Apr 01 2011

Eric's Favorites

Check out some of my favorite music on K-LOVE now, including "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic and Needtobreathe!

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4/1/2011 4:04:09 PM
Debra United States
On Wednesday afternoon at 5:52 EST a small plane missed the Greensboro PTI Airport by l/2 mile.  The small plane clipped two houses before plowing into the next house.  By God's Grace the father and 3 children got out safely before the plane exploded, the engine ending up in the street and scattered debris 100 feet.
We are blessed that there were no injuries in the homes, however, Dr. Littlejohn of Winston-Salem, North Carolina was killed along with the pilot.  She has not been identified yet.  Our community needs prayers from all.  This is a horrible accident we don't want to see repeated in any community.  Thank you for your prayers and what you do every day.  Thank you Debra Richert, Greensboro, NC
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