Jan 06 2011

The Second Chance Story of Ted Williams

If you've watched TV at all this week, there's a great chance you heard the story of Ted Williams.  The former radio personality that has struggled with addiction and found himself homeless.  What has transpired over the past couple of days has been amazing and speaks to the fact that we serve a God of Second Chances.  To see more of Ted's amazing second chance story, check out the video below ...




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1/7/2011 4:13:49 AM
Carol Brazil
It´s amazing how God´s turning people´s life around seeying the honesty in their heart , their true feeling and giving these people another shot in their life .
I thank the Lord for beeing so amazing and using people  to help people like Ted .
1/7/2011 8:29:42 AM
Issac Brown United States
Issac Brown
A slideshow I created for Ted Williams using some photos and content from CBS News site. I thought that this was an excellent story and a life changing moment.

1/7/2011 8:36:13 AM
Mimi United States
What a testimony and a encouragement for Gods people to see that no one is beyond his love and power in a society where age and economics are so valued for usefullness. Also its important to see how God uses others to change lives. How beautiful it is to see that this guy had time to reach out to someone in need that was struggling in the real world. If we all did that, we could all make a difference. Think about it each one reach one. Make a difference in one persons life. What a bright light in a dark world. This man has a new beginning! If the truth was known, this world would be a better place for us all. Thanks K Love.
1/11/2011 5:08:12 AM
LK Shinneman (Just LK) United States
LK Shinneman (Just LK)
It is easy to see someone who is homeless and or carrying a sign and looking homeless.

Matthew West's new song from his new album "My own little world" and the song by that title with this verse: "Above that sign was the face of a human and I thought to myself my God what have I been doing?"

I agree with Mimi. It just takes an act of kindness with no expectation of a return kindness. This is my P.S. for all of my communications (and I do over 500 emails a day on the average).
P.S. Can you imagine a world at peace? It starts with you and me. From me to you, may His peace be with you and yours, now and forever...LK
1/13/2011 2:57:26 PM
Landon Winfrey United States
Landon Winfrey
I think that this is an amazing story Ted Williams offers it all to God and I think that it's amazing that he's doing that I recently heard a rumor that he is still drinking and having troubles with that I hope that everyone continues to pray for the problems that he still has and hope that he will take the second chance that God gave him and make a change in his life
1/14/2011 5:11:32 AM
Missionary Sybil United States
Missionary Sybil
O. K. So the hype has passed; new story, right???  But this man, whose life I read in his testimony on national T and V, has continued to live.  The other shows are using his story to push their ratings, assigning him man made solutions, while the love of God that he expresses, no matter how convoluted "I" think his reasonings are, command "ME" to praise God for his overcoming!!!  
He has already entered 'treatment'. He has been assigned the loving arms of those of us who can pray from wherever we are and allow the Spirit of Christ to do His unpredictably PREDICTABLE work in this man.  I say we ought to go back to those places God has saved us from (Romans 8:1, etc.) and praise God until this man moves into the place already prepared for him, in Christ Jesus.
Eric and Lisa, y'all do an interesting work.  I have no choice but to keep the radio on K, and I share the time each morning with you.  Keep praising Him.  (Love the cup o' joe song this a.m.!).  Keep praysing HIM!!!  sms
1/14/2011 8:07:21 AM
Nicole Blair United States
Nicole Blair
It just goes to show you that in the Lord all things are possible.  Know matter what our circumstances he loves us and welcomes us home with open arms.  Glory be to God.
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