Feb 15 2011

Jacob's Valentine Sing-O-Grams!

Jacob Shuart was spreading the love through song this Valentine's Day! For the fifth year in a row, the Oklahoma Christian University senior serenaded couples to raise money for charity.  Jacob raised close to a $1,000 this year! Read more about Jacob here

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2/15/2011 5:34:57 AM
melanie pratt United States
melanie pratt
I loved it~  I just heard him....and hearing his message of how he is doing his part of not standing still and spreading the message of LOVE to others as well as helping his AMAZIN friend spread the message of LOVE around the WORLD what a PRICELESS gift of GOD he has given!  BLESS this young gentleman...... how amazin what a gift he can go with just a guitar and his voice.  See if just one person can do a selfless act of love how we can change the world!
Amen JACOB you keep ROCKIN LOVE~
2/15/2011 6:27:05 AM
Christi United States
Morning K-love. I Loved it. It's super sweet what Jacob does. He is awesome young man. He will make a wonderful boyfriend/husband one day. Hearing it just makes me smile. God Bless you, Jacob.
Hope everyone has a great day.

2/15/2011 6:49:31 AM
Lisa Morgan United States
Lisa Morgan
I think this is Awesome!  There are so many bad kids and young people, because they are lost.  But this is a story of hope, there are good youth.  This makes me think I don't do near enough.  But he is a fellow Okie, so I am not too surprised.lol
2/21/2011 12:30:57 PM
alex chandler United States
alex chandler
thats a cool song
2/21/2011 12:32:42 PM
alex chandler United States
alex chandler
and thats good your rasing money for peple
2/28/2011 7:39:14 PM
Richard Turman United States
Richard Turman
Hi Lisa and Eric. Thank you so much for your story about Jacob. I have the privilege of personally knowing Jacob. He is  a room mate and best friend of my son Kyle. Jacob is such a treasure and one that puts God first. Jacob is also in a comedy group through Oklahoma Chtistian university, called unbound. They ( Jacob, Kyle and two others) travel to different churches and church camps telling the good news about Jesus in comedy skits. Kyle built the Webb site for "give a goat" ( ggnow.org ) which is one of the non profit charities that Jacob was donating some of the  money he raised singing for valentines. Both of these young Christian  men are making a difference.
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