Nov 10 2010

Wow, God! The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven


Wednesdays are a day for you to share your "Wow, God" stories! This morning we hear the "Wow, God" story of Kevin and Alex Malarkey

In 2004, Kevin and his then six-year-old son, Alex, suffered a horrific car accident. The impact from the crash paralyzed Alex —and medically speaking, it was unlikely that he could survive. “I think that Alex has gone to be with Jesus,” a friend told the stricken dad. But two months later, Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share.

Learn more about "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" by checking out the video on this page and by clicking HERE

And share your "Wow, God" story with us!

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11/10/2010 4:57:17 AM
Dorothy Brokenicky United States
Dorothy Brokenicky
Many years ago when I was about 4 & my sister was 2 our mother was out front of the house with our insurance man (married women didn't have men in the house when the husband wasn't at home). We had just gotten a new refrigerator and the old one was still sitting in the kitchen. Carol & I decided to play hide & seek. So I climbed into the empty refrigerator and Carol shut the door. In a little bit I heard Mother calling "Dorothy where are you?" and I would answer "I'm in the refrigerator." but she could not hear anything except "I'm in..".  I don't know how long they searched and Mother was getting frantic. She finally stopped and asked God to help and immediately she heard a voice say, "Look in the refrigerator." I am now 65 yrs old with 2 beautiful daughters, 4 wonderful grandchildren and a love for our Heavenly Father that will never end.
11/10/2010 5:42:07 AM
Jeremy Lewis United States
Jeremy Lewis
I had a Wow God moment just yesterday. I am a Christian songwriter and like many songwriters, I've been trying to break into the business. To say that it's difficult, is the understatement of the century. I have songs on youtube and have... sent many to publishers, managers, and artists. Along the way, I have made a contact at a very large publishing company. Yesterday, I wrote my contact and very directly asked him if he saw the possibility of signing me anytime soon. As I waited for his reply, I prayed that God would lead me and my career where He wanted it to go and that He would open the doors that He wanted to open and close those that He wanted closed. I put my faith and trust in Him, no matter what the response. When I finally got a response from the publisher, it wasn't what I had hoped and it left me feeling a little defeated. My very next email (20 minutes later), however, came from a woman who saw one of my songs on youtube and wrote the following..."I just love your song, Here I Am by Pierced and login to youtube almost daily to hear it. I get chills when watching the video with it. Is it possible to get an mp3 of it so I can put it on my iPod?" That email and that statement came at just the right time and it was like God was saying "Jeremy...keep doing what you're's touching other're doing My will and it's making Me happy". Even though I didn't get the response from the publisher that I wanted, God responded to me through this woman and told me to keep going because it's touching lives and ultimately doing His will..which is all I ever wanted to do in the first place.
11/10/2010 5:46:25 AM
Andrea Berry United States
Andrea Berry
I was in Tennessee a few weekends ago and we went to the aquarium, sat outside and looked at the stars, stared in awe at the mountains. My "wow God" moment happened the entire weekend. How else could the mountains, stars, and all the different kinds of aquatic animals be around u without God behind it all.
11/10/2010 6:00:34 AM
Katie Pierce United States
Katie Pierce
WOW GOD! On september 18th of this year my husband was visiting his brother three hours away. He dove into a swimming pool and hit his head. He said immediately he could not feel his legs. His brother pulled him out of the pool and while waiting on the ambulance my husband called me.....My first thought were to the book of Daniel..I know my God can save us from this..but if He choses not to I will still praise Him...He was transported to the hospital and the doctors said his C7 in his neck was crushed and he had very bad spinal cord damage...they did not have much hope that he would be able to use anything from the neck down. I was at peace and so was my husband we knew Gods plan is what was best....After 8 hours of surgery...the surgeon came out with a huge smile and said I believe he will make a full recovery...Stats on this kind of injury are less than 2 percent use their arms again.. less than 1 percent use their legs...My husband is at home walking after 6 weeks..still a long road but with God it is all possible...WOW GOD!
11/10/2010 6:10:29 AM
Erin United States
A little over 2 yrs ago I told GOD that I needed to know in my knowing that HE loved me. Not me among the masses but me.  Not me in the crowds of people but me. About 2 weeks after this prayer I was dreaming and it changed into a vision I guess you could say. It was more real than I can tell you. I was in our downtown area of town and the sky was blacker than black. I was scared and the next thing in new my clothes were gone and I was standing there filthy & disgusting. I tried hiding behind different things. Eventually I came to this place where I knew it to be the home of the leaders of a small group from church. They weren't home but I went inside hoping to find some clothes that I could put on but I couldn't find anything. When they came home they were angry that I was there but didn't want me to leave. Eventually I was able to get out and when I did I saw a man standing across the street.  HE was in a dark suit and long coat with a hat on to cover HIS face. I THOUGHT to myself that I should know this man and at that very moment I heard say to me "More importantly I know who you are," and with that I was pulled across the street right into HIS arms. I fought with HIM telling HIM HE needed to let me go, that HE didn't understand that I was unclean. HE refused. I began telling HIM about every sin I had ever committed and every time I said something I felt this amazing wave of something (which later HE told me was HIS blood) wash over me. And with every sin I told HIM HE held me tighter and tighter to HIM. When I was done I colapsed in HIS arms. And HE whispered in my ear, "Just so you know that wasn't all of them but I still love you anyway." HE stood me back up and I found myself dressed in a beautiful white robe. HE asked me to go with HIM, He said that we had things to do. Of course I said YES!!! And as we were running I started THINKING that there must be others with us, that HE couldn't have just come to tell me this and HE stopped.  HE said that HE was not there for anyone else, and that HE was there for me and me alone. And we started running. The vision continued but I stop here. I was absolute mush when I woke up and was for the remainder of my day. HE LOVES ME!!!! ME OF ALL PEOPLE!!!  WOW GOD!!!  WOW to my KING!!!
11/10/2010 6:42:15 AM
Amy Patterson United States
Amy Patterson
About 15 years ago I had applied and interviewed for a job with a really great company. They told me they would make a decision by the end of the week. Fast forward to Friday night, 7:30 and my phone hadn't rang. I was disappointed because I had really wanted this job. But I muted the TV, lowered my head and prayed. I told God that I was placing it in His hands, I understood this simply meant that He had better plans, I wanted what He wanted for me and I trusted Him. I turned the volume back on the TV and about 3 minutes later the phone rang. It was the job I wanted, offering me more money than I had made at that time and it was everything I hoped for. I think God was just waiting for me to let go of it and hand it to Him. That's my WOW GOD!! story!
11/10/2010 7:08:26 AM
April Rose United States
April Rose
Wow... I listened to Kevin and Alex Malarkey's story on K-Love this morning with reassurance and awe. Immediately, I was taken back to a car accident I was involved in 16 years ago.  I was driving down a steep mountain road in eastern Kentucky, as I came out of a curve my front tires starting skidding back and forth.  I no longer had any control of my steering wheel.  (I later found out that my front tie-rod end had broken) I looked ahead of me and noticed there were two young boys walking up the mountain on opposite sides of the road. I was terrified, having no control over my vehicle.  If I tried to go towards the mountain side I would surely hit one boy. If I turned my wheel all the way left, maybe, I would go over the mountain-side before reaching the child. So I turned my wheel all the way left... praying my car would follow. As I did, I felt a presence behind my right shoulder.  A man's voice said to me "Do not worry.  There is nothing you can do to prevent this and everyone will be ok."  I went over the mountain-side, flipped a few times, knocked my car around in the opposite direction, hit tree after tree, all windows shattered. I was hanging from my seatbelt and my shoes were thrown from my feet.  My car finally rested in a small creek bed. A man came to me, he had been working nearby on an old car in an area secluded by nature and heard the crash. I was terrified.  I told him about seeing the boy on the mountain.  I did not see my car hit him and was concerned. He helped me out of my car and we both climbed up to the road, me cutting my hands and feet on shattered glass, to find what I had feared.  The boy was against a tree and in pain.  I was in shock and the man took me to his sister's house.  There she prayed for me and the boy as we waited for the ambulance.  I told her about the man's voice, the reassuring presence I felt, before going over the mountain.  I believe the boy was placed by the tree.  So as not to go over the mountain with my car.  Had that happened he may not be alive today. I have told this story many times to my family and friends who are, of course, sceptical.  Just hearing Kevin and Alex's story brought tears to my eyes. How angels caught his dad, I believe there were angels present at my accident.  One in my back seat, speaking to me over my shoulder, and one for the boy my car hit, whose name is Joseph, to place him safely by the tree with minimal injuries. I often wonder about Joseph.  He was 12 years old then, 28 now. Thank you K-Love, Alex and Kevin, for sharing this story. I will pray for Alex's recovery.  God Bless...
11/10/2010 7:14:09 AM
Peri United States
Wow God moment for me Today!
I was able to tune in KLOVE at work today.  I work in a high rise, and I am never able to tune into KLOVE.  I listen on my drive to work, and then I listen to adult contemporary for the rest of the day.
Something told me to try and tune it in this morning to see if it would work, and it comes in loud and clear, AMAZING!!
It's just a little thing, but it's BIG to me.
Have a Great Day Everyone!
11/10/2010 7:31:00 AM
Jonathan Miller United States
Jonathan Miller
Praise God for that little boy! I have been praying for a long time for something supernatural to happen so that it will defy explaination other than God. This little boy's story is an answer to my prayers. Never stop telling this story!
11/10/2010 7:31:51 AM
Felicia Jackson United States
Felicia Jackson
Will you have a link to your interview with Kevin Malarky?  I'd love to be able to share your conversation with Kevin with my friends?
11/10/2010 7:33:03 AM
Loretta United States
When my son was about 4 years old, he went to heaven in a dream. He got up one morning and I asked him if he had pleasant dreams. A question I had never asked before or again. He told me he went to heaven and he decribed heaven exactly like it is decribed in Revelation. He drew a picture for me and I wrote down the dream. The most wonderful part of the dream was the river of life with the tree of life on either side and growing together and Jesus giving him a piece of fruit off of the tree. What a promise and vision these boys have had.
11/10/2010 7:51:19 AM
Christy Partin United States
Christy Partin
I am so going to buy this book today and probably read it in 1 day......I still have goosebumps! God is sooo amazing!!! Smile
11/10/2010 8:02:13 AM
Miriam Storie United States
Miriam Storie
Okay- I have a "Wow God" for you- I have tried and tried to call you back, but can't get through- so I thought I would write instead- I don't know if you remember or not but I had called you last week to ask you for prayer for my husband who works for the water company- he had a huge test that day- one that, the last time it was taken, had a 100% fail rate!  I had begun to feel the Lord tugging on me to claim victory over it a few weeks before, but I knew that as it says in the bible when two or more gather... so I KNEW I had to get as many people to claim it with me as possible- so I asked at church, friends, facebook and finally I called you in hopes that you could ask your listeners as well- So all in all, I truly believe he possibly had THOUSANDS of people praying for him!  And by the way- I felt like Ralphie from "The Christmas Story" when he finally got to talk to Santa and he was so dumbfounded that he just looked at him and shook his head yes!!!!  There was so much I wanted to say! LOL  Anyway- what was spoken was obviously what God wanted me to say Smile Well- two days ago the head of the water dept called my husband telling him that he knew that he had been worried about his job and that she wanted him to know that he had PASSED!!!!!  I told God I would give him the glory and we would use this as a testimony so here it is!!!  There are times when God wants us to CLAIM VICTORY over something- not just pray "may your will be done"- it is YOU ARE POWERFUL ENOUGH to MOVE and overcome this situation for us- we are not!  We KNOW that this was a MIRACLE for him to pass this test- this was his third and final time to try and God provided because our family of believers stood in the gap and believed in HIS power with us!  Sometimes we put God in this box and decide He can only do so much for us- NOTHING absolutely NOTHING is impossible for our God through the power of Jesus Christ!  Praise the Lord!  We ARE doing the victory dance!!!! Smile  Miriam
11/10/2010 8:20:39 AM
Gloria United States
While driving into work, I heard this story. Although I did not get to hear the entire story, I am compelled to read this book. I have already downloaded it to my kindle and I am so eager to get my day at work over and done with so I can curl up and begin reading Alex's journey to heaven. WOW! GOD moment. Our Lord and Savior deserves all our Glory. Wow!
11/10/2010 9:43:26 AM
Christopher Fontenot United States
Christopher Fontenot
I don't doubt that this young boy had an experience. But if this experience was truly from God and He wanted this boy and his father to tell everyone about it, then why doesn't he make it free? If he received revelation from God then can it be added to the Bible since it is Divinely inspired and does this now contradict Scripture when it tells us not to add anything to it?
11/10/2010 1:14:08 PM
Barbi Brown United States
Barbi Brown
I was so encouraged by this story, I decided to share mine too. I share it often with people everywhere I go. My sister died of an accidental drug overdose. At that time I had 2 boys and she told me in our last conversation she hoped I'd have a daughter of my own some day as she knew I was praying for that. I concieved my 3rd the week she died and it was another son. I love my sons' so much, but always hoped I'd have a daughter.I lost 10 family members that year and almost my own life after the birth. I went on to have another son 2 1/2 yrs later. So here was our family 4 boys. We were done. My husband does not worship with me anymore and he had kept saying, "there is no God see you have prayed for so long for a daughter". I was in a Beth Moore study and she kept saying do not give up hope when God is about to do something it will be evident to all it is from Him. I had surrendered to God that I would never have a daughter and made peace with it. Less than 2 wks later my son, Luke 5 1/2 at the time, told me "Mommy your tummy is getting bigger already". I of course said yeah, I need to stop eating cookies and he said "No mommy you have a baby in your tummy and the angel told me to come and tell you before you found out next week. She told me God wanted you to know He is answering your prayer and it's a girl". The next week I took a test and he was right I was pregnant and in April of '08 we found out it was a girl at the sonogram. My husband didn't believe it even after sonogram after sonogram as I had to get them every week at the end. Our daughter was born August 14th, '08 and we named her Hope Elizabeth. I went through so much hurt that year from the death of 10 family members, to losing my church family of 10 years because I was told I was a bad example as a Christian for hurting for wanting a daughter. Through all the hurts and disappointments God had a plan and it was more wonderful then I could ever have imagined and now I'm in a healthy church and building a stronger and healthy relationship with Jesus. I have learned to keep praying and never give up because God is God and well, I'm not. His plan is way much better than we could ever hope and dream. I'm still praying for my husband to come back to God. I again have to surrender it to God and allow Him to work it out His way. God shows His power and might when I hear stories like these. This story encouraged me in so many ways this morning. It helped me remember what kind of God we have and instead of me, which I'm guilty of, focusing on what He isn't doing, pointed me back to my own WOW God story. So thank you for this.
11/10/2010 3:19:16 PM
Karla Lohaus-Fast United States
Karla Lohaus-Fast
I was listening to your show this morning with a breaking heart.  On October 15, I gave birth to my son at only 19 weeks.  He was perfectly formed, but not ready to make it in this world.  He was only with us for 10 minutes before he went to be with Jesus.  I can't tell you the kind of feelings my family and I have gone through, and this morning was a hard morning for me.  But hearing the story about Kevin and Alex reminded me of where my son is.  I just sat and cried this morning so hard, and I just begged God to help me get the message that I knew He was trying to make clear to me.  Then you said it, Lisa, like it came straight from God's lips to your ears.  Right before you went to a song, you said, "If you get nothing more out of the message today, know that Heaven is a real place, and that God loves you and has a plan for you."  I know he has a plan for my son, Samson, too.  I'm going to get Kevin's book, and maybe other books, too, that help me realize what a wonderful place my son is in, and that he is waiting there to greet me when my time comes to join him.
11/10/2010 3:50:33 PM
Catherine United States
I had my WOW God moment this morning thanks to your wonderful morning show and this amazing story of Alex and Kevin. I listen online (with earphones) at work and thankfully this story made my day.  I lost my beloved soulmate 13 years ago to cancer far too young, and have sorely missed him ever since.  I always had comforted myself with knowing that we would be together again some day, but lately I have been bothered by doubts, wondering WILL I see him again? I know I shouldn't have doubts, but I just couldn't shake them.  Then I heard Kevin tell Alex's story and I knew - what am I doubting?  WOW God, of course I will see him again.  Oh, and I stopped after work to buy the book, too!

Thank you Kevin and Alex, God Bless you. Thank you too, Eric and Lisa, and God Bless you also!

And thank you Heavenly Father!
11/10/2010 6:05:05 PM
Teresa Daugherty United States
Teresa Daugherty
I thought that story was so awesome.  It gave me goosebumps while listening to it. I love listening to Klove in the mornings.  Itgives mesomething to look forward to.  I look forward to the stories I hear on Klove.
11/10/2010 7:47:25 PM
Deb Jones United States
Deb Jones
Five years ago my youngest daughter was married and it left my husband and I "empty nesters".  I felt that I needed something to care for and was told by a co-worker that I should get a dog.
Sometime later on my way into work,(my quiet time w/God) I ask God for a specific kind of dog and hoped that it would be house broke.  A few weeks later a little dog was found where I work, just as I had prayed for. There were several people that wanted this little dog. I spoke with the supervisor that found this little guy and I told her my story.
She said there were circumstances that lead her to believe that God had sent him to her to give to me. I took him home and for several weeks, my husband would look in the newspaper to see if someone had placed an ad for a lost dog. I would tell him that there would not be an ad because he was sent to us by our Heavenly father. A few years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This little guy was a big part of my recovery.  Each day I thank God for sending him to me. I know that my story is not a get big "WOW" but it was a time in my life that I knew that God wanted to speak to my heart and that he did...If my Heavenly Father can answer such a small request....what else can he do?
11/11/2010 5:29:21 AM
Dave Stewart United States
Dave Stewart
If this was April Fool's Day I'd say the family's last name Malarkey hints at a joke or deception. I believe things like this do happen and that God can and does perform miracles at times. When Kevin Malarkey was on the KLOVE morning show with Lisa and Eric, Lisa mentioned (I'm paraphrasing) "when we hear stories like this we are sometimes skeptical." Can you imagine what fun the press would have about a story regarding miracles when the person telling the story is Malarkey, a word used to me "nonsense?" The man sounds sincere to me but it just hit me funny that his last name is Malarkey.....
11/11/2010 2:51:18 PM
Jon United States
The story of Kevin and Alex is very refreshing!  It's nice to hear how active God is in peoples' lives.  It reminds me of an account I read of a man in Nigeria who came back from heaven as well.  He is the man that the rich man asked to be sent when he was conversing to Lazarus.  You can read of the account for yourself at  God bless you.
11/11/2010 2:52:22 PM
Jon United States
The link I sent before was incorrect...there is no period after it:
11/12/2010 11:47:31 AM
Martha Quintero United States
Martha Quintero
My wow moment came Wednesday Nov 10, 2010. God performed a miracle on my mother. After having over six surgeries on her leg due to orthopedic and circulation problems, this was our last hope before amputation. She had a third bypass done on her leg. When the doctor came out and talked to us, he said something that will forever touch my heart. He said, "God was on our side." Isn't it awesome that we have a savior that can do anything he wants on our side. God spared mom's leg. Surgery was a success.
11/30/2010 2:14:17 PM
jess rodriguez United States
jess rodriguez
Just wanted to pass on some more good news;
there is a wonderful new site up at filled with uplifting
stories of new Christians.
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