Nov 01 2010

Kurt Warner - Super Bowl Winner & Dancer


He's been an MVP and Super Bowl winner on the football field, but recently Kurt Warner stepped out of his comfort zone and on to the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars.

Kurt checked in this morning to share how the whole dancing expererience has streteched him in ways that football never did.  But more than dancing and football, biggest mission in life remains sharing his faith.  Click HERE to learn more about Kurt's ministry the First Things First Foundation.



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11/1/2010 9:36:18 AM
Shelb United States
I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars every Monday night with my mom, and especially voting for Kurt every Monday night.  I love that Kurt is a strong Christian even in public and giving men someone to look up to in a world where public figures to look up to are hard to find.  I hope that one day I can find a guy for me that is like my dad and Kurt who are so strong in their faith.
11/11/2010 8:34:14 AM
Carla United States
Kurt was such a gentleman and true christian throughout the show, but he even showed his "true self" when he was eliminated from the show.  "You Go Kurt" and stay true to have a lovely family!
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