Mar 11 2011

Third Day surprises Jake...

...and the K-LOVE family surprises Jake with 1000 Pillow Pets at Riley's Children's Hospital.  Click on the picture of Mac Powell and Jake to see all the pics.

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3/11/2011 11:28:38 AM
Jessica United States
What a beautiful picture of a beautiful boy!  Jake is such an inspiration!!  This is truly God's work!  
3/13/2011 8:02:54 AM
Stephanie United States
What a wonderful little boy! What a great band! Fight on little man you have a lot to live for!!! God Bless!!
3/13/2011 11:28:29 AM
Emily United States
You have done an amazing thng Jake. I love that you are thinking for other people when you are so sick. Keep your head up hight and jesus is with you. Your anmazing kide and you are changing lives. Just know that jesuse loves you. Fell better soon and I am my family and manny others are praying for you. God loves you keep doing what you are doing because you doing amazig things. You have amazing life ahead of you. Praying for you and get better soon your amazing. You are a gift from god and keep spreeding the love of god. Good Bless!!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileSmile Smile Smile
3/16/2011 4:50:27 AM
michael brown United States
michael brown
if you like movie you will like letters to god is  a very powerful movie
3/16/2011 7:58:53 AM
Amanda United States
I wanted to thank all of you for this.  My 3 yr old niece is a patient at Riley hospital for Children.  While she has had her cancer removed, she goes in regularly for check-ups to make sure it doesn't come back and the one thing she looks forward to each time she goes is being able to pick out a stuffed animal to keep her company during her x-rays, CAT scans and blood draws.  This last time she picked out a purple and pink unicorn pillow pal and now sleeps with it everynight.  Thank you Jake for this wondeful idea and everyone who has contributed!
3/18/2011 6:35:38 AM
Christine United States
Jake sounds like a very sweet boy and,I'm sure his mom is so proud! I will pray for you Jake ans,God Bless you doll face.
3/18/2011 8:04:42 AM
Crystal United States
Jake you have insipred me to be a better person and do what ever I can do everyday to make a difference in others lives. I have not been able to get you and your wonderful family off my mind since I heard your story last week. You are all in my prayers. And to your mom.....I am also a mother of 3. I could never imagine going through what you are, but you have truely shown me that faith in the lord can get us through what ever things life brings us. God Bless all of you!!
3/22/2011 8:12:43 AM
Carla Cain United States
Carla Cain
What a wonderful story. God is great in the midst of all the craziness of this world.
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