Jan 21 2011

Day to Crave - Day 15

Day 15: I’ll Have What She’s Having

Based on Chapter 10 of Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst


Thought for the Day: Just because a woman is skinny doesn’t mean that she’s healthy. The struggles are similar, just in a different size package.


One problem with trying to eat healthy is when you sit down next to a skinny girl who wolfs down everything on her plate. It makes me want to say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” A similar frustration pops up when Ms. Petite picks up her kids in a cute tennis outfit that I could never wear.


The paradox of comparing ourselves to other people is that we become blind to what we already have in the face of what we don’t have. Our hearts are drawn into a place of assumption. We assume that everything is great for those who possess what we lack.


But here’s the kicker. Everyone has not-so-great aspects their lives, things that they will have to learn to surrender or sacrifice. Sure, my size-two friend could eat all the snacks she wanted, but she’s got other struggles for which she has to depend on God. For instance, consider that skinny girl in your life who eats whatever she wants and makes you think, “How unfair.” Yet listen to what she might say in return, as someone once shared with me: “I am one of the skinny girls, but don’t mistake skinny for healthy. I battle depression, self-esteem issues, and verbal abuse. The list seems endless. Being little doesn’t make a person any more happy or faithful or joyful. The struggles are similar, just in a different size package.”


Life as a Christ follower will always be a learning process of depending less on our own strength and more on God’s power. James 1:3–4 says,


The testing of your faith develops perseverance, and perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature, complete, not lacking anything.



Why not make this a daily prayer, first thing in the morning: “God, I recognize that I am made for more than the vicious cycle of being ruled by food, body image, and comparing myself to others. I am thankful that You made my body unique in ways that I can serve You and in ways that turn my reliance upon You. I need to eat to live, not live to eat. So I keep asking for Your wisdom to know what to eat and Your indwelling power to walk away from things and thoughts that are not beneficial for me.”


Oh sweet sisters, this truth should be the cry of our souls and drown out Satan’s lie that “she has it easier.” Our taste buds crave many things to satisfy, but only persevering with God will make us truly full.



For more information about Lysa TerKeurst and her book Made to Crave, please visit: www.MadetoCrave.org

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1/21/2011 6:34:43 AM
Crista United States
Good Morning! I wanted to share my word for 2011 with you. It is HOPE. I have been struggling with accepting the fact that now is not a good time to have children yet. My whole life I have wanted a child, but in the right time. I am married now and we just bought a home so it only makes sense that a child would be next.... only I am not finished with school yet and have strong calling to the nutrition field and know that God intends me to make a difference in it. I am struggling with what I want vs. what God wants and sometimes would like to give up hope in the plan that God had for me and start the one that I want for myself. This year my word is Hope because I know that God has promised to give me all the desires of my heart, but in his timing and in his way. I will not lose hope and instead I will give hope to others and prepare the way for Gods plan. Not my own. Thank you for all you do. Your show and Klove has transformed my life.
1/21/2011 6:47:44 AM
Donna United States
Hi this is Donna from KY. On my ride into work this morning you were speaking about who to choose to root for in the up and coming Super Bowl. I have to speak out, God doesn't have favorites, only man does, and you all decided since Chicago and Pittsburg broadcast K-Love then that should be the picks... well I disagree, even though K-Love is not broadcasted out of Green Bay WI, it still is broadcasted in WIsconsin, so..... I wouldn't care at all for the Packers to play and WIN against Pittsburg in this years Superbowl. God Bless all the players, whom ever team they are on, that no one gets injured and everyone plays fair and most important has fun with the experience that God has allowed them to have. Amen Smile Your Friend In Christ, Donna
1/21/2011 6:50:32 AM
Erica Christiansen United States
Erica Christiansen
This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I have been on a weight loss journey for about 14 months. I have lost 71 pounds so far and went from size 20 to a 10. I keep looking in the mirror asking myself "when will I see the change?" "When will I be better?" I can't seem to focus on how much I have accomplished in my life vs the last 30 pounds I am determined to lose.    
I am in a terrible storm right now. Not very much unlike Hannah. Where I am Hannah. (Although, my husband doesn't have 2 wives, but you catch my drift. LOL)The main thing I hold on to in this terrible battle I face is that God had vengeance for Hannah and He will have vengeance for me. Everything in life is spiritual battle. This battle is for the souls of my step-kids. Hearing this today made me think that being skinnier will not get their mother to stop doing what she does. It will not make her come to Christ. It will not even make her come back to see her children. The only thing that will do that is God's love. I hope to show her that someday.
1/21/2011 7:14:49 AM
Trevor Owen United States
Trevor Owen
Hey this is Trevor from Hammond, LA and you talking about hugs reminds me of the poet, Bradley Hathaway. He has a poem called, "The Hug Poem". It's so good. He talks about Jesus and if he ever just hugged people.
You should look it up on you tube and play it on air!
1/21/2011 7:19:48 AM
Daniela Rojas United States
Daniela Rojas
Hi Guys Smile

I'm from Colombia but i currently live in Omaha, NE, and i have been here for only 3 years. I just wanted to tell you that i listen to klove every morning, afternoon, and night. It feels like each song brings me closer to God and what i had lost in my country is here in each lyric. Thank you so much for all your help, each story is more and more encouraging. Coming from such a violent country and being only 18 makes me feel so insecure, but every time i turn on the radio its like God tells me, "HEY! DON'T WORRY, IM HERE WITH YOU Smile"

Happy national Hug Day
1/21/2011 7:31:40 AM
Amy United States
I have to say that the Made to Crave blogs and the KLOVE broadcasting with Lisa is changing my life one day at at time. I have been on a journey now for the last nine (9) months and have lost a total of 120lbs and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that without God this would not be possible. I have never stayed with a (diet) new way of life for this long. God is definitely carrying me. At the start of January after the holidays which were definitely a struggle in which I maintained through, I knew I had to get busy exercising in conjunction with the new way that I have been eating for the pounds to come off again. I was having a hard time being motivated until I was driving to work one morning and I heard Lisa speaking on KLOVE. I have looked on KLOVE every day for the new blog and listen to the broadcast as well. I feel as if God is speaking to me through Lisa and helping me put this journey in God's hands completely. I have been going back to the gym now for three weeks and I have changed the way I look at exercise by dedicating every minute that I do to God as a gift. Thank you so much KLOVE and Lisa for doing this 21 day journey for us. It has trully transformed my journey into pleasing God instead of "having to lose weight"
1/21/2011 8:28:19 AM
Jessica United States
I just had a quick question - where did Lisa get her Slippery Elm lozenges? I want to try them! Smile
1/21/2011 9:11:10 AM
Annmarie United States
Good Morning,
I would just like to ask you both something.  Will you please not discuss what takes place on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and other TV shows that glorify man.  These shows have a negative impact on our spiritual man and encourages women seek beauty rather than internal spiritual beauty.  Please take these shows off of your topic list.  I pray that you would see that are not glorifying God but rather man.
Thank you
Annmarie Griffith
1/21/2011 11:26:16 AM
Monica United States

this is my uncle Vincent Marx is japan he is a book righter over there and he made this on new years please share it
1/21/2011 1:01:40 PM
Jeri United States
Hi, I didn't get the chance to comment earlier than this about today being National Hug Day. I have always been a hugger. I hug almost everyone I meet. I spent the day at work today pasing out hugs. One of my life mottos is "You can never get or give enough hugs!" Anyway, a friend and I came up with an Acronym for HUGS that I would like to share with you. HUGS = Hands Understanding God's Salvation. Hope you have a blessed day. Jeri
1/21/2011 3:42:45 PM
Bill Wolfe United States
Bill Wolfe
Just wanted to share my one word for 2011. My one word in "Intimate". I feel that any relationship needs to be intimate if it is going to be the best it can be.... hope that makes sence....I need a more intimate relationship with God first and with my wife and two daughters.....
1/21/2011 4:38:51 PM
Mary United States
made to crave,
I have a crave to be debt free, and don't know how to start over. After the death of my mother, I am now the only person in my family still alive. It has been really, really, hard to start over. I have moved around alot due to personal reasons and milatary life style. It seems my life has been nothing but a series of starts and stops, and never a continuation of where I left off. I should be looking forward to retirement, but I just can't. It took everything I had to get through probate, and to make my mother's house liveable, with another $6,000 worth of work left to do on the house, and $62,000 in debt, and a 73 year old greedy husband who thinks I owe him a living to contend with. I just crave a happy, debt free life style with a desent paying position, but at the age of nearly 60 and no place to turn, without money,without the knowledge of how to start over,and without the knowledge what I am good at it's been really hard on me these past 2 years. 2011 will be the 3rd year of misfortune, and I just crave for things to get better from here on in and stay that way.
1/21/2011 5:43:55 PM
Caleb J. LeJune United States
Caleb J. LeJune
  Mrs Marry please give me your email adress!  I have two scriptures that will speak  and bring confort about this issue!  God Bless!
1/22/2011 6:25:36 AM
David Graham Nc United States
David Graham Nc
Love waking up listening to you guys it is what it says it is positive and encouraging I crave more of God He has been so good this last year in our Church we had over 375 get baptized In the Name Of Jesus Christ,to get filled with the Holy Ghost with many kinds of sickness ,cancers, tumors, deafness,drug addiction alcohol addictions etc healed In the name Of Jesus Christ Praise God we are having a book of Acts 2:38 revival God is so Good and worthy of our Praise!  
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