Mar 02 2011

Wow, God! Miracle on Highway 99

So what's your Wow, God story?  Check out the amazing story of Laurie Wood ...



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3/2/2011 3:53:06 AM
Katie Randolph United States
Katie Randolph
My wow God story:  I have prayed since I was a newlywed 11 1/2 years ago.  My husband has severe depression and suicidal tendencies throughout our marriage.  The last several years I have sought help for me and taken care of me instead of focusing on him.  About 4 weeks ago he threatened again.  I went to my counselor/Care Pastor for help to deal with the emotions.  He helped me reword how I talked to my husband.  I talked with him... When say suicidal things I feel scared.  When you refuse to get help, I feel hopeless.  When I feel scared and hopeless then I pull away from you.  I left it there with lots of prayer after we talked.  A week later he asked for the counselors number.  He has his first appointment today at church!!!!!!!!!  He has not been to church for 3 years.  
3/2/2011 5:08:54 AM
Hali Poplin United States
Hali Poplin
Wow God Story: I don't have a "one moment" Wow God story like most people. Mine is that of my testimony. My mother died when I was 9. I had to take care of my two little brothers before she died, and when she died they were taken to their dad's and I went to mine. It was like I lost my children. Then the father that I moved into molested me for about 6 years. I went to commit suicide, but I told God...ok if you have plans for me..please stop me. (I knew their was a God...but I didn't go to church and didn't have a relationship with him). My cousin who was supposed to be a long way away came to my house..making me stop. I moved in with my Grandmother. I was so hurt that I got further into drugs and using boys trying to feel better. Where I only felt worse. But then a boyfriend I had invited me to church. I decided what's it going to hurt? I went a few times, then they had the 30 Hour Famine. That night I completly let God take over my life. I got saved almost a year ago now and I've came so far. God has mightly plans for me and I'm always ready to step where He wants me to.
3/2/2011 5:25:52 AM
Judie United States
My Wow God moment came to me this morning when I woke from a dream.  In my dream I was in a foreign city where there was a major celebration.  During the celebration something went wrong with the fire works and they fell down upon the city like rain.  The city became engulfed and people began to run, but around every turn there was more flames.  I climbed upon the roof of a building and sat down.  I looked around, took a deep breath, and said, "God if this is my last moment on this Earth, I just want to thank you for this life you have given me, but Lord, I cry out to you right now to spare my life."  After that I began to sing to God and he lifted me out of the inferno. I woke up thinking about how much grace God has for me because I deserved to die there but He heard my cry and chose to save me.  
Then on my way to work, I heard the song, "Come to Jesus." and afterward the story of Laurie Wood.  God was confirming what He was teaching me in the dream.  That His Grace is sufficient through the inferno.
3/2/2011 5:31:35 AM
Matt United States
Talk about finding God in the small things!  Last week I sent a prayer request into K-LOVE asking that the Holy Spirit inspire people looking for a job to check out our job postings.  We have been searching for people for 1-2 months and had no luck.  Well, yesterday I had phone interviews with two great candidates and it looks like we may finally fill this position with someone who is going to do a great job and get a lot of satisfaction.  Still step-by-step, but WOW!  Thank you Lord!
3/2/2011 5:37:05 AM
Lori Szymanski United States
Lori Szymanski
My WOW God story happened just this morning while taking my granddaughter to school, my 18 month old (which is a wow God story all in itself) was in his car seat, we are returning home and Chris Tomlin's I will follow came on the radio (which by the way is always on K-Love) and when it got to the part "where you go i'll go, where you stay I'll stay my 18 month old sang "stay" with the song, tears began to flow from my eyes while thinking WOW God! amazing how young they are taking it all in!
3/2/2011 5:45:02 AM
Paulette Scovil United States
Paulette Scovil
My Wow God story is the Love & support I have been getting from my church Glad Tidings Christian Center. My family & friends have been awesome. I had a lumpectomy on 2/16 and my Mother passed in Hawaii on 2/17. I asked God to help me financially so that I could go home for her services. People stepped up and funded my trip. It's overwhelming how God works his miracles. Keep up the good work on K-Love. I enjoy Facebook  and listen to K-Love at the same time. Thank you !!! Take Care & God Bless. Love, Aloha & Blessings to you all !!! <3
3/2/2011 5:45:39 AM
Barbara United States
My Wow God story is a little different. My husband and I had 5 children, ages 19 to 9. He was a very abusive man. I didn't have friends or family I could turn to and really didn't know what to do. I knew there was a God but didn't think I had a relationship with Him. One night I told God I couldn't do it anymore and please help me. The next day he was arrested and he's been out of my life since 1993. I have been a born again Christian since 1993. Am now married to a wonderful Christian man that I believe God put in my life.
3/2/2011 5:45:49 AM
Sonia United States
WOW God story: A little over 21 years ago, I met my future husband. We met through the mail. We talked on the phone for almost a week, because he lived in a nearby state. I drove 3 hours to meet him in person on a Saturday. As soon as I got into his truck to drive to a restaurant for lunch, a voice told me: "you've met your husband".  That night, I dreamt of our wedding. Six days later, he drove to where I lived and he proposed to me!  Everyone thought we were nuts and moving too fast.   On March 10th, we will celebrate 21 years of marriage. He is my soulmate and I am his.   Side story, about 2 years before I met my husband, he had been in a very serious car accident and nearly died.  I believe God saved him for me. And, at that time of his accident, my first marriage was disintegrating due to infidelity. Unbeknownst to either one of us, God was working in the background to bring our 2 lives together so we could meet and marry in 1990.  God is so good!
3/2/2011 7:28:59 AM
"J" United States
I just heard the story about the car burning and the only thing that made it thru the fire was a Bible.  I have a similar story about that, about 9 years ago my then fiance was on his way to pick up my sisters when his car caught on fire on the high way (in Arizona) and he was able to pull over and just watch his vehicle burn up well there was nothing left from this car once all was said and done one of the firemen walked over to him and gave him the one thing that was salvaged...a Bible that his dad had given him.  WOW GOD!!
3/2/2011 7:32:54 AM
Andree Brunk United States
Andree Brunk
The story about the women whos car got on fire and her bible was saved, put me in tears.  I am a christian and this story just effected me. Thank you for sharing these stories.  It lets us know that there is a God that cares for us and loves us.  
3/2/2011 7:40:33 AM
Jack Pence United States
Jack Pence
Wow God Story: After the devastation in New Orleans after Katrina, my college youth group planned an Alternative Spring Break to help gut the water damaged homes. At the worst point, 12 feet of water submerged the house leaving the house in ruins. Furniture was overturned, a foot mud covered the floor, drywall crumbled when you touched it. It defiantly put my classmates and I in shock. The Wow God moment was when entered one of the destroyed bedrooms to see a undamaged cross still hanging on the barely standing wall. When we went to take it down and return it to the owners, we barely touched it and it came off. Funny how through 12 feet of rushing water, overturned furniture and disaster, we are still able to find God! God bless you all!    
3/2/2011 7:44:54 AM
Wayne United States
The other day My wife called me and told me we needed a new washer, the repair guy told her that it wasn't worth fixing it for the price about $600. So I told my wife that we will have to change the budget to get a new one. Times are tough and we just really didn't have the money. So I told my wife i would go to apply for a star card are the Military exchange. I haven't applied for credit in 15 years. On the way to apply for this card, I prayed to god and said I kknow it is not my will but your will. If you want me to get this card you will make it happen, if not you will give me a sign on what to do. Well he blessed me in a big way. I got approved for $5200 and now we have a new washer and dryer. I am so grateful to our lord.
3/2/2011 7:50:34 AM
Shelle United States
My name is Shelle and I live in a small town in South east Kansas. I have known since the age of 14 that I was to be in full time ministry and have spent 23 years runnig from god and his desires for my life. On christmas eve I had the most up close and personal experience with the holy spirit that I have ever had. God has truely gotten a hold of my life and yet I still continued to make excuses why I could not follow his leading. You my job is to demanding, my self centerdness of wanting to do what I wanted to do.
I challanged god to give me a sign and not just a small request. I know that god is calling me to be a minister and have used the excuse with him about the lack of reference materials. So me in my stuborness and insecurity said you provide a way for me to have the things that I need to do what you are asking and I will go. I did not share that thought with a soul never even spoke it aloud.

Well I tell you god socked it to me. This past saturday afternoon I walked out to my car early in the am and laying in the back seat of my car were three very large boxes that I did not leave there. I opened them and there weare 226 books from various different authors. Charles Swindol, Max Lucado, John Mcarthur, Study bibles, concordances and bible handbooks literally thousands of dollars of material. Brand new many of them.. So now it is time for me to do my part and follow his leading and quit hiding and running from the will of our most gracious heavenly father. I will be enrolling in bible college this fall.
3/2/2011 7:51:48 AM
Jerrie Teague United States
Jerrie Teague
So one of the Wow God moments in my life is the day my Daughter Hailey had her eye Surgery. When Hailey was about 13 months old her eyes started to cross, I took her to a doctor who told me she had Duanes sydrome later I took her to a second doctor who told me the same thing but that she had a lot more going on. So he then sent her to the wondeful Dr. Sharon Freeman at Duke Eye Center. She also said Hailey had Duanes and there was no treatment for it. She also was pretty much blind in her left eye. About a year later they decided to operate and fix her eye's from crossing. Our Pastor met us at the Hospital that morning and he prayed for Hailey and ask God to look after her. Once the Surgery was over Dr. Freeman came out and said didn't I say that Hailey has Duanes and I said yes and then she said didn't 2 other doctors say that too and I said yes and she said well I don't know what happen but Hailey doesn't have Duanes and now her eyes can move anywhere that want too!!!! I looked at her and said I know what happen... Then I looked to my Pastor and we said Thank You Jesus!!! You see the Lord heard our prayers that day and he healed my baby!!!! And all I can say is WOW GOD!!!!
3/2/2011 7:54:34 AM
Sandy United States
God story:  In 1990 while waiting the birth of our first child, money was tight.  We got a letter from a friend serving in the military in the Middle East.  Our friend wrote; first sorry if this is late, but for three weeks every time I pray for you God tells me to send you a check, so here it is.
The check was for $61.75, now when I opened this I called my husband wondering if we had an outstanding bill, and he asked me to make an appointment with the doctor for him. So the next day we both went to the doctor, him for a sinus infection me for my monthly check up, and our prescriptions that day totaled  $61.78, now the really neat thing it took three weeks for the letter to get to us, and our friend had waited three weeks to do what God had prompted so god put all this in motion six weeks before we needed the money.  

Sandy from Omaha Nebraska
3/2/2011 7:55:59 AM
Somer Inlow United States
Somer Inlow
3/2/2011 7:57:37 AM
Tammy United States
My WOW God is short and sweet but very powerful. My husband and I were descussing out finaces and where to cut out some not so needed bills. He suggested all the extras I had on my phone and I was very quick to say "NO" not my phone. He also suggested the membership to the gym and I could not let go of that either. So, I prayed that night to show me what whe could do to eliminate what we didnt need. The previous months I had been doing a weight loss challenge at work and it was over with and they had drawings for various different prized. I walked into work the next day and my lead had told me I needed to go the the Health office and I had no clue what for, I was in good health and had nothing wrong with me. lol Anyway, I walked into the office and she said, "You were picked to win the prize of an entire year of a gym of your choice!!!!!" All I could say was "Thank you Jesus, You are Awesome." So, I ran to call my husband and tell him it is ok, we can cut the gym,because I had just won an entire year from work. What a God we serve.
3/2/2011 8:01:17 AM
Melissa United States
These stories are so precious! Oh how He loves us! My story may seem so insignificant, but it was a miracle "Wow God" for me and showed me how much God cares for us, even in little things. Several years ago my Mom got dementia and had to move to a nursing home. I had to clean out her house to get it ready to sell. It was so hard to do emotionally, and then my ex-husbands "drug friends" broke into the house and stole many things and turned the place upside down.It was an unbelievable mess. All I wanted to find was a little envelope with my baby teeth in it, and a 1/2" tall Bible charm from a bracelet I'd had as a child. This seemed impossible given the mess, plus I was exhausted emotionally from those people tearing up my sweet Mama's home and had almost given up on cleaning the house. I dumped out the first dresser drawer of the day and there, laying on the floor in the pile of her clothes, were the 2 things I wanted! They seemed to be glowing. I started to cry to realize how much God loved me, that He would do such a miracle in the mess, to help soothe my soul.
3/2/2011 8:09:51 AM
Regina Graddy United States
Regina Graddy
About 2 1/2 years ago I had been thru a bad divorce with two young girls with a deadline to be moved out of our home. Less than thirty days just before Thanksgiving. I could not get credit anywhere because of the divorce and the things still tied to my name. I could pay my way but no one would touch my credit. My part time job became a full time job at the very last minute. My brother called me from IL (he had been helping me look for somewhere to live)to tell me to keep doing what ever I was doing because he had just received notice that the offer he placed was except and he already had the financing taken care of and we were waiting for a closing date. This is my God moment because we had looked at this house on Sunday and this was Monday afternoon, less than 24 hours later. If anyone has bought a house, they know that these things do not happen this fast. Everything was complete except for the closing date that was eventually within 2 weeks, and I moved 5 days after the deadline. The real God moment is to see the change in my entire family because I only prayed for guidance and trust that God will provide what I need when I need it. HIS timing.  
3/2/2011 8:11:37 AM
Adam Lambert United States
Adam Lambert
14 years ago I was working in a homeless ministry when one of the men asked to talk to me. We went to an office where he explained he had been battling crack on and off for some time. He would try to give his life to Christ then go back to crack. I asked him if he was ready to be delivered, he said yes. I prayed for him in the precious name of Jesus. Aftwards he asked me if he should call his wife. I showed him the phone and said yes. He explained he oculd not untill the next day, Monday, as they had no phone at home. The next weekend I was downtown Houston TExas passing out tracks and looking at all the Christmas lights with a young lady and when we realized the it was 11:30 P.M. we decided it was time to go and on the way out I handed a track to a lady standing at a bus stop and said,"God Bless you." She said God bless you back and at this I had to stop and talk. During our conversation the lady I was with offered to take the woman home instead of her waiting on the bus. The l=woman declined saying she did not know us. So we stood there talking with her waiting on her bus. When teh bus came it did not eve slow down, but went right on by. The woman now accepted our offer for a ride home. On the way she told us teh story of her husband who was strung out on crack. When we got to her house, her husband was the man from the weekend before. She had not believed he got saved so God put me in her path to assure her it was real. At that time there were over 8 million people living in Harris County Texas.
3/2/2011 8:20:43 AM
Calli United States
My Wow God story: I have a friend from school, and I had been trying to get him to dedicate his life to Christ for months. Then I went to a youth confrence, and a mutual friend pointed him out in the crowd. I looked over and saw him, lifting his hands to his Savior, and praising his heart out for God. I was wowed by God's redemptive love.
3/2/2011 8:21:29 AM
Esther Muñoz United States
Esther Muñoz
I've had many "WOW God" moments, but the one that stands out happened during the purchase of my new home.  Due to much pruning, my family lost our home in Evansville, IN 4 1/2 years ago and we've lived in apartments ever since. I also had to let a car go, all of which caused my credit to get very tarnished.

Last May I started to look into buying a home again, but it was a very long process and it was looking very gloomy.  But in spite of all the delays, God just wouln't close the door.  My mortgage broker kept telling me that due to my credit situation, we were very limited on lenders...we were down to ONE bank that would fund the loan.  To complicate matters, that one bank sells their loans to just two servicing banks, but my broker told me that one of those banks wouldn't take me because of the car that I had to let go 4 1/2 years we were dependent on the "other" bank.

The funding bank approved me, and at closing my mortgage broker assured me that the "other" servicing bank would be contacting me regarding my payments.

The month after we closed on the house, I get the letter in the mail from the servicing bank and guess who it was?  THAT'S RIGHT, the company that my broker told me WOULDN'T buy my loan!  I could hear God saying, "Just in case you EVER doubt where this house came from, here...I'm going to do the impossible for you and put it in writing!"

I called her and told her that the letter is God's love letter to me, confirming that HE is the one who gave me the house and it's to be used for the Women's Ministry that HE has put on my heart!  I've framed the letter and will hang on the wall in the basement that I will be converting for the Women's Ministry!

I smile every month when I pay my mortgage, because a bank that never should have bought my loan is now my mortgage company...all because God is bigger than the economy or any other problems we may face and He DOES do things to show His power in our lives...we just have to look for Him!
3/2/2011 8:31:48 AM
Amy United States
I believe my WOW God moment is in process.

I was married for 17 years, and endured condescension, infidelity,arrogance, lies and his self-centered-ness with my ex.

When his mom died, and he turned to the bottle and drifted away from me emotionally. I finally asked for a divorce.

After a few months, I began praying that God would provide me with a loving, *Christian* man who would be the man I so desire to be with.

I met a man nearly six weeks ago, who has got to be one of the most humble, sweet-spirited men I've ever been around. He's very Christian, and we seem to "click". I told my cousin through email about him, and she responded, "Eagles fly together".

I was at this man's house a few days ago, and happened to look at the fireplace. Over his mantle, he's got a poster with two eagles flying together and the verse from Isaiah 40:31.

The next day I received an email from him, with the words, "I honestly believe the Lord wanted us to know each other."

I got goose-bumps, as that was exactly what I had been thinking on the way home the previous night!

Now, I don't know if this is the man God has for me, but I'm waiting to see what happens next. All I could think was, "Eagles fly together."

Has God given me my eagle? I can't say yet. But I know He's up to something..
3/2/2011 9:03:29 AM
Teri Starbuck United States
Teri Starbuck
Angels Among Us

It was the fall of 1994. We live in Oregon, and winters are pretty snowy and roads treacherous. My "baby" boy, Ryan, was off to college for the first time, up north in Corvallis at OSU.
The hunting season opened up and my son took off one cold afternoon in his old red truck to get a little hunting in before dark. I had talked to him on the phone earlier and did not want him to go alone.  He told me that I needed to let go, and let God take care of him now! My children always have been an inspiration to me!

As a little time went by, I began to worry so I just sat down to pray to God to watch over him and asked Him to send angels to guide him home safely. As I was praying the song, "Angels Among Us" by Alabama started playing on the radio. I thought to myself, "Okay, God, are you telling me You have sent angels to take care of my son?" Suddenly the feeling of anxiety lifted and I was blanketed by a spirit of peace!

A little later, Ryan called me and said that he had gotten stuck in a snow blizzard, and lost track of the road, as he attempted to travel home through the woods.  Suddenly, I started getting goose bumps as he continued with his story. Ryan was thinking he would have to spend the night out there when all of a sudden another truck came rumbling up next to him, seemingly out of nowhere.  An older gentleman smiled warmly at him and told Ryan to follow him out, that he knew the way. Then that same song that I had heard when I was praying, came on his radio! Yep, "Angels Among Us" by Alabama!  Ryan started to feel at peace as well.
Pretty soon, they both came out onto a main road where there was more light. The older gentleman turned around and waved goodbye, and started back into the blizzard. Ryan immediately turned around to wave goodbye, but the old man was no where to be found. He could not see him anywhere, and there was only ONE set of tracks coming out onto the son's! At that point in his story, I was crying so hard! He said, "Mom! I'm ok, there's nothing wrong!" So then I told him MY side of the story on my end, and that we were listening to the same song at the same time. All he could say was, "wow".
Have you heard the song? Do you know the words?
"... on a cold winter day... took a shortcut through the woods and lost the way... it was getting late and I was scared and alone... but then a kind old man led me home... momma couldn't see him, and I knew right then and there that he was the answer to my prayer and I believe there are angels among us sent down to us from above, by God, in our darkest hours, to protect and guide us with the light of love..."
Coincidence? I think not. There are no coincidences with God. We believe that our Almighty God heard this mother's prayer and sent an answer by sending one of His angels that dark snowy night, to guide my son out of the woods and home safely!
Praise God! He is so good! He'll answer your prayers, too. Just ask Him.
3/2/2011 9:45:49 AM
Debbie Mogg United States
Debbie Mogg
My WOW God moment:  my mother is dying and has stage 4 lung cancer, diabetes and COPD. She has been battling this horrible disease for almost 4 years. The cancer has metastasized and she has tumors all over her back and hips. She is is excruciating pain yet she continues to fight.  Over the past week she went from eating small amounts and walking through the house to being completely bed ridden, non communicative, and eating nothing. She sips water only when she takes her meds. Hospice is involved and is doing their best to alleviate her pain an discomfort.  My dad is her
primary caregiver.  They have been married over 53 years.
My dad got saved and accepted Christ into his heart about 8 months  ago and began going to church with my husband and me. My mom went twice, although she was not yet
saved. The difference between last week and this week is as
though someone turned a switch in her to the off position.
  She was basically just laying there, eyes closed and non
responsive. We had to give her water using a syringe.   The
other day, after visiting my mom, I was driving home and had
a complete meltdown.  I sobbed the entire time home, 45
minutes, and gave it all to Jesus. I prayed through the sobs
asking God to please save my mom. I wasn't asking Him to
save her physically, although I know He is capable, but
instead to save her spiritually. I so desperately want her to
accept Christ so that I will see her again.  This was on Monday. Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to spend the morning with my mom and dad and was blown away to find my mom alert and cognitive. She even let me help her up and into her recliner for a bit.  I was overjoyed  to be able to sit and talk with her, even if for just minutes at a time. I sat and rubbed her feet and she commented on how good it felt.  I had to leave for work but then the hospice nurse came to check on
her. The hospice nurse knows how desperately we all want
my mom to accept Christ before she runs out of time.  The
nurse talked with my mom about her faith and then asked my
mom if she knows Jesus in her heart.  My mom finally
accepted Christ into her heart. Hallelujah!  As the day went on
my moms switch was once again turned off.  Last night when
I went to spend time with her she was not very responsive again. I believe in my heart that God had given her the time he has so she would finally decide and confess she believed in Christ. He gave her that moment of clarity and used the wonderful nurse, Patti, to walk her through it. Today my mom is being move into a facility because her care is much more then what can be handled at home. Although I always want my Mom in my life and am not ready to lose her, I now have peace in my heart knowing I will see her again and when I
do, she will be in a glorious body and free from disease and pain. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers.
3/2/2011 10:25:24 AM
Luz Algarin United States
Luz Algarin
In April 23 2010 my husband and I were riding our motorcycle he took me home he was going to visit a friend, an hour later I called him because I felt something bad had happen, a man answer my husband phone told me he had been hit by a car,rushed to the hospital, when I got there with my younger son a man wearing a green scrub ask me if I need help I told him what had happen he just told me follow me, he show me where my husband were lay down with blood all over and a braze in his neck, that man just told me and my husband you are lucky to be alive it is really a miracle them he ask is we want for him to pray my husband crying told him yes please do, please do, he did pray and left after a few days in the hospital keep looking for tha misterious man neve see him or find him again, my husband now go to church all the time he learned how to pray, and even do he had got to a few surgeries he still positive and had a lot a faith, recently he had another surgery in his chest they though was cancer but the doctor was able to removed the tumor and it was not cancer, my husband is recuperating really well and he is about to go back on a motorcycle. A diferent one the other one was total lost, forgot to tell he was hit head on by a person that was texting while driving  ran a stop sign and did not see my husband waiting for the light.
Thank you for let me tell my story.
Sincerely, Luz Algarin
3/2/2011 10:28:22 AM
Toni United States
my WOW God story: in 2005 or 6 we used to play sand volleyball at a local volleyball/bar.  As the season ended the owner asked my (now) husband and our guy friends to stay and fill in four missing 4-man teams.  So this was one of those nights.  Us girls were chatting, tumbling in the sand, being young adults; when we all realized that there were medics working on a man that had collapsed in the middle of the fields.  Immediately all of us in our group (4-8 of us) started praying and singing hymns.  After a while another man that wasn't with our group of friends joined us in prayer; just the one man...none of the people he was with came with him.  After awhile we saw the paramedics putting the EKG away and things seemed really somber. . . . that's when God moved and the man revived.  It was as much a WOW as it sounds...God raised that man from the dead...I was there and I'm still not sure I believe it but I think it's important to remember that, yes, our God is that powerful. Smile
3/2/2011 11:05:11 AM
Tina United States
When I was a "baby christian" I was struggling with the idea of "faith".  I loved being a christian and worshiped every chance I got.  I bought CD's of the sermons from my church and would listen to them during my commute to and from work.  I was listening to Klove too, but sometimes the signal was week and hard to hear, that's when I would put in a CD.  Then my CD player began acting up, skipping and jumping...making it so that the sermon wasn't clear.  This went on for about three weeks and I was really missing the sermons.  I had always believed in God but never wanted to "bother" him with my "insignificant" problems (I think really I was scared that He might not answer my prayer).  

Then my Pastor did a sermon on faith, and I learned that faith is a choice, and so I decided to give it a try.   I said OK God, I know I'm not supposed to "test" you (so its OK if you don't) but I really wish you would fix my CD player, that was all I asked...then I ejected the CD and out popped a wad of lint with the CD!  I quickly replaced the CD and of course it worked beautifully!!!  I have since learned to trust God and am growing stronger in faith everyday.  I have a different car now, but still love to listen to sermons and Klove...and so far no problems with the CD player Smile
3/6/2011 7:12:32 AM
DeAnna United States
On April 4th, 2010 it was Easter Sunday my husband, Joseph, was riding his motorcycle to work on the freeway in Phoenix, AZ. A truck towing a boat was behind him and decided to pass him but that lane was going slow so the truck decided to move back into the HOV lane before he had fully passed Joseph. Joseph tried to slow down and get as close to the barracade as he could to avoid being run over by the truck but instead his handlebar caught the barracade and Joseph went down and slid about 100-200ft on his side. 2 vehicles behind him stopped to block traffic & help him until paramedics & police got there. Thankfully all he had was severe road rash; it could have been much worse. We know that God was protecting him because the side that he slid on was the pocket that he carried his small bible in. The pocket was shredded and everthing in it was destroyed except for that bible which was sitting perfectly in the middle of the lane with 1 little scratch on the cover. Our church gives out free small bibles to people who want one and that was the bible our church gave us which was also Joseph's first one since he was baptised 9/2/09. It was neat because our pastor even mentioned Joseph's story in one of his sermons stating that the bible can save you both spritually & physically. If it wasn't for God, I don't know what would have happened but I know that it probably would have been a whole lot worse than just road rash & scars. Praise God!
3/6/2011 3:19:12 PM
Darlene Y United States
Darlene Y
My wow God story. My father was in a bad car accident in 1993 and it took along time to recovery. At the time of the accident he also had a heart attack. The cardiologist said he had 4 to be exact and we never new it until 1999 when he was diagnosis with congestive heart failure. There was only one doctor that would do bypass surgery on him. It was suppose to be quadruple however he could only do a double bypass because his heart was so enlarged. He told us that he proberly had two years left and with the grace and mercy of God we had him for the next ten years. God has truly blessed our family and i know when he went home June of 2010 to be with the Lord that he gave us the most amazing gift. Because i know that it was not possible with out God's blessings. I am truly thankful and blessed to know that anything is possible with our God.
3/7/2011 7:33:27 PM
Susie Baker United States
Susie Baker
Last weekend I had a WOW GOD moment! Austin was riding with his Great grandparents (in there new car) and when we go the there house he gets out and comes to me and says, "Hey mom what's K-Loves number so I can have grandma program it in her car?" WOW, he does listen to what is playing in the car! Got love it and prasie God!
3/9/2011 5:36:05 AM
Amber United States
Wow God! husband is working a minimum wage job that's 60 miles round trip from home and he's  only working 30 hours a week.  With gas prices steadily increasing the cost to commute is not worth it. He's be looking for work closer to the house that pays more. On Sunday he received a call requesting he go in to fill out an application from a company in which he sent his resume. He went to the company on Monday and while completing the application he received another call offering him a full time 40 hrs a week   job less than 10 miles from the house and better pay.
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