Dec 09 2010

The Geese and the Snowstorm



There was once a man who did not believe in the virgin birth of Christ or the spiritual meaning behind it.  He didn’t understand all the focus on Jesus at Christmas time.  He was even skeptical there was a God who loved him. 

He and his family lived in a farm community. His wife was a devout believer and diligently raised her children in the faith. He sometimes gave her a hard time about her belief and mocked her reverence of Christmas.  "It's all nonsense -- why would God lower himself and become a human like us? It's such a silly story," he said.

One snowy December day, his wife and the children left for church while he stayed home. After they had departed, the winds grew stronger and the snow turned into a blinding snowstorm. He sat down to relax before the fire for the evening.

Then he heard a loud thump, something hitting against the window... And, still another thump. He looked outside but could not see anything. So he ventured outside for a better view. In the field near his house he saw, of all the strangest things, a flock of geese. They were apparently flying to look for a warmer area down south, but they had been caught in the snowstorm. The storm had become too blinding and violent for the geese to fly or see their way. They were stranded on his farm, with no food or shelter, unable to do more than flutter their wings and fly in aimless circles. He had compassion for them and wanted to help them. He thought to himself, the barn would be a great place for them to stay. It is warm and safe; surely they could spend the night and wait out the storm. So he opened the barn doors for them.

He waited, watching them, hoping they would notice the open barn and go inside. Nevertheless, they did not notice the barn or realize what it could mean for them. He moved closer toward them to get their attention, but they just moved away from him out of fear.

He went into the house and came back with some bread, broke it up, and made a bread trail to the barn. They still did not catch on.

Starting to get frustrated, he went over and tried to shoo them toward the barn. They panicked and scattered into every direction except toward the barn. Nothing he did could get them to go into the barn where there was warmth, safety, and shelter. Feeling totally frustrated, he exclaimed, "Why don't they follow me? Can't they see this is the only place where they can survive the storm? How can I possibly get them into the one place to save them?"

He thought for a moment and realized that they just would not follow a human. He said to himself, "How can I possibly save them? The only way would be for me to become like those geese. If only I could become like one of them. Then I could save them. They would follow me and I would lead them to safety."

His words reverberated in his mind.   

If only I could become like one of them, then I could save them.  

Suddenly, everything his wife had lived and said in front of him filled his heart.  Jesus became a man to save mankind. 


He fell to his knees in the snow.

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12/9/2009 4:03:26 AM
Deb Weller United States
Deb Weller
What a wonderful story.  God does truely know how to get through to each and every one of us....I love the way that God revealed Himself to this man.  Happy Holidays! (Pick out the letters H-o-l-y in Holidays.) Thanks for sharing this tender story!
12/9/2009 5:19:58 AM
Vicki United States
I am so glad you shared this story. I had heard it along time ago, and was so moved by it. Now I can share it with others.  God Bless!!
12/9/2009 6:03:10 AM
BONNIE United States
Beautiful story.  It amazes me, how God works. Sometimes in the most unpredicable ways, like in this story! Listen to KLOVE in the truck, on the PC,and my horses listen in the barn. Love KLOVE!!!!!!!
Merry "Christ"mas!!!!!!!!!
12/9/2009 6:10:08 AM
jazmin United States
beautiful and moving story thanks
12/9/2009 6:14:00 AM
Jean United States
This was a beautiful way to show the love of Christ.
12/9/2009 6:56:58 AM
Jiti United States
Love the geese story. Few are chosen, lucky to be the few.
Love listening to both of you.
Merry Christmas and GOD Bless.
12/9/2009 8:18:29 AM
Michele United States
Isn't God wonderful how he works in our lives.  We are hear to plant the seed.  God will make the seed grow but in his time not ours.  It is so wonderful that he can use the littlest things to change our lifes.  Thank you so much GOD for getting our attention no matter how small the thing is because that shows how much more he is so powerful and mighty.  I love you God.  Smile
12/9/2009 8:35:38 AM
Nancy United States
Hey, was anyone else disappointed in the venue for the Chris Tomlin concert last night in Hoffman Estates, IL?  We sat in sight of the church for FIFTY MINUTES because they had NO traffic control, and ended up missing the first half hour of the concert!  Who would book a concert at a venue with only one entrance and five major feeders--without any traffic control??? I feel like asking for a refund just to pay for my wasted gas!!!  Tomlin and Giglio were great--but no one appreciated the frustration with getting in there....
12/9/2009 8:40:22 AM
Teresa Wells United States
Teresa Wells
This makes me cry! What a beautiful way to explain what Christ did for us! Can't wait to print and share this.
12/9/2009 8:41:31 AM
Bonnie Johnson United States
Bonnie Johnson
I love the story of the geese!  It really amazes me the way the Lord can speak to people.  I ask you pray that my husband Bruce be able to see and understand like this man did this Christmas season
12/9/2009 9:30:52 AM
Kerry United States
What a beautiful story to show the love of Christ; I was deeply touched by this.  Thank you for sharing and for all that you do at K-Love!
12/9/2009 9:57:56 AM
Marie United States
Wow...great way to share God's love! Love listening to K-LOVE, truly makes my day better to listen to God's word through music and all of you passing the stories of God's miricles along to all of us listener's.  Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all.  
12/9/2009 10:25:34 AM
Jim Holloway United States
Jim Holloway
I love that story! I have heard that story before and LOVE it!
12/9/2009 1:00:50 PM
Rebecca Harmon United States
Rebecca Harmon
I so love this story . God truely is wonderful and awesome and has a way of showing you his great love for you in the simplest ways.
I love you all at klove for the message you bring about god's love. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.
12/9/2009 2:11:17 PM
Chrissie Kline United States
Chrissie Kline
Oh wow! Something I hadn't thought about before! I love the concept here!

Looking forward to other days on this calender - this thing is pure awesome!
12/10/2009 6:08:58 AM
Bel de Leon United States
Bel de Leon
This is a very nice story, we can use it for evangelism especially to the kids with some pictures/visual aids.God bless you guys.
12/10/2009 6:55:54 AM
Angie, Galion, Ohio United States
Angie, Galion, Ohio

I like the peep store story.  You may have to do a special story there if they offer peep sheep for Easter.  What do you think?
12/10/2009 9:22:35 AM
Macie United States
Thats a great story. Thank you, God bless!
12/10/2009 4:19:42 PM
Erin Honduras
I've not heard this story - I shared it with my 13 year old and she got tears in her eyes Smile
12/11/2009 8:25:49 AM
Pamela Zurawski United States
Pamela Zurawski
What a beautiful story!  It brought tears to my eyes as I was reading this and realizing that Christ is crying for us to turn to him for safety.
12/13/2009 2:55:23 AM
Veronica United States
Wow! I never heard this story before. It also brought tears to my eyes. Thank you I will share it with my family.  
12/14/2009 8:35:56 AM
Jamie Johnson United States
Jamie Johnson
As I was reading the story I could picture the motion as a film and the ending was over whelming Thank you for sharing that meaningful and opening hearts type of story.
12/9/2010 6:22:16 AM
Gracie Cobine United States
Gracie  Cobine
I have been friend with veroncia sice pre-school
I'am her daugther god mother. Veroncia and I have stop talking to each other for about three year now because of GOSSIP also because she enjoy drinking and pratying every weeken I didn't want that kind of life.I moved away from all of that a few months later on face book she sent a friend request I haven't anwered her jet what should I do
I have pray about.
12/9/2010 6:51:57 AM
Julie Belden United States
Julie Belden
Thank you for this story.  God is so awesome only he could use a flock of geese to glorify his kingdom and save his chosen child.  I am blessed.  
12/9/2010 7:11:54 AM
Tricia Coleman United States
Tricia Coleman
What a wonderful story!! If only everyone could see it from his point of view how much God sacraficed for us!! Praise Jesus!!
12/9/2010 7:13:52 AM
Craig United States
WOW! Is the ending missing? Am I the only one who wonders what happened to the geese?
12/9/2010 7:16:19 AM
Clelie United States
I pray my little sister reads this. She has lost her faith in Christ and is lost herself! She keeps crying out for help to make her life make sense again but will not come back to Christ. She doesn't think it makes sense. My soul mourns for her and think this story may touch her! Thank you for posting it and please pray for her. Her name is Dominique.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
12/9/2010 7:21:17 AM
Andrea United States
Thank you for sharing this AWESOME story!  God Bless everyone this Christmas season and may we always remember to keep the "CHRIST" in Christmas.

God Bless K-LOVE too!  I listen all the time with my family, work, in the car, etc. and it is a true blessing!
12/9/2010 7:21:43 AM
Carolyn Wilkinson United States
Carolyn Wilkinson
I love this story.  I heard a similar story a couple of years ago which flipped the switch for me.  I'm so glad you shared it here.
12/9/2010 8:02:06 AM
Helena Smith United States
Helena Smith
I love when Jesus gives us those uh-huh moments and everything is clear.  Thanks for sharing this story it's just a reminder Jesus is always there to show us the way and teach us.  

I was blessed by this story.

Thank you
12/9/2010 8:03:42 AM
et United States
I have a yellowed copy of the "Parable of the Birds" that appeared in the Bergen Record (Bergen County, NJ) many(at least ten) years ago.

It was written by Louis Cassels, Religion Editor at United Press International.   My footnote to the article states, "Louis died years ago, but his modern parable lives on, reprinted as a Christmas tradition in newspapers across the country."

God bless K-Love ...
God bless America ...
God bless us, one and all!
12/9/2010 9:28:40 AM
shelly United States
Can you play set the world on fire by britt nicole? thanks.
12/9/2010 9:46:36 AM
D.J.Menu United States
I love you all at K-Love You are with me all day, at home, car, garage, any place i am ,you are, Thankyou so very much for blessing my life,I thank God for you all. thank you for this beautiful story, it gave me huge GOOSE bumps, and tears to my eyes.  God Bless you all, love, D.J.  Merry CHRISTmas.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/10/2010 8:30:32 AM
Crystal Gallegos United States
Crystal Gallegos
I think it is wonderful what you guys do at K-Love. I want to thank you, I and my son about a month ago have started to go to church on a regular bases and we have listen to nothing but K-Love ever since. The story about the geese and the snowstorm i have never heard it before and loved it an amazing story. God is the all mighty and I love him for the gift he give to me!
12/10/2010 9:34:04 AM
Letha Mahan United States
Letha Mahan
My favorite Christmas story outside the original, of course.
12/11/2010 7:50:49 AM
Jan Harrington United States
Jan Harrington
My favorite Christmas story is the one by Frank Peretti- All is Well. The song that was played at the end of the recording for that story was also All is Well, produced by Michael W Smith. It features a boy soprano, boy's choir and then an adult choir and is my favorite Christmas song but I never hear it played. Will  you please play it for me? Today, especially as my son faces a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday and you know the preliminaries for that are so bad. Thanks. God bless.
3/27/2011 3:59:54 AM
Usually United States
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