love of Jesus for them! That is what is most important and God will fill your life with friends and joys that he has hand picked just for you, keep looking, they will find you!
10/29/2010 7:52:40 AM
Natalie United States
Ms. Thomas,
I want to tell you how touching your story about Anna Grace was about giving her testimony.  I am going through a bitter divorce right now and hearing how she got on her knees at just six years old and asked God to be with her brought me to tears and than as you continued your story I remembered that I had prayed just a few minutes earlier that my boys would know God's Love and wouldn't be alone or scared during this time.  So I thank you for your story and please let Anna Grace know that she touched my life!
God Bless you and your family!
10/29/2010 7:52:51 AM
Val United States
I think that "be the sunshine" should be a bumper sticker.  It sure touched me this morning and challenged me to make it the theme for my everyday, I can be the sunshine somewhere.

10/29/2010 7:56:51 AM
Natalie from CT United States
Natalie from CT
Angela - I am sitting here at my desk working - I am a work at home nurse- and single mom- I can hardly concentrate this morning as I listen to your story and how God has worked in your life and transformed your children - I have a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter - the challenges are daily - I can't tell you how- to my core - what you have spoken this morning has reinforced the hope that I sometimes lose while in the midst of this storm.Thank you - just a great big thank you God Bless - need to wipe the tears and focus on helping my medicare population!
10/29/2010 8:04:00 AM
Stormy Headley United States
Stormy Headley
I just wanted to say that someday I hope to meet you, Angela. Author to Author. I'm an 18 year old girl with a serious dream. I'm giong to college in the next year or so and I plan on expanding my creative writing and knowledge on ministry. I'm going to write fictional christian stories for young adults and maybe even some adults. And someday I hope to be a great speaker and minister in my area or all over the world if that's where God takes me. Right now I think God's leading me to go to college out of state and I'm kind of frightened of the idea. But I'm going to jump right into the idea if that's what God calls me to do. Smile
10/29/2010 8:21:45 AM
Letty Favela United States
Letty Favela
I was so blessed to hear you this morning
I know God used your words and stories to inspire me today. As a mom you just need to hear honestly how to hang in there as spirtual leaders for our children. My son is 15 going on 16 so I can relate in seeing his faith decrease, thank you for giving me hope when sharing about your son

In His grip,
Letty Favela  
10/29/2010 8:37:40 AM
Sylvia Washington United States
Sylvia Washington
Your story about your daughter Anna Grace touched me so much.  I have a 9 yr old daughter name Hannah Grace.  I've been divorced for 5 years and my daughter prays every night for God to bless us with a new husband and daddy.  Fervent pray, with belief behind it is ours....as it says in Mark 11:24.  Thank you for sharing!
10/29/2010 11:12:17 AM
Cassie Campbell United States
Cassie Campbell
Dear Ms. Thomas,
Your story about Anna Grace touched me more than any story I have heard in a long time!  Is there any place that is recorded? I am a pastor and I would LOVE to share that with our Youth/Children's group as we have many in the same boat as Anna Grace.  Thank you for sharing!
10/29/2010 1:08:26 PM
Verla Hirsch United States
Verla Hirsch
Dear Angela,
I heard of you a few weeks ago on Klove when Lisa was talking about you.  I immediately went out and bought 2 of your books.  I loved them so much I got on to amazon.com to order more for some friends of mine....then I saw that you had a Single Mom book!  I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail!  I got it this week and have read it from beginning to end...and last night started in on it all over again. Everything you write is so validating.  I feel like a normal single mom....tired, lonely, etc....but I do relate to you in that I feel incredibly blessed by my 10 and 12yo children.  Yes, I am desperately tired, but you have taught me to seize the moment and to rely on God for everything! I knew that already, but somehow reading it in your words, made everything more clear. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.  I am going to be such a better Mom to my kids from having read your books. I hope I get to see you speak some day. That will be a GREAT day!
10/29/2010 8:52:18 PM
Mary United States
Your testimony this morning of your 12 year old daughters really touched my heart and brought me to tears. When my son was 6 years old he has a similar testimony. He had been taken away from me and was with his father and he told me of how lonely he felt and it was really hard for him. He says during that night god sat with him and that god even laid with him and he has never felt lonely ever since. It gave me the mustard seed of faith I needed to believe. He is only 10 but when people ask him what brought him to christ he tells this story. I hope your daughter continues to give her testimony because it is powerful. Blessing to you and your family.
10/30/2010 4:42:06 AM
Ronda Ashley United States
Ronda Ashley
Thank you for sharing your story with us friday morning. Wish I couldve heard more.
I wnt through a surprise divorce after 18 years of being together,He was my soulmate and best friend. We walked out on God and the devil destroyed what God had made.
I am remarried and although I love him dearly. He and his daughter has NO desire to go to church and serve God . love him (God) yea they say they do but its not the same.I love being wrapped up in Gods arms.  I just am at a lost with this. I have tried to walk it in front of them , I have went on thinking one of these days they will have that desire.
We live in a small community and going to the church I so desire to go to requires another 70 mile round trip. and he doesnt understand that.
I am trying to be that sunshine in this fog. just dont know anymore on what to do. MY soul hunger for that man to share God with. Its a team work ,we as parents must be that exsample to our children.
I cant wait to get one of your books . Wish I could hear you live. you have truly blessed me friday on my way to work.Thanks Ronda from Arkansas
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