Apr 04 2011

K-LOVE's Day of Praise!

Here's a place where you can write out your praises to God!

Psalm 63:3-5  "Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.  I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.  My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you."

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4/4/2011 4:48:22 AM
crystal anderson United States
crystal anderson
we should praise God through all the good and bad, because he is here to walk us through it.  There is so much going on with a custody battle for my Son Joey, but I know that God is going to get me through this.  Praise God!
4/4/2011 5:06:54 AM
Beth United States
My son entered a transformation center called Bethel Colony which is a Christian ministry that teaches men there is victory over drugs and alcohol through Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful that there is a program like this and my son was willing to attend the program.
4/4/2011 5:07:00 AM
Alice Nielsen United States
Alice Nielsen
It had rained hard last week and I noticed a leak in my ceiling. It is going to rain heavy again this week. I am single woman and needed soemone to help me put a tarp on my roof. I posted a cry for someone to help me on Facebook. Shortly after I posted it someone said call me we can help and posted her phone number. I called and she said I have a teenage son and a husband just tell where you are at we'll be there! Her hsuband said he thought the problem was pine straw on the roof he cleaned off the roof. There was also a tree growing into the side of the house near the roof. He cut down several huge branches. I only had a small amount of cash on me and offered to pay them. His wife said "No we wouldn't think of taking your money this is what the body of Christ does!"  
This woman and I are friends on Facebook but we had never met and they go to a different church. We can only figure out we had mutual friends and became friends that way.
I am still praising the Lord for bringing those people to help me in my hour of need.
4/4/2011 5:30:59 AM
Kasey in Lake Charles, LA United States
Kasey in Lake Charles, LA
I praise God that my youngest son Kory was able to attend church services for the first time since August, when he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor.  He was also able to attend a youth rally this weekend, where our youth minister had Kory shave his head, so they could have a race to grow their hair back.  Our family has seen God working thru this experience from the very beginning and in every step along the way.  We have met several other families at Texas Children’s hospital in Houston where Kory received his treatments that have shown great faith in God and showed how God has blessed them.  We have had the opportunity to share our love of God and His blessings with many others as well.  God continues to show us that He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Eph. 4:20).
4/4/2011 5:34:33 AM
Kris Zimmer United States
Kris Zimmer
I just want to praise KLOVE for featuring Dax Locke and the song, "One Last Christmas" by Matthew West (this is on the Lisa and Eric page).  I just want to praise God for the Locke family for having the courage to share their story.  I want to praise God for Dax, who's life was short, but has had an impact on so many individuals, including myself.  Dax has reminded me to cherish every moment and in those moments to seek God.  I want to praise God for the healthy children that are in my life.  
4/4/2011 5:35:02 AM
Matt Butler United States
Matt Butler
I would like to praise God for the attitude of our Senior Pastor Greg Rohlinger (pronouned Roll-ing-er). He told us this last weekend that he has been struggling with some health issues over the past few weeks. Just this last week he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and the remainder of his issues are currently not diagnosed. We are still awaiting the results of those tests.

As he was telling us about his diagnosis, the church grew absolutely silent and the pastor began to cry delivering the somber news. It reached a point where he couldn't continue and somebody in the crowd spoke out and started praying for the Pastor. After the prayer, the Pastor continued talking to us about his diagnosis. One quote that I love from the Pastor is this "...I am not afraid to die. I am afraid to look into the eyes of my wife, my children and my church family and tell them this news. Either way, I want you to know that I am not afraid to die, because this is GOD'S will. One way or another, we will either see GOD'S grace or will see a miraculous healing. Either one is fine with me."

I know that this doesn't seem like much of a praise, but I want to praise GOD for the heart that he has instilled in our Senior Pastor. I want to praise GOD because it is what my Senior Pastor would want me to do.

I pray that GOD may bless my Senior Pastor Greg Rohlinger and that GOD will bless Palm Valley Church because his eyes are on them and his heart is in them.

4/4/2011 5:40:15 AM
Emily United States
Praise God for his provision.  God provided a job for my husband just as his old job was ending literally starting the day after his last day at his old job.  He has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined.  Thank you God for caring about even this little things in our life.  He is so amazing and has taught us so much!
4/4/2011 5:41:21 AM
Melodee United States
Hi Lisa & Eric,

I give God all the Glory for this because I know it was all Hiim....
My parents live in Tucson Az and they run their own restaurant business and it's only my parents who work it and we all know that restaurants can be hard to do but my parents are strong in their faith with God and trust Him everyday they work.
Well I talked to my mom the other day because I live in Texas so we have our daily talks when we can and she tells me that they may have to close the restaurant but she trust God that if it's His will He will open a door......well my dad sent out email's letting their regular customers know that they may have to close the restaurant....they needed $5,000 to keep the stoves,oven, refrigerator pretty much all the stuff they need to stay open and you wouldn't believe the responses they got.......they are almost over $4,000......I know it had to be God because only He could have done this!! I give Him all the Praises and Glory!!

Another quick one....yesterday was my birthday and I have to say that I Thank God for saving my life because when my grandma found out my mom was pregnant she didn't approve she wanted my mom to have an aboration but later that night my grandma heard God in her dreams telling her not to do that so here I am today 36 years later....so I know that God has a plan for me!! I am so in love with my God!! He's been so good to me and my family! I don't know how people can live without Him in their lives!!!

Thank you Lisa and Eric we listen to K-love all the time.....even through the night!!

4/4/2011 5:47:00 AM
Julie Carlson United States
Julie Carlson
I am just praising God because He is so AWESOME!  My struggles are in HIS Hands!  I have been studying the book of Isaiah in my Bible Study and has truly opened my eyes to the marvelous works of God!  I love you KLOVE.  Thanks for all you do!  We know get to listen to you at work!! Praise God!
4/4/2011 5:48:16 AM
Linnie United States
I am writing to say thank you to the Lord and to all my friends and family that have been praying for my son, Nathan and my daughter-in-law, Lauren.  Nathan and Lauren were married last summer and 6 weeks later he deployed to the middle east. Today he is coming home!! I praise the Lord for keeping him safe and strong over these past many months. And thank you Lord, for Lauren, the most wonderful, loving and support wife.
4/4/2011 5:48:34 AM
Rusty United States
This link is to a youtube video of The Talley Trio, a Southern Gospel group, singing "Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb".  This is a great song sung by one of Southern Gospel's great groups.  Hope you get a change to listen!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4nH8m6VTl0
4/4/2011 5:55:49 AM
Brandon Canada
I am the pastor of Church at the Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. On Sunday we celebrated our 4th anniversary. We started with 12 people four years ago and now are close to 150. So many people have come to Christ and many lives have been changed. I am so thankful for all that God has done. God is good! Greater days are yet to come!
4/4/2011 5:59:18 AM
JK Singerman United States
JK Singerman
My husband is getting ready to graduate medical school in May. It has been a long, tough journey for the both of us. But I am so thankful that he got his first choice for residency, and praising God for getting us through the last five years! We have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and a son on the way in early May. I praise God for the opportunity to stay at home with them and bring them up in His ways!

JK, Dayton, Ohio
4/4/2011 6:09:55 AM
lori United States
Lisa and Eric,
   I just want to say Praise God for all he has done in my life, my husband and I seperated recently due to a porn addiction he has.  I am disabled.  But due to God I have met all my bills thru friends helps. and his sending home some money.  I have a wonderful daughter and son in law, and three awesome grandsons that are active in thier chruch. I praise God for this also. And for KLove. so many times when I have been down, its the songs on here that keep me going. And also for a group called Celebrate Recovery, any one with addictions, hurts, hang-up i recommend looking a chapter up near them. Is a awesome Christian based group.
4/4/2011 6:10:57 AM
Mary Beth Davis United States
Mary Beth Davis
I am so very thankful to our Lord and Savior for providing your ministry.  I have made a pledge, but I wanted to share my story.  I have had problems with depression and anxiety for a long time.  In the past few years I have had trouble holding down a job.  I am now working a temp job for a company that I am praying will hire me full-time.  When I feel the need to run away (due to my anxiety) I just pray and concentrate on the words on klove.com.  The messages in the words of the musicians and the dj's really lift me up.  Some days, I stay at my desk "just one more song" until it is 5:00.  Thank you and thanks be to God for your ministry.  You all have turned my life around by reminding me of Christ's love for me. May God bless each and every one of you!
4/4/2011 6:13:44 AM
Claire United States
I'm at a place in life where things in the future seem really unclear and I've been impatiently pleading with God to just work things out and also show me what lies ahead. It just feels like everything - apartment, job, relationships, if I'm staying in this city - is up in the air, so I've been really struggling with trusting God and not leaning on my own understanding.

Last night, I sat near the back of church where I usually like to sit and a friend I hadn't talked to in a while came and asked me to sit with her near the front. I kept thinking throughout the service how uncomfortable I was sitting in the midst of the "usual front crowd". Well, my friend and I started talking after church and I told her that I had gone to see an apartment I was hoping to move into near her place and found out that she's friends with the potential roommate and was going to put in a good word for me. God, in his mercy and grace, gave me a glimpse into His perfect plan being worked out. I praise Him for that!
4/4/2011 6:17:40 AM
Alisha United States
I grew up in a christian home. My family and I went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. Then for reasons I do not know, my parents just stopped. I continued to go with my aunt but then after a while i settled into my parents life style. I found myself pregnant twice before i was married, when i got married my husband lost his job and has not had a steady job since. Recently i started going back to church and am so excited about what he has done for me and my family. After the first sunday i went to church my husband found a job that he enjoys and since then he has even joined me. I want to praise God for the work he is doing in my life.
4/4/2011 6:23:31 AM
Audra Lyons United States
Audra Lyons
I was laid off a little over a year and a half ago. Unemployment has ended and child support is gone. My 9 year old daughter and I have had to move back in with mom because I could no longer make the house payment. I am going to school now and we are living on little of nothing but I can see God in everything! God has placed people in my life that don't know Jesus. I am able to share the love of Jesus with these people in a real way! Right now a have a friend whose father is dying. He asked Jesus in his heart a few weeks ago. If I had not been in this situation God could not have used me to bring Jesus to this man. I am so thankful that I am where I am! Praise God for using everything for His benefit even me!
4/4/2011 6:24:16 AM
ms. tasha United States
ms. tasha
through the storm i praise god for letting me,my family ,and my friends live to see another day. yes i do have problems: car troubles,work ,my son ,allergy problems,I'm a smoker,and the list goes on.but because of god is the reason why i haven't lost everything.thank god for my disciple groups, singles inc,women's group(G.A.L.S),and my church first Wesleyan in high point,NC.
i love you all& god bless you!
this is all from my heart this morning!
4/4/2011 6:27:59 AM
Rebecca Keefe United States
Rebecca Keefe
I am praising God today because the Lord has kept my family in such a special way for the last 2 years. My parents are unemployed. The unemployment we were receiving has run out. Yet, each bill is miraculously met by God moving others to give. My sister and I are attending college and doing our best to help meet the bills to keep the house for our family. It's been very trying at times. Yet, each time, the Lord wraps His arms around us and comforts us with His peace. We know it WILL be okay. The Lord promises to keep those who He loves. And He definitely has kept our family and I just praise His Name for that!!! =)
4/4/2011 6:29:48 AM
Crystal French United States
Crystal French
God has given me a wonderful loving family who cares for me. I thank God for everyday that I get to spend with him and my family. I thank himfor everything that he has ever done in my life.
4/4/2011 6:31:11 AM
Cindy Anderson United States
Cindy Anderson
At the beginning of the year you asked for us to pick a word for the year. The very first word that popped into my mind was thankful. I praise God for each moment he gives me in a rough time in my life. Those moments that are full of peace.
4/4/2011 6:32:28 AM
Sara United States
Blessed Be Your Name by Tree63 holds a very special place in my heart because it is the song I think of every time something hurts or feels crushing in my life.

I understand we are asked to praise God thru it all, even when my daughter died at 3 days of age, I can still turn to God and praise him.  "You give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord Blessed Be Your Name!"

What a beautiful song, what a beautiful sentiment, what a glorious God!  Thank you K-LOVE for reminding me about this beautiful love.
4/4/2011 6:35:17 AM
Lois United States
I am so thankful that God has proven to be faithful so many times - in spite of my failures!
There is such a peace in knowing that even when my circumstances are not ideal, I am assured that Jesus is my advocate with my heavenly Father! How great is His love for us!!
Thanks for everything you do- Klove's music and ministry has been a source of encouragement to me for over 10 years.
Lois in KY
4/4/2011 6:37:45 AM
Shelley United States
My praise is for the many times I've been listening to Klove and hear you stop and pray for someone you are talking to. As a pastor I know how much that ministers to people and I stop what I'm doing to agree with you in prayer.
4/4/2011 6:39:00 AM
Mary Ann United States
Mary Ann
I praise God for so many things but my biggest praise today comes from the biggest miracle he has blessed my husband and me with.  After more than 10 years of trying to start a family, including many years with infertility treatments, we have been blessed with a pregnancy.  We were excited and scared when we learned of our pregnancy last September and hope we can be the parents he would have us to be when our little miracle arrives next month.  I praise God for blessing us so abundantly and for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.
4/4/2011 6:40:55 AM
Paul Schuck United States
Paul Schuck
Praising God first and foremost for Loving me and Giving me Life through Salvation.  I Praise Him Daily for  K-Love as I listen to it everyday and what a Blessing it has been for my relationship with Him. The ups and downs are a not as they once were. Prasing Him for the strength He gives me to reach out to the suffering and share my testimony and His Love with them. I will never be able to Praise Him enough for all he has done for me and through me. Thank you Lord for K- Love and all the Souls that are touched through this Ministry.  
4/4/2011 6:42:15 AM
Abbi O'Connor United States
Abbi O'Connor
I'm praising God more than ever right now! Last Tuesday my mother, Suzette, was in a terrible car accident. She hit her head super hard on the street and we didn't know how it would turn out. We still don't, but she is doing so much better. She is doing better than the doctors ever thought! I believe that this is all God's work. We all need her. She has six children and I am just praising God for my momma!

Abbi in Sulphur, LA.
4/4/2011 6:42:17 AM
Shirley Tyson United States
Shirley Tyson
My first husband died March 16, 1993 when my youngest child a son was twelve. By the time he was 13 he was smoking Marijuana. For the next ten years he had a bad drug habit-Meth. I did everything I knew to try to help him-then I gave up and told the Lord that his daddy was the only one that could do anything with him. I asked the Lord to send a dream to my son of his daddy telling him to straighten up. Two months later his grandmother on his dad's size died in April. In July he went to Oklahoma for a family reunion with his dad's family. While he was there with all his dad's family he had a dream that the police were after him and he was terrified. He woke up scared and decided to stop the drugs. (His daddy was a policeman at one time). He stopped the drug scene and started to go to church and be around us again. He was clean for four years and got a job that we thought was going to be a blessing, but all his co-workers were on drugs and he was lured back into that scene. This time I simply prayed for his protection. He was arrested and finally a broken man wanting help. The judge sent him to The Father's House, a Christian ministry similar to Teen Challenge. He was truly set free and received Jesus and totally changed. He has been clean for two years and the only station he listens to is Klove. I have been supporting Klove for several years and I can absolutely say it is the best investment into the Kingdom of God besides church. All of my children and their husbands listen to Klove. Thank you for the music, the laughs and the tears that I experience daily!
4/4/2011 6:43:26 AM
Debbie United States
I want to praise God for my wonderful husband of 20 years and for our 2 beautiful children adopted from China. They have been with us 6 years and 4 years and are amazing loving children. He has given us 1 child with Hepatitis B that was treated like a leaper in China - here she makes straight A's, has won 3 art awards and kicks butt in Bible Bowl.  Our son has Cerebral Palsey and loves to sing, loves cars and is the best hugger. We were told he'd never learn and yet he does great in school - not up to grade level yet but so close. But most of all these childen both LOVE GOD- they love to read about HIm, sing His praises and Pray. Something they never would have had in China. And the most Amazing GOD thing- they were crib mates in China - they are both 8 and they have been together since one was 6 mos and one was 3 months. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME
4/4/2011 6:43:53 AM
Peggy United States
I praise God for allowing me to live in a country that is free to openly praise/worship/talk about Him and His Son without any retribution, and the men/women who have and continue to commit their lives to secure that freedom.
4/4/2011 6:43:55 AM
David United States
I am grateful to KLOVE.  I was in the midst of an addiction and about 2 years ago I had to make a choice - continue down the path I was on, or return to God.  I had never been a fan of Christian music, but in my desparation and knowing I needed to change, I started listening to your station.  I know that God did a great work in me and has relieved the constant desires.  I know that one of the tools He used was letting the positive, uplifting and worship music seep into my mind and replace all the negative thoughts.  Praise God for uplifting Christian music!  He speaks to me through it!
4/4/2011 6:44:20 AM
Katie United States
i have been apart of a church plant for the past several months, and we launched to the public on March 20 and had 250 people from surrounding chicago land communities which was something we didn't expect. But God was definitely glorified in it all we took no praises. But while getting ready and fundraising for this church plant we did one fundraiser where we stood in street intersections and asked for spare change. while walking through the cars waiting for the light to change one guy told me to give him a bible verse. i was so nervous and caught off guard..i said "Jesus wept". WHY! i don't know! but i did. you think i would give like John 3:16 or something in Romans...NOPE "Jesus wept." turns out 5 months later he is regularly attending our new church and loves it! PRAISE GOD JESUS WEPT!
4/4/2011 6:44:29 AM
Heather Sampson United States
Heather Sampson
First and foremost I'm thankful God saved my soul. This morning I would like to thank God for my family, especially the little guy I'm currently pregnant with. In December of 2009 and May 2010 we experienced miscarriages. We were devastated. However, God carried us through it all and now I'm seven months pregnant with our little boy. Praise God!
4/4/2011 6:44:46 AM
ZEE United States
4/4/2011 6:45:50 AM
Pam United States
PRAISE!! My husband lost his job in October '09. He tried every where, to do anything to find a job but nothing. He has been able to get unemployment to help keep us afloat. We would pray and try to stay positive but the more time that went by, I could see him losing his self respect. Then wk before last, God kept telling me to rest in His peace and trust Him. Last wk, he got a call from a company that he had applied 8 months ago. He interviewed Thursday & all praise to GOD, he started to wk today!! This is the wk that he gets his last unemployment job. My Grandmother always said, God is never early but He is never late. I can't love Him enough!!
4/4/2011 6:45:53 AM
Melissa United States
We lost my dad a little over three years ago, my husband lost his job a week later, and less than a year later my brother was diagnosed with cancer. My marriage was not in a good place, because it is so difficult for the leader of the family to feel he can't provide. Through all of it, God has been so faithful. My dad was saved before he died, my brother is saved and is still with us and doing well in his new trial, husband has a great job now, and our marriage is stronger than ever, because of the new depth that only God can bring. So Praise God today-no matter what, He is faithful, he will NEVER leave you or forsake you, and He loves you more than you can even understand! 2 Cor 5:7
4/4/2011 6:45:54 AM
Vicki United States
I praise Him this morning that He spared my Dad's life last night. Dad had a heart attack, but was in the hospital when it happened. I praise Him for a boyfriend and church family that came to wait with me, to pray with me, to laugh with me, even though I never thought to ask for it. I just praise Him that He is sovereign, loving, forgiving, merciful, compassionate, and that He's on His throne no matter what circumstances I'm going through. He's trustworthy.
4/4/2011 6:47:26 AM
Sarah United States
Im so thankful for the blessings i have recieved even having a hard home life. I keep going strong in the Lord knowing im the only on out of my family walking with God. By doing that Ive made the whole that was in my heart full with Love from The church Family i now have & I will have been Saved for a year On May 31st. God is always right here with me and it feels great. And i listen to Klove all the time. & Im a 17 year old getting stronger & Im so thankful for your Radio Station.
4/4/2011 6:48:10 AM
Jo United States
After 3 failed marriages to abusive men, I was finally ready to admit to God that I just couldn't do this.  He showed me that my picker was broke, probably always had been.  I reached a place where I finally realized that if I was indeed the daughter of the King of Kings it was time to let Daddy be in charge.  I became content for the first time in my life to depend on God and live alone.  Of course, you guessed it, God was just waiting on me to give up and then He sent me the most wonderful man in the world (sorry to everyone else who thinks their husband is the most wonderful man on earth).  We are an unlikely pair.  He is much older than me.  He is such a Godly man, every day he rescues me and leads me to God.  He allows me to be what God created me to be and the freedom is, well, freeing.  I never understood God's unconditional love until I met my husband.  I am thankful everyday that I finally let go and let God, and for the wonderful husband he gave me.  We have been married almost 3 years and we have experienced the loss of loved ones, financial hardtimes and other difficult situations, but through it all, he as been a main stay for me and we know that God will keep up through it all.
4/4/2011 6:48:33 AM
Shannon Glisson United States
Shannon Glisson
One month ago I had a miscarriage. During this dark time in my life, I have felt the power and comfort of Jesus like never before! Casting Crowns', "I Will Praise You In This Storm" and Kutless' "That's What Faith Can Do" are just two of the songs that have kept me going! Thank you K-Love team for helping me to reaffirm my faith and stand strong in knowing that God is in control and just how much He loves me! It's true God is working the most in your life when you can see Him the least. I am going to give God the glory even in this sad time of my life! Jesus, I will Praise your Holy Name for Your Faithfulness, Your Love and Mercy!
4/4/2011 6:50:02 AM
Linda United States
I rejoice in God's love, mercy, forgiveness and healing power. He has changed my life FOREVER. God restored my marriage after two years of separation and one year of divorce - Praise God ! God is now opening doors for my husband and I to begin a Haitian Church - where doors close windows open. Isn't God wonderful. So faithful is He. I will FOREVER sing His Praise.
I am so thankful for KLOVE - when God saved me June 5, 2010 - God lead me to KLOVE and I have been a faithful listener since.
4/4/2011 6:51:31 AM
Kellie United States
My husband is leaving me and one day about 2 weeks after i found out, which was only Feb 17th of this year, i was grabbing a cup of coffee and it hit me like a ton of bricks, i just had to stop and give thanks to God because had this not have happened i would not have found my way back to God, at least anytime soon. I realize that unless God gets his hands on my husband and does a drastic change this divorce will go through and i'm ok and doing great because i have God and faith and i know it's not in my hands. God is my rock, comforter, husband. Its pretty pathetic though that it took the demise of my marriage to get my attention. Kind of funny how God works when we're being stubborn and self righteous. Praise be to God!!!!
4/4/2011 6:52:20 AM
Anita Blevins United States
Anita Blevins
Praise God for being my jehovah jireh!  He is my rock and my shield. He is everything to me! In October 2010 I found my self in the hospital dying, at 29. I was told I was not going to make it. I spoke to the Lord "ok, Lord I am ready but what about my baby? Is he ready to let go?" I began to ready my heart and I asked God if he is going to heal me, then I need an aboundance of strength. God has given me strength every step of the way. I am a single mom of a 2 year old, trying my best to go stay in school and God has provided me with strength every day even on the days when it seemed impossible to go on, he carried me. I go to bed every night praising him and I wake up in the morning praising HIM knowing that he will meet my needs today even the needs I don't know of yet. Thank you Lord, My Jehova Jireh!
4/4/2011 7:01:25 AM
Edi United States
I want to praise God for everything in my life!  My husband lost his job last year, and yes we took over a $30,000 cut in pay, and yes we have five children at home, and yes his job is our only income, we had to move in with my parents, I must say I am more closer to God now than I was a year ago.  Things happen but God is my one true constant.  Thank you God for my family and for being there for me, I will always praise you!
4/4/2011 7:04:44 AM
Brooke United States
Praise God through the storms..... He has taught me so much this year. I struggle with Complex regional pain in both hands, He blessed me when I lost a job that I never would have quit and was hurting me and my family. He blessed my husband with a more rewarding job and 12 weeks of rest for me. He has provided for us financially. We also found a mass in my brain two months ago and will wait four more months for more results, but it has brought me closer to Christ and my family. God has used all of this and so much more in our families lives and others that we have been able to connect with. I believe the song Blessings is my most recent theme song, He has shown me He is there.  My three year olds favorite song is Lead Me and she knows every word, she was signing one day and reminded me , "mommy your hands are not strong but Jesus's are and He will Lead you with His strong hands" Out of the mouths of babes she is so right He does have the strongest hands and he has held us this year. Thank you!
4/4/2011 7:07:52 AM
Jenn United States
I would like to thank you for the music you play.  I hear you tell stories all the time of how people call in and thank you for a certain song at a certain time, and while I knew you were blessing those people, I had never experienced it myself.  That is...until a few days ago when you played BLESSINGS.  I had to pull over, as I was driving at the time.  I immediately found the song on iTunes on my phone and bought the song.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I needed that song at that time.

You see, my husband and I had tried for 11 years to have a child. A little over 18 months ago In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) became an option through my husband's insurance.  They would only pay for one round of IVF so we knew it had to work that first time around.  And, praise God it did!!  Not many people of the kind of success that we had and I thank God for it.

Now, here I am finally pregnant and ecstatic!  My husband and I were the youth directors of our church and I was loving life.  That is until one day when I was around 3 months pregnant.  I walked in and caught my husband having an affair.  It apparently had been going on for 3 months.  It started the day after my embryo implantation.  Needless to say I was devastated.

I am still with my husband trying to make things work with God's help.  But along with trying to deal with those feelings and hurts, we have had other stresses recently that have been tough to deal with.  

You see, during my pregnancy because I was 34 and had high blood pressure prior to pregnancy, I had a high risk pregnancy and ended up on bed rest my last 3 months of pregnancy.  I therefore went without a paycheck for over 5 months, which we hadn't counted on.  Needless to say we lived off of credit during that time.  I had cashed in my IRA to help keep up with bills but it just wasn't enough because it was only started 2 years prior.

So, we are now having to file bankruptcy.  Something that kills us to have to do.  So, I have the stress of the bills and bankruptcy.

My son, who is now 18 months has been in and out of the hospital since he was born.  He had a spinal tap at only 2 weeks old.  He's been at the local Children's hospital to be tested for seizures.  However, praise God, my son has never been diagnosed with the things they thought were wrong.  Each time, the tests would come out negative!!

But it just seems that the devil has attacked me and my family so hard for so long, that I was nearing the end of my rope.

I sat my husband down a month ago and told him that if things didn't change I was filing for divorce.  He had become angry over the last few months and was always yelling and was never happy.  I just can't deal with that along with everything else I'm trying to deal with.

So the other day I was driving home and heard BLESSINGS on the radio for the first time.  Let me tell you, I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT SONG...AND AT THAT EXACT MOMENT!!  So, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being God's vessel in which my strength and resolve have been renewed!!  I know that God has a plan for my family and a plan for my son!!  And, I don't believe that plan includes me divorcing my husband.

I know this forum is for praise reports and while throughout this post I have listed a couple praise reports, ie...my successful IVF after being told I was never going to have kids, and my son always testing negative for the things that could have changed his life forever, this is also my thanks to you and to the listeners who support you!!  

Thank you and God bless,

4/4/2011 8:06:35 AM
Cindy United States
I have created a website for a life of praise instead of a day of praise and I  would love to share it with everyone!
God Bless you all!!!!
Love Cindy
4/4/2011 8:13:43 AM
tina United States
i am so lost, i need just one good reason to stay alive.
4/4/2011 8:17:40 AM
Cindy United States
Here is the greatest reason of all!!  You are God's precious child and he loves you VERY MUCH!!  If you are lost......let him find you!!  Look around....He is right there with you!  Talk to Him!  Tell Him how you feel and ask for help! Then listen and watch patiently!

Love and Prayers!
4/4/2011 8:27:41 AM
Marie United States
3 years ago, March 27th, I broke down and cried out to God to help me. I was severely addicted to self injury, and felt so lost. The next day I met the people that are now my closest friends and hold me up no matter what. God heard my cry, and worked in the most incredible ways to pull me out of the place I was in. Sometimes I still struggle with that addiction, But God is right by me. And I can always fall in His arms, and to the help of the people he brought me to. I praise God for that miracle.
4/4/2011 8:33:13 AM
James United States
Two years ago I was working as a police officer and was arrested and charged with solicitation of sodomy. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation thought this was a felony but the judge caught the mistake and changed it to a misd. which is correct. A few days later they added the charge of violation of oath of a public office. A year later at Grand Jury another count of each was added, because text messages were exchanged and on another day a phone call was exchanged. Mean while my wife and I were active in our church. I was one of two sound equipment operators, my wife taught children's church on Sun. morning and Wed. night, we printed the bulletins, and built and maintain a website for the church. I was then asked to leave the church.  This was a little over a year after the arrest. We then started searching for a new church. I am on one of the local vol. fire depts. and on Dec. 22 we were dispatched to a wreck.  While there a man walked up and said I am the pastor from the church down the road and was checking to see if there was anything I could do. I told him that the injured were already gone to the hospital and we were just waiting for a State Trooper.  I began to talk with the pastor and told him what had happened. He said I am glad to meet you we heard what happened and we have been praying for you and your family.  Also in Dec. my wife had her wisdom teeth removed and then started having panic attacks. We decided to go back to church and decided to go to Bethel Church which is right down the road from our house. Bro. Dwaine the pastor from the wreck was pleased to see us and the congregation of about 10 welcomed us in. The congregation has now grown to 20 and we are happy. A few weeks ago I had a jury trial and was found guilty. Last week I was sentenced to serve two years in prison and three years on probation but did get first offender status. I am however appealing and hope the conviction will be overturned. Throughout the whole thing I have kept my faith in God although this have been a trying time. I was able to work some on the farm with my parents but have not made much money, I am also attending college. My parents have help out a great deal but God has provided for us as well. It seems every time we think we are out of money a check shows up in the mailbox. Last week when we filed our taxes the account keep looking at the screen and checking numbers and rechecking them. Finally he said I have a number on my screen but I am afraid to tell you what it is, I think I have made a mistake. Needless to say we are getting a good refund this year and will be able to pay some bills off. On last Friday on the way to court my radio was on another station and Three Wooden Crosses came on the radio, which I think was to remind me that everything happens for a reason.  Then later in the day when I got in my truck I'll Stand by You by Rascal Flatts came on to remind me that God is always with me. I am worried about possibly having to serve two years in prison but I know that God has a plan for me and I am ready to accept it, no matter what it is. I have told that long story to say this I praise God for my wife, biological family, and my church family for standing by me and supporting me.
4/4/2011 8:45:58 AM
Kathy James United States
Kathy James
Good morning Lisa and Eric!

I have lived through the fires over the last six months, ever since I was made aware of abuse of my daughter.  I am learning how to be a single parent of three teenagers, to stay focused on God's grace, and how to stay positive.  I have learned the value of journaling, quiet time, great inspirational books, and reading my Bible.  God has shown me that he is at the center of my life, and that He is in control.  Whenever I feel like I cannot go forward, like things are just spinning out of control, I hear His voice telling me to turn inward, to be quiet, and to listen.  I have held on to my tenuous job, and have learned how to accept gratefully help that is offered.  My kids are all blooming, despite all of our struggles, and I know that this is all thanks to my Heavenly Father.  YEA GOD!  I have such a wonderful circle of prayerful supportive friends, and my God loves me--in spite of all of my messes...   Thank you, KLOVE, for praying with me, for playing such wonderful music, and for giving me chills with stories of such wonder.

Love you, Kathy -- New Braunfels, Texas
4/4/2011 9:03:39 AM
Sherri United States
My husband and I have been married for two years.  Before we got married we knew we would adopt, if that was God's will (My husband was adopted and his sister later adopted).  My husband and I never prevented and two years later had not gotten pregnant.  We knew in our hearts the Lord was calling us to adopt.  I praise the Lord for the path he has called us to go down.  We are entering our sixth month of the process and it has been so smooth.  We praise God for our adoption agency, our supportive family and friends and for the love he has provided through it all.
4/4/2011 10:44:22 AM
Lauren Bownds United States
Lauren Bownds
Thank you so much for doing this Day of Praise.  I am going through a lot right now, I am believing for restoration for my marriage.  I miss my husband greatly and we are scheduled to get together and talk April 10th.  I am trying to control my anxiety about this day... and to hear the praise reports constantly as I listen to Klove while I work, is giving me peace and hope!!  I am so thankful for what God is doing!
4/4/2011 10:46:14 AM
Jenny United States
Thank you Jesus for a christian radio station that proclaims Your name all day long, with praise, prayer, and live eaglet webcam! This is the day you have made, let us rejoice and be glad!
Jenny from Mandeville, LA
4/4/2011 12:13:00 PM
Carma United States
Lisa and Eric,

I want to praise God that this radio station is possible for all of us to listen too.. I had a great wake up call this weekend with a family member over anger that I had been holding onto for months now, My husband is great and he has held me accountable for my anger so Saturday I was able to release my heart and anger in forgiveness for this person. I realized at that moment that Jesus did this for all of us and his trials were so much harder than mine could ever be. I thought that if I forgave that I had to except the fact that it was an oh well situation when it was much more than that for me. This person was struggling with issues as well and didn't know how to approach me. I wanna praise God that we have been forgiven when we accept him into our lives. He is so real for me more than he was. He came into my heart and took the pain away when I allowed him too. God is good all the time he loves us so much. He is my father and forever my saving grace!! Thank you for all you all do to make this radio station possible for us to listen to it.. God Bless and Praise him everyday...For everyday He is good.
4/4/2011 1:13:39 PM
Terri United States
KLove helps me to remember to praise God in ALL things.  I started radiation treatments today where they removed a cancerous tumor in January.  although I believe that I am 100% healed and don't need the radiation - I believe that God is leading me to witness to as many people as I possibly can through this - counting it all good.

While in the radiation machine they play Pandora so that you have music to think about instead of the treatment noise - and I asked for Chris Tomlin and was blessed by that, and then the second song was Nicole Mullins singing "My Redeemer Lives."  When I came out of the treatment I was able to share with two of the nurses that it was the perfect song for me - and why.  PRAISE GOD!!!  There is a reason for everything and I know that so many will be blessed through this - including me!
4/4/2011 2:16:03 PM
angel coy United States
angel coy
it actually takes 2 months for the eggs to hatch so they must have put the camera up there when they were about to hatch!Amazing huh?
4/4/2011 2:32:42 PM
Lauren United States
Tina, you are beautiful in God's eyes.
You have plenty of reasons to be alive!
God loves u, I love u, even tho I don't know u i will pray for u!
God comes to those who seek Him.
Be thankful for the life u have and use ur talents to please God with them!
God has a purpose for u.

Look around u, keep ur life, u DON'T want to miss out on ANYTHING.
Go to church, have christian friends DON'T DO DRUGS!!!
If u are a teenager by any chance and live near winchester ky, I have a great church and an INCREDIBLE youth group. I thought I might add that.
Please don't think ur life is useless!
There are SO MANY things u can do with it for God if u just try!!!!

                I promise i'll pray for u as hard as I can.
So God can u in such incredible ways you won't blieve.
               Those are the reasons you should stay alive.
God loves u and so do I.

                   Your loving christian friend,
4/4/2011 6:44:31 PM
Venus in ABQ United States
Venus in ABQ
To GOD be the Glory!!!
Thank You Sweet JESUS......
4/4/2011 7:18:07 PM
kathy B United States
kathy B
Dear Lord,
I praise You and Thank you.  My husband and I  have 8 beautiful children but very little money.  We have struggled over the years to provide for them, but everytime it seems as though we are at the "end", something always comes through.  We don't have much, but I am so thankful for what we do have.  Once again, when we thought we were at the end, and we may lose our home, God has swept in and provided for us....just as He always said He would.  We are not out of the woods yet, but I praise You Jesus, for once again showing us that you will never leave us, not even in our darkest hour...Praise You Jesus!!!
4/5/2011 5:47:56 AM
Diana Araujo United States
Diana Araujo
In 2006 I lost my job, it was spring pledge drive time I had no job I knew I would God was in charge so I pledged $40.00 a month, went to visit my sister out of state came back home went to work with a pay cut, still it was a job  My husband lost his job that summer still kept with my commitment to God through K-love he went to work several months later also accepted a pay cut, we are still working the jobs from 2006 with less pay and keeping our pledge to our local church and to k-love. I listen to k-love all the time, on my way to work there is a spot where i can't get reception which reminds me to pray about my day and for my co-workers.As long as lives are being changed and people are accepting Chris I want to be a part of this ministry.  Thanks you, Diana
4/5/2011 6:29:07 AM
Joy Hamner (Colonial Heights, Va.) United States
Joy Hamner (Colonial Heights, Va.)
I was driving home from work this morning, listening to your "Pledge Drive" and heard Lisa ask if you could play "Shout to the Lord" She proceeded to play the comment from a listener who has problems with anger, and how she prayed for help managing her , commenting how friends would notice she was angry, but no one seemed to delve in to find out "what was wrong".  She turned K-love on, however, and the song, "Shout to the Lord" was playing & she felt that God was speaking to her to depend on Him and shout out to Him during her times of stress.  

I, too, sometimes get so angry and yell at either my husband or daughter, and the yelling just doesn't "fit the crime" they have 'committed'.  I have found however, that I can listen to some praise and worship music and things begin to change.  I can, however, still remain a bit "peeved" while listening to Christian music, b/c sometimes it just doesn't  soothe the right nerve(s). HOWEVER, I cannot, under ANY circumstances, SING along with the radio, CD, or whatever, and remain angry.  It took me a while to figure it out, but you just cannot praise and be angry at the same time...it is as difficult as eating a cracker and whistling (okay, bad analogy, I know)!  But it is true: so for this listener, and any others who have an anger issue, turn on the radio, pop in a CD, crank up the music and sing, brothers & sisters, SING!!!  The anger will roll off you like the water rolls off you in the shower.   I PROMISE, it works.  I will mention here, that I am a VERY BAD SINGER, TONE DEAF, YOU MIGHT SAY and the only ears that are happy to hear me sing praises to our Heavenly Father, is our Heavenly Father.  I'm sure there have been many over the years who wish the words could have gone straight from MY LIPS to GOD'S EARS, bypassing all in between.

I love your show, and only wish you didn't fade out in certain areas of Virginia as we travel our roads....you are being used of God in an amazing way, and my prayer is that you don't fade out as someone who truly needs to hear what is being said or played is traveling.  Love you guys,
4/8/2011 9:22:41 AM
Candy United States
On October 19th last year my daughter had twins (girls).  Both weighing 2lbs. 14 oz. and precious little angels.  Three weeks went by and one of the twins got sick and had to have surgery.  Bethanie got to come home on December 16.  Bryleigh remained in the hospial until April 2.  They are now almost 6 months old and doing well.  I thank the Lord above everyday for my beautiful granddaughters.  Without KLOVE, my family and church it would have been really hard to cope with what was happening to Bryleigh.  I am very thankful and sing his praises everyday.  Thank you KLOVE for being there.  
4/14/2011 7:44:35 AM
Dana United States
I praise God for music. I play the piano and it is such a great instrument.I have been playing for a few years now. It's a great blessing to be able to play for the Lord Almighty. I also praise God for my family anf friends. I just love them so much. Thank you Lord!
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