Jan 14 2011

Made to Crave - Day 10

Day 10: But, Exercise Makes Me Want to Cry

Based on Chapter 9 of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst


Thought for the Day: I fully realize that my body as a temple may not be God’s most grand dwelling. However, I want to lift up to the Lord my willingness to dedicate my exercise as a gift to Him and myself. This one act un-divides my heart and reminds me of the deeper purposes for moving my body.


Before I met my exercise-loving husband, I believed the only reason a person should sweat was if he or she were lying by the pool. But when I encountered Art, I temporarily changed my attitude. I was smitten. Oh, how I was motivated when I discovered that running was a fantastic way to spend more time with this man. However, on the first day of our honeymoon, when he woke up cheerfully and initiated an early-morning run, I thought, “Gracious, why would I want to do that? We’re married now.” And I didn’t run again for many years.



Sad, but true. Psalm 86:11–12 explains my quandary:


Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart … I will glorify your name forever.



An undivided heart. My heart was divided between exercising for another person’s reasons or finding my own motivation. I’ve found that when it comes to my body, which 1 Corinthians 6:19 calls “a temple of the Holy Spirit,” that I can’t live with divided loyalties. I can either be loyal to honoring the Lord, my husband, and my body, or be loyal to my cravings, desires, and excuses for not exercising.


An Old Testament story in Haggai struck me with the problem that a divided heart creates before God. The Israelites were charged to take care of God’s physical temple by rebuilding the actual structure. But just like most of us, they struggled with a heart divided by concerns about the everyday needs of their city and homes. And so God’s people neglected building the temple for ten years. Each year, something else seemed to be more important.


Likewise, I found that my struggle to exercise got delayed by other things that seemed to be higher priorities. How could I find the time between raising kids, running a home, paying the bills, watching TV, and chatting on the phone with friends?


Just as God promised the Israelites blessings for obedience, he warned them of consequences for not rebuilding the temple as He desired. And while we may not feel the effects of ignoring our health immediately, our choices will eventually catch up to us.


I finally admitted that I needed to make time, just like the Israelites, to care for my temple—my body. So I began exercising consistently with a friend and discovered many motivating blessings. While I can’t say I’m always eager to jump out of bed and start my day in a sweat, I’m always refreshed with the alertness that comes once I’ve started. In addition, my friend and I find time to process life, contemplate decisions, and talk about what God is teaching us. I love the feeling of accomplishment each day. Even if everything else in my day falls apart, I can smile and say, “Yes, but with the Lord’s help, I ran this morning.”


I fully realize that my temple may not be God’s most grand dwelling. However, I want to lift up my willingness to the Lord and dedicate my exercise as a gift to Him and myself. This one act un-divides my heart and reminds me of the deeper purposes for moving my body.


How might you start rebuilding your temple today? Maybe running is not your thing. No problem. I say the best exercise for you is the kind you’ll do.



For more information about Lysa TerKeurst and her book Made to Crave, please visit: www.MadetoCrave.org

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1/14/2011 5:13:47 AM
Melissa United States
I have felt this conviction over the last several weeks to give everything about my body/image/beauty to God.  I have spent so much time trying to loose weight over the last 30 years. Being thin has truely become an idol for me.  May God help me get healthy for him not the scale.
1/14/2011 5:22:37 AM
Michelle United States
I exercise by running on a little trampoline while listening 2 music, I used 2 listen 2 country, but now I run to K Love. Not only is it physical exercise but spiritual as well!
1/14/2011 5:29:31 AM
Elizabeth United States
Im not sure where this goes, but this am you all were talking on the radio about a PRECORE piece of exercise equipement and how it was easy on the knees.  I can't find exactly what that is, but I see that it is a company name, but if you could give me more info about the piece of equipement that would be great bc I have bad knees and our eliptical is crashing down on us so we may look at buying this piece like you were talking about. thanks
1/14/2011 5:29:48 AM
shelley United States
my husband and i are ultramarathon runners, and i truly feel that our running brings honor and glory to God. we regularly run races that are 50 kilometers, 50 miles, or up to 100 miles in distance at one time. we've both run for 24 hours straight or longer. while most people can't fathom that, we love it and what is so God honoring about it is how amazing these bodies are that He created that can be trained to do such a thing. we truly are nothing special, we were not athletic people as teens and have always struggled with weight, in fact as a teen i was morbidly obese! God uses our running to give us a platform to minister to people in the athletic community and we always point back to Him during every race, giving Him the glory for just surviving it! I am so grateful to God for bringing ultrarunning into my life, it was truly His work.
1/14/2011 5:45:07 AM
Margarita United States
I wanted to say thank you. These past two weeks I have really felt inspired. When the Made to Crave challenge started, I wasn't able to work out or anything because I was commuting 2 hrs everyday for a class. But I was able to listen to KLOVE and Lisa Turkhurst. I wasn't able to go out and excerscise, but with God's help, I was able to limit my food intake. Just in 2 weeks time I have lost 4pounds. It isn't much but it's a lot for me. I'm 16 years old and weigh 288. I don't care about being thin, I only want to be healthy so that I can continue to spread God's hope and love.
1/14/2011 5:52:25 AM
Donna United States
My crave is facebook. I spend waay too much time there and God has been showing me for a while that I need to give that up and spend my time doing other things like reading my Bible and doing homework for school. Thank you, Lord for deliverance. For I know it is coming soon!
1/14/2011 6:04:29 AM
Mala South Africa
I am pretty much a morning person, love walking in the morning, downloaded my gospel songs onto my ipod and listen to whilst i walk , when i am not listening to my music i pray for all the homes as pass by  .

enjoying reading the "Madeto Crave" blog and love listening to klove via internet radio. bless you all.
1/14/2011 6:09:54 AM
Kristy United States
I'm loving the Made to Crave blogs! But... doesn't playing Chris August's "Candy Song" conflict with the whole message here? LOL
1/14/2011 6:20:56 AM
Jerica Ortberg United States
Jerica Ortberg
I totally agree.I have been telling myself or rather I feel the Holy Spirit has been telling me for awhile.....Get up and take control!!!! I find if I totally focus on Jesus as I use my eliptical and listin to k-love I excersise with no limits!I used to focus on the physical pain.Now when I think I've reached a goal the lord shows me THRU him I can achieve SO much more!Praise God...We serve such an amazing PERSONAL God!!!!!
1/14/2011 6:32:05 AM
michele United States
after searching and praying i have finally found my word--revaluate.  revaluate my life, finances and my relationship with jesus.
1/14/2011 6:33:22 AM
Melissa United States
Exercise is so difficult for me after facing a life changing disease that altered my metabolism, hypo-thyroid is little known of or talked about, but can be devastating to someone that could before eat whatever they wanted, and be on the go 24/7.  Weight gain and exhaustion led to depression and when depressed, the last thing you want to do is exercise!  Even the best laid plans for getting up and moving are challenging some days.  After many years away from consistent Christian music in my life, I realized that one of the things I needed to change for the new year was getting back in line with Gods will and plan for my life.  Filling my mind, charging my spirit, with not just daily, but minute to minute encouragement in the Lord is needed just to stay focused and not lose hope for this to happen. So the radio tuned to KLOVE goes on when I wake up and does not turn off until I am ready for bed at night. Thank you for all you do to share God's message, give encouragement, and lift us up every day!  Loving today’s exercise message too...someday the only exercise I can manage is walking the dogs 2 times a day for 10 minutes~ but my passion is the Zumba class at the Y.  Who can sit still when that beat is pumping?  My church is looking for a Zumba instructor, and my only thought was...too bad there isn’t a Christian music version of this dynamic and moving exercise dance class!
1/14/2011 6:42:36 AM
Alison United States
Isn't it wonderful how God brings things like this into our lives RIGHT when we need it?  I am a fairly new mother of a one year old and before her I exercised regularly and loved it.  However, once she came along I have made many excuses to not exercise, yet I constantly complain about the way I look.  The past few weeks I have searched for a diet or excerise schedule to help me get my old body back instead of re-evaluating my reasoning and passion behind it all.  God brought this book, blog, and discussion on K Love into my life at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!  Thank you Father!
1/14/2011 6:43:26 AM
Suzanne United States
i am just *loving* this blog Smile i look forward to it every morning!
1/14/2011 6:51:40 AM
Diane United States
I started running 5 years ago. I ran purely to stay in shape and I enjoyed it. Then tragedy struck & I ran because I was angry, I needed to blow off steam from the hurt the tragic event caused those I love & myself. I used to call them my 'mad runs.'I also stopped talking to God & honeslty  stopped believing in Him. It was a very dark place to be. Thanks to a friends help I reconnected with God.  Not only did I believe in Him again but I now have a relationship that cannot measure up to any other relationship I have or have had. The love is indescribable. Now when I run, I take that time to be truly with Him. I listen to music which brings me to that place of peace & I focus on our Lord.  My running has been a much needed time to reflect & reconnect.
1/14/2011 7:11:13 AM
Claire United States
I exercise everyday! It helps me be strong, and healthy!
1/14/2011 7:32:58 AM
Cindy United States
I started reading the “Made to Crave” blog yesterday. I can hear God speak directly to me. Lysa TerKeurst began her weight loss journey at the same weight I am today. My life has included a constant battle with weight.  My heaviest weight was 195 pounds (yikes!) three years ago.

I started with WW, lost 20 in the first 4 months and then got tired of entering my food each day. For the next couple of years I bounced up and down five pounds. Then in October, I started the “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” diet.  I have done well and never feel deprived on this diet. I did not follow the diet through the holidays but began again after all the holiday cookies were gone and have returned  to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. I still have 20 or more pounds to go.

I have begged and pleaded with God to miraculously take the excess from my body. Instead I should have been filling myself with generous helpings of God and His Word. Thank you for putting things in perspective. Today’s posting shows how God works in our lives every day. I was contemplating whether or not to work out today. After reading the blog, next on my list is to hit the yoga mat!
1/17/2011 4:48:59 AM
Denise Romo United States
Denise Romo
What a beautiful thought to have exercise be a gift to the Lord.
I find myself giving other things priority over exercising.  Thanks for your insight.  Romans 12:1 says - "Therefore I urge you brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual act of worship."
Exercising has a fresh meaning for me!
1/27/2011 9:28:25 AM
Tricia United States
I'm trying to get back into shape, and I know that part of my issue is that I am scared.  About 3 years ago I lost almost 50 lbs and was Really in shape.  I spent about 10 hours a week at the gym- plus getting in excerises here and there- I got to where I was consumed by excerise and by perfecting my body.

The further I went the more pain that I'd be in occasionally.  Joint and hip pain that left me walking like a 90 year old.  I became depressed and my weight crept up.  I finally was diagnosed with spondalysois.  I'm not All the way back to where I was- but no more size 4/6 - more like 10/12.  

I'm realizing that I am afraid that because I know that I cannot do what I once could and I relied mostly on excerise and hard core arobics/stair climber/ and kickboxing to help- and that helped with cravings.

This is really making me think- I need to rely on GOD to provide my focus and strength and to help me do what I *Can* do with my body and to focus on that rather than what I *cannot*

Thank you so much for sharing this!!
2/19/2011 11:31:56 AM
Abhishek India
So It looks that you find the right partner. I have seen many women changing life of man but it's converse here any ways best wishes to you.
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