Mar 21 2011

Want to read this book with me?

Hey - I've started reading Heaven is For Real.

I've had a copy for a few weeks (because we get lots of books sent to us).  I love the color and the picture of Colton on the cover, so it had caught my attention.  I watched it climb the NYTimes Bestsellers List.  I heard about lots of interviews and articles about this book.

But until a dear friend called who had just finished Heaven is for Real and said "Lisa, you HAVE to read it.  There is one chapter that was written just for us" - I hadn't picked it up.

So I'm reading it, as I find the time.  I don't know about you, but between working full-time and being a mom of a 2 & 4 year old - reading is a luxury.

Hey, you want to read it, too?  So we could talk about it here?  I always enjoy doing things in community better than all alone.  You can click on the book below for a link to more info about the story.



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3/15/2011 5:40:39 AM
Sue-Ellen Hawn United States
Sue-Ellen Hawn
Okay just downloaded it on my Nook...I think it will be great to read with others.. Thanks so much for this.  
Hugs in Him..
3/15/2011 5:42:37 AM
Molly Arnold United States
Molly Arnold
Hi Lisa! Just heard you mention that you were reading this book.  You can try reading just one chapter each night, but I can ensure that you will get sucked in quickly.  I planned to read 1 chapter each night, and that turned into 2 chapters, 3 chapters, . . . I had to read more!!  God is good


3/15/2011 5:42:42 AM
Sharleen Schlotman United States
Sharleen Schlotman
I just finished this wonderful book! I listened to it as an audio book in the car on the way to and from work. I would sit in my car to listen to finish a chapter! It is so good! My ten year old loved it too. We continue to talk about God's love, and all His goodness, and meeting Jesus in heaven. I'm telling all my friends about it! God is good and I am so thankful He's put it on the hearts of the Burpos' to share their story.
3/15/2011 5:43:13 AM
Kymberli United States
i just finished this book... its the best book i have ever read!!!! you wont be able to just read one chapter and then put it down! (or at least i couldnt)this book gave me such peace and made my faith so much stronger! it is AMAZING!!! by the way, i love love love you and Eric! You are my comfort every morning! i love you!
3/15/2011 5:43:19 AM
Amber United States
Lisa, I'm so not a reader. I only read if I HAVE to! But, my mom read this book and I was so very interested so I decided to give it a try. Once I started reading I could NOT put it down. I finished it in one mornings time. You MUST just take an hour and read. Every chapter keeps you wanting to know more about heaven and what goes on there. Have a great day and God Bless!
3/15/2011 5:43:28 AM
Christie Sargent United States
Christie Sargent
I just got done reading this book and I loved it. I am now passing it around to everyone that lives around me. I found it powerful and encouraging. Enjoy! I also read 90 minutes in heaven. Enjoyed that also.
3/15/2011 5:43:39 AM
Leah Jenkins United States
Leah Jenkins
I read Heaven is for real in January and I loved it. The story is very moving, I laughed and I cried. I am just beginning my relationship with Jesus and feel that this book helped to answer some questions. I cannot speak to it's validity with the Bible but I can say that it spoke to my heart. I hope you enjoy the read!
3/15/2011 5:43:56 AM
Ebonee Watson United States
Ebonee Watson
Sounds like fun!!!!=) out of the mouth of babes and suckling!!!=)
3/15/2011 5:44:05 AM
Brian Yoder United States
Brian Yoder
I was listening to your comments about the book, "Heaven is For Real" and you said something like "I'm not saying I believe it, but" or something like that. Anyway, I have been impressing on Junior High Youth Group that "It doesn't matter what I believe, if it helps strengthen the faith of the people who do believe it, then that alone is worth it."
3/15/2011 5:44:22 AM
joel United States
I am not one who likes to sit down and read.  But a friend told me about this book so i bought it.  once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down!!  I would tell my wife and my 2 children what was going on as I read it.  Now they want to read it!!
3/15/2011 5:44:41 AM
shelley United States
hi lisa & eric,

i read the book last month after receiving the link from a friend of mine.  it is a wonderful book and i recommend it as a teaching tool for teaching children about heaven.  i am a sunday school superintendent and would like to use the book to teach our children.  colton is inspiring and i am now reading 90 minutes in heaven by don piper.
God bless!
shelley baker
3/15/2011 5:45:18 AM
Tammy Brown United States
Tammy Brown

I know what you mean about reading being a luxury, but I'm fully convinced that once you get a couple of chapters into this book, you won't stick to a single chapter at a time!  

I homeschool my two kids AND babysit fulltime, and I still read it cover to cover in a day.  Colton's story is intriguing!

I read a friend's copy, and sure would like to get a copy of my own...
3/15/2011 5:46:03 AM
stacy hennerberg United States
stacy hennerberg
It is a must read!  Like you Lisa, reading is a luxury, but it only took me a weekend to read it.  I found myself talking about it with friends as well and now they have started to read it.
3/15/2011 5:47:21 AM
Marla Brewington United States
Marla Brewington
My co-worker told me that I had to read this book.  I am not a reader and do not have very much time to read with 3 kids at home.  I read it at work on my 15 minute breaks and at lunch.  I read it in 3 days.  It is very easy to read and I could not put it down.  It was hard to go back to work because I wanted to find out what happened next.  In fact I have ordered it for my 12 year old daughter to read.  I know she will enjoy it too.
3/15/2011 5:47:42 AM
Mandi United States
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! You wont be able to put it down. That little boy is so darn sweet. I was told to read it by a very close friend and it gave me chills. Every time I see a picture of Jesus I wonder what he will think of that one.. Keep Reading you will understand that later
3/15/2011 5:48:24 AM
Lisa Milazzo United States
Lisa Milazzo

I read the book a couple months ago. I had heard the little boys father talking on a radio talk show. It is now circulating around our church. It is a book that will make you think about Heaven--the description from this 4 year old is amazing. Just shows that our God is  powerful. Enjoy the book.
3/15/2011 5:48:33 AM
Wade United States
I have read this book.  Let me warn you,once you get past the first few chapters, you won't be able to put the thing down!  I read the whole book in three hours.

It's an amazing story and will fill you with encouragement and hope.
3/15/2011 5:49:31 AM
Michele Orman United States
Michele Orman
I would love to read this book with you.  I read the other one ("The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven") and was very touched by it.  I also seem to do more things that come recommended by my girlfriends.
3/15/2011 5:50:03 AM
Colleen McGeorge United States
Colleen McGeorge
You will be so blessed by reading this book!  I believe it to be authentic.  In fact, I'm going to get a copy for a friend who just lost her dearest friend yesterday.  I think it will bless her too.  Happy Reading!!
In Him,
3/15/2011 5:50:27 AM
Summer United States
I would love to read this book with you! My gradpa loaned it to me a few weeks ago and I really could't find much time to read it. I read some of it last night abd it was pretty good.  It's crazy how that worked out! This will now motivate me to read it! Haha! I'll read up to Chapter 2 tonight! Right? A chapter a night?


~ Summer
3/15/2011 5:50:53 AM
Ocean United States
I work for a hospice in Kokomo Indiana. We have 80 employees. Our entire company is reading it. Our owners bought 10 copies! I myself have bought 2 copies to share with friends. Such a simple powerful book. I won't give it away Lisa, but when you get to the part about "the markers" put the book down and let that settle for a few. I was so overcome with emotion that I woke my husband up to tell him.
I'm so glad you are reading it!  
3/15/2011 5:51:10 AM
Mona Daniel United States
Mona Daniel
I read this in Jan.  Saw it in an airport bookstore and had just finished the one I had brought with me.  The bright yellow cover and cute little boy caught my attention.  I got a good start on the plane and when I got home I just zipped right thru it.  I also recommended it to a friend, and loaned it to her, but I requested it back because I'm sure I'll read it again.  So, here's wishing you a pleasant glimpse into heaven. Bet you start reading more than one chapter per night.

Praising Him,
3/15/2011 5:51:11 AM
Amanda Rolfe United States
Amanda Rolfe
I am a mother of two young boys about the age of yours.  I had heard about this book but was reluctant to read it as my father was fighting cancer and I didn't want to think about him going.  He passed away last week and I just ordered the book yesterday.  I can't wait to hear about what he's seeing and experiencing.  
3/15/2011 5:52:15 AM
Sheila Lyda United States
Sheila Lyda
I just requested a hold on this book at the library and I'm #96 in line! I'll be going to the used bookstore this week and I'll see if they have a copy. It looks good and I can't wait to read it.

God's richest blessings to you and yours,
3/15/2011 5:53:10 AM
Luis Leyva United States
Luis Leyva
Hi Lisa, I live in Waco TX and go to Antioch community church and my pastor told us about this book last Sunday and when he told us a few facts about it, like he saw his dad praying for him in the closet and his mommy calling all her friends to pray for him and that he had another sister.  I almost cried.  I'm going to buy this book and read it with you.
God bless you guys.
Luis Leyva
3/15/2011 5:54:49 AM
Jenny United States
Just wanted to tell you how awesome this book is!  I don't read much other than the Bible and Bible study books so I was surprised when I couldn't put this down.  It has really ramped up my faith on things I already knew but the confirmation took it to a new level.  I've been sharing this book with many - people who have lost a child and unsaved people.....the conversations and results are amazing! Elementary kids are doing book reports on it at school because it is an easy read - yet so much truth and excitement is tucked inside!  Enjoy reading it and don't be surprised if your prayer life, faith, and excitement for heaven goes to a whole new level!
3/15/2011 5:58:55 AM
Laura United States
Lisa, I plan on reading this book ASAP.  My 15-year old son died 14 weeks ago tomorrow after a two-year battle with cancer, and more significantly, a two-year wrestling period with God.  He accepted Jesus the night before he died.  Praise God!  The hole in my heart will never be filled until we are reunited with Jesus, but we do not grieve without hope.  I am so grateful that Zack is with Jesus and will eagerly read this book to get some inkling of what he's experiencing now.  Laura
3/15/2011 6:00:21 AM
Sandy United States
a friend recommended this book to me a couple months ago, I laughed, cried and finished it in a day!! I couldn't wait to see what happen next. I bought four copies, gave to my children and a couple friends. The books are traveling in my town.
3/15/2011 6:04:02 AM
Robert United States
It is an AMAZING book! A lot of questions that were answered throughout the pages of the book! A very easy read, and it goes by fast! So glad you are reading this book and it is a topic of your discussions on KLOVE! AMAZING!!!!
3/15/2011 6:04:53 AM
David Napier United States
David Napier
I was just talking about this book this morning to my boss. My wife actually downloaded it to my phone before I went on my last mission trip to Nicaragua three weeks ago. Anyway it took me about two days to finish the book. That is not the wow factor the wow factor is that I DO NOT read.I listen to the Bible on CD. Be prepared to cry and not only cry but weep in many parts. I now am in the middle of 90 Minutes in Heaven and I have to say Heaven is for Real is awesome.  
3/15/2011 6:08:49 AM
Anna United States
I SO wanted to call in and talk to you when you were talking about the book Heaven is For Real. But I am a teacher and the bell is about to ring. That book has been a huge encouragement and comfort to me. You see, 3 days before Christmas, my daughter was still-born. She was due the 31st and everything was going great. I went in for a check up and the doctor was unable to find her heartbeat. They admitted me immediately to the hospital and 12 hours later she was born. Completely beautiful and perfect. They were never able to determine why she died. My heart was completely broken. It still hurts. But a friend sent me "Heaven is For Real" and it gave me so much comfort. I thank God for the book and for inspiring Todd Burpo to write it. I am actually from Nebraska, as is Todd and I would love to visit his church sometime. Anyway, I just wanted to tell how much his book has touched my life. And, I am pretty sure I know exactly what chapter your friend is talking about. I hope the book touches you as much as it has me.
3/15/2011 6:09:41 AM
Amanda United States
I will read it with you Lisa! I have heard about it before and was interested, but I got distracted and forgot about it (imagine that- a mother of three and full-time school nurse getting distracted.)Only problem is- I am afraid if I pick it up I won't be able to put it down and will read all night long to finish it! Can't wait...
3/15/2011 6:13:13 AM
Hailey United States
I'm not much of a reader, and I definitely do not usually like to read for fun. However, I was up visiting my parents one afternoon and I saw this book on my dad's end table. I saw the picture of the little boy on the front and just couldn't resist. I opened the book and just began to read. Something just kept telling me to keep going... My mom was gettin ready in the other room and popped her head in the living room to tell me that I should look at the new book my dad got. So enthralled in the book, I barely heard her. Little did she know, I had already made it through the first 6 chapters! The next day I went out and bought my own copy. I can honestly say, that before I read this book, I hadn't been as close to God as I should have been.. This book gave me a child's perspective on how REAL God is. Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp that concept and easy to fall into the world's temptations. This book gave me a new found hope, and it definitely helped me in my walk with God. I continue to struggle each day, but I find myself talking with God about the little things throughout the day that I once didn't include him in on. I'm so thankful that God put this book into my path and that I listened to that voice in my head telling me not to put the book down. I hope this book touches others, just as it touched me.
3/15/2011 6:15:10 AM
Marlene Delatte United States
Marlene Delatte
I wish everyone would read this book. I got a friend who has my book now, but she never start reading it yet. My pastor said someone told him about the book. Its a book that would teach people about alot of things. Have you think about Heaven too.
Another one everyone should read is 90 minutes in Heaven. It also teach you so much and about Heaven. It has Bible versus you can look up to back up things he saw in Heaven too.
3/15/2011 6:19:30 AM
ALYSSA G United States

3/15/2011 6:19:56 AM
Monica United States
Actually, This is for Eric, about his wife, I am no authority, but I do believe that all of our health issue are related to digestion, Is your wife eating alot of alkaline foods, that will help her digestion and in turn work on those headaches, example, fruits veggies, no dairy?  It certainly won't hurt her in anyway
3/15/2011 6:23:07 AM
Nikki United States
Heaven is for REAL!!!!!  I read the book last Sunday.  I couldn't put it down and I'm pretty sure I had tears streaming down my face on every page!  It is exactly what I needed in my life right now.  The faith of the little boy is the faith I have been longing to have!  I recommend this book.  Enjoy reading it Lisa!
3/15/2011 6:27:03 AM
Dawn United States
Lisa,I just started reading this book a few days ago.  I read at night before going to sleep, helps relax me. I am about 20 pages from the end of the book. The story told from the innocent and remarkable eyes of a child is awesome.  It really has strengthened my faith and beliefs.  The way Todd Burpo compared specific scriptures based on Colton's experience in Heaven was reassuring and a great comfort. Since I am a "baby boomer", this reassurance is very important to me. I have been very blessed by this book and you will be too. I anticipate that there will be a "study/discussion" about this book by one of our many Christian women's groups.  Like you, we find amazing connection and support from our Church Family and friends. I plan to read the other book you mentioned, The Boy Who Came back from Heaven. Blessings, Dawn
3/15/2011 6:28:19 AM
Kenneth Holcomb United States
Kenneth Holcomb
I agree about getting sucked in quickly. I read it in one evening. I loaned it to a pastor that I am building a new church for and he read it in two evenings and passed it on to his wife. I hope I get it back. Smile
3/15/2011 6:31:54 AM
Alicia Parker United States
Alicia Parker
Hey Klove,
I was a student at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.  In our book store there were multiple books about how the Holy Spirit would visit multiples of chinese orphans and allow them to visit heaven and even hell. (Visions beyond the veil).  I believe that even in these days the Lord is going to allow children to witness the reality of heaven and hell so that they can partner with the Lord in prophecying his second coming.
3/15/2011 6:35:57 AM
Denise United States
It was so ironic to hear you mention this book on the air this morning.  The Burpo family was at a local church on Sunday telling their story.  My neighbors, who are real warriors for God, went to hear them and came back totally convinced of the experience's authenticity. One of the neighbors is a family court judge (aka professional baloney identifier) and was won over by the little boys reference to his "other sister" who was miscarried before his birth.  VEry interesting.  I think I'll read along with you.  ~Denise
3/15/2011 6:42:06 AM
Jerrod United States
I just read this book last weekend.  It was fascinating!  There were parts that challenged my beliefs, but in the end, I think that Colton's experience is authentic and genuine.  If anything, I think we should find this young boy's experience to be both encouraging and affirming.  Definitely worth reading.
3/15/2011 6:44:15 AM
Michelle United States
Thanks, I think I'll check it out, especially since my friend Lisa on the Klove morning show recommended it. Smile
3/15/2011 6:47:46 AM
Susan ;) United States
Susan ;)
PS to headline ... my word is "Joy"  !!! (and I will be reading)
3/15/2011 6:49:31 AM
B Keck United States
B Keck
Did you sneak a peek at the pictures? When I think of Colton I also think of Akiane. Later on in the book, when Colton sees a picture of Jesus painted by Akaine, he says "that's him"

Do yourself a favor. Carry this book with you everywhere. When you get just half a minute, keep reading.
3/15/2011 6:54:50 AM
Christopher United States
I recommend that EVERYONE read "The Shack" written by William P. Young.  It's the most moving and heart-warming book I've ever read!
3/15/2011 6:55:40 AM
Christine United States
This book is AMAZING.  It changed my entire few of death.  
3/15/2011 6:59:35 AM
Chrissie Purcell United States
Chrissie Purcell
I read this book a month or so ago.  my "luxury" is taking a bath a reading a little.  I decided I would check it out.  TWO HOURS back was killing me and my husband was worried about me but I HAD to finish it.  I finished reading the last few chapters to my husband and began telling everyone to read it.  I have SO many questions after reading it but no one seems to want to discuss it!!!

3/15/2011 8:08:09 AM
Jennifer Ward United States
Jennifer Ward
I do!!! I just saw this in Christianity Today & thought, hmmm I might like this! I'm in!
3/15/2011 8:08:57 AM
Jennifer Ward United States
Jennifer Ward
Christopher, I've read The Shack too.  That was a good one!  And I dislike reading & I loved it.
3/15/2011 8:14:36 AM
Stacey United States
I just finished it via Nook a week ago, and LOVED it!  For those who don't enjoy reading, it's a pretty short book, but the impact is amazing!  I loved reading the scripture that all of it relates to as well, because I love Revelation, but have a hard time picturing it.
I've also read (and re-read) the Shack.  Both are great books! Smile
3/15/2011 8:57:19 AM
Ronda United States
Just downloaded and started. Thanks for recommendation!
3/15/2011 9:14:06 AM
Wendy Anderson United States
Wendy Anderson
I'll see if my dad has this book & if not I'll get it for us. He's got The Shack & 90 minutes in Heaven. I trust my dads judgment but there was something about the book 90 minutes & I couldnt finish it. But The Shack, it was so hyped up & I knew it was something about mourning - and when the dad got to the shack & was screaming at God, I laid the book down & never picked it up again. It was raw & it was honest & I couldn't live thru his feelings because I was living thru my own anger at my precious God taking my husband. I've loved God forever & I will always trust Him but I miss my husband so much. Ray died at the age of 67 on 4/24/09 from pneumonia complicating parkinsons disease. Our house burned 4/25/10 & our special needs grandchild who we adopted are living in our new house but I keep expecting Ray to come in that door after work & sit with us & eat dinner. I want him to come back & see this house I built & to fix all the poor choices I've made in the last two years. There's a song saying something about "ive heard at least a hundred times you're in a better place & at least a million times I've rejoiced for you" - the words are SO true. We had a Christian music channel playing all day & the moment Ray died, the song playing was Finally Home. Wow. God is so good

God bless you & KLOVE in all you do. Can't wait to meet you in Heaven

3/15/2011 9:16:20 AM
Melissa Knecht United States
Melissa Knecht
I just requested this book from the library.  I can't wait to read it.  
3/15/2011 9:47:18 AM
Sharon United States
first of all I am so thankful to be able to ride to work each day with you all!

My friend loaned me the audio cd's for this book. I am in the car alot so that worked good for me. I loved it! I will be glad to join in on the conversation. I had my 8 year old grandson for the weekend and he saw the cd's and wanted to listen to it. He lives 2 hours away from me so we listened to the whole book together that weekend. It was so fun to have him ask questions about heaven. We would pause the cd talk about then listen some more.

blessings from Ohio! Sharon
3/15/2011 10:16:02 AM
Stephanie Peyton United States
Stephanie Peyton
I want to read this so bad but I am so scared I will push my school work off to read this instead. Going back to college at 30 is tough enough, but if I get into this book I know I will want to read instead of study, lol.
3/15/2011 10:57:56 AM
Rebecca Vazquez United States
Rebecca Vazquez
I personally work at a Christian bookstore, so when I saw you were recommending this book, for a moment I thought you were talking about "Heaven is so real" which is a book i think by Thomas Choo(i'm not sure, i'm good with titles and bad at names lol). Which is another book that has been one of our top sellers and people have recommended it, and I was like cool may be I should read too, but then I realized that is "heaven is for real,"(and the cover is different too) I didn't even know it existed. Well at least I'm happy people are believing how real heaven is, and it will give me a chance to tell my boss to oder this one tooSmile Blessings!  
3/15/2011 12:22:05 PM
Amy United States
This morning you mentioned the book, "Heaven Is For Real".  Our family just read the book last week at the request of my father-in-law, who is a retired pastor that grew up in the Imperial/Benkelman, Nebraska area.  His brother is actually a member at Todd Burpo's church and told the rest of our family about the book.  This child speaks about many biblical truths that a 4 yr. old wouldn't know.  He also speaks of meeting family members that passed prior to his birth. A great book to share with non-believers! Thanks for speaking about it on air for millions to hear! Too bad people in Imperial probably didn't hear, as you most likely don't have a station in that remote area. Happy reading - can't wait to hear your comments tomorrow a.m.!
3/15/2011 12:51:07 PM
Lori United States
I just finished this book as well. Absolutely fantastic!  I've had 2 miscarriages each at 2 months. While it was devastating, I felt God knew what was best. It's a wonderful feeling knowing my 2 babies are "growing" in heaven w/ God & are anxiously awaiting my arrival!
3/15/2011 2:05:38 PM
Vicki United States
I had downloaded this on my kindle(which I received at Christmas), but due to all the books I have downloaded, I have not read it yet. I will place it on my "next to read" list!
3/15/2011 2:37:22 PM
Jenn United States
This is a fantastic book. I read the whole book in 2 days. Once I started I just couldn't put the book down. I've been telling all my friends/co-workers about it as well. I can't wait to meet Jesus in Heaven and see family members as the book described so vividly by only a four year old.  Enjoy the reading!!! God Bless
3/15/2011 3:06:09 PM
laura habeth United States
laura habeth
I too read the book in only 2 days fitting it in any moment I could.  You truly get hooked once you start. Love it! I have purchased paperback copies and the audio version so I can loan them to anyone interested. I took my husband to lunch and read sections to him for 2 hours,we both just sat there crying.  I think one reason he was crying was he was hoping there would be no animals in heavenSmile... I've told him there were animals in Heaven all along, this book was just confirmation. You can't dispute the innocence of the message, Colton was so young when he had this experience. If you want to be blessed, you will read this book!
3/15/2011 3:43:20 PM
Angie Lancaster United States
Angie Lancaster
I read this book in about 2 days too.I had just returned from a major cancer treatment center fearing that I would be diagnoed with cancer for a third time.Praise God I am cancer free! However I am also a Hospce RN and the book so touched me and gave me lots to think about regarding our concepts of heaven and it truly gave me a new sense of peace.All you need is a child-like faith!
3/15/2011 4:07:19 PM
Brenda Hollman United States
Brenda Hollman
LOVE this book!  It's changed my heart!!  I have been so frustrated as I felt like Colton's dad and wept when I heard how he cried out to God in his anquish!  I was praying and crying with him as I read - and God did something in my heart as I saw how God heard his prayer - his frustration and did answer his prayer!!  I have NOT been the same since reading this book - " a little child will lead them"!!  I pray God will continue to use this book to inspire many many more people who like me need to know that God does see and he hears!!!  Blessings!!  B
3/15/2011 4:57:07 PM
Debbie Cooley United States
Debbie Cooley
This is an awesome book that gave me goose bumps so many times throughout reading it. You mentioned my other favorite book this morning " 90 Minutes in Heaven". The co author of "Heaven is for Real", Lynn Vincent, also wrote a wonderful book "Same Kind of Different as Me". All three are must reads....
3/15/2011 5:06:06 PM
Angie Woodward United States
Angie Woodward
My friend read this book and told me about it a while back.  I had downloaded it to my ipad but haven't had a chance to read it yet.  I will start it tonight and read 2 chapters so that I can read it with you.  Can't wait to get it started and see what discussions we can have related to the book.  I have heard it is an excellent book!!  
3/15/2011 6:25:17 PM
Melissa Pickett United States
Melissa Pickett
Just had to brag on the book "Heaven if for Real", my parents live in Ulysses, KS where Colten Grandma is from so I got a signed copy.  I read it in only one or two days even though I am not typically a fast reader.  Colten signed my copy "Heaven is for real and your gonna like it" Just thought I would share.
3/15/2011 6:56:38 PM
Krista Girrbach United States
Krista Girrbach
Lisa, I feel exactly how you do about loving to read, but not finding the time to do it!  You have inspired me. I went and purchased the book today and have started reading it.  It already appears to be one of those books that you can't put down.  Thanks for the daily inspiration.  Smile
3/15/2011 7:00:59 PM
Jessi Collyer United States
Jessi Collyer
This was the most positive book I have read in a long time.  I gave it to everyone I know!
3/15/2011 7:28:06 PM
Judy United States
I listen to the Lisa and Eric show while getting dressed every morning for work and in the car while driving to work.  You both are such a blessing!  Thank you for your ministry.  I had not heard of the book "Heaven is for Real" until I received an advertisement from a local Christian bookstore about a month before Christmas.  My mother died in November of 2009 and it's been very difficult for me and my family; especially my sister.  I am not a fast reader but I had a difficult time putting this book down!  It just captivated me and touched my heart like no other book has.  I've tried to tell family members and friends about it but I start crying and can't finish telling them all I want to say because I am still so overcome with emotion.  I finally ordered 4 copies of the book to give away to them.  I can't bear to part with my copy.  It brought me such comfort and hope.  I've been a Christian for many years and I know Mom is in heaven.  But the descriptions of heaven in this book are so vivid.  It makes it even more REAL and I can't wait to get there!  My sister has never wanted to talk about spiritual things but now that Mom is gone, she is more open.  I was describing the book to her recently and she became very excited - especially when I read some of Colton's descriptions of Jesus and heaven then Todd's responses. This book is well written and is such a blessing.  
3/15/2011 7:44:03 PM
rene United States
Lisa, I also read this book in two days. A dear friend had just given it to me in January after the death of my mom. What joy and hope filled my soul! I shared it with my dear brother. He is so wise and knows Scripture so well. I can't wait to talk to him about it. I agree....what a blessing this book is and will be to many, many people.

I can't wait to hear what you think of it!
3/16/2011 4:39:37 AM
Philip United States
I read this book for an hour yesterday in Barnes & Noble after you recommended it, Lisa! It was so captivating and it touched my heart! Thank you for telling all of your listeners about it!
3/16/2011 6:07:01 AM
Terrie United States
I bought the book last night, and did not put it down until I had finished it.  I don't get to read often as a single mom who works full time, but this week my mom took the girls so I could have some free time.  What a blessing I have recieved.  I hope everyone gets a chance to read it.  I'm passing the book on to my mom so she can read it.  Thank you so much for telling me about this book.  
3/16/2011 6:30:15 AM
Nancy Moffa United States
Nancy Moffa
Lisa, I read this book and past on to several of my friends. You will love it!
My dad past away 20 years ago and had an outer body experience. He also did not share it with the family for a few months after it happened. He became a Christian after that and died 3years later. My mother had prayed for him for years and God answered her prayers. Dad wrote about his experience and we read it often. If you would like me to share with your readers, I would be glad to do so. Heaven is for real!!!!
3/16/2011 7:05:35 AM
Tara United States

While I have not read the book, I assume from the title the book speaks of a Near-Death Experience (NDE) where the child goes to Heaven upon flat-lining and comes back to share his experience.

If so, and you are further interested, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Melvin Morse who has done extensive studies / documentations with many children following his experience as a MD when one of his young patients returned with the story. His twitter account is @neardeathdoc.

Yes, Heaven is for real. Laughing
3/16/2011 7:47:24 AM
Pam United States
I heard about it from a friend on fb and bought the book and my husband grabbed it before I had a chance to start reading it!  He's just finished it up and I'm starting on it now.  I've heard great things about it and am anxious to read it!  Happy Reading to you!
3/16/2011 8:01:36 AM
Rosa United States
I read the book several months ago when I first heard KLOVE talk about it, and I could not put it down.  I passed it on to my husband, ordered a copy for my daughter and granddaughter, both read it and loved it as well.

I have also recommended it to all my friends, sisters, and co-workers.  All who have read it have loved it and feel a sense of hopefullness and encouragement.  Thank you for recommending it!!!
3/16/2011 8:08:58 AM
Rosa United States
Have also read Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry.  Also a very inspiring book and referenced in Heaven is for real.  I recommend it.
3/16/2011 8:27:06 AM
Jennifer Ward United States
Jennifer Ward

I know I already commented . . . but I wanted to let you know that I bought this book yesterday at lunch after hearing you talk about it on the radio & I READ IT IN ONE DAY!  (And I dislike reading LOL)  I could not but it down!!!  I started reading it at lunch & then when I got home from work.  I stayed up til midnight to finish it.  IT IS AN AWESOME BOOK!!!

I CAN NOT wait to see my 15 month old nephew in heaven!  He's waiting for me.  He's the reason I was saved!  He pasted away from SUDC (Just like SIDS but he was over 12 months so they consider it SUDC Sudden Unknow Death in Children)  He went to sleep one day & just never woke up.  Completely health boy & there was no reason that he died that night.  We miss him terribly but I now know that God adopted him (like Colton said) & he's waiting for my family in Heaven!  I'm so comforted now.


3/16/2011 10:01:25 AM
Amber Jean United States
Amber Jean
I love this book. It gave me chills to read the detiatls this little boy gave to his family. I recomended to many of my friends and family. I cried every sentance I read. I could actually picture the way Heaven is , the way Colton descibed it to be. This is one blessed family. I loved the picture of Jesus that the little girl had painted. Chills I know that someday I will too know what it is like to see our maker! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
3/16/2011 11:24:06 AM
Jan Lipscomb United States
Jan Lipscomb
Hi Lisa,

I am not a reader.  It's very difficult for me just sit and read.  I would rather watch it in a movie.  I purchased the book today at lunch and read the first chapter.  My only regret is that I had to go back to work.  I don't want to put it down, I can't wait to get home tonight to finish it. God is so much more than we could ever imagine.
3/16/2011 2:12:23 PM
Nancy Gorans United States
Nancy Gorans
Hey Lisa~

I did read this book after Christmas when my cousin past away suddenly from pnemonia...When I finished it I lost an Uncle and I felt more at peace about him being in heaven...We lived in North Platte for a few years so I knew all the Drs. in the book...I also read 90 minutes in Heaven, very powerful!  I know you will love this book and I know there was a reason a friend told me to read it...God always finds a way to comfort people...God Bless!!
3/16/2011 2:16:52 PM
Angela United States
I read this book in about four days couldn't put it down. I have a son in heaven and I can't wait to see him again. He passed away 17 days after his birth. He was a twin. My sons were born three months premature. My other son is now 23 and very healthy.
3/16/2011 3:40:44 PM
Mike United States
I just got the book and was about to start too!  i will catch up tonight.
3/16/2011 6:42:56 PM
Cindy United States
I read this book a month or so ago and it is the most awesome book.  YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT.  I've recommended this book to many people.   Enjoy!!
3/16/2011 7:15:32 PM
Linda United States
Because I know Colton's mother, grandparents, aunt and uncle - I was able to pre-order and got my first copy back in October.  I also had the honor of praying for Colton back when he was sick - oh the power of prayer!  I've since bought around 20 copies and give them as gifts and have a handful just circulating.  As a bereaved parent - I found comfort, even though I already knew - because the Bible told me!  Watch or DVR The TODAY show on Monday, March 21 - as the Burpo's will be interviewed during the 8AM EST hour and again during the Hoda and KathyLee hour.  
3/16/2011 7:34:40 PM
Rose Timlin United States
Rose Timlin
I heard you talking about "Heaven is for real" yesterday on my way into work. I picked it up and could not put it down. I read it at every minute I could at work, I cried reading this book. I finished it before the end of the day. What an amazing story. I loved it.
3/16/2011 8:38:50 PM
Tina Slone United States
Tina Slone
Hi Lisa, thank you for recommeding this book I went out right after you talked about it and bought it this moring. I read the 1st. chapter and hope to read more later tonight. I have to tell you when I bought the book it came with one of those stretch rubber band bracelets and it said "Heaven is for real" and my 12 year old son claimed it for himself to wear to school tomorrow. Praise God if he can share with his friends!! Thank you!!
3/17/2011 5:50:14 AM
Marilyn Enyeart United States
Marilyn Enyeart
Hi, Lisa thanks for recommending this book.  I am not a reader.  I work on the computer all day but I took it home one Monday evening and started to read it at 6PM and finished the entire book at 10PM.  What a wonderful book.  Enjoy it.  God Bless you.  Marilyn
3/17/2011 7:08:23 AM
Jessica Lyon United States
Jessica Lyon
Lisa, this is a great book.  I read it several months ago after my dear friend lost her 2 1/2 year old son.  He went to sleep one night and never woke up.  Healthy, happy boy with two loving parents.  My heart just breaks for my friend and though they are not Christians, I know where their sweet boy is and this book just helped me "picture" it.

Happy reading and God Bless,
3/17/2011 8:08:04 AM
Danyale Diaz United States
Danyale Diaz
I read this book in January in about 2-3 days. It was the first book I purchased on my nook color that I got as a Christmas gift.I Could not put it down but I have a 3yr old so It took me a few days. Your gonna love it. I think its the best book I've ever read. It should be read by every christian even non-christian because it gives you builds up your faith and makes you want to be a better follower of Christ.
3/17/2011 9:39:50 AM
Andrea Martin United States
Andrea Martin
Hi Lisa!
I heard you mention "Heaven is for Real" on my way to work on Tuesday.  I got excited right away because later in the afternoon I was planning to visit my Alma Mater and drop off an application for Grad School - and further - my old school has opened a beautiful new bookstore on campus!  I knew right away that I'd buy the book...
I had no idea how captivating I would find the book and by Tuesday night I was already halfway through!  I've definitely had a few "hit the heart" moments while reading it and now my husband wants to read it, too.  At this point, I should be finished with it by the end of the week.
Todd Burpo's writing is exquisite and I can't wait to find another quiet moment to continue reading!
I'm glad you shared this book on air, so thank you!
In Christ,
3/17/2011 10:54:30 AM
Stephanie United States

3/17/2011 11:24:16 AM
Betty United States
I just read this book MONDAY!  I had downloaded it a few months ago but had not read it yet. A friend knew I was going through a season of doubt and suggested it so I started it and finished in one day!  It was an absolute answer to prayer!  I plan on buying copies for my grown sons...I have been praying for them and for how to approach them about Jesus without pushing them away and I believe this will really speak to their hearts. Since I have followed you for quite some time on K Love, I know there are particular parts that will greatly bless you...enjoy this gift from God.  Thanks for all you and Eric start my day every weekday morning!  
3/17/2011 12:11:15 PM
Lauren United States
Started this Tuesday night after hearing you talk about it.  I had bought it a few weeks ago and just never had started.... but wow!  It's such an easy read, and some of it has given me chills!  Oh, to have the faith of a child!
3/18/2011 10:29:03 AM
Carrie United States
This is the first time that i am sad that I have an E-Reader, because i want to pass this book around to so many others!! What a great inspirational book, the part when the mother of the still born tries to seek comfort from the pastor, and his response to her, gave me goosebumps!!
3/18/2011 12:19:30 PM
Julie United States
You inspired me to check this book out at our library which they have recently ordered but don't have yet so I'm going to buy it after work tonight! Sounds like I'll want to pass it on to others later anyway. Smile I've read "90 Minutes in Heaven" and "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" - both very good.  My husband, a minister, also had a similar experience a couple years ago.  I commute 80 miles (roundtrip) to work each day and thrive on KLOVE!  Thanks so much for "being there"!
3/19/2011 9:43:10 AM
Pam United States
My pastor's wife loaned my husband this book but I snatched it up first.  I am a constant reader and just finished 'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven' yesterday so started this book as soon as I put the other one down.  Could barely put it down last night to go to sleep and am already over half way through.  It is a really quick book to read.  Love this story!  What an adorable little guy and an amazing story.  The part that made me LOL was when he was telling his dad about the angels singing to them and was naming the songs they sang, then said he asked them to sing "We Will, We Will Rock You" but they didn't know it.  I will be recommending this book to everyone I know.
3/19/2011 6:46:27 PM
Martha United States
I actually bought this book for my Kindle a couple of months ago but hadn't started reading it, I had forgotten that I had it. I heard you on the radio the other morning talking about this book while I was on my way to work. When I went home that night I started reading it and I haven't been able to put it down since! I just finished it today. Colton's simple description of Heaven, Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit was amazing. His matter-of-fact depiction of Satan, "the monsters", and the end time fighting was chilling. This is a great book that every Christian should read.  
3/20/2011 4:07:08 PM
Jessica United States
I really want a copy of this book! But I want a hard-cover copy instead of paperback, however I am having a difficult time finding anything but paperback. Anyone know of where I can find a hard-cover copy? Thanks!
3/21/2011 5:46:04 AM
Monica United States
I didn't read this book, but I plan too.  Someone once told me that, the one of the differences between today and 5 years from now, are the people you meet and the books that you have read.  
3/21/2011 5:47:14 AM
Susan United States
I read the book late one night - I couldn't put it down.  I have passed the book on to friends and hope to keep the book moving.  It was an awesome story and there is no way you can read this book and it not change you way of thinking.  Thank God for this child and his family for telling his story.
3/21/2011 5:48:26 AM
Robin United States
As a busy mom, wife & youth director at our church, I too struggle finding time to read, and have a stack of books so high that I now dread looking at it.  It just stresses me out, a reminder of one more thing I am not getting done.  However, you asked for book suggestions for a book club, and I can say there was one book that was so compelling I couldn't put it down (and the world kept turning even though my laundry wasn't put away!)... The Glass Castle.  If you are starting a book club, Lisa, I can't say enough about this book.  Give it a weekend and you'll see why.
3/21/2011 5:50:09 AM
Angelica Morrell United States
Angelica Morrell
I would love to read along, the book I read was "The Shack" it an amazing book.  I would be a faithful book club member.  I agree that it is important to read good, Christian books that uplift our spirit and feed our souls.

Angelica Morrell
Luling, La.
3/21/2011 5:53:01 AM
Kara Hood United States
Kara Hood
I LOVE the Summer book Club idea!!!  I want to recommend The Dream Giver (which has completely transformed my life and the lives of many around me).  It's an easy read, and it's about a man named "Ordinary" who discovers the "Big Dream" God (aka. the Dream Giver) has put in his heart, and decides to leave the "Land of Familiar" and pursue it even though he has to leave his comfort zone and face many trials.

Another book I would recommend (which I haven't read yet but it's been highly recommended to me and I am plannning on reading soon) is the 4:8 Principal based off of Phillippians 4:8.  It's supposed to be incredible.

3/21/2011 5:53:45 AM
Jennifer United States
Heaven is for real audiobook:

Before I buy a book in print, I always check to see if it is available as an audiobook to listen to in the car.
3/21/2011 5:56:04 AM
Mandi Smith United States
Mandi Smith
There is an amazing book for anyone who has a Down's Syndrome child or has ever worked with one.  It is called "Life with Mike" by Angie Douthit.  She is a Christian woman who took a Down's man into her families life to foster.  He turned out to be as big a blessing to them as they were to him.  You laugh, you cry.  Definitely a good read.
3/21/2011 5:56:44 AM
Kathy United States
Hi Lisa! This book is AMAZING!!! I ordered it for my 8 year old daughter, trying to help encourage her. Other books that I have read this year that have had a MAJOR impact in my life and has changed my relationship with Christ are C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters" and "Mere Christianity." These two books were recommended to me, as I was struggling with the season in my life. I am a divorced, recovering pain pill addict, alcoholic, mother of 4. Trying to find my way to Christ, my friend told me to read these books. They have definately made a HUGE impact on me and continue to impact my relationship with Christ! These books have also helped to encourage me to try that much harder to get my four little ones to continue their walk with The Lord.  Smile  Have a good day. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you!
3/21/2011 5:57:36 AM
Kristy Cantrell United States
Kristy Cantrell
I just got done reading this one.  It was FABULOUS!!! I suggest it to everyone.  
3/21/2011 5:58:19 AM
Kara Hood United States
Kara Hood
JESSICA: check or for the hardcover of heaven is for real  Smile
3/21/2011 6:05:41 AM
rmichael United States
Lisa.. I love to read, but like you it is a luxury. The compromise I've made for myself is listen to audio books. It is much easier to find time to listen to a book then to sit down and read one. Load a book onto your favorite listening device Ipod/mp3 player and now you can listen to a book on your way into work or while grocery shopping.. any alone time you get lol
3/21/2011 6:19:35 AM
Julie United States
This book is amazing.  I was walking through the store about a month ago and found it by itself in the frozen food section.  It immediately caught my eye.  As a mother of 4, I totally agree that reading time is rare.  I fall asleep asap my head hits the pillow but once I started reading, I couldn't put this book down.  My 10 year old son has a rare type of cancer inside his spinal cord.  I pray for complete healing daily but I found so much comfort in reading this book.  I have passed it on to all my friends.    
3/21/2011 6:21:32 AM
Tonya Larrauri United States
Tonya Larrauri
3/21/2011 6:34:57 AM
Lynn Smith United States
Lynn Smith
I was on my way to work when I heard you talking about the book Heaven is for Real.  My sister-in-law(who is not a church goer) recommended this book and talked about it so much I felt like I just had to read it.  We were visiting and had a 4 hour drive home.  She told me if I read it on the way home I could probably get through it.  I did read it on the way home and got 3/4 of the way through.  I finished reading it in the next couple of days.  It is such an easy read and very facinating. I am also in that club that does not read very fast or very often.  Lisa you said you have a hard time finding time to read, that sounds exactly like me.  I think maybe if you can find someone to drive you to a destination that will take around 4 hours you could get through this book - very worth it! Smile Tell Eric this is a book about a little boy. It is a true story.  It is a Bibliography. Right up his alley!!
3/21/2011 6:49:28 AM
Dave United States
I read the book in two days last week. This book touched my heart in many ways. Coulton is a precious child that God has used to deliver a message. Showing his never ending love for us. I lost my wife almost two years a go at the age of 41. After reading this book. I am so committed to serving God. Coulton*s experience has painted such a perfect picture of Heaven. I can picture my wife healthy again. My teenage daughter has started to read the book. And I am passing it on to family and friends. This book is an easy, enjoyable read. It has a many messages.
3/21/2011 6:52:42 AM
Deanna Harrison United States
Deanna Harrison
Hey Lisa,

Please do not feel bad that you have a hard time finding time to read. The job you have as a mom to two little boys is the most important job you have right now, a God-given job. Trust me, you will have plenty of time to read when your boys are older, especially when they are grown and on their own. So right now, enjoy every moment you can with your little boys and keep a book close by for when you have an unexpected free moment. But DO NOT feel bad if it takes you a long time to finish it.
3/21/2011 6:53:07 AM
Patti Gandy United States
Patti Gandy
I suggest you read "Lifted from the Waters" by Culpepper Webb.  Culpepper goes to my church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Madison, MS.  My husband, father, mother and I have read it and all of us highly recommend the book!
3/21/2011 7:19:11 AM
Vicky Faircloth United States
Vicky Faircloth
I picked up this book one night while I was in a bookstore. I began reading it while my husband was looking around he came by to see me and I had tears streaming down my face. For the first time in about five years I began to think about two miscarriages that I had ten years ago. I'm a person who is strong and do not cry in public, but this book gave me peace. One day I will meet those two little babies, not sounding morbid I am looking forward when I do go to heaven. I also urge you to look at the picture of Jesus and tell me what you think. Did I just look at the face of God?
3/21/2011 7:37:58 AM
Rose United States
I read this book this weekend after hearing you talk about it on your show last week.  It is an amazing and uplifting book and I really enjoyed it. I think it is so great that Colton gave us a sneak peek into heaven!  Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa!  I am now sharing it with family and friends!!!
3/21/2011 7:38:23 AM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
I am ready 90 Minutes in Heaven and it has change me so much that I am closer to God.  I suggest you read "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper with Cecil Murphey.
3/21/2011 7:44:36 AM
Teri Cravens United States
Teri Cravens
Amy Read when your taking your breaks.  Also go to bed after you put your boys to bed and read.  Just some suggestions.
3/21/2011 7:45:53 AM
Kathy Corbell United States
Kathy Corbell
I started the book on a Friday evening and had to force myself to put it down and go to bed as I had a class to attend in the morning.  I immediatly started reading again as soon as I got home and againg had to FORCE myself to put it down to attend my own birthday party which was being held in conjunction with my granddaughter's birthday party.  I have not been able to stop telling people about it since.  It touched my heart and soul and gives me so much joy about my future after I leave this earth.
3/21/2011 7:46:10 AM
karie kromberg United States
karie kromberg
Hi Lisa!
I picked up this book to read after a suggestion from my I read the book on a Friday night and Saturday morning before I left for a mission trip to Guatemala. The book was so easy and quick to read that I couldn't put the book down and finished it in about 3 hours. The following day I was in Wal-Mart looking for a gift for my interpreter and the book was there, in spanish, and I bought it for her. Not that we needed more things to talk about, since our pairing up was all in God's hands, we now have more to talk about and have shared this book all over the place. I hope you enjoy the book, and all that is to come. If a 3 year old gets it, everyone should be able to.

In Christ-
Karie Kromberg
Bakersfield, Ca
3/21/2011 7:46:23 AM
Lisa Sams United States
Lisa Sams
I just got this book and haven't started it yet.  I have heard very good reviews.  I just finished the book "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven".  I highly recommend it!  My daughter talks about going to heaven and their are many similarities in the book and what she tells me.  After reading it, you will be even more anxious and excited to get to Heaven!
3/21/2011 7:46:26 AM
Jean Humphries United States
Jean Humphries
Find the time, Lisa.....
I was loaned the book and didn't think I had the time to read it until I read the first chapter!!!
It is an absolutely amazing book and I could not wait till bedtime to read more of it!!!!  Not giving any of it away but meeting his sister...I just lost it!!  I have used this book as a witnessing tool and it just again shows what a wonderful God we serve!!!  FIND THE TIME!!
3/21/2011 7:49:09 AM
Tammy Menssen United States
Tammy Menssen
Lisa, I spent literally years gathering books, starting to read, and putting them back on the shelf.   I love to read, cook, and listne to music.  I put those things on the backburner while my kids were little, and totally regret doing do.  I am a better me when I engage in my passions.  Even if it's just for 15 minutes a day, I am a happier more joy filled person.    Read Lisa, Read!                                 I turn K-love on first thing in the morning while I am cleaning up after 9 puppies.  I really need positive and encouraging during that process!  
Love you guys!  Tammy
3/21/2011 7:51:24 AM
Jerry United States
I so understand how you feel, i have my grand daugher all the time and she 4yr. and were like glue at the hips and iam always trying to read a book here and there but never get a i keep a book in my bath room, sometimes i have to lock the door just to get a minute to do my business and I read while Im sitting there and it seems the only time i get to read part of my book..I know its tough
3/21/2011 7:51:50 AM
Marie United States
My husband gave me this book for Christmas (2010). He'd heard me say I'd like have it after seeing Colton & his family on a major talk show. Must say first that my husband remembered, but so glad he did! I read it in two sittings only because I started late one evening.  One of my all time favorite reads. I laughted, I cried, and I got my praise on. SO AWESOME when God confirms His word, especially through a three year old.  Just a beautiful read!  I highly recommend it.  Really great for grieving mothers( and fathers). I posted about on my FB page. My daughter read it next, she then gave to my sister, who is to loan it to another sister. It's wonderful to share such beautiful story.  Can't wait to hear your take on it!!!!

In His love
Marie Owens
3/21/2011 7:53:15 AM
Pam United States
This book is wonderful!  It was the first book I downloaded to my kindle; what a great way to get started Smile  This book touched my heart and was so reassuring of God's love, grace, and eternity.  You will truly love this book. I promise!
3/21/2011 7:55:26 AM
Suzy United States
Lisa, get audio books or download them to your MP3 player then you can listen when you are driving, doing housework, even shopping.
3/21/2011 7:55:47 AM
STACY P United States
Lisa, I have a suggestion.  Just carry the one book that you want to read the most with you.  If you are carrying a bunch of books it makes it seem overwhelming.  Just carry the one and when you have a few minutes read just a page or two. Hope this helps!  
3/21/2011 7:55:56 AM
Donna Walpole United States
Donna Walpole
Oh! MYGosh!   Lisa, you HAVE to make time for this book!   I'm a slow reader usually, but I read this book in 2 nights!  We all know that our heavenly home will be wonderful, but to hear first hand from someone who "has been there, done that"  is so much more amazing and wonderful than we ever imagined!  You actually feel the sweet presence of Jesus at times while you read and the peace that comes over you is almost overwhelming.  God has blessings waiting for you Lisa when you read this book....stop trying to figure out when, where and how you will have time to read it.   Ask God to provide the when, where and how and believe me girlfriend, He will be happy to provide!   Oh, Lisa, you gonna have a Big Hallelujah! to shout when you are finished!

Joy In Jesus,
Donna <><
3/21/2011 7:56:39 AM
Sheila United States

Like you I was finding I had no time to read, something I've loved to do since I was growing up. This New Year I resolved to read more. The way I did it was I started getting ready for bed an hour early and then after I did my nightly devotions I still had 1/2 hour left to read.

Another suggestion is books on tape in the car. If you have a decent commute (more than 15 minutes) this might be a good solution.

Love your show!
3/21/2011 7:57:26 AM
Amanda SItzman United States
Amanda SItzman
I try to read befroe I go to bed every night, that way my book is alaways right by my bed and i see it every night I lay down, and if im really tired I always force 15 minutes minimum out of myself and it usually ends up being longer because the books are so good. also if you are really excited about social media and all the new technology and stuff getting an iPad might be a good choice because you can read your books on your iPad and still get the satifaction of "being on the laptop" it might help! good luck! youre going to start LOVING to read!
3/21/2011 7:58:34 AM
Kathy United States
I loved the book and the picture of Christ gave me Holy Spirit chills.  I am not sure about the whole truth of the book.  I was sure that it was all truth until my parents read the book at my request(they are both in their 80's).  Their comments were "no hospital lets children that young in to visit people" and "who would let their child throw up for 5 days?"  Regardless of their comments it is an awesome book and I am glad I read it and it did help me in my walk with Christ.
3/21/2011 8:00:05 AM
Lisa Z United States
Lisa Z
My 10 Year old picked up the book in a secular bookstore and wanted it to be the book we read together (an idea for you Lisa, read it to the kids and then you are getting your reading in to them and to yourself).  I found it very interesting but wonder why so much information about Heaven is revealed now at this time.  Is God telling us something?  The fact that the boy can give a vivid face to Jesus.  A face a young extremely talented artist drew of Jesus is the exact face the boy says he saw.  Other pictures the parents show him are not what Jesus looks like.  I want to believe he saw all this, but why is the face of Jesus known to us now?  That is only one aspect about the things of Heaven described.  It is beautiful they way a young boy is so matter of fact with what he saw.  As he says, something to the fact, "John the Baptist is cool."  There are so many incredible ideas of Heaven presented that you just want to believe he saw them all.  Read it to your kids, you won't be sorry.
3/21/2011 8:02:25 AM
Ashlee United States
Hi Lisa,

i just heard on the radio that you were reflecting on how much of your "spare minutes" are spent within the media, such as being on Facebook. I wanted to let you know that I started a one-month fast from Facebook on Ash Wednesday and it has honestly been life-changing. I will be returning to Facebook once my "fast" has ended but with a whole new understanding of how to use it. I've recognized that by filling every down minute by being online, I was not allowing myself to hear the Lord. I'd busied myself with constant input from other sources and failed to receive the constant input from Him that I need. He has literally shown up and has been powerfully working in my life, making his presence known, as I've begun to turn my "spare minutes" over to him. Don't get me wrong, I still do some good, fulfilling things during my downtime (now that I'm on Facebook) that I hadn't been making time for before... such as writing quick letters to  those I love and reading! Facebook and other online resources are g.r.e.a.t and as a college student I've found myself to become someone addicted... but the Lord has helped me to see what he can do if I start listening him to more and to the media less Smile

I hope you find this experience somewhat encouraging! I promise that after a few days off Facebook you'll find your life changed... filling your life with so much more MEANINGFUL occupations Smile
3/21/2011 8:03:21 AM
Sandy Steiner United States
Sandy Steiner
Lisa!  I just downloaded this book to my Android phone via Amazon Kindle application.  So, that is my recommendation to you!  Most of us have phones that are with us almost all of the, you can read anytime, anywhere.  Happy reading.

Blessing in Jesus' holy and amazing name!
3/21/2011 8:04:13 AM
Sam G United States
Sam G
Peace to you Lisa. I finished reading Heaven is for Real last thursday. It completely changed so much of how I make decisions on what to do with my time. I remember being told once that God's plan for us was something that goes beyond our wildest dreams. The book "Heaven is for Real" left me in tears at times to think that my wildest dreams really were not wild enough to keep up with Jesus and the Father, who are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask or think possible." I've been telling people this is the book of the century...
3/21/2011 8:04:20 AM
Darla Alvey United States
Darla Alvey
This book is wonderful and such an incredible encouragement. My mom went to be with Jesus Jan. 27th. A friend blessed me with the book. I'm not a reader, but read the book in one day. I knew my mom was in heaven, and because of things I've read in the Bible I had an idea of how it was for her. But this read made heaven and whats going on there so much more real for me. I was really able to invision my mom and what she might be doing there. It has helps me to maintain my joy when those times of grief come calling.
3/21/2011 8:06:18 AM
Mark Russo United States
Mark Russo
I started reading the book around 5PM on Sunday and I finished it a little after 10PM. I could not put this book down. There is a chapter called " 2 Sisters". My wife Marie and I have lost 2 babies due to heart defects 25 and 23 years ago. This chapter talks about a miscarriage that Colton's parents never told him about yet he met his sister in Heaven. The one thing that put tears in my eyes was that his sister said she can't wait for her mom and dad to get to Heaven so she can meet them. I knew my daughters were in Heaven but I did not know what age they would be. I still do not know what age they will be but I know they can walk and talk and will know us when we get to Heaven. God Bless.
3/21/2011 8:07:34 AM
Amanda United States
Lisa, When my daughter was younger I would do two things to get time to read.  1.  I took her to Chick-fil-a and let her play in the play area while I sat outside the window. 2. I kept a book in the car so that when she fell asleep on the ride home from where ever we went I could sit in the driveway and read until she woke up.
3/21/2011 8:09:34 AM
dorothy United States
Lisa, I really enjoy your program. I listen in my car and I have my radio on K-LOVE at work. My granddaughter gave me "Heaven is Real" on CD for Christmas and when I returned home I listened to the whole CD. It was so wonderful I couldn't put it down until it was over. I am like you I have very little time, but it is like making time to communicate with God. We have to set some time and God will give us the rest and peace we need to keep going. Thank you and Eric for all the encourgement and support we need to get through the day. May God bless each of you.
3/21/2011 8:14:05 AM
Wendy United States
Oh, Lisa!!! I thought it was so funny this morning when you were talking about not having time to read this book, Heaven is For Real. I said the same thing when my mom bought it for me back in December. (I am mother to a 17-month-old and a 5-year-old.) I kept pushing it away, until I woke up one Monday morning with the stomach flu! I hadn't had that for years! So God made me stop for two entire days, laying in my bed in agony, but reading this book and His word. And what a blessing this book is!!! You simply must make time for it. You must! I lost three babies between my two children, and this just re-iterates the fact that I KNOW I will see them again in heaven. And they will know me!
3/21/2011 8:20:09 AM
Rebecca Pozzi United States
Rebecca Pozzi
Hi Lisa,
I wanted to tell you that you made my day, when you spoke about having trouble finding time to read, because when your children are awake, they want to be with you and when they are sleeping you sleep too. Finally someone understands! I have said these exact words so many times and no one seemed to understand.Thank youSmile
I am a single mother of 2 boys, now 7 and 4. After working 40 hours a week and then coming home to energetic and very needy toddlers, all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn't do anything else, whether read, exercise, etc. Everyone wanted to give me advice as to where to find the time to do... (fill in the blank), as if they thought I was just being lazy.
The truth is that children need all the attention you can give them in the early years. If you try to do everything you did before children, you would burn-out and no one is happy.
Just know that as your children grow older, they won't need as much attention and you will slowly start to get more time for yourself.
So basically, if you find the time and you are not exhausted, read what you can. But if you just can't, the book will still be here in a few years and I'm sure will still be just as powerful read then also.
Thanks again!
3/21/2011 9:31:38 AM
Linda United States
Hi Lisa,

I just read this book over the weekend. I couldn't wait to read it, but I have 2 children at home as well.  My 8 year old demands a lot of my attention, and of course I give it to her. I bought the book on Thursday and finally sat down to read it Saturday night after the kids went to sleep.  I thought I would fall alseep reading (as I usually do), but the book just keeps you so interested, I kept going.  I didn't finish Saturday night, but got up early Sunday and finished it before Church.  It is a great read - you will love it!  
3/21/2011 10:12:42 AM
Joyce Glass United States
Joyce Glass
I read this book and I just sat in awe of what Colton said and saw.  My favorite part is where the little girl has drawn the picture of Jesus, and said that looked the most like him.  I couldn't help but think that is the closest we will get here on earth to look in the eyes of Jesus in a physical form.  Wow!  I loved the book and recommend for all to read it!

I have a cousin who has a 4 year old daughter and we think she may have had a similar experience.  When she was 2 years old she had a febrile seizure.  She said that she saw her granpap - my cousins father who was murdered 11 years before she was born.  She described him to a tee and said that he wished he could watch her grow up. She cried hysterically one day, because she missed him so much and wanted to see him.  Which was very hard for my cousin, because she misses him terribly too.
3/21/2011 10:19:11 AM
Lisa J United States
Lisa J
Hi Lisa,

What about, if it's available, getting the audio book of "Heaven Is For Real"?
3/21/2011 10:52:41 AM
kuenok lee United States
kuenok lee
Hi Lisa...

I just wanted to pass this on as one busy mom to a another..though may be a bit TMI...keep the book in the bathroom. Smile
But if audio available that sounds even better.

3/21/2011 11:05:17 AM
Dianna Gonzales United States
Dianna Gonzales
I'm a stay-at-home mom too, who loves reading and couldn't find the time.  A group of friends and I created a book club who meet once a month.  It helps keep me motivated, knowing that we'll be talking about it (sometimes we really do and other times we just chat).  Whether we read it or not, we understand we're all busy; it's just a fun way to keep up with our friendships and try to maintain our thirst for books other than "Goodnight Moon" -oh, and it's a great way to give mom a little break!  Good luck; I think it's hard to find time...I'd love to check out this book now.  Thanks, Dianna
3/21/2011 11:11:09 AM
dana United States
A friend recommended this book to me and I have since bought the book so I can pass it on to all of my friends and family. This was the most inspirational book I have ever read. I found some parts of the book difficult to read because my son was very ill and in the hospital for 39 days and experienced a lot of the same things (multiple surgeries). One of my favorite parts of the book was the picture of Jesus and the story that goes along with it. As someone else mentioned, it helps to be able to see or visuallize Jesus. What a moving book!
3/21/2011 11:42:24 AM
Diana United States
Lisa, I am about 4 chapters into the book. I am mesmerized by the story, picturing the family at the butterfly exhibit, and the agony the parents went through.  Looking forward to reading it together with others.
3/21/2011 1:17:54 PM
Jeri United States
Lisa and Eric,

This book is soooo worth the time to read this book!!! I read it in about 2 hours.  

I am a beliver and I suddenly lost my dad a few years ago to a heart attack, so for me this book was so awesome because Colton so vividly described a place that I know my dad is and someday I will be there with him!!!  

Hope you take the time to read it!!
3/21/2011 1:21:19 PM
Trisha United States
I bought this.
Read it.
Passed it on to a friend.  
Bought another copy just to share with a others.
Bought another copy to give to a friend at her mother's funeral.  It's better than flowers by far.


God is sending us a message.  I feel Him pushing me to buy more copies to pass them on.  
3/21/2011 2:06:16 PM
Jennifer Rasmussen United States
Jennifer Rasmussen
I hear ya sister!!!
My kindle has made it a BIT easier to read, because I also have all my books on my phone, but with two little boys (also 2 and 4) I don't get much (ANY) time to myself. I was really hoping someone was going to give you a genius idea I could copy!!

(I can only offer one suggestion: while they're in the bathtub I can't exactly do much else, so I sit in the bathroom with them and write in their baby books and read while they play)

I really want to read this book after listening to you talk about it this morning. Guess I'll add it to the When-they-move-out pile Smile

Best of luck!!!!

<a href="">The Survival Mama</a>
3/21/2011 8:23:54 PM
Pam United States
BTW, I have seen a lot of comments about the picture of Jesus and thought I would comment on the artist.  Akiane Kramarik is a very gifted young girl with an amazing story.  Her and her mother have published a book named "Akiane.  Her Life, Her art, her poetry."  Lots of pictures and poetry and they are all gifts directly from God.  She has painted several angles of Jesus.  Her website is  
For me, reading that Colton recognized the Jesus in her pictures was the most awesome part of the book.  
3/22/2011 2:32:00 AM
argelia maria garcia valencia United States
argelia maria garcia valencia
Hello first I want to thank you all for klove I here it all the time and my boys to being a christian for 4yrs and my boys comeing with me is so awesome .well I'm a reader and yes I'm a single mom have four boys and I work two jobs but one thing I love is reading this book is allready inspireing me when I was 11 or 12 yrs old I didn't understand like I do now I was washed to shore and was brought back on to shore my earthy father took him time to notice I was laying on the shore for a couple of hours not knowing I drown I saw this beautifull atmosphere all I can say I'm here and god revealed to me I was ment to be here this book I'm sooooooooo excited I want to know more about heaven from people expierence tku for inspireing me to read this book just ordered it a few minutes ago and god bless you all
3/22/2011 5:06:32 AM
Shelley Prince United States
Shelley Prince
I just bought this book last week! I am looking forward to reading it. I am also excited about the idea of a summer book club. I love reading faith inspired books (especially Karen Kingsbury)! It gives me an escape from my hectic and stressful life. Thank you KLOVE for your ongoing encouragement.
3/22/2011 6:46:30 AM
Mark Mayes United States
Mark Mayes
Lisa, this book will simultaneously encourage your spirit and tear at your heart (my wife always tells me I have a very sensitive spirit and heart)! It will remind you to welcome humility, but also stir up your boldness to share!
I started reading the book around 10 PM last night, and I think I finished around 1 AM this morning. I could not stop reading! It has stirred my spirit to once again find my "child-like faith"! God bless you and God bless K-LOVE!
3/22/2011 7:09:43 AM
Lori United States
Loved the book!  What a gift Colton has been given to continue his connection with our Heavenly Father.  Praise God for all the lives that will be impacted by his story and his parent's willingness to let him share it.
3/22/2011 7:51:00 AM
Ashley United States
Just here in the past a month or so i started listening to KLOVE and now i never stop. When im in my car i listen to it and then when im at school using the computer or at home, i go online and listen online. Makes my days so much better. and i heard about this book, and i started reading an excerpt from it. This book is by far the best book i have read and i havent even read the whole thing yet. My assistant youth pastor is reading the book and when she finishes i asked her if could read it. so im excited to finish reading this.

You all are amazing people and everyday i look forward to listen to klove!!! you have not intentionally helped me but my everyday walk with God is getting easier. hearing all of these encourgaing stories and songs really help me!
thank you all!
god bless you all!
3/22/2011 8:49:08 AM
Lori United States
I would like to recommend the book "Ripened On The Vine" by Lori Michele Davenport.  It is a beautiful story of God's love, grace, mercy and redemption in the life of one who was created for far more than the world she lived in.  Exposed to all kinds of abuses from an extremely early age, her story shows the relentless pursuit of the Savior and how He lovingly restored her from brokenness to wholeness.  Now living a life with "nothing missing and nothing broken," Lori Michele Davenport is passionately in love with Jesus and turning her world upside down for the Kingdom.  To God be ALL the glory!
3/22/2011 12:58:10 PM
Tammy--Midland, Arkansas United States
Tammy--Midland, Arkansas
You really need to read this book! I work in a library. And when this book came across my desk, I began to read just a little, then I couldn't put it down. I ended up reading it in 2 days. I highly recommend this book. You will be glad you read it!
3/22/2011 7:15:35 PM
Kandy United States
This is an amazing story and a MUST read! It was heart-wrenching to read the ordeal that Colton's parents went through when he was so sick. But there was plenty to smile about as his father related Colton's experiences while he was with Jesus. If only we had Colton's innocent, childlike faith and could just accept what has been foretold and just not try to analyze everything so much!! This book has refreshed my outlook and given me a small glimpse of what awaits me in Heaven!!  
3/22/2011 9:11:05 PM
Tammy MIller United States
Tammy MIller
I am NOT a reader, but couldn't put the book down.  I had a daughter die 5 days before birth.  Reading about all the children in heaven was awesome! I've always had my faith and knew where she was, but to put words to what was seen...well it spurred my hope to the next level.

LOVED the book so much that I lent it to my parents (who aren't book readers either), and each of them read it within 3 days.

Hope you enjoy it as much Lisa Smile
3/23/2011 7:04:40 AM
Kathi Torok United States
Kathi Torok
I read it in January just after my mom died. It was such a comfort knowing where she was and what she was experiencing. Great book.
3/23/2011 11:00:27 AM
Vicki United States
Heard you talking about this book.  Thank you!  Did some research on the net and have now placed my order.  Should get the book in about a week.

Just from what I found out on the net brough joy to my heart.  I can't imagine how I'll feel after reading this wonderful story.

So glad "Dad" decided to share because it certainly brought joyful feelings to me.
3/23/2011 7:07:14 PM
Diana United States
I purchased this book at the first of the month because my mom and dad were talking about an interview with the Burpo family that they saw on television.  My dad was just diagnosed with congestive heart disease and struggling to breathe.  I wanted to read the book to be able to tell them more about it and hope that they would like to read it.  I usually read a few pages of a book and put it down.  Not this one!  I read it in two evenings and my husband thought he had lost me in the book!  I loved it and recommend it to everyone.  HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!  Thank you Burpo Family for sharing your experiences and Lisa for letting others know about the book.
3/24/2011 5:25:33 AM
Michelle United States
Lisa, FUNNY story, I clicked on your page Tuesday morning to find out who the college basketball coach was that called in (thanks for posting his story yesterday). What a great guy and now that I'm out of the bracket I'm rooting for MU! ANYWAYS, you mentioned the book Heaven is Real, I read a little about it on your page, but I'm so busy that, while it sounded like a great read, I talked myself out of getting it. God is so good, did I go to my yoga class Tuesday evening and my yoga instructor (a great Christian friend of mine) gave me a copy of the book!?!?!?!?! Is that not so funny. She said she read the book twice it was so good. So, I'll be reading it with you too. I love how God speaks to me.
3/24/2011 7:35:48 AM
Kacy United States
I heard you talking about this book earlier in the week but forgot about it. Yesterday, I happened to be by our local Christian book store and I thought about the book. I couldn't remember the title but I decided to go in and ask. I went up to the counter and said, "There's this book...they've been talking about it on KLOVE alot.." I didn't have to say anything else. She turned around and grabbed a copy of the book. I purchased it and walked out. My grandmother passed away earlier this week 4 months after my grandfather passed away. I was hoping this might bring some comfort since I was very close to both of them. I also have kids...a 19 month old, 5 year old and a 9 year old. I work full time and teach Zumba classes at night so I'm sort of in the same boat you're in. However, I picked up the book after my kids had fallen asleep and could not put it down. It took me 2 and a half hours to finish and I'm pretty tired this morning since I lost that sleep but it was more than worth it. I felt so happy and at peace after finishing it. I felt hope that I would get to visit with my grandparents again and friends I've lost in recent years. I didn't hurt anymore. I just felt joy. I just wanted to go out and share it with everyone I know. So, since you were the one who helped bring this book into my life I just wanted to say...thank you.
3/24/2011 9:17:07 AM
Chastity United States
HI Lisa, I first heard you mention this book last week on Tuesday morning as I was driving to work.  Wednesday morning I went online and found the book purchased it.  I received my book on Friday after I got home from work.  I also work full time and have two young children, however they are a little older than your boys so I may have a bit for freedom than you right now.  So Friday was a beautiful day out, the kids wanted to play outside in the yard, so I sat on the porch and read my book while they played.  I finished on Sunday morning.  I didn't want to stop reading it I feel asleep reading Friday and Sat night.  So thank you so much for relaying the information your friend mentioned.  I loved the book.  It answered a few questions my kids are asking about Heaven.  
Have a blessed day.  
3/24/2011 4:53:50 PM
Denise United States
I heard you talking about this book while driving to jury duty one morning recently.   Like you, I am a busy mom who typically collapses into bed at the end of the day without picking up a book.   Today I went and purchased this book, and I have been unable to put it down!   I am already halfway through the book, and I can't wait to finish.  

There are so many parallels to my life.   I am from Colorado where much of this takes place, and my boys are about the same age as Colton.   We were at The Butterfly Pavilion at about the same time as Colton, and I have pictures of my twin boys holding Rosie the tarantula.   I was a medical supply rep before I was a mom, who not only called on the hospital in Imperial, NE, but I also supplied the IV pumps to the hospital in North Platte, NE where Colton saw Jesus.   I have eaten at the Old Chicago in Greeley, CO where Colton was so ill many times.  

I am only half through this book, but I am in awe of how it is speaking to me.   I love that I can picture their journey as I have been to these places many, many times!!

I thank you Colton for the image of Jesus you paint in this experience.  It is so overwhelming and much appreciated!!

In Christ,
3/24/2011 5:14:27 PM
DG United States
I am wondering how any of this is biblical? A boy went to heaven, which means that he was sin free to be before God. (thats not the problem...Faith in Jesus) But that the boy was in heaven seeing and experiencing perfection and was sent back to a sinful world as a sinner again to tell his story???????????????????


3/24/2011 5:40:57 PM
Melanie United States
My husband and I just finished this book and I cannot stop recommending it to people. I have been struggling with my faith, and just lost a dear brother-in-law to cancer several weeks ago, so my apathy was at an all time high.This little book has changed my attitude, and given me a renewed faith. I had goose bumps on my skin as I read each story.This book was truly a spiritual two-by-four smack in the head for me(just what I needed!) We listen to your morning show each day as we are getting ready for work/school,so thanks for getting our day started off on the right foot!
3/25/2011 12:33:20 PM
Jocelyn United States
Just finished this book in less than two days!! Could NOT put it down!!! Wonderful to know all the amazing things awaiting us, and it was comforting to know - Jesus is the first one I will see!! Thank you for talking about this book and recommending it!! I look forward to your book club you are going to start!!

Thanks Lisa!!!

3/26/2011 8:42:05 AM
Anna United States
Hi Lisa,

I love to read and like you, I'm a mother of 2 (3 yr and 18 mo) with a full time job. I understand when you said reading is a luxury.  I would love to start a summer book club because this way i have a reason to read and have someone to discuss this with.  If you choose to go on with this, I think you would have a large group.  Thanks to you and Eric, my drive to work every morning is every pleasant.

thanks for a job well done

3/26/2011 9:51:35 AM
Taylor United States
I heard you talking about this book there other day, and what caught my attention most was that this little boy had appendicitis and this experience in heaven. I'm 18 now, but when I was in 2nd grade I too had appendicitis and almost died. I was reading the excerpt from the book and the summary and saw that he met his miscarried sister which really touched me because before I was born my mom had a miscarriage. Also this touched me because my Grandfather had an experience similar to this boy when my father was just 11. I plan to buy this book and read the rest of it because it is such a touching story that is relevant to events in my life.
3/26/2011 10:59:15 AM
Dawn United States
Heaven is for Real.. good book and an easy read, i read it in three hours. confirms that Jesus loves all of us even those in third world countries that have not heard His name. Someone else mentioned The Shack, another riviting story.
3/28/2011 12:23:50 PM
Mary Beth Davis United States
Mary Beth Davis
I love this book.  Thanks for recommending.  I have gotten through his surgery.  I clinched my teeth so hard reading about his illness that my jaws hurt all night.  What a precious family!  Can't wait to get home from work and read some more!
3/28/2011 12:49:20 PM
Jill United States
Well, I started reading this book last week and I finished it in 3 days.  I have 3 girls and a job but this book was so good I could not wait to get to the next chapter.  I am so glad they shared this story it was very encouraging.
3/28/2011 3:17:55 PM
Brian United States
This is a bad book! Don't read it! Read the review.
3/28/2011 5:00:37 PM
Chrissie Purcell United States
Chrissie Purcell
Brian-sorry you feel this way but I believe you are wrong. I have faith in this book with the same faith I have in my Father. You can nit pick and analyze anything and debunk it. How can a virgin possibly give birth? How can water turn to wine? A few fish and a loaf of bread feed 5,000? I am grateful I got to read this book. It never changed my relationship with God or made me think anything different from the Bible. How can anything that was said in the book be harmful unless you aren't a believer...then I can understand your issue with the book.
Shreveport, LA
3/28/2011 6:51:28 PM
Shellie United States
Finished the book a couple of weeks ago! It was one of the most inspiring books I've ever read! Wow, makes you really think about heaven and how very real it is!
Love your show!!
3/29/2011 7:27:50 AM
Jennifer Luck United States
Jennifer Luck
This book is AMAZING!!!  I was just in the first 2 chapters of this book and said to myself I have to get one for my grandfather to share this wonderful I am reading.  Then I also thought the pastors wife would love one too.  Just reading this book is just so touching to me. It just makes everything seem even more real and makes me really realize a lot of things.  This book is so inspiring its so hard to put the right word for it.  How this little guy explains the details just makes me speechless.  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful book.
3/29/2011 12:48:32 PM
Ellen United States

I just finished this book yesterday.  I am a mother of 2 and I work a full time job.  I never can seem to find the time to read; however, this book was just too hard to put down once I started reading it.  This book put the biggest smile on my face.  The way a child describes Jesus and heaven just takes my breath away.  I am so thankful the Burpo family decided to share their son's experience.  It has touched so many.
3/30/2011 8:55:37 AM
Trevor Gruber United States
Trevor Gruber
I have not actually read the book yet, but I will at some point.  My great-grandpa is mentioned in the book. My great-grandpa was Harold Greer.  He died several years ago, but I know that I will see him again and it's cool that he has been remembered this way.  My grandma is something of a fanatic about this book.  She forwards almost every article and tid-bit she can find on the internet about this book.  I don't know if the book mentions this, but Harold Greer pastored a few churches in his lifetime.
3/30/2011 4:07:47 PM
sue huber United States
sue huber
Lisa - what was the name of the book that 10th avenue north recommended that you said will take you 3 years to read?
3/31/2011 6:40:02 AM
Cheryl United States

This book is on sale for 1/2 price at the Family Christian stores, so I am going to go pick it up soon.  Thanks for this.  I read a lot of books and some I do reviews for for  I would love to read this with others.
3/31/2011 10:57:10 AM
Pauline United States
All of us have a few of those "life -changing" special books. This is definitly one of them ( a keeper). I read it in two days (unheard of for me lol). My 13 year old son is reading it now and then it will get passed around (with my name inside front cover of course!)
4/1/2011 4:15:54 AM
Sue-Ellen Hawn United States
Sue-Ellen Hawn
Just finished the book last night.. what an inspiration.. thank you so much for bringing it to us.. I kept thinking through it all that although we know Papa is smart.. to pick a child to bring this message.. brilliant.. if this had come from an adult, everyone would have passed it off as "crazy".. God is good all of the time..
4/5/2011 9:05:31 PM
Kimberly Jewell United States
Kimberly Jewell
I heard you talking about this book the other day, and I want to get out and buy it when I get the chance. We lost our eldest grandson, Cody-10yrs old, who was hit by a car back in September of last year. He gave his life to God earlier in the year and even completed a Daniel fast to pray for his parents to get saved. We are still grieving the loss of Cody, and I think this book may help in our healing process. I know I'll see Cody again someday in Heaven.
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