Dec 06 2010

An East Texas Manger Scene :)

A few years ago at Christmastime, there was an art contest held in an elementary school in East Texas. One entry was a picture drawn by a six year old boy showing three men, offering gifts to the baby Jesus in his manger.  What made the picture unique was the way the gifts were being presented to the baby Jesus...

The men were riding in a fire engine. 

The principle asked the boy about his decision to draw the fire engine and the boy, in his heavy East-Texas accent, was quick to reply:

"Well, the Bible says the wise men came from a-far!!"

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12/6/2009 4:13:13 PM
Shannon United States
Living in, but not being from, East Texas is can totally appreciate this one...
12/6/2009 9:32:14 PM
Dave Metevier United States
Dave Metevier
I really love the morning show because I get to hear Lisa Williams as I travel to work here in Round Rock Texas. I guess it's her humor that lifts me up along with the music of course. Lisa I really like your laugh. God Bless you and Erik as you serve Jesus the Christ. Love in Christ, Dave Metevier
12/8/2009 12:45:55 PM
Teresa Wells United States
Teresa Wells
This is priceless. I can't tell you how many times I've thought to write down the innocent comments of one of my children. Glad you shared this one!
12/9/2009 7:08:52 AM
Nancy United States
Too funny!  My brother and his family moved from Phoenix to Texas, when his son, Greg, was only 5 years old.  About a year later we knew Greg had fit into his new environment well when he was telling us about his new "crowns".  We couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about until he told us that he used his "crowns" to color in the coloring book!  Oh Crayons!  Well duh!
12/12/2009 4:49:37 PM
Haidyn United States
now thats just hilarious
12/6/2010 6:09:37 AM
Gail United States
Praise God for Casting Crowns!  I wanted to tell them that their songs minister to my heart and soul.  Thank you for having a heart for God and His people.  God bless you wherever you go and whoever you meet.  

12/6/2010 4:12:53 PM
Jasmine United States
That's really funny but i Just want to point out that you guys spelled principal as principle Smile it's okay
3/7/2011 7:38:33 PM
Bleach costumes United States
Bleach costumes
God Bless you and Erik as you serve Jesus the Christ. Love in Christ,I realily like Lisa laugh,so cute ! pretty GIRL ``
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