Dec 18 2010

Social Network Christmas

Here are a couple of looks at the birth of Jesus utilizing social media and the internet ...


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12/18/2010 6:17:50 AM
Joan United States
Beautiful Smile  Wish I could post to my Facebook Wall~
very touching!
12/18/2010 6:22:32 AM
AliciaKae United States
Wow! I loved the first video. This is a very neat way to tell the story of Christ's birth. Both are very creative.

Merry Christmas!
12/18/2010 8:27:04 AM
Jessica United States
I love it!! Smile
12/19/2010 4:58:05 AM
Sandy United States
I truly enjoyed the face book composite.  Its interesting and makes His coming a bit easier to understand for the younger kids who grew up with computers and facebook.  Thank You.
12/20/2010 6:05:00 AM
Debbie United States
How beautiful. That was amazing. God Bless and Merry Christmas.
12/20/2010 12:23:40 PM
Linda United States
Wonderful! Wish we could share through our fb.
12/21/2010 11:55:39 AM
Kathy Daniels United States
Kathy Daniels
Wonderful.  Amazing. and adds a whole new dimension to kids who are electronically hooked up.
12/21/2010 12:26:00 PM
Shantal Mexico
Wow that was amazing! Thanks for sharing Smile
12/21/2010 1:38:39 PM
Andrea Weber Romania
Andrea Weber
I loved the videos!
12/24/2010 7:22:18 AM
Judi Harbert United States
Judi Harbert
This is a video worth posting on FB for all to see, esp unsaved friends. Great video!
3/27/2011 3:33:02 AM
hi United States
I was reading  some of your posts  on this website   and I  conceive this  internet site  is  real   instructive!  Keep on  putting up.
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