Dec 15 2010

WOW, God Sent His Son At the Right Time

Prophets foretold of the birth of Jesus hundreds and hundreds of years before it took place. But God had a plan for when it was to happen - a pivotal time that would change the world forever. Galatians 4:4 says, "But when the right time came, God sent his son ...".

Tell us your "Wow, God Came At the Right Time" story that was a pivotal moment in your life?

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12/15/2010 3:59:17 AM
Michelle C United States
Michelle C
Hi my name is Michelle and I am from New Jersey (by the way right now it is 23 degrees - freeezing!)
I am not sure if a lot of people would consider this a "wow" moment... but about 6 months ago my family was struggling financially. On top of that, my 7 y/o old son was not doing well in school. He's ADHD combined and was attending public school. His father and I were fighting with the system since October of 2009 to get the help that he needed. He was misclassified twice in the end... the lawyer didn't help and our resources were running dry. I prayed constantly for... nothing... I didn't know what to pray for. I just wanted my child out of public school.
Then, my son was transferred yet to another public school to start this past September... and that's when I just couldn't take it anymore. I said, "Absolutely not!" and started praying even more.
A friend of mine recommended a Christian school with their own Child Study Program. I was so excited to find out there was a private school that actually offers such thing (not that many around here). But... we couldn't afford it. So, I just continued to pray and tried looking at positive things even when there were none.
But around June I placed a random job application at a place I always wanted to work. I didn't pay much attention to it. A week later, I received a call for an interview and on my way there Matt Maher's song was playing. "This is the first day of the rest of your life".... this stuck with me throughout the entire interview. I smiled on my way in and out of there thinking, "God has something SO great for us." A week later, I got the job with double the salary than what I was making and I immediately enrolled my son in this school that has been a blessing to us. He has improved academically, learned about Jesus and names in the Bible I cannot even say myself, memorized scriptures... he's an 'A' student!
His teacher is SO patient with him. He still struggles with behavior. But we are very persistent. On 12/19, it will be 5 months since I've been working and I thank God for this job every day! Not only did it helped us financially, it also helped my son and it's a place that I can truly say I am happy to get up and go to work. This is what God has assigned me to do and I am working hard to continue to be His servant.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
God bless.
12/15/2010 4:28:42 AM
Kat Gerberick United States
Kat Gerberick
My "wow God" anniversary is coming up this Feb. 14. It'll be 3 years since I attempted suicide. To make a long story short, I had lost all hope and Satan's lies had taken over my life. My favorite verse at the time was "Save me, O God, for the waters are rising." (I'm pretty sure it is Psalm 66:1).
I was drowning in pain and sorrow. So Feb. 14, 2008, I tried to kill myself. The amazing part wasn't just that I didn't succeed, but that as the week went by in the psych ward I learned to care about others again. I started encouraging others to not give up, and to lean on God. I decided that week that I would hold on to God even if it was just by my fingertips, and I would never let go again. Please share this on the radio. I want someone to know that if you're depressed you NEED to get help. Pray, even if you think you aren't being heard, because God can and WILL deliver you from this disease.
12/15/2010 6:11:40 AM
Patricia, 53 United States
Patricia, 53
In 2007 my marriage of 18 years was ending and I reluctantly left behind the years of emotional turmoil and abuse.  In those years I'd come to rely on God for my survival.  I'd learned to live a life of joy and peace in the midst of this unstable relationship.  After all the hard work I didn't understand God moving me out of the marriage.  When I moved back to the home that was mine when we met, I asked God why.  This is the only time in my life I'd ever asked God "WHY".  I was so perplexed.  God had taught me how to live with this man.  I'd learned how to be okay with my situation.  Why take me out now?  It caused me to wonder if this was really God.  In all my husband's manipulation to put me down emotionally God had sustained me.  But now I was starting over as a single mom (son, 17) in a home that needed so much work on it and one income to live and rebuild our life.  My physical needs seemed overwhelming.  Is this really God or just me giving up?  Then my WOW moment happened.  As I sat on the side of my bed feeling sorry for myself (I was devastated at where my life was) God showed my clearly how he was not only with me IN my marriage but was preparing me for this time.  God unveiled his provision by showing me that I had everything I needed to start again.  This is what he showed me:  1) In 2001 my husband left me and I had to get the utilities and phone switched into my name.  When he returned they remained in my name.  Now all I had to do was make a call to switch service.  2) In 2005, during one of his irresponsible acts, he took his whole pay check to put down on a car for me, but his credit failed so the car had to be put in my name...I have a car that is mine alone.  3) I tried to convince him 4 months before I left to sell the house I eventually moved back into in order to use the money as down payment on a new home he was buying for us.  Later, I found that he planned to keep that house for rental income....Now I have a house that is mine, separate from him.  4)  He spitefully bought the new home in his name alone in order to have complete and total control over me.  I was able to leave with no financial responsiblity for that house.  I had a home ready to move into, car, job, no financial fallout.  Here I was in a new life with nothing to negotiate or divide up with him.  God used my husband's deceitful plans to bless and prepare the way for my new life.  God had been laying all that out when I didn't even know it.  Yes, this WAS God like I'd never experienced him before.  Now I'm happy.  I ask that you pray for my son, Jonathan, who is now 20, but still struggling with the pain his of his father being revealed.  His father lied to him for most of his life and undermined his relationships with everyone in the house (3 older children from my past marriage).  Since the breakup his father has no contact with him.  This is doubly hard on Jonathan because his father told him for years that he was the only one in the home who loved him. This came out after the breakup.  Jonathan is struggling to find his way.  I continue to encouarage him to find his identity in Christ and lean on him for guidance, support and stability.  He's still very angry.  Keep him in prayer, please.
12/15/2010 6:20:32 AM
Karen Lay United States
Karen Lay
I was sitting in a Beth Moore bible study one Sunday morning.  I had fought w/ my husband b4 leaving for church.  I had been fighting to get him to church w/ me for months.  We were talking about Joshua asking God to cause the sun and moon to stand still, so that he could finish the battle in daylight.

I was talking to God in my head and said to myself "God - if you can control the sum and moon - please move Tony to come to church".  

I looked up after class and he was standing behind me waiting for me to walk upstairs to worship.

This is a small thing in our everyday world but it was a large thing in mine.
12/15/2010 8:08:04 AM
Brian Jia United States
Brian Jia
I usually travel to Thailand in summer. This year I changed to do after summer. I purchased ticket to leave San Francisco on Sept 14 around midnight. My mom-in-law who lived with me since I married my wife for the last 26 years got sick on Sept 10 at 5A. I rushed her to the hospital where she suffered a short time and passed away on Sunday the 12th. Her last wished is to be buried in her country, Laos, which next to Thailand. Her funeral was set on Tuesday at 1P. Everything is done by 7P. I was at the airport at 10P with her urn. ON TIME! Talk about perfect timing! Once I got to Thailand, my plan was take her cross the border to Laos and buried at the church's cemetary on the weekend of 19th Sept. The church and her relatives ask me to postpone until the following week, 26th. After I gave her to the pastor at the church to take care and to be buried her on Monday. I joined the worship that Sunday and it was the first time that I have the feeling saying that my present is required, here in this church, to be a missionary. And the church has the Lord's Supper. The following weekend I traveled back to Khonkaen, my home town, We had a Lord's Supper. The following weekend I traveled to Bangkok. I went to my regular church that I came every time that I am here. We have a Lord's Supper. All these times, I have a feeling that my present is required, here.
If I do according to my plan, I would have missed all the Lord's Supper. Talk about God's perfect timing!
12/15/2010 8:14:24 AM
Callista United States
Hi L&E,

I wanted to share.  Three weeks ago today, my grandfather passed away.  I was doing my best to keep everything together and help put the final arrangements in order for my grandmother (his wife of 63 years).  My grandfather was a hard worker, and had this old cowboy hat.  It was well worn, with the dirt and sweat stains it had accumulated over the years.  Each time I saw it, memories of him flashed through my mind.  I really hoped to have it as a memento of him.  However, when we decided that "Grandpa needed his hat" and so we placed it in the casket with him.  I was glad, because it pleased my grandmother, and was really the right thing to do, but when I came back to the house my heart ached every time I saw that empty spot where his had used to lay.  I prayed that God would get me through the grief.  A little later, I happened to pick up a photo album and dropped it by accident.  The book flopped open to a photo from many years before.  It was of my grandpa, on Christmas morning.  He was sitting in a chair with a box on his lap and holding the cowboy hat.  When I saw that, 2Cor. 5:17 came to mind "the old has gone, the new has come".  I went out to start the car as I thought about this and KLOV was on playing the song that sings "I'm going home for Christmas."

Thank you all.  Merry Christmas.
12/16/2010 5:29:32 AM
LK Shinneman (Just LK)
LK Shinneman (Just LK)
Michelle C. I just read your story and it certainly is a WOW God moment. Everyone (including me) seem to think that a God moment has to be something huge, earth shattering and miss all the everyday moments that He gives us. Because you were listening to the music on K-Love you were God centered which was why you aced the interview, got the job and got your prayer answered. Ask and you will receive! We just have to be centered on Him and recognize the small everyday moments that are truely the answer to our prayers. Thanks so much for sharing your story. May His peace be with you and yours, now and forever...LK
12/18/2010 4:41:45 PM
Kathy United States
My WOW God moment came over 30 years ago. In November, 1977, I was diagnosed as being an epileptic. Over the course of 11 months I watched as the milligrams of medication continued to increase as their effectiveness steadily decreased. I suffered from frequent grand and petty-maul seizures.  One day I had 72 seizures in the course of 12 hours.  This event put me in the hospital. I was nine years old at the time, feeling every bit the "outsider" at school. Due to the frequency and unpredictably of them, I was unable to participate in a lot of physical activity at school.

It was November of 1978 and a few months earlier my mother dedicated her life to Christ. The exact date was November 17, 1978. A few days prior, I had another appointment with the neurologist. Whenever I went to an appointment with him he would run an EEG, at test designed to measure activity in the brain. At this particular appointment they discovered everything that I'd been through in the past year had caused permanent brain damage and scar tissue on the surface of my brain.

On the morning of November 17, I said to my mother, "Mommy, I'm sick of this.  I'm sick of taking medication that doesn't work.  I'm sick of falling asleep everywhere we go. I feel like an addict, cause I can't go without taking this junk, since it could cause a bad episode." She replied, "Don't worry honey, we'll take care of it this evening." I tried to get her to tell me where we were going, but she wouldn't budge. She wasn't going to tell me where we were going.

That evening we went to a concert. It was the first time I'd ever heard contemporary Christian music. At the end of the concert, they gave an altar call. We were sitting in the fourth row, it was as if the Holy Spirit lit a fire under my seat. I couldn't get to the front fast enough.

After everyone had come forward, they took us into another room off the auditorium. I looked at the woman who sat down in front of me and told her that I was an epileptic and I was sick of "being sick". I told her I wasn't leaving until God healed me, even if it meant staying here all night. She prayed with me. She led me through the sinner's prayer. At one point as she was praying with me, she opened her eyes. She could see in her Spirit God making the sign of the Cross from one side of my head to the other.

Two months later I went to the doctor and of course they ran another EEG. Well that day they ran FOUR. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.  All brain damage, scar tissue, and any evidence of any seizure activity ever taking place was GONE. It was as if the past year had never happened. Because of God's grace and the miracle that took place that night in November, I have been seizure free for 32 years and medication free since April of 1979. Jesus paid the price for the seizures on the cross. It's only by His grace and His ultimate sacrifice that I'm healed and no longer have live with epilepsy.
12/18/2010 5:11:07 PM
Susan United States
My Wow God moment happened a few years ago. I went after work to Walmart to shop for some last minute things. It was close to Christmas as I recall. The lot was packed and dark. I had to park really far away from any light. As I was unlocking my car, this guy (early 20s) appeared out of nowhere. In a split second I felt fear. He was in bad need of his next "fix" and really rough looking. Long story short, after that very brief moment of fear, the Holy Spirit took over. Every word that came out of my mouth was from God. Left to my own power, I have never been a fantastic witness. I love my Lord and make no bones about it but I still feel like I don't do a good job at witnessing.I asked him his name and he told me that his name was "Bobby." I told him that I was not going to give him any money to fill the forged med script that he was showing me. I told him that we could go back inside and get some dinner at McDonalds if he wanted. Anyway, he did not want food. He was sick and shaking. God took over completely and I shared Jesus with him. He was gentle and kind to me and showed great southern manners. I knew that somewhere he had a mom that loved him. He listened to me and seemed to take it all in.He left without accepting Jesus but I feel that he eventually was born again. When I left, I was so in awe. I had never before been filled like that.I told God that I was ready to die. It was ok if it was a car wreck. I knew that the only way to get any more of the Holy Spirit was to be in the presence of my God.What a blessing! Of course, God did not take me home that night. He had other plans for me. The Holy Spirit just wore me out over that kid. I felt such a need to pray for him. I prayed for him at that time and I asked my entire church family to do the same. About two weeks after I met Bobby, I was given such complete peace. It was at that time that I knew that Bobby gave it up for the Lord. I will most likely never see him again here on this earth but we will have a fantastic reunion in heaven some day.
12/22/2010 12:02:54 PM
Marqu Lewis United States
Marqu Lewis

I am so Thankful for my Salvation. My husband was in a real bad car wreck several years ago. Him and his friends had been drinking and they hit a semi. The wreck through his best friend (driver) out the window. The semi they hit ran over him killing him instantly. My husband was in real bad shape, they did NOT think he would make it. Was in a coma for a while. Had to learn to walk and talk again.  The only way you can tell he was ever in a wreck now is he has a scar on his forehead, a slight speech impediment, and a short term memory problem.  Also, another WOW God moment is: I was raped when I waa 17. The guy was a drug head. There was a knife on the dash that neither of us saw. Thank you Lord for keeping it from being worse. My mom brother and I were in 2 car wrecks back to back. A drunk driver rear ended us going 85 miles an hour the first time. A lady pulled out in front of us breaking our car in half the second time. Neither of them our fault. The second wreck broke both my mom's legs and put her and my gramma in a nursing home for therapy for 2 and a half years. They didn't get the therapy they should have. My gramma died 5 years ago because of their neglect.  My mom is doing fair. She is in a wheelchair, but she can stand some and transfer to her vehicle. She was almost walking at one point, until this past February she was diagnosed with cancer. Had a double masectomy in July. The chemo and stuff has her system down. It is slowly coming back up. I just think the Lord for his blessings.
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