Dec 29 2010

What's Your "Wow, God" Story of 2010?

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12/29/2010 4:27:12 AM
Shelley Prince United States
Shelley Prince
Recently my husband decided to end our 27 year marriage. I asked my family and friends back in April to pray for his salvation. I had prayed for his salvation all these years. My husband accepted the Lord in October, PRAISE the LORD! Even though he still wants a divorce, the most important miracle happened. I will still be praying for God's will in our life and I know He will always be there for us.
12/29/2010 4:32:28 AM
JJ United States
My WOW God story of 2010 has to do with my wife. We were in a nice church and we let our selves be slowly pulled out making excuses on why we didnt want to go. My wife also had a rough life filled with mental and physical abuse. She always held back for some reason and would never open up in church. About a week or so ago our son may have saved her soul. He's 3 and knows no strangers. We were out to eat and he went up and sat down next to 2 guys and started talking away to them. Within 1 1/2 minutes we were all sitting together talking. One thing led to another and they invited us to the church their starting up close to our home. What put the icing on the cake for my wife was that she always felt people in church were sunday friends, unless your family you never talk outside of church. That was how it had always been for her. Within 2 days one of the guys called and asks us to meet him and his family to go out to eat. She about broke down crying and told me that she wanted to start goin there as soon as we could. Their first service is new years eve.
12/29/2010 4:49:01 AM
Kayla Wiltrout United States
Kayla Wiltrout
Hi! My story has been over the years. When I went to 1 grade I could not see. I went to the eye  doctor and got glasses but I still could not see so my mom took me Pittsburgh to a new doctor the doctor made me have testes that grown-ups hated. Like they had to glue contacts on my eyes and I had to stare at a screen and could not blink. i finally found what it was but I still have story to tell. I started of at 20/200. Now I am down to 20/60. I would not have done it without K-love so thank-you and God Bless!
12/29/2010 5:02:55 AM
DeAnna United States
My husband and I separated in November of 2008.  He has been an alcoholic his whole life, and I couldn't raise my children in our home as it was.  I had tried to open his eyes to his need for Jesus, but he was so blinded by his need for the alcohol...he just could not see.  Through our separation which lasted a year, I stayed faithful to God and to my husband.  My friends and some of my family would tell me, "You can do better...God has someone else for you....You don't have to put up with this anymore..."  I would just say to them, "My God is a God of miracles."  God taught me so much during that time in our lives.  He is faithful to us.  He does love His children, and wants to bless us with our hearts desires.  He is so awesome!  My husband is a new man today.  He has stopped drinking as of November 2009.    He is not controlling and jealous as he used to be.  He is kind, and giving, and so soft-hearted. This year of 2010 has been the best year of my life! I will forever be grateful for the way that God took my shattered love, and miraculously gave me the man that I have always dreamed of.  My husband is the miracle that I will always remember when I need to be reminded of God's amazing love for us!  WOW GOD!
12/29/2010 5:23:56 AM
Greg United States
Re: DeAnna

Thank you for sharing that awesome testimony, DeAnna.

"My God is a God of miracles."

Mmmmmmm ... That's good stuff !!!

Thank You, Lord, for the work You have done and continue to do in DeAnna's life !!!

12/29/2010 5:47:05 AM
Marlene United States
my WOW God story happen May 2, 2010. This is the day my father passed away from cancer. I know it sound silly for this to be a WOW God moment, but it is what happen that day that is true awesome.

It was toward the end of his life here on earth. There was my mom, bother & sisters and a few grandkids with him. We were listening to Alan Jacksons Percoius Memories cd and I was reading passage from the Bible. My mom had told my dad it was ok to go. You could feel angels in the room all around us. There was such peace and warm calm feeling. I know my dad's parents were there also to welcome him into heaven. He had talked about his mom's hair how pretty it looked, so i know they were in the room that day, to bring their son home with them.

This has given me the strenght to except my dad is no longer with us here on earth. But that he will always be with us in spirit.
12/29/2010 5:54:41 AM
fayth verran United States
fayth verran
about 4 years ago i was about to give up on God, i laid in my bed and i told God that if he doesnt let me know he is real i will quit believing  i was having probs with my daughters and my prayer werent being answered so i thought . the next day during praise and worship pastor got up and said this is for a women i dont know who you are but you were laying on you bed last night telling God you were done well God says dont stop believing every thing will be ok....New years day i lost my husband he was 45 i was thrown for a loop and i started to doubt Gods love i had prayed every day for a healing or at least let John have the surgery on his anuerysm.well i prayed God i know you are real and there good all the time  i hear of people saying they feel you or a warm embrace comes over them. i am standing on your word isaiah 41 you are holding me and helping me.  well before that i went to a grief thing and i left saying God no one knows my pain i am all alone. that sunday i went to church and a women came to me and said i have to talk to you, i had a vision and God says i have to tell it to you, she said in my vision you were in a room full of hundreds of people , even though there were alot of people you felt all alone and no one knows your pain, you were in a pocket and you cant climb out kick your way out then i saw a hand come down, the hand of God and he put his hand on the pocket and said she feels all alone and that no one knows her pain tell her i know and that i am holding her  what she feels are just feelings but truth is i am holding her , i know her pain and she is not alone . Praise God it still hurts beyond anything i have dealt with but i know God is here with me and i am not alone.
12/29/2010 6:01:10 AM
Sherry Cantu United States
Sherry Cantu
For over 30 YEARS I've been dealing with Dermatillomania or CSP-Compulsive Skin Picking.
Basically an offshoot of OCD that manifests in picking at my skin and/scabs.  I would have open wounds for months at a time.  Once I found out what it was, I had a whole lot of words and information, but no help.  I understood what was happening, but had no way of stopping.  I tried Drug Therapy, Counseling, Support Groups, AA Meetings, Nothing.  I felt as if I’d be chained and locked in the prison of CSP for the rest of my life.  

September 2010, A Women’s Retreat.  An alter call came for those dealing with addictions.  I answered the call and grasped, with all that was within me, onto the belief that He was my Healer! That which I could not do was not impossible for HIM!  And…?????  It’s been over 3 months, with NO impulse to pick, and NO major focus not to pick!! HE HAS SET ME FREE!!! 2010 is absolutely a WOW GOD year for me!

John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”
12/29/2010 6:12:07 AM
Sharon Johnson United States
Sharon Johnson
This year has been full of God. To start off with, I had only one class left to take to finish my degree and I was living pay check to pay check with no means of saving any money at all. While I was chaperoning my churchs youth ski trip, I received a phone call from the school I had completed my student teaching at and they needed a substitute teacher for a full month, and maybe more. That job, along with my tax return and an unexpected monetary gift from my church made it possible for me to take my final class and obtain my Elementary Education degree. Amidst all of this, I was forced to move out of my parents house and start the adventure of living alone, paying bills and all that "fun stuff." Shortly after this, I realized that due to my family problems that forced me to move out, I also had to quit one of my jobs. God provided me with another job at a great Christian company - with a pay raise and a garaunteed 40 hours a week. On top of all this, he gave me a wonderful, Godly best friend, who is also my boyfriend. Along with him, came his pastor's family, now my second family. I found K-Love this year on accident, and to be quite honest, I was slightly upset that it taken over the radio station where I listened to my Tarheels play basketball! But now, I am glad that K-Love is a station that I can listen to and I listen to it all the time! Thus far, I am not financially able to support K-Love but I am grateful to all of those who can. K-Love is the only Christian station that the radio in my house will clearly pick up and I listen to it every morning as I get ready for work. It's a great way to start my day off right! Thank you K-Love!
12/29/2010 6:37:56 AM
Cheryl McElroy United States
Cheryl McElroy
Wow! Definately one of the many words I would use to describe our miracle working father! In Sept. one of our 10 year old sons had something unfortunate happen to him. Because of this incident Keaton otherwise known as "Tuffy" was hospitalized from Sept. 10 to Oct. 22nd where 32 of those days were spent in pediatric ICU.  Throughout our trial we hung onto the promises of God and spoke them each and every day not just for ourselves and for Tuffy but fot all the doctors and nurses who needed to see this miracle come to pass! We had a very long journey and even in those wee dark hours when the doctors told us there was nothing more they could do--we knew who was in complete contol and we knew that the "Great Physician" was going to keep his promises!! So long story short, God is still in the miracle working business and we know this first hand because Keaton is not only a one time miracle he has now lived a second time when the doctors said he wouldn't --the first time at birth! Keaton is a twin and when they said he wouldn't God said he would!!  Praise God and give him ALL the glory!!
12/29/2010 6:38:47 AM
Laurie United States
Just before school ended for Christmas break this year the students were delivering nearly 400 pounds of food they had collected to several food banks in our town. the last delivery was actually picked up at our school by an organization. the driver of the huge truck that came asked us if we could use some fresh bread. the students said YES! and they began unloading bread (and other baked goods) from the truck. I soon saw that there was more than the few students could use so I began inviting other classes of students to come and take what they could use. Hundreds of students came and took what they wanted, still the mounds of baked goods seemed untouched. One student commented that it just seems to be multiplying! Our staff and students contacted food banks and families all over our city. Before all was done, there were hundreds of students and people in our community that received the wonderful fresh baked goods. The students were amazed that their contribution of rice, beans and pasta to area food banks had brought back such a blessing for so many. Several students and teachers said "it's like that story in the Bible, one boy gave Jesus his lunch and more than 5,000 were fed".  LOVE how God shows up in Public Schools!!  WOW God!
12/29/2010 6:57:15 AM
Diane Newton United States
Diane Newton
one night I was returning home very late after caring for my brother, who was 49 and had cancer. I got 1 mile from my street and stopped at a stop sign, no other cars around when all of a sudden a moving truck came from nowhere and ran the stop sign. It was only by God's grace that I wasn't crushed or hurt. I started into the intersection, but the truck missed me completely. It seemed for a brief moment God held my car back.
My brother passed away this past Oct. He was a non believer, but thru caring for him he accepted the Lord before he passed away.
12/29/2010 7:28:56 AM
stacey United States
God is Amazing!  Last year on Christmas EVE I took my son to the Riley ER  after been to 3 different ERs and 3 different doctors ( being turned away with diagnosis of flu) The team at Riley found a Blood Clot in my sons head, along with a large mass of Infection.  The doctors said he would have had a stroke, heart attack or hemorrhage if one more week would have passed.  All this was caused by an ear infection.  After 10 months of blood thinners, and other medications… he is doing very well! I am very blessed to have a great Church, great friends, and a loving family.  My church has really made a HUGE difference in our lives!  Thank you for the music of k-love that kept us going when we were struggling.  It is amazing how God works miracles!
12/29/2010 7:32:03 AM
Vicky S United States
Vicky S
My coworker's daughter was pregnant and due mid-January. Two months ago, tests showed that he had a rare genetic heart defect called truncus arteriosus (hoping I spelled that right) and would need surgery within weeks of his birth. He was born on Sunday before Christmas, at a normal birth weight and appearing healthy with no immediate leakage. He was able to be at home for the weekend, but is having surgery this morning (12/29) at 11:00 MST. My coworker is overwhelmed with how God has worked a miracle regarding his safe arrival, and that He is able to handle the surgery. Please help me pray for Ayden.
12/29/2010 7:45:31 AM
Amy United States
It's wonderful to write down your Wow God moments in a journal and to remember God's answers to prayers.  Anyone interested in doing this consistently online can journal at  When we focus on the provision of God in our lives, our love for God grows.
12/29/2010 7:46:04 AM
Ashley United States
Friends of mine, a family of 4, had a fire on Christmas Day, just this year.  I was talking to the woman last night, and the ONLY thing that was not damaged by fire, smoke, water, etc. was the Bible.  It was in a Bible cover, in the back bedroom.  The thought of this gives me chills, that they lost everything else!!  Praise God!!
12/29/2010 7:53:07 AM
Samantha Popplewell United States
Samantha Popplewell
So my Wow God Story of this year started in 2008 when my husband left me for another woman.  We seperated and I began praying about the needs of our children and how they did not need to live in the environment he created at his home.  In May of this year my divorce was final and I received sole custody of my children to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Then I began feeling sad because I am a single mother of two toddlers, am in school full time, and am only 24 - will that marriage be the only one I will ever have?  In late November I was driving down the road pondering about Christmas presents and how I would afford them and thinking about not having a love relationship to share at Christmastime, and I saw a falling star that was so bright I almost wrecked.  I watched it hit the ground on the side of the road and heard God say, "I will always take care of you."  The next day a relative offered to be 'Santa's Helper' and purchase all of my children's Christmas presents, yet wanted me to pick all of the presents out and wrap them myself as if I had purchased them.  The next Sunday I felt God nudging me to give $30 in the offering plate, yet I didn't have it to spare.  I gave it anyway knowing God had said He would take care of me.  The next week I received a $30 gift card from another relative telling me to finish up my Christmas shopping.  A few days later I received another $30 from another relative telling me to get some cute Christmas decorations because they had heard I didn't have many.  So, I gave $30 and God gave me $60 back plus all of my children's Christmas presents!!  I also know God will bring the right guy for me and my children at the right time because He said He will always take care of me, but I was unsure before.  How awesome is our God?  
12/29/2010 7:56:59 AM
Susan United States
My wow God story takes place over about eight months time. In May my husband threw me out and changed the locks.  I had been attending a church since last December.  I went to a bible study for the first time the week after it happened.  I had been staying in my car.  At the bible study I was telling my story and the ladies were all shocked by what had happened.  One of the ladies asked me where I was staying and I said that I had been in my car in parking lots in the area.  She stood up and came and hugged me and told me I was coming home with her.  I went to her home with her.  She and her husband welcomed me into their home where I stayed until God called them to go back to California.  I am basically in my car again, but I do have friends that I say with from time to time, but I know God has plans for me and that He is going to provide for me.

I have to say also that I had a couple of times that I was suicidal when I was in the car and I was listening to K-Love, and you guys all got me through...  I would turn on the radio and there you guys were with your love and telling me constantly of Gods love for me.  So thank you so much!
12/29/2010 8:02:49 AM
Bekah United States
My husband became a youth pastor in July of this year.  Four days after he started, we left for a week-long mission trip with our new youth group.  The trip was a great bonding experience, but it was on the way home that we had our God moment.  We had intended to drive all day in order to get home in one day.  But God had other plans.
On our way home, we stopped at a gas station in Indiana.  When we went back to the bus, it wouldn't start.  We ended up waiting there for hours.  Two men we had met from our mission trip drove two hours to help fix the bus.  
I ended up calling my mom to tell her what was going on.  A few minutes later, she called back and informed me that a family we had met four years earlier lived in the same town where we were stranded!  
See, five years ago, my family adopted a sibling group of three from Colombia.  This family had also adopted children from Colombia.  We hadn't seen them in four years, but they came and picked all of us up, let us take showers and go swimming at their house, and even let all of us spend the night.  God is so good!
12/29/2010 8:07:32 AM
Lynette United States
For the past 10 yrs I prayed for a husband. I was always told the bible said he who findeth a wife, finds a good thing. I was always told to just keep praying and wait on the lord. For years i cried and prayed because i didn't understand why i was the last of my kind. All my friends were getting married and even having children but i was dating and talking to men who weren't for me.
For years i tried to adjust to being single but it never got any easier. Before I knew it I was looking 30 yrs old in the face. And still nothing was happening. Got in engaged in 2007, and he broke if off right in the midst of wedding planning. I was so hurt because his reason were pure selfish. I had a little breakdown fall of 2007 and told the lord  that i wouldn't love again. And to please not open my heart until my husband came for me. For 3 years tears flowed from my eyes nightly because i was tired of being single and what seem to be alone.
It wasn't until July of 2010 did i finally become content being single, after 10 years. I enjoyed traveling, finishing up school and truly finding out who i was as a women of God.I was enjoying being single.I was at peace and very content. I had always been told that when you lease expect it, that man or women will come. I never believed it until it happen to me. My mother had to preach at a church that fellowship with yearly(and i have seen this man very often) and he noticed me as i walked into the door and I inturned noticed him as a man and not a brother or sister in the church.
It was at that time i met the man that the lord has given me. Not realizing that two years ago that was that was told to me in a church service that i was in. A strong, true mang of God who as we prepare for our wedding in 2011 seeks that face of God for direction for our future.
I was always told.
12/29/2010 8:20:10 AM
Samuel Rosette United States
Samuel Rosette
About a month or two ago, God spoke with me through the Holy Spirit and told me to keep communicating with West Africa. The Lord called me to a peculiar ministry back in 2007 involving personal or special messaging so I knew it was a significant message from the Lord. I'm constantly in contact with people of other countries but had not contacted anyone from West Africa so I began to fish around inquiring of other people about West Africa but to no avail. Later the Lord showed me a glimpse of a West African village and it's people looking up to heaven with hands stretched out and mouths open. I asked the Lord about this revelation and he made it known to me that I would find my answer and spoke the names Eric and Lisa. A few days later, I heard you guys presenting the pledge for West Africa through partnership with World vision on K love. Now I will add West Africa to my list of giving for 2011. Thank you Eric and Lisa for allowing God to use you through radio, he truly does know your (our) names!
12/29/2010 8:20:40 AM
B. England United States
B. England
One of my many wow stories just happened as I was listening to your show today! My husband is an associate pastor at a smaller church. I work as a case manager. We have 4 children. We are very blessed and have all that we need and many things we want, however, at times it is still a struggle. Today a couple from our church gifted us 3000! Just as I was listening to your show and hearing the comments of showing no fear and turning things over to God.  That is a wow moment. Thank you for all you do.
12/29/2010 8:29:45 AM
Dawn United States
We have faced financial hard times for the past several years. Our daughter transferred colleges and her room and board were no longer included in her tuition. Her rent is $400 a month. We lost our home in 2007 and were renting a home for $1,800 a month. The cost of $2,200 a month had finally taken it’s toll by August of 2010.

My husband and I share a car because we can’t afford to buy another one. On this particular Wednesday in August, it was God’s plan that I drive alone. I was feeling so desperate knowing that time was running out and there was no financial answer in sight as to how we were going to keep the places we were living in. Not to mention that every bill we have was falling further and further behind.

Even if we did find someone that would rent to us with our bad credit. We didn’t have money for the first and last months rent, or a moving truck.

I; of course, had my radio on KLOVE. When a commercial came on for the Prayer Line. Without even thinking, I reached for my cell phone and dialed the number. I was disappointed that I got a recording and thought “Great, like leaving a message is going to do anything to change my horrible situation.”

Well, it did! The very next day our next door neighbor came over. He told us he knew we had a lease, but he wanted to discuss something. I quickly told him our landlord had not renewed our lease for the past five months. He had been out of work for several months and finally received a job offer four states away.

He asked if we would be interested in renting his home for $800 a month? He was leaving in two days and we could take immediate possession. We have also needed a new TV for some time.

He said he was leaving all his furniture, including a new 46” HDTV. We were free to use all of it. We didn’t have to put any money down for a deposit, nor did we have to pay for a moving truck . . . WOW GOD!!! Thank you KLOVE!
12/29/2010 9:13:30 AM
Jennifer United States
I have been a new listener to your show since I moved to Illinois in August. Thank you for your ministry!
Today is a very special day, and this morning I felt the urge to share my story as a WOW God story. Back in Sept. of 2008 I found out I was pregnant, 25 weeks pregnant. The father and I were no longer together at the time I found out, we had not spoken since we broke up 3 months previous. I was in utter shock and could I be 25 weeks and have not known I was pregnant? My immediate first thought was an abortion; the fear of telling my parents and grandparents was unbearable. But at 25 weeks, an abortion is hardly do-able, nor affordable. So, I began to seek counseling at the local Bethany Christian Services to review my other options. When I finally told my mom, she couldn't have been more supportive; she reassured me that no matter what,she was with me through whatever decision I made. I began visiting with my counselor and the father nearly every other week. As my due date( Dec 26th) quickly approached, we had a lot to figure out in a short amount of time. Through those next few weeks, I battled with the idea of keeping and raising the baby, or going with an adoption. Neither was palatable it seemed. How could you choose? My counselor set me up with a girl my age who had been through this experience a few years ago so we could discuss her situation, and what it was like for her to decide. I met her & her mom and they told me the story about the open adoption she had with her now 4 year old son. Meeting Elizabeth and her mom was what I needed and God knew it!  I immediately felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I was overcome with a sense of peace in knowing this was a decision I could make. So, we started looking at families who also wanted an open adoption. After narrowing it down to 3, none of which I was really sure about, we decided to meet one of the families, I will call them the Smith's. I laugh about it now, but meeting that family for the first time was like a bad first date, or meeting the potential in-laws for the first time. VERY awkward, uncomfortable, and you talk waaay too much. It was a start Smile  Also going on at this time, my mother had started a prayer group with the women she works with at the hospital. They would pray regularly for this baby,the decision I had to make, and the potential family who would be receiving this child. One of the women in this prayer group, named Sally, was a fairly close friend to my mom.  Around Thanksgiving, getting home from church we pulled into the garage, just my mom and I. She turns to me and says, " I have something to tell you, and I am sorry I haven't told you earlier, but I feel like you need to know... you remember Sally?" I said yes, I had never met her, but knew of her. She continued, "We met a few weeks ago, and she told me about an experience she had that she thought you should know about. Sally said she had been driving with her kids to visit her mom, and she felt this overwhelming sense that God was speaking to her and telling her that she needed to talk to Jen(me) about adopting her baby. She went home and talked to Dave(her husband),and they prayed about it for a few weeks. And when her and I met a few weeks ago Sally told me all of this, and said she did not want this to be a factor in your decision, or alter your decision in any way. But she asked that I tell you." I was speechless.  Now one thing to keep in mind, is that Sally & Dave have 2 kids, 9 and 11 at the time. Dave had had a vasectomy, and they were not planning on other children. God however, had a different plan Smile
Fast forward to Dec 26th, my due date. The father, Joe*, my mom and I had decided to meet the Smith family one more time. Immediately after dinner, I had a few words with Joe* and I knew right away by the look on his face he did not feel comfortable with the decision that this family was the right choice. My mom and I went home, and I had remembered what my mom had mentioned weeks ago about Sally. "What if we just meet Sally, I have nothing to lose" I said. So, my mom called her that night and we had arranged to meet the next morning. That Saturday, Dec. 27th we met at Panera for coffee. From the moment she hugged me, I was at ease. She was enjoyable to be around, a pleasant disposition, honest and real. She talked about her family, her love for God, and the importance of raising her children in a Christian home. I knew that moment, there was a reason this woman had been brought into my life. We went our seperate ways, I pondered all day about the decision at hand. That night my mom called Sally and said "Jen has made her decision, are you sure you are up for this!?" I told her that I have chosen her and Dave to be the parents to adopt this baby! And once that baby knew I had made my decision, I went into labor the next day about noon Smile
December 29th, 2008 a sweet little baby girl who we named Adelyn Faith was born. She was my saving grace who reminded me of God's faithfulness, His never-ending mercy and love, and that the plans He has for us are WAY better than we could imagine.
To this day, God has blessed my life with the special relationship I share with Sally, along with the love we have for Addie. I am thankful for the open adoption, and that I get to enjoy watching Addie grow up. I am also thankful that my mom & grandparents see her often.
An open-adoption is not for everyone. For us, it works perfectly. Never once have I had regret or doubted my decision, God has filled my heart with peace in place of what once was uncertainty.
Today is special because it is her 2nd birthday!! As I write, I celebrate with joy the story God has begun to write in my life, Addie's life, and in the life of Dave, Sally, John & Samantha.  
God is good!

12/29/2010 10:06:49 AM
Ace Hubbard United States
Ace Hubbard
At age 20 (I'm almost 27 now) I was diagnosed with a profound case of Degenerative Disc Disease.  While most of us have this it doesn't normally show up until much later in life.  The doctor's in my small town of Paducah, Kentucky really didn't know what or how they should proceed given that I was so young and had never been involved in any accidents that would cause my spine to degenerate so quickly.  I was referred to a Spine Specialists in Nashville, TN who was willing to help not only educate me on this disease but also begin repairing the damage.  Over the past 7 years I've had 5 neck surgeries, 2 back surgeries, and countless outpatient procedures to help put me back together in a very literal sense.  
While I love my God more than words can express, you can imagine the battle I've had in trusting His will, His timing, and ultimately His plan for my life.  I won't lie at times the pain is more than I can bare and there have been numerous times where I've wanted to quit Jesus, quit this life, quit it all.  But even more than that, the unanswered questions always seem to wreak havoc in my mind.
Why do I even have this disease? When will this disease stop or will it ever? How many more surgeries?  How much more titanium will my spine require?  How many more drugs will I have to try?  How much more pain will I have to endure?  Why God Why?
Throughout my 7 year battle I've seen God do some amazing things in the lives of my surgeons, doctors, and nurses...along with my friends and family.  But for me my WOW-GOD moment came this past October 2010.  I work in the missions department at an amazing church in Paducah called Heartland Worship Center.  This past October I had the incredible honour of co-leading a mission team of 19 people to Myanmar (Burma) in Southeast Asia.  Keep in mind I had no idea what or where Myanmar was on the map before we began planning this trip.  We traveled with an organization called Crossing Lines Missions which is led by one of my best friends, Ian Ang.   When we arrived we met our contact ‘Pastor’ who had been praying for this specific team for almost 4 years before we even arrived or knew of the needs in Myanmar.  Pastor is a very small, Burmese man of 27 years of age who not only risked his church but also his life to host  19 American missionaries in the hopes of spreading Jesus’s love to all those we came into contact with.  (Side note-Myanmar is a devout Buddhist nation and also has laws that state that no more than 5 people are to gather for any religious reasons. Many pastors face persecution every day for believing in Jesus.) We got to participate in a Pastor’s Conference where more than 80 Burmese pastors attended, we helped love and witness to 3 different orphanages, led a one day evangelistic sports camp, and did a prayer walk through the largest Buddhist Temple in the world-Shwedagon Pagoda.  
On day 3, God woke me up about 3:30am and specifically said “You need to ask Pastor who in his church has spine problems.”  This kind of thing has never happened to me before and to be honest-I literally thought I had lost my flipping mind.  So I got up and got a drink just thinking it was some kind of odd dream.  When I laid back down as I stared at the ceiling that feeling didn’t go away and all I could think was, “NO really-you need to ask Pastor who in his church has spine problems.”  The next morning I woke up and was completely freaked out by this experience to the point where I didn’t even tell my roommates what had happened.  As with any mission trip it was crazy busy that morning and I truly didn’t get a chance to see Pastor to say anything to him about my 3:30am wake up call.  As the day went on, I literally forgot that it had even happened until we arrived back at the hostel.  I sat down with Ian, Pastor, and another leader as we recapped the day’s events.  I leaned over and whispered to Ian what had happened and he too was blown away.  He said, “Ace do you think that means Pastor and his church are to pray for you?”  I replied with, “No, I think I’m to pray for whoever this person is.”  So Ian began nudging me to ask Pastor and then finally he did the brotherly, “Pastor, Ace has a question for you.”  It was time to talk to Pastor about my wakeup call and I was beyond nervous.  How would I even explain this to him?  Would he even understand?  

“Pastor, do you have anyone in your church that has spine problems?”  This little Burmese man looked at me with confused eyes to the extent I wondered if he was even able to understand what I meant.  “You know spine problems, like neck or back problems?”  He shook his head and said, “No, Not in my church.”  That’s when I proceeded to hit Ian and tell him thanks for making me look crazy!  When out of no-where Pastor spoke up and said, “But I do.”  Ian and I immediately stopped bantering back and forth long enough to look at Pastor with open mouths and wide eyes.  I couldn’t believe it!  There’s just no way this is possible…I just met this man 3 days ago…there’s no way I could have known any of this if it hadn’t have been for my wakeup call at 3:30am that same morning from our Almighty God.  Pastor went on to explain his pain the best he could in English, while the rest of us sat in amazement.  After he finished explaining, I was able to show him my scars and talk about my journey which was the exact pain this 27 year old Burmese Pastor was having across the globe in Myanmar.  We stopped right then and there and prayed over Pastor.  We prayed God would mend his spine and ease his pain.  WOW-GOD.  (Insert speechlessness here.)  
7 years ago I started a battle for my life and at many times wanted to just quit because I couldn’t take it anymore.  Who would have ever thought a small town Western KY girl would ever be in Asia, let alone in Myanmar, praying for a man I didn’t even know existed because we shared the same suffering.  God showed me that day that I’m not alone, that He has a plan (a crazy one at that), and that I need to trust Him with my everything.  Thank you God for waking me up to see that this world is not about me.  
12/29/2010 11:34:10 AM
Denise United States
I have had quite a few WOW God moments but the best ones to me are the ones that bring the lost closer to HIM.  I used to work at the Corporate Office for the company I work for and one of my co-workers was a girl I grew up with... ( I will call her K )in fact she was the one who told me about the job opening 3 years ago. In the past 3 years another co-worker, Amy and I have tried to witness to K.  She is the type of person who really has a soft heart but wants everyone around her to think she is this mean and uncaring person.  I transferred to another office a year ago but still stay in touch with them.  I get a phone call from Amy and she tells me that last week K and her daughter were at the mall and she a new jacket and wore it to work the next day.  Amy noticed and told her "nice jacket" and K stopped and looked at her and said there is a story with this jacket... she had originally tried on a green one and she loved it but her daughter talked her into getting the gray one instead.... so she just grabbed the size she needed and didn't bother to try it on.  When she put it on to go to work she felt something in the jacket... she soon realized there was an inside pocket and she put her hand in it and pulled out a "doubloom" (coin) with John 3:16 on one side and a prayer on the other side.... I LOVE when God uses the unsaved to help another unsaved get witnessed to... plant a seed... water that seed... whatever the case may be.  HE IS SO AWESOME... and what a great idea to "plant" these coins in clothes right around Christmas!!!  
12/29/2010 4:00:26 PM
Tonya United States
This year has been an incredible year. A year that has brought pain, sorrow, hurt in more areas of my life than I could have ever dreamed. From areas that are personal to professional. Yet, as the year comes to an end and I sit in my office reading from the author that has just been recently brought to my attention, Karen Kingsbury, and I am also listening to KLove.  It is what happened at the same time, that I broke down crying, realizing everything is always in HIS control.

I am reading from the Baxter Family Drama Series - Firstborn, 'FOUND'. In the book, the family is experiencing one of the worst tornadoes they have ever gone through, and the whole family was in the basement well prepared. As they were in the basement keeping the small children calm, one of the daughters goes into labor, and wasn't doing well. As the storm is raging outside (in the book) the song comes on KLove - 'You Never Let Go'...the words that caught my attention..'And even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life..You never let go, Through the calm and through the storm, oh no, you never let go', by Matt Redman. I couldn't believe it! Here I sit in my office by myself, and a storm looming on the outside (Rain storm) as well as the inside (my heart and soul) God caused a miracle! He was letting me know that he has never let go. He is / He has always been right there all along. I have had a storm going on in my own heart and soul for the past year (longer). It has felt like that tornado baring down on the family in the book, building up, tearing up everything in it path. The same has been felt in my life. I try to pretend everything is good, yet the inside I feel the destruction that the storm is leaving. I have struggled to forgive myself, to get past the hurts, the violations of the past but I have held on to them for to long. I have truly felt that I was going through the storm by myself. I have felt that I had to go through the storm by myself, to not let others near me, to know my pain because no one understands. No, They may not understand exactly how I may feel with the pain that I carry. Each person has their own pain that they carry, their own storms that they are going through, their own struggles. This year the storm has built up to a fury that I have never known, to top it all off, even my professional life has been effected. I know now that I need to let God work his healing, His touch in my life. Allow others to see that I can not do this by myself, I need them / HIM to help heal.

Now again, as I sit in my office, by myself, with the uncertainty of tomorrow of having a job or not, I FEEL the Peace that God is Near and He will never let go. I Feel the calmness after the storm is on its way. I Feel the tide is changing. Rephrase- I KNOW that God is Near, and He will Never let go. I Know that the calmness is coming and I Know that the tide is changing. I just have to keep the Faith, and Trust (something that I have struggled with because of Rejection and Abandonment) To know that God is going to truly be there has been hard, but with this 'O, WOW' moment, I know for a fact it was God letting me know that he is Right there next to me.

With each book that I have read from Karen Kingsbury it has brought more healing in the storm that has been raging with in me. God has used Karen and her writing to open my heart and begin to heal all the pains of the past. God is taking off the scab and going deeper for the healing to be final! For this a am ever so grateful!

**PS> After my wonderful husband brought my lunch for the day, I started to read another Karen Kingsbury Series. As I looked down at a bookmarker that I had made a couple of months ago and thought I lost (on my desk at work, mixed in with a bunch of papers) I had written, “Storms are meant to be shared”. In every turn, I have been seeing God.
12/29/2010 6:53:51 PM
Pam United States
I am now in my 50's was raised in a Church home but I was abused in all ways by my Father,Brother and X-Husband.For so many years I have been very bitter to the point of being Physically and emotionally sick. A friend refered me to a Christian councelor several years ago and after hundreds of sessions,tears etc. I was able to write a letter to my abusers and tell them just how I felt about them and how they almost ruined my life. Thru many prayers,and the encouragement of Friend I was able to take the letter or maybe book would be a better word for it I was able to take a lighter to all the words,and feelings and let God take it all away from me. I won't say it has all been easy because Satan still trys to bring me down but I have to say every time get the behind me Satan and talk to God until I feel safe again. God is so good and is my Refuge in the time of Storms.
Klove is on my Radio in my car and also at work and has pulled me thru so much. Thanks for being there of all of us.
12/29/2010 7:01:18 PM
Tanya Sandy United States
Tanya Sandy
[i]Comment My husband was diagnosed with pancreatc cancer April 2008. After a hard fight he died Jan 22, 2010. I knew God was in control but felt so alone and sad. I continued to be strong only by his support, Just this yr On the 4 th of July, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart. His wife had died one month before my husband after a 5 yr struggle with back pain and surgeries. We met for the first time in 39 years in August and married on Oct 2, 2010, less than six weeks. God had his hand all over us this entire time. Supported us and then put us back together after all the tragedy.
12/29/2010 8:44:18 PM
nichole United States
God has been so good throughout the year 2010 (and every other). This year, after spending two years at a university five hours from home, He brought me back home to study instead. I had dabbled in serving on youth staff at my church, but during the summer, I decided to join as staff for the middle school. This included going to camp as a counselor. One night, my head counselor in our cabin was missing, and a sixth grader from my cabing came up to and said she wanted to pray. My heart started beating a lot, and there were butterflies in my stomach. I prayed a quick prayer as we walked up to the front to kneel down. God help me to remember what I've locked in my heart so I don't mess this girl up forever. God answered my prayer in ways I hadn't even imagined or asked for. This precious 11-year-old girl wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. We prayed together, and I told her about the party they were having in Heaven. And then, weird for me, I burst into tears. And whispered in her ear that she was the firt person I got to lead to Christ. For any Christian who hasn't had this opportunity, it's so hard to explain. God gave me the opportunity once more this year. It was unique and unexpected both times. I praise God for bringing me back home for such marvelous opportunities!
12/29/2010 10:44:53 PM
Lisa Rawlins United States
Lisa Rawlins
2010 Oh what a year.... It moved my family and I to Montana, where my husband and I split up in June.... In July this year, my husband was in an ATV accident. A broken neck, a broken back, broken ribs, severe Spleen laceration and a broke...n Jaw.... on top of all of that he was without oxygen for 20 minutes or more prior to reaching the hospital where he spent 2 weeks on life support after being pronounced dead 3 times. He spent 5 days in the hospital before anyone in the family even knew he was there. He woke up in September 2010 and was discharged from the hospital at the end of the same month. Memory loss, and a calling to God he has survived with a long road ahead of him. However, God called him to open a street ministry in Denver, CO ( He is now ministring to the homeless, the alcoholics and anyone else he comes into contact with. He is now back home with me and two of his sons, and has had contact with his other two like never before. God has made a huge impact on our lives. The trials and tribulations are numerous, but we are getting through it. Because today we have a new purpose and a new meaning in life.

12/30/2010 4:53:02 AM
Donna Sailer United States
Donna Sailer
My children had been "taken" by the state for their protection back in 1994.  I was in a situation that was potentially harmful to all four of us, though I was unaware of it at that time.

This year...This powerful WOW God year, I got my calling AND two of my three children got in contact with me for the first time since 1998.  I am in college as a full time student learning to be a drug and alcohol counselor and my oldest son has moved into my home with me.  My daughter has plans of visiting me for Easter with her children and her husband, and my second son is going to be calling in a few days.

WOW God, You are so awesome!!
12/30/2010 5:48:29 AM
Gloria Ortiz United States
Gloria Ortiz
My 2010 “Wow, God” story started April 2010
My son passed away at the age of 2 back in Oct. 2007.  His name was Ethan and he was a twin he aspirated when he was 4 months old and fell into comma.  Ethan was on a ventilator to help him breath.  The doctor’s keep telling my husband and I that my son wouldn’t make it.  Well I was able to take my son home Jan 2006,  I didn’t care that I had to have a nursing agency come into our home on a daily basis to help me care for my child while my husband and I had to go to work.  I didn’t care that my son was connected to all sort of machinery.  What mattered most to me was that I still had my son in my life and that I was still able to have faith and see God do his work.  And thru my son I truly learned about having faith and trust. God help my son improve a little bit at a time but I truly believe it was just to help me prepare for the day that he was needed in Heaven.  On October 7 2007 is the day my son passed away.  I had a very hard time with living everyday life but God pulled me back up and reminded me that I had to live for Ethan’s twin brother Edward.  I tried my very best each and every day.

Well, God really gave me something really special.  I have been going to my church ALFC since 2006.  On April 2010 Saturday night service I had just dropped of my son off at the daycare room and on my way to the auditorium and then I saw a little boy that looked identical to my son Ethan.  I had this over come feeling of happiness to see this little boy that I had to stop the mom and ask if I could touch her little boy’s hand.  I started talking and telling the mom that her son looks like my son and then the mom asked me well how old is your son, “I told the mom no my son passed at the age of 2 and he would be 5 yrs old right now.” I told the mom, “Wow your son looks I identical to my son Ethan.”  The mom stops me and tells me, “wow my son’s name is Ethan and he just turned 2”.  Oh dear I just started crying out of the joy that God just allowed me to have a hug from a little boy named like my son and looks like my son.  Church was about to start so we had to go to service.  Then God just had to give me another sign which this time was given to my by my pastor.  Pastor Charles said, “Wait before you all leave for the day, God is telling me that I need to talk to someone here”.  We all waited to see what Pastor needed to say and he said, “God is telling me, even though you have lost your child, He will restore you with more”!  Oh my goodness I started crying because I know that message was meant for me.

Well two weeks pasted and I keep telling my husband’s family about this little boy but know one would believe me.  Then I run into Ethan and his mom at the store.  Oh boy I was blessed once again and the mom let me take a picture of her son with my son Edward and we even exchanged phone numbers.  So now we text and talk on the phone and I’m able to visualize thru this little boy what I have missed my son Ethan do.  I’m able to get a hug when I really need it most.  Another example God is really doing something for me because it has been about 3 months since the last time I was able to see this little boy Ethan.  I was feeling a little down for Christmas because I didn’t have my son Ethan to share it with.  But no stopping God because on Dec 26th my husband and I went to the mall to use our gift card and what do you know we run into Ethan and his mom.  God really know that I needed a hug from my son Ethan thru this little boy Ethan.

I’m getting the chill’s just typing my story because I’m taking the time to fell how much love God is giving me by using this little boy to fill my void.  I am also truly thankful that the mother of Ethan is allowing me to see her son and fill my void.
12/30/2010 6:14:07 AM
Bob Whitsitt United States
Bob Whitsitt
I traveled to Leuven, Belgium with my wife in November and toured around while she worked.  I was reading Max Lucado's book, "Out Live Your Life" on the trip.  One of locals attending her meeting recommended I go to a really old monastery which I did.  On the way I passed a church (I always go in churches when I travel) and went inside. This church had been dedicated to Father Damien and had murals that told his story.  Father Damien dedicated his life to caring for lepers on the island of Molachi.  I was touched by his story and made notes in my journal asking God what his story meant to me.  I went on to tour the monestary and went back to the town square where I sat down at a coffee shop and proceeded to pick up my reading in Max's book.  I opened where I left off, Chapter 14, page one.  The very first paragraph read..."On the island of Molachi, Father Damien dedicated his life to caring for the lepers...".  Only God could have orchestrated that one.  Then when I got home, I was speaking to our Missions Director about an upcoming exploratory trip to Liberia. When I told him the story, he said, "You do know there's a leper colony at the place we are going in Liberia!"

God has already placed a burden for the people of Africa on my heart, leading me to Zambia over the last five years.  I head to Liberia February 12th and can't wait to see has in store.

Go God!!
12/30/2010 6:42:08 AM
Janie United States
Our church, Hillcrest Covenant in Prairie Village, KS, wanted to raise $40,000.00 in December to build two water wells in Korr, Kenya.  Within 24 days we raised over $80,000.00! WOW GOD!
12/30/2010 7:03:46 AM
Erica United States
When reflecting back on 2010, my first thought is that 2010 has been a HORRIBLE year (i.e. in terms of finances, relationships, health, etc.) BUT!!!!!!!! Then I started thinking was there ANYTHING positive that has come out of 2010 even with all the heartache, drama, pain, uncertainty, & fear??? And I realized that through all of that I have gotten closer to God!! Then my perspective changed, I realized that maybe everything that I been through was a learning experience and God used it to allow me to see what life is like when you DON'T put your trust in Him, when you DON'T really let go and let God. So I think that is my Wow God story for 2010.....been through some difficult times, hurt, pain, loneliness, etc. but I know more about God and His word and seek and talk to Him daily!!!!
12/30/2010 7:48:57 AM
Tina Smith United States
Tina Smith
My 'wow moment' happened the Sunday after Christmas.  My Dad, who is a Baptist preacher at a small-town church in Central West Virginia, decided to share some (well, we'll call them) 'life lessons' with my two sons ages 12 & 17.  While I was proud of them for sitting quietly and listening (with minimal eye-rolling), I wanted to share with my Dad the latest proud moment concerning my 12-year-old.  I explained to him how my son had shared with my husband (who is not a Christian) and me that he led the boys basketball team in prayer and how he was certain they won because of the prayer sent up by him and his teammates.  My 17-year-old son quietly added that he also leads his high school basketball team in prayer before each game.  I didn't even know about that (boys are tight-lipped with information).  By simply sharing one blessing, God turned it into two - Wow!  I thank God that my children know Him and can be a light to their friends and family.  This was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for and my most recent 'wow moment'.
12/30/2010 9:47:43 AM
Denise McKain United States
Denise McKain
It's amazing to me - I recently changed insurance companies trying to save monies - being a single woman again trying so very hard to be conservative and I get two notices about my insurance premium going up and I had already allowed monies to be drafted - and trying to survive on $100.00 for the next month was going to be a challenge - but I knew GOD would get me thru it....When I got the 2nd notice I called the insurance company and they discovered the error and told me the premium amount would not come out until January - WOW GOD is so good....$84.00 more in my account will definitely get me thru.  I Praise the LORD that HE takes such good care of word for this year is definitely "TRUST"
12/30/2010 2:23:14 PM
Tammy United States
2010 was filled with so many WOW God moments that it's hard to pick just one.  Our most recent happened just 2 weeks ago when my husband was hired back into the field he was laid off from 25 months ago!  We had decided only the night before that he should start thinking about a new career path as the position he had interviewed for had been given to another applicant.  That applicant inexpicably (I see God's fingerprints all over this!) walked out after only 4 days of work.  God held us in the palm of his hand through 18 months of unemployment, 7 months of night shift which strained our marriage and our kids, and promises to carry us through this new amazing adventure!  He never lets go!
12/31/2010 10:02:37 AM
Elaine United States
I want to share and express how grateful I am to our Lord Jesus Christ for my WOW!!! GOD 2010   As of August 2010 I am in contact with and have seen my daughter, who is 29 yrs old , that I had not heard from since May of 2005.Our God is an AWESOME GOD  Iwant to also share that in 2007 my sister went home to be with our Lord, KLOVE was a very important part as she was hopsice for one week and we had the radio on 24/7  She,also, had been a supporter of KLOVE  THANK YOU LORD for your faithfulness,love,peace and joy!!!!!!
12/31/2010 7:58:33 PM
Darcy United States
During January 2010, my husband became very sick and was admitted to our local hospital.  Within a short amount of time, we were told he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and he was off to receive induction chemotherapy at a specialty hospital two and a half hours from our home.  The diagnosis took our family by complete suprise!  It was a scary few days, when we received news of diagnosis and the plan of attack.  We had no idea what our future would hold but we learned to put all of our faith in God.  We handed every worry, every doubt, every scary moment over to God...finances, health, parenting our teens through this health crisis, the long hospital stays, and our plan to adopt (we had just been approved in our home state.)  I am thankful to God for every moment we have together and I'm very happy to report that my husband is in remission, his blood counts are completely normal, he's been back to work for six months now, our health insurance covered quite a bit of the bills, we were able to keep our home, our teenagers are closer to us AND closer to God, and we are in in the visitation phase with the two children we would love to adopt...and one of them is also a cancer survivor.  Wow, God!!  Our family listens to KLOVE in the car (traveling, at the kids' bus stop and we listen to KLOVE in our home.  When I hear "Light Up the Sky" by the Afters, I am reminded that God has always been with me.  I can't deny that the Lord's hand has been in every single minute of 2010, and He has provided so many blessings!  God had cleared a path and made so many provisions, even before we were confronted with a medical crisis, that we were able to face the challenge, grow spiritually, overcome, and turn all of those blessings into praise!
1/2/2011 12:33:09 AM
holly United States
2010 must have been mmmy year to wake up. I grew up going to church and learning about God. When I became a teenager I started to rebel against my parents and since going to church was one thing we did as a family I decided I wasn't doing it anymore. Many things happened to me that at the time I couldn't understand why God would allow those things. As I got older and continued to live "my way" things only became worse. In and out of relationships. Having children out of wedlock 6 children total. I was married when my first child was born however we seperated during my pregnancy. And a few years later divorced. None of my children have the same father and for a long time I looked down on myself for that. I met a guy and became involved heavily in drugs. I even overdosed many times after doing heroin. I remember asking the doctors one time when I woke up "why"? Why did they have to bring me back? Couldn't they see that I just wanted to die? By that time I had lost everything including my children I had nothing else to live for. So I thought. God wasn't ready to bring me home I just didn't know it then. After years of being stuck in addiction and in and out of jail one day on my way to.  Buy drugs I got really depressed and I just prayed as my then boyfriend was driving down the highway, I said to God, "I can't do this anymore. Please help me. Please get me out of this". He did just that. I went to jail that night. During that jail stay he put a very special woman in my life. She was an instructor of a program called Life Skills. She helped me see that God has just been waiting for me to come back to Him all this time. She planted that seed in me. It did take awhile though for that seed to grow in me. I continued to live life my way and always ended up back in jail. And there she was to tell me no matter what I had done God is still waiting because He is patient. I did this several times. Finally I just made the decision to live my life for the Lord. And she was right He took me back! I moved in with my parents who wouldn't even have anything to do with me. I searched forever for a job and march 2010 I was just looking at websites online and I believe with all my heart that God put this page up on my screen with a number to call. I started working 2 days later and have been there ever since. God also made a way for my parents to give me their van so I had transportation. I now have custody of my youngest and I'm with the others everyday and working toward getting custody back of them. Since giving total control of my life to God, He has done some amazing things in my life. I now know that He wouldn't let me die before because He wanted me to be able to share my story in hopes of helping someone else. Even if its just planting the seed and watching it grow the way my dear friend and sister did for me. God told her not to give up on me and she didn't. I love to see her face when when she looks at me in because I know just by the expression she's thinking wow! God is so great! I know 2011 is going to be even greater for me because I see it so clearly now. And I will never question Gods plan and I know He has brought me here! I listen to K-LOVE nonstop while I'm driving.the radio never changes unless my boys beg me to put in the newsboy cd I bought. They each have their favorite song that I always hear them singing through out the day. Thank you for being on the air and for being a place I can always go to when I'm needing to feel Gods presence. This is the very first time I have told my testomony to anyone I can't wait to share with others what God has done for me. It gets me excited to know that somewhere someone will hear my story and I will be helping them the way my friend helped me while I was in need! God Bless you all!
1/3/2011 8:03:01 AM
Susie United States
My daughter was saved!!! Thank you God!!!!
1/4/2011 1:50:20 PM
hayley United States
My wow GOd story of 2010 is that i was losing my relationship with my sister and it was getting really bad. i was fighting with her like crazy. Sometimes i tried to do something with her she said no and walked away from me.It made me feel like she didn't love me anymore. But i knew she did. Iknew i just had to wait for her to show it. Sometimes i also felt like i hated her. But i knew i could't think that way. i figured out that she had some kind of behavior problem. It made me feel really sad and like i would never get to do something with her again and she would never talk to me again. I really wanted to do stuff with her but she would never let me. Ikept praying and praying. I was just waiting for him to answer my prayer to help me try to gain back our relansiship. About 5 months later we were talking to each other again and doing stuff together. It felt really good to be taliking again. Our relansinship it still a little shaky but it's getting better and better day by day. So if you guys could send some prayers that would be great. Thanks.
That was my Wow God story of the year.
Hayley whynott
1/4/2011 3:23:55 PM
Kay Wallace United States
Kay Wallace
August 1, 2010, my life started changing at a fast pace. I had prayed for years that God would fill the holes in my husbands and my children's hearts and that they would join me at church.  I got to where I was not faithful at attending sometimes feeling scorned by my family.  After my father-in-law passed away, my husband, my son and I went to the preacher's church that had done the services for "Dad's" funeral.  From that Sunday forward our lives have been changed forever and still changing. I have listened to K-Love for years and when I would go places with my children I would literally cringe at the thought of listening to their "music".  On October 24th, my husband re-dedicated his life, my son and daughter were saved and baptized and as an added bonus--my son-in-law followed suit.  Now when I go places with my children (my husband too) KLOVE is playing on their radios.  We sit around and continually talk about different subjects regarding our Lord and Savior.  It has been such a WOW experience for my family and me that I find myself in tears of great joy and love to sit back and watch how they are growing in their faith.  My two grandsons are exposed to church every Sunday and there in nothing that can stop us from being there each and every Sunday.  I changed to the different church and found the nourishment that my spiritual heart needed.  I am thrilled to watch my family grow closer to God each and every day.  Thank you K-Love for always giving me that song needed to get me through those hard times.    
1/4/2011 5:13:40 PM
Kasie Waltman United States
Kasie Waltman
My husband and I were in a tight spot financially... we had paid most of the bills but still had some to pay, no groceries, no lunch money for our second grader, no gas money to get to work and our accounts had been depleted. We had already deferred any and all payments that we were allowed. I was getting ready for work one day and I said out loud to GOD, " why is this happening to us? why have you let this happen to us" and immediately and loud and clear HE says " YOU HAVEN'T ASKED" I got on my knees and prayed and asked for forgiveness for not coming to him in my time of need. Later in the day my husband called me to tell me how he came across enough money to make it to next payday without borrowing or going into the negative on our bank accounts. WOW, GOD
1/5/2011 8:10:13 AM
Diane J United States
Diane J
God has been so wonderfully faithful in 2010! My husband became sick and entered the hospital on July 5th. Although we didn't know it, an abscess was growing in his body. The surgeon thought he would be home recovering within a day or two; instead, he spent three weeks in the hospital fighting an antibiotic resistant bacteria that came close to taking his life. He lost 30 pounds and since then has had six or seven surgical procedures. He still has at least two to go.

Since he is self-employed and hasn't been able to work much, he hasn't had much money coming in. I work full-time but I don't make nearly enough to support our family and pay the medical bills. God has been AMAZING!! He has provided through family, friends, neighbors and our church family. I received a promotion and a raise. We are learning a big lesson about trusting Him. Although I hope that 2011 is a much better year for our family, I am so thankful for God's provision and the lessons that he is teaching us. There have been many "WOW God" moments. I have become used to saying, "This is a God thing."
1/5/2011 8:19:37 AM
Pam United States
My husband and I have been married for 16 years. It has been quite a roller coaster ride of events. A couple of years ago, my husband told me he did not believe in God and everything I thought we had based our marriage on was a lie. I prayed and prayed. I prayed for a lightening bolt to hit my husband and wake him up. A few months later, my husband told me he went to church while I was at work that day. My mouth dropped. He continued to say that as he came out of the church, a large black woman came charging at him across the parking lot, grabbed him and asked "brother can I pray for you?" My husband, not wanting to say no, said yes. She prayed and prayed everything he had been struggling with. He broke down. I then told him I had been praying for a lightening bolt, laughing and saying, little did I know God was going to send a lightening bolt in the form of a large black woman. He continued to struggle and I continued to pray. God was always working. This past year, my husband decided to become baptized and turn his life over to Christ. The next day, he was offered a promising job offer after 4 years of working anywhere and doing anything to make ends meet after losing a lucrative sales position to closure of the company. Our marriage is stronger than ever and our faith has no limits.WOW GOD
1/5/2011 9:30:31 AM
Hilda Guerrero United States
Hilda Guerrero
1/5/2011 9:30:39 AM
Jacqui Neal United States
Jacqui Neal
My husband has been actively looking for a job for two years.  He has sentout no less thank 1800 resumes and hasn't gotten anything until Monday night.  1-03-11.  He was offered a wonderful job making what we have been praying for with room for advancement.  He has had a job, but he took it just to have a job and it doesn't pay near what his knowledge, experience and wisdom dictate.  After being told he's overqualified for most jobs he's applied for, we are so thankful for God's "suddenlies"!  You wait and wait and wait and wait some more,then "suddenly" everything changes for the better!  We are trusting God that this is the job and this is His time for us to make the move.  Please pray in agreement with us in Jesus' name! We are Jacqui & Bill.
1/5/2011 11:14:24 AM
Diane United States
I've had many Wow God moments in my life. I have two that I want to tell you about. In October of 2009 my mother was just hanging on to life due to cancer that was eating her up. I was due to start back to working on Thursdays 10/15 again. (I had to take time off due to not enough work.) The therapist I was suppose to go in to work for became ill and she cxld all of her appointments for that day. So I was able to go to my moms to take care of her. My mother was not doing well we knew her time was near.I started to read the Bible to her and Father's Love Letter. My mom hung on for a few more hours. Due to her being so weak we had to place her in a sitting or laying position. She was having a hard time breathing laying down so I sat her up, with pillows on each side of her to hold her up. At 12:35am Oct 16th 2009. My mother sat up on her own and reached for the sky with her arm fully extended and said I WANT TO GO! I WANT TO GO! With that said, my mother fell back on the couch and went to be with GOD. When telling friends about my mothers passing my friends were not sure if they should say they were sorry or congratulate me on my mothers rise to be with the Lord.
At the end of that month my 18 year old son was in a bunch of trouble with the police. He was stealing to keep up his drug and drinking habit. Late in October 2009 we made him go to a church retreat or he would have to move out. The retreat was Project 5130 and it started a big change in our son. On the Monday he came back from the retreat he called Teen Challenge and signed himself up for a year long stay at this Christian Rehab. He has since graduated and this Thursday, January 6th 2011 we will be taking him to a Christian College where his plans are to become a Pastor.YES GOD
1/7/2011 5:00:39 PM
John Forosisky United States
John Forosisky

He lit up the sky for me

The Afters have a beautiful song entitled, Light up The Sky. I must have heard it twenty times until it hit me one day last week––something that I should have known all along. When I realized it I was so very touched by God’s love. The tears just ran down my face.

I have been in a wilderness season for the last three years or so–especially these last 18 months. In the midst of my trials and tribulations I started going for walks two or three times a day. On one very special night in Sept of 09 something amazing happened. While out walking I noticed something in the sky which caused me to look up. This is very hard to describe, but here’s what I wrote in my journal the next day: “There was a miracle in the sky! I went for a walk last night and there was a light in the sky like I have never seen before. It was like a big flashlight or lamp was pointed downward at an angle. It was a broad spectrum of light.”

I can’t find proper words to describe how amazing this was. I knew it was the Lord. Often analytical, I remember racking my brain about this, trying to decipher what this incredible sign from God actually meant. So now–over a year later, it was that wonderful song from The Afters that offered an explanation as to why God did this for me. While I can’t prove it, I know it in my heart. As the lyric goes, “You light up the sky to show me you are with me.” Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

This song has such special meaning to me now. When I hear it, it’s like …wow.  I mean we all get touched by certain songs, but this one takes the cake. When I hear it I basically say, “Lord. Wow! You did this for me. When you knew I was struggling and needed a reminder of your great love, you did this! Literally, you lit up the sky to show me you’re with me.”

I just want to encourage those of you who are in your own wilderness season. Whether it be your finances, health, a relationship, or anything else. Just remember that God’s love for you is unconditional. He loves you more than you even know. You’re the apple of his eye! He adores you. Don’t ever forget it. And know that even right now, He is closer to you than you think. Just keep seeking him and all will be well.    

I have been writing for the Lord since 2004. I will surely share this account in a future book, but I just couldn’t wait. I hope this has encouraged you.  

-John Forosisky, author of Passenger’s Side-Putting Jesus Christ in Charge Of Your Life

1/7/2011 9:12:13 PM
Toni Bradshaw United States
Toni Bradshaw
My Wow God moment started just before my mother's death,December 18, 2009; followed with the death of my grandmother -my mother's mother- on the 27 December 2009.  Three days after that, my grand-mother in law passed away as well. At any rate, the Lord prepared me for the loses of my mother and grandmother. I went through a painful divorce the summer of 2009, only to be followed with death; nonetheless, the Lord told me to tell both my mother and grandmother to say their goodbyes.  I had no problems telling my mother what the Lord told me to tell my grandmother -She was the Pastor of the church back in Georgia.  However, when it was time to tell my mother, I couldn't.  In October, my mother moved to Texas with me and my family.  I was a US Army soldier and preparing for my fourth deployment away from my children.  My mother moved here to make it a little easier this time, since the ex-husband and I deployed together -all the time.
Okay, let's recap: In the summer of 2009 I lost my husband to a divocre, October my mother comes to live with me.  Now, the day after Thanksgiving -still in '09- Both my mother and grandmother go into ICU.  Mother in Texas with me, Grandmother in Atlanta, I'm in the military which really complicated things as well.  I was so happy to be save and full of the Holy Spirit at this time in my life. My closest cousin was keeping me up to date with my grandmother in Atlanta, and I was giving her daily updates on my mother... By the way, the entire time this is going on, I have the enemy at my job trying to demote me for no jus reason.  But because I know there is a GOD, I held my peace and continued to care for my mother.  Here's a run down of my household at the time: terminally ill mother 53 years young, Senior (highschool) daugter, fifth grader Son -always into something, and a two year old with a sezuire disorder and there's me... Single female, three children with all different needs and A VERY STRONG BELIEF IN JESUS CHRIST. Also, a very active memeber in my church. Please, bare with me.
My mother told me this thing that sticks with me.  She said, "Funny thing is, everybody want to go to heaven, but no one wants to die."  I tried to comfort her, yet she too knew the outcome, as did my aunt.  God told my Aunt the very same thing he told me to tell them both... it was easy for her to tell my mother -her sister- once again, hard for her to tell her very own mother. Wow God, he told both of us... Because where we are weak, he is strong! Wow GOD! Needless to say, they both died and I had a calming peace knowing that I spent the last 7 years in the military and when I needed to count on my mother, she was available; GOD made it so, that I was there for her when she needed me back! So my worship is for real; when it's about doing my father's work! I learned an important lesson as well... when GOD gives you a message, pass it on to the recipient; which is how I was able to get my ex-husband here in time for his grandmother's funeral.

1/8/2011 9:02:29 PM
Renee Cooper United States
Renee Cooper
In the summer of 2009 my father had his esophogus removed b/c of some serious health problems.  The surgery to remove the esophogus is a very big surgery and has a very painful recovery.  Well, he had some pretty severe complications after the surgery and a couple months later he almost died from an infection.  
Because of the infection he was going to have to endure the surgery a second time so the thorasic surgeon could try to fix the problem.  They thought he was recovering well but two weeks after the second surgery tests revealed that the surgery had not been successful.  The morning before we found out that the surgery was unsuccessful I recieved in the mail a magazine, addressed to me, called U.S. News and World Report, the front cover said that this issue was all about the best doctors and hospitals in the U.S. for each area of the body.  This may not seem very "wow God" but I have never ordered that magazine and I had never recieved that magazine until that morning!  The surgeon decided that my father should have another surgery with someone else trying a new procedure.  We had read the information and knew that with the complication my dad had had, there was only a 50% chance that he would ever be able to eat a meal in public again and he would probably never work again.  We were unnerved at this point!
That whole day we poured over the information in that magazine, when I went home that night I said a prayer and emailed the head of thorasic surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (the magazine said they were the best in the country in that area).  I told the Dr. my dad's story and what had been going on with him.  
The next morning before I went to the hospital I checked my email, there was already a response from the Dr. at Mayo and he wanted me to call him!  I called the Dr., very nervously hoping that he would be nice and tell us what to do.  That Dr. was one of the kindest people I have ever talked to, he gave us the best medical advice and I believe that my father is able to live a 100% normal life today b/c of that wonderful Dr. on the other end of that phone!
All because I got a magazine that I didn't order at the perfect time with the perfect information!  WOW GOD!!!!  
1/10/2011 9:49:34 AM
Jodi United States
I need to give a little history of myself.  I have been diagnosed for 18 years with bipolar/schizophrenia. I am as the doctor says a highly functioning patient, since I am able to maintain a full time job as an RN. My WOW God story starts on Easter Sunday.  My husband and I went to church because "we should" on Easter. While I was there I felt absolutely sick to my stomach, crying, like I was smothering, I was shaking and unable to stand.  I stuck it out just thinking I was sick.  The second I walked out the door I was fine, no problems, like that had never occurred.  So I tried going again the next Sunday, same thing.  Hearing voices very loud (not unusual, I hear them most of the time, just learned to cope) unable to hear over the top of them.  So I decided to go to the church during the week, when I could sit in the sanctuary without a bunch of people there.  While I was there our pastor came in and asked what was going on and if he could help.  I explained what was going on, he knew my mental history.  He asked if he could pray for me. I hesitated but eventually agreed.  Voices in my head became extremely loud and I almost left, but pastor would not let me.  He had gotten 3 other people to come to pray for me.  I don't remember a whole lot of what went on during the praying, all I know is 2 hours later I was walking out of the church, exhausted.  The voices were suddenly telling me to just end my life.  If this Jesus was so great, and my life would be so great with him, then go be with him.  It was after talking with a friend about christian music that she told me about klove.  I started listening with my headphones, so I could turn it up really loud to drown out the voices. Even when I would go to sleep at night I would sleep with klove playing in my ears.  The voices started to weaken.  My husband and I had been talking for years about getting baptized, but had never done it.  We decided it was time, and our daughter, who is 16, was also baptized in May 2010.  I have not missed a Sunday morning since, started praying on a regular basis, started reading the bible from page 1 and my life has never been so good!!  2010 is the first year in 18 years that I did not have to be hospitalized.  Fall is usually my hardest time, I usually have to start on different medications.  Most years in the past I have had to receive ECT treatments, to either bring me out of depression or slow my thoughts down from manic episodes.  I have had 50+ treatments in the past.  This year, thanks to God & KLove, I did not change medications or receive any treatments.  Not to say I didn't struggle some, but I turned to God and the bible instead of my doctor for the solution. Thank you KLove for being there 24/7.
1/12/2011 5:30:36 AM
Amy United States
My "Wow God" moment of the week - My niece is getting married in March of this year.  I shared the song "Something Beautiful" by the Newsboys with her this past Saturday, suggesting she use it as her wedding processional song.  She left my house and stopped by her future mother-in-laws house.  She told my niece about this song she had heard on the radio and how perfect it would be for the wedding - you guessed it, "Something Beautiful."  Had to share it since I just walked in from shoveling snow and the song was playing on the radio!!
1/19/2011 2:16:06 PM
Kim United States
My "Wow God" moment of 2010 is about my mom who went home with the Lord on Feb. 11, 2010. My parents divorced when I was 16. My father emotionally & verbally abused my mother all the while they were married. I lived with her after the divorce, she partied & I drug her out of bars at 16 & 17 years old. This was not my mother I knew before. When I turned 18 she told me I was raised & she was leaving for Hawaii. She was gone for 5 years. I spoke to her everyday, but it was not the same. I was thrown out into the world at 18, not prepared what so ever. Now at age 40, having been through a couple years of Christian counceling & also with my wonderful Pastor, I realized I had many abandonment issues & anger about my precious mother leaving me. They helped me understand that my mother was "broken" because of the abuse she endured in her marriage to my father. On January 4, 2010 my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My husband & I moved her in with us & 5 weeks later she went home with the Lord. My mother & I spent the days before her death mending that broken relationship. On the day of her death, she was on comfort care, just hanging on. I had still not been able to utter the words "I forgive you". Finally after watching her lay in the ICU hospital bed all day, I leaned over to her, hugged her & whispered in her ear, "I forgive you for leaving me", "I love you & you were a wonderful Mother." In the very next second, her spirit raised up to her chest & the final breaths of her life left her body. It truly was a "WOW GOD" moment. I felt the presence of the Lord as my mom went into heaven with him. She & I both healed by forgiveness. Praise GOD!
1/25/2011 7:06:28 AM
Mike Floyd United States
Mike Floyd
Four and half years ago I had prostate cancer. I was serving as a missionary to the US on a non guaranteed stipend. I needed surgery, the Lord provided a first class surgeon and hospital and then covered the $42,000 bill. As a result of that experience I decided on my two "life" questions: 1. What was I passionate about? 2.Would there be anything I would regret I hadn't attempted if I knew I was going to die? I began seeking the Lord about the opportunity to speak and teach and to seek the opportunity for training. I am now at Seminary studying to be a Pastor on full scholarship.
1/25/2011 8:48:46 AM
Denise Rogers United States
Denise Rogers
I am a school counselor in a small, rural Arkansas community. There are reasons I'm a counselor which definitely include my own troubled childhood. My dad lived a very unhealthy life until he almost died from liver cirrhosis a few years ago, which led him to the Lord. He has given me some strange Christmas gifts over the years, but this year, he gave me the book, The Prayer of Jabez. I opened it thinking, "Wow, this is a great gift from Dad" and feeling very surprised that he, of all people, would have given me something like that.

Now, Lisa and Eric, we educators tend to feel a little blue and do a lot of whining when our Christmas break draws to a close, rather than being thankful for those 2 wonderful weeks off. Go figure! (ha) The night before we were to return to school from the break this year, I was lying in the bathtub doing just that... dreading the return to the real world. I noticed I had placed the Jabez book in my bathtub basket where I keep my daily devotional.  I figured, "Dad gave me a normal gift this year. The least I can do is read it."  And so I opened the book. What happened next has changed my life.

As you may know, the Prayer of Jabez begins by challenging believers to ask God to enlarge and expand our territory so that we may have an even greater impact for God's kingdom.  My book also lovingly warns that if we pray that prayer, we should be prepared for God to bring something BIG into our lives.  I figured, "It's a new year.  I'm a school counselor who is in a position to help others.  I should "go big" in 2011."  And so I prayed the prayer.  The next day at school, I enrolled two new students whose real names I won't use.  Samuel is 14 and Daniel is 12. As is customary, I went online and checked their grades from the previous school.  The boys have a history of great grades and superior standardized test scores, so I assumed their homelife was good.  Two weeks later, (following 3 snow days of frigid temperatures) I learned they were living with one of their parents, in the woods, in a small camper, with no water or electricity.  

Normally, it is my duty to call the child abuse and neglect hotline in these cases, but something was tugging at my heart about this situation.  Maybe it was how smart and well-rounded these boys seemed compared to most kids in critical circumstances. I didn't want to see them separated by foster care, yet I knew I had to get them out of that situation. In talking with Samuel, I learned that his parent, for various reasons, has been unable to adequately care for the children off and on their whole lives. Samuel told me they had a brother, Paul, who had graduated high school last May (near the top of his class), and who has put off college for now because his brothers are his top priority. Paul has been living with friends and working a part-time job in hopes of one day taking the boys to care for them. Samuel had a work phone number for Paul and I called him. I thought I must be crazy calling a young man to ask for assistance in caring for his brothers, but again, something made me do it. He seemed like the most extraordinary young man, and he clarified that he has been desperately trying to make a way to get the boys out of their living situation and into a better one, but a 19-year old boy has limited resources and little knowledge of who to turn to for help. I contacted Paul's high school counselor and asked her opinion.  Did she think he was capable of caring for his two teenaged brothers?  She said, "Without a doubt.  If anyone can do it, Paul can."  She said he really needs to be in college because he is so smart and has such high aspirations for his future, but she knew his plan was to get his brothers in stable environment first.  She had not heard from him since graduation.

The rest of the story is too long and detailed to even try to summarize.  Suffice to say, I am keeping a list of those we need to send thank you cards to, and the list currently has about 30 names on it.  We are a small community with very little rental housing, but we do have one nice apartment complex with a rather high rent rate. Ironically, I attend church with the apartment owners who live in the same neighboring county where I live. The owners listened to the story and called back to say they had one 2BR/2BA apartment vacancy. They set the rent at a very reasonable amount for Paul. After many donations of furniture, essentials and money, Paul and his brothers will move into their apartment TODAY! Praise God for He is the worthy One who made this happen.  The boys are so excited they can barely contain themselves. They haven't seen the apartment and I can't wait to see their faces.  It is large, it's nice, it's clean and the donated furniture even matches. (ha) The adults involved are so excited that these boys will sleep in comfort tonight, in their own beds, and brush their teeth at a real sink in the morning after they take a HOT shower.  It's almost too much to take in! Paul tells me constantly that he can't thank us enough and he's mistakenly ashamed to admit he couldn't have done this without the help myself and of so many people, including my husband who fixed Paul's truck yesterday, put tires on it, made the rounds lining up furniture, and hauling it up the stairs into the apartment... in the pouring rain.  

This has been the biggest thing I've ever overseen in my years as a school counselor. I believe in my heart that it all started in my bathtub that night I opened the book that my rehabilitated father gave me for Christmas. I asked God to enlarge my territory and He set to work on that request the very next day by sending these boys to my school.  I hope anyone who reads this will be in constant prayer for the boys as well as their parent who is still struggling personally, but is being supportive of this decision. Paul will soon have legal guardianship of his brothers and our next goal is to get that brilliant mind of his in the college located 20 minutes from the apartment with the help of government housing allowances, pell grants, food stamps and other benefits available to him. Please pray for this family.  Paul is about to be mother and father to these kids, and that's a lot for a 19-year old boy who doesn't know much about parenting. But we all agree that God would not have brought us this far only to see this fail. How I wish there was time and space to tell you ALL the details of this story and all the ways we have been able to see God's hand every step of this journey. We learned of their living conditions one day and within one week, their apartment was ready.... deposits paid, fully furnished and equipped.  One week! And THIS, K Love friends, is the WOW God story of everyone who helped make it happen.  Thanks for reading our Wow God story and please be in prayer that God will continue to bless this situation.  Smile
1/26/2011 5:24:57 AM
Mark Aurand United States
Mark Aurand
I think this and my wife were planning to sell our house...every night we prayed for the Lord to send the buyer...nothing happened for 3 mos. So we felt we needed to change the prayer to "Lord,send us the buyer with the cash". 2 Weeks later we sold the house.Now we are trusting him to provide the motorhome we need to live in."
1/26/2011 5:26:38 AM
Kim United States
In july of 2010 my daughter was beat up really bad by her ex-boyfriend. We pressed charges, but it went nowhere because my daughter shut down.Every part of her life was effected by this. Well my mother, myself and our pastor, prayed that Gods will be done.The wow God part of this story is 2 days ago the man that beat her up was arested and is going to pay for this crime. I keep thinking of the verse VEGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD!! For the first time in months my daughter feels safe... AMEN
1/26/2011 5:33:15 AM
John Barstow United States
John Barstow
In July of 2010 my wife Julie and I had a stillbirth of our first son Christian.  He was 22 weeks old.  This was the most devastating time in my life and I felt completely lost.  In August I began another year teaching 8th grade science at Ft. Riley Middle School.  It is about a 30 minute commute from where I live in Manhattan.  The first months driving back to work were very emotional for me.  I had all this time to think about Christian and my life and everything else.

Well, one day in October I was having the worst morning and all the way to work I was just weeping in the car, lost as ever.  I was on post coming over this hill and all of a sudden there was this rainbow in the sky.  And I write this with all honesty... it was the most complete, the most bright, the most awesome rainbow I have seen in my entire life...WOW GOD!!!  At that moment I felt God and I felt Christian speaking to me.  It was a sign from them that they were listinging, that they heard what was in my heart.  IT was the best sign they could have given me.  THe emotions i felt that morning were so profound that I find it is difficult to describe them.  

The one thing I really got from this was hope and reassurance that I will one day meet my son in heaven.  There is not a doubt in my mind.

I pray your story has brought you peace and understanding.  It did for me.  

Peace Be With You!
1/26/2011 5:49:59 AM
Stacey United States
My "WOW" God story started a little over 7months ago. I found out my husbund was having an affair on our daughters birthday. I thought my life was over. I wanted to die! Really I wanted to die! He told me he was sorry and he wanted me and our family. But I caught him several more times. As you could imagine I had had it. I had told him I wanted a divorce and we sat our kids down to let them know. In front of my kids he got down on his knees and begged me for one more chance. I wanted my marriage and my husband but I had been hurt so much. All trust was gone. We prayed together that night. Each day went by we were trying but I couldnt get over things. I couldn't forgive him. We went to counceling, prayed each night together, started a devotion book together. We were doing all this and still I was having trouble. Then one night I had to go to the store and I had Klove on and Kelly was reading a letter of another listener and it was just like me. It was like she was telling my story over the air. She said God wants you to forgive, God loves you and that everything was going to be okay. I felt God was talking to me right their in my car. He was telling me excatily what to do. I cant tell you how much my life has changed since then. My marriage is getting stronger everyday. My family is together and even though we still have struggles each day God is the leader of my marriage. My husband and I are still in counceling and we are attending a bibical marriage class every Friday and we pray together each night and have devotions every night together. When you think all hope is lost God can and will help you and he is their. He really does speak to us to. Thank you Klove for all your help to. That is all my family listens to now. Even my 17 and 12 year old kids. My husband works very hard each day to show me I am his only. We "CAN" do all things through Christ who strengths me!
1/26/2011 8:26:01 AM
Jenifer United States
I am a Nurse Practitioner, but when I was working as an ICU nurse prior to going to graduate school, I experienced a "Wow God" event.  I was taking care of an elderly woman who was dying of congestive heart failure.  She was a strong Christian, as was her family.  We were basically giving supportive, palliative care, as she had elected not to have extensive measures done to extend her life. She was dying...her oxygen levels were in the 70's and 80's (normal is above 92) and she was having agonal respirations.  We had her on 100% oxygen via mask, and were just basically waiting for the final breath.  Her husband, who had had a stroke, sat by her bedside all day, with his walker nearby incase he should have to get up.  About 5:00pm, my alarms quit going off....I thought maybe the family had turned them off, which would have been OK, as she was in her final hours.  To my suprise, when I went to the room, her eyes fluttered and opened.  When she saw me and her family members in the room, she stated, "Oh good, you are all here.  I've been walking with the Lord for the last little bit, and he says he is not ready for me yet.  Do you mind if I stick around for a while longer?"  Of course, we were all elated, and tears of joy flowed freely.  She then looked at me and said, "My dear, I am hungry.  May I have something to eat?".  I immediately called the physician.  I told him who I was calling about, and he asked, "What time?", meaning what was the time of death.  He was absolutely dumfounded when I explained what had happened, and that she was hungry.  He became very excited, ordered a bunch of labs to be drawn, and told me to give her whatever she wanted to eat.  This lady had been given huge doses of diuretics to ease her discomfort in her supposed "final hours"....her sodium and potassium should have been non-existent.  To all of our suprise, when the labs were returned, she had the best results that she had had in 5 years!!  The doctor looked me in the eyes and stated, "You have just witnessed a miracle...I have no medical explanation for this!"  
I love to tell this is just one of many I have witnessed in my 16 years in nursing.  God is amazing!!!  This story helped bring my husband to know the Lord.  Praise Him!!
1/26/2011 11:35:59 AM
MELISSA United States
Being raised in and out of church throughout my childhood years I always believed in GOD. However once I had my 1st child I found myself doubting whether or not GOD existed. When my first born child was 3 I found out I was pregnant again and being a single parent I was horrified. I didn’t tell ANYONE that I was pregnant. I tried in every way to abort the pregnancy only to hit a dead end with each attempt. So broken and beat down and no other options I went back to my old church where I sat alone in the middle of the section when out of no where an old fellow church member sneaks over to sit next to me and leans into to me and says “GOD said to tell you the devil is trying to make you kill that baby and GOD isn’t going to let you” and almost immediately he asks “are you pregnant?” I knew at that moment that GOD was holding me accountable for a promise that I had made a few years prior to that day. BUT MOST OF ALL I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT MY GOD IS REAL!!! Today, I have a GEORGEOUS son who I thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for each and everyday. What a wonderful blessing! WOW GOD!!!
1/26/2011 12:16:16 PM
Justin United States
I received an email asking me to do something that I was not comfortable doing and that I did not know how to respond to, I was praying about how to respond to it and nothing was coming to me. Sunday at church my pastor's sermon was about doing things according to God's will, which was exactly what I was struggling with with the email I received. After hearing his message, I just stood back and said WOW! God has his own way of helping us to know what to do. I asked my pastor for more guidance on how to respond to the email and also praying for the words to put in the email. God does give us the words to speak, and guides us in our trials. I just thank God everyday for being there to guide and protect me in my every day endeavors.
1/27/2011 12:50:09 PM
Angela United States
My husband was a drug addict, ex military, rough and tumble guy. Two years ago we had an accident that sent our whole world spiraling into an awful mess. He broke his hands and was off work. Of course money was tight and it became a topic of argument on several occasions. To top that off he was seeing someone else and i knew but never said anything. I just kept seeing things spiral out of control. After having surgery on his hands a year later, he was finally out of a cast and we got into an argument and he punched a wall-He broke his hand-again. We took him to the doctor and he had to have surgery on his hand-again!! But he hit bottom there. He started talking to our pastor and then he asked to be baptized and he took the Lord in. Our lives are by no means perfect now, but soo much better now that God is in our hearts. WOW!!! Sometimes he lets us suffer so we come back to him. Like the prodigal son coming home, we came home. Yes, we have done some things we are ashamed of, but God opened his arms and welcomed us home. Thanks be to God.
2/4/2011 6:17:36 AM
Shaunee taylor United States
Shaunee taylor
A couple of months ago I was working a double shift, driving from one group home to another, and I was lost. Tired and grouchy, I kept driving around trying to locate this group home that I have never beem to. O Praise Him by David Crowder band was on, so I turned my radio as loud as it would go. So I was stopped at a red light when I noticed a group of teenagers waiting to cross the street they were waving their arms and pointing and laughing. I assumed they were laughing at my music, amd I was already grouchy so I rolled the window down and turned off the radio to yell at the kids for laughing at praise and worship music when I realized they were singing along and praising. I was so awestruck so I turned the music back. Tears welled in my eyes, I needed that encouragment at that moment. I was like " wow God". Thank you.
2/9/2011 7:40:20 AM
Paula A Rushing United States
Paula A Rushing
I just wanted to say THANK YOU GOD! WOW ! GOD!,I am amazed I have always know God is there with me since I was very young but,in 2009 something happened that makes that undeniable,my daughter then 6 years old was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation a congenital deformity where her skull was too small for her brain causing her brain to be compressed downward and cause paralysis or death or both if surgery wasn't done I was told for years by dr's there was nothing wrong with her but A.D.D. and developmental delays but I finally took her to a neurologist on my own which confirmed our fears that it was something much more serious than the A.d.d. or delays,anyway she had decompression surgery and was told she had some brain damage but they would never say how much she can recover,but God has totally worked a miracle with her her balance and coordnation are much better than expected,her hand eye coordination is improving,she is os much better in so many ways she isn't perfect she still has some learning delays but nobody is perfect I accept what God has given us she is perfect to me I know other people may judge her behaviors because she is a little immature for her age in some ways too but God made her and she is perfect to him and to me,I wouldn't change her even if I could she is sweet,caring and compassionate sometimes a bit overbearing but,she is just that way sometimes aren't we all,I never expected to ever have a special needs child because my oldest child is really smart he is ADHD but he has always been above average in his grades except for the last couple of year LOL teenagers LOL!,but I know why God gave us our daughter the way she is to teach us patience,tolerance and love even for those who are a little different from us but in God eyes we are all the same,I love both my children just the way they are I accept them and trust God to make them into who he wants them to be WOW! GOD! yous till work miracles even today THANK YOU!!!!!!!.
2/15/2011 11:57:08 AM
Karen United States
We had a gentleman come  into town one evening and someone called the police since he was sleeping at the store front in our small hometown.  Our town was 2 miles off of the main highway so it was very unusual to see a stranger walking into town, especially one who wanted to sleep there.  The next morning, I decided to go over and introduce myself.  His name was James and he had the kindest eyes of anyone I had ever encountered.  He had big holes in his shoes and didn't look like he had bathed or eaten for quite awhile.  I went to my home and made him a couple of sandwiches and gave him some new socks and some plastic bags to maybe keep his feet dry.  He thanked me and I went back home to get ready for work.  When he left, and I didn't see him go, he had left everything that I had given him in a small pile at the store.  time had literally stood still during all of this since I should have been late leaving for work with all the extra I did that morning. I am convinced to this day that I was visited by an angel of God that morning.  I am so blessed in this life and know I will be in the next.  Blessings to all and may you see angels in your life.
2/23/2011 2:07:52 PM
Becky United States
My husband & I have 6 children. Our oldest son died in 2008 at the tender age of 19 1/2 ...jst after he had joined the Navy. Since his passing, it has only been by God's Grace that I have come to allow the sorrow & suffereing of his loss in my life; to go on with a happy heart. To be truly able to live each day with a joy that DOES transcend all the despair that grief can overwhelm us with. Our three youngest children are adopted. Our son was able to know his youngest sister for a year...and then he died from complications due to leukemia & ARD, that took his life in 2 1/2 weeks. I wanted to share a story with you about how I came to gain a more comforting understanding of our son in the Lord's presence after he left us here on Earth. The other night, I was putting our 5 yr old to bed. And as I've done often...I said a prayer to God that He would give a PEACE in her parent's hearts (as well as our other 2 adopted children's parent's hearts)...I wanted them to know that their child was in GOOD HANDS...and that they were HAPPY and well taken care of...and that they were LOVED> I pondered that...I trust  that it was the Holy Spirit who whispered to me...."Your son is in MY hands....I will give YOU a PEACE in YOUR be able to go on without his presence in your earthly life." "And when we are altogether in Heaven one will be a reunion forever and ever...happiness forever...AMEN."  oh my goodness...I cried and I smiled..for in being able to put myself in our adopted children's parent's place...ony then...was I able to comprehend the magnitude of their sorrow..and also of the joy that could be their's truly know that their children are OK...and that our son is OK....that was my WOW GOD felt so good..and continues to bring me much comfort....Thank you, God.
3/23/2011 12:35:10 PM
Johnson United States
My WOW Thank You God story is about Love, faith and the power of prayer...
My daughter was pregnant with her second child and early on she was told it seemed her son was going to be a dwarf, his arms and legs were slightly shorter than normal and she was considered high risk so they would be doing ultrasounds every month.  At one point she felt she was being pushed a little to consider abortion and she responded with "you want me to kill my baby because he's not perfect?  forget it!"  The next ultrasound she went to she was told, the baby looks great, we don't even think he's going to have dwarfism.  They told her she didn't need to come back for another ultrasound until 6 weeks before delivery.  Of course we were elated, however at her next ultrasound the doctor was called in to the room and there was a lot of whispering and then the doctor told her to get dressed and meet him in the office.  Then she was told that they didn't believe the baby was going to survive that he appears to have Jeune syndrome which is a form of dwarfism where the chest does not grow right and can crush the heart and lungs. They set her up with the neonatal specialist.  At that meeting she was asked if she wanted to put the baby on life support when delivered and she told them yes, at least to make sure it is Jeune syndrome and if he is going to suffer she'd take him off.  

3 days later she received a call from the neonatal specialist and was told they reviewed her case and felt he would not even make it out of delivery so they were not going to put him on life support but would have her hold and comfort him until he passed.  

The day of delivery was a solemn day but the whole family was there.  When they wheeled out the baby wide awake and just the most beautiful little face and big blue eyes, breathing all on his own, the dr. stopped momentarily and told my husband "not at all what we expected".  Then took him into neonatal.  He was only in neonatal for 24 hours and was doing so well he was moved to the regular room.  

All along the way we had so many prayers for Kaleb and my daughter kept saying "mom, I may be in denial, but I just don't beleive this baby isn't healthy".  I kept telling her just keep believing but prepare yourself also.  I must admit my faith was not nearly as strong as hers in this case.  

Kaleb will be 2 in July and is doing awesome, he has not needed any life support, no trachea, no extra medical needs whatsoever.  You would never know anything was wrong with him unless you saw him with his shirt off or you might think he's a little younger than he really is due to his size.  I had read that 60 to 70% of Jeune's babies don't survive past the first year.  The doctors had said if he survived they would do a chest expansion surgery at 2 years old but now that the time is getting near the specialist have said he's doing so well it's not worth the risk, and unless he starts struggling with his lungs or heart they would not even need to do the surgery.

God has very special plans for this little boy, he is the most stubborn and determined baby I've seen. God made him a fighter and no matter what human wisdom says it is God's will that prevails.
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