Apr 06 2011

Right song at the right time: Tunnel

God is so vast and amazing.  We are convinced that each time a song plays, the Holy Spirit is using it to touch someone...

Just like Kelly.  Click here to read her full story of how God used the song Tunnel by Third Day to reach into her heart.

After you read her story, come back here and tell us your story of the right song at the right time.

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4/6/2011 5:02:04 AM
Marilyn United States
I like,Helen are one of those single parents. I listen to KLove every morning on my hour and 45 min. drive to work. Three years ago my son had over 50 seizures a night. He had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator put in and now has had one in six months. I became ill after a surgery two years ago and lost over 300 pounds. I nearly died twice. We were devesated when we lost our home and most of our possessions that we had to pawn to make ends meet. We live in a small travel trailer that has no running water. We get water from the Texaco down the street. I may not even have a job after tomorrow as my gas tank is on empty and there is not a penny left to our name until payday so there is no way to get to work. My son who is 19 cried himself to sleep last night because comments were made as we filled the water jugs with water that we were white trash. He cried we're not white trash mom. They dont know what we have been through. We each believe God truely never gives you more than you can handle. At times it seems our burdens are too much to carry. But it is in the darkest of times that we must lean on him even more. I wish we could afford to make a monetary pledge to KLove but all we can offer is prayer. I sobbed on the way home from work every day this past week. But your songs kept me going. I heard a song I had never heard on KLover before. I cant even tell you what the lirics or songs name, just a sentence I heard "When every step is so hard to take and all of my hope is fading away When life is a mountain that I can not climb you carry me.   Then I heard You're beautiful You are made for so much more than all of this. The next song spoke even more "Who will love me for me. Not for what I have done or what I will become. I will love you for you." I know God has not forsaken us or forgot about us. I truely trust He will take care of us. I praise God for you and your listeners. I race to the car after work and each morning to turn on KLove. A friend gave me an old phone and now I have the KLove app on my phone so I listen at work too. God Bless you!
4/6/2011 5:02:09 AM
Teri United States
I don't know what I would do without K-LOVE lately.  I was only able to give $10 a month, but I just felt that I had to do it.  K-LOVE is so encouraging each day and keeps me going.  I am struggling, so much so that I've contemplated suicide.  K-LOVE has kept me from making that decision and continues to take the option out of my thoughts completely.  I am so thankful to have Christian radio to show me the way back to trusting God.
4/6/2011 5:22:29 AM
Tabitha United States
I listen every day. K-Love is always on in my car. About 8mo ago, there was alot of changes and issues going on at home and work. As I was driving home one day. The song My help comes from the lord was playing. (i think that's the title) As I was singing, a car merged onto the highway. As I watched it. I looked at the license plate. It read "GODHLPS". I just smiled and said thank you to god or my sign. Thank you for being there every day. Listening brings peace to my day. God Bles you.
4/6/2011 5:25:22 AM
Bobbie Jo United States
Bobbie Jo
Kelly, I completely understand the idea of right song at the right time. Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with renal cancer that had already spread to the rest of his body and so they "staged" it at stage 4. Now to understand the full weight of this story, my father and I had never had a good relationship b/c he left us when i was young and he was involved in a lot of things he shouldn't have been. He also never had experienced the love of God. My mother brought us up loving God my Father and taught us the hard act of forgiveness. When I heard of my father's illness, I immediately started praying. Of course I prayed for him to be healed from his cancer, but more than that, I prayed he would be saved before his time on this earth was over. My father was in a hospital about 30 miles from my house, but every evening after nursing school or work, I would drive out to see him, if only for 30 minutes. And on my drives, I found K-Love and a certain song in particular really helped me. It's a song by Kutlass and I believe it's called "That's what faith can do". But it kept me going, kept me praying and kept me believing that my father would give his life to Christ. A month before he died, my father prayed the sinner's prayer with me and told me he wanted to be forgiven for his sins. He also told me that he had been praying to God every day, and an overwhelming peace came over me that my father was going to heaven. The day he died, my father couldn't talk, but he pointed to letters spelling "Gate" and he smiled. My earthly father had seen the gates of heaven, and my heavenly father wanted me to know that my prayers were answered. My dad was healed the second he took his last breath from his cancer, and he was saved and is in Heaven waiting for me one day. Praise God for stations like K-Love that will pray on the air and will minister non-stop. I believe that God is faithful in our prayers, and I'm so grateful He loved me enough to let me know my dad would be alright. Amen!
4/6/2011 6:47:37 AM
Ana Ruiz United States
Ana Ruiz
I have been listening to you guys for about two years now. I don't know how I would have gotten through the rough time when our family lost our baby niece. Listening to you every morning is what got me through everyday. The day my life was changed was when I was searching through the radio for a song in the car and I stopped on a station, when I heard a song say "Do you wonder why you have to feel the things that hurt you. If there's a God who loves you Where is He now" That is exactly what I had asked for many years and decided to stray from the Lord, thinking that he had left me alone along time ago. I stopped and listened and cried the entire time. He was talking directly to me!!! He was explaining why things happened, and that the pain I went through was nothing compared to the joy I would have later. Going through being raped, and going through some really tough times, I felt alone and like God had betrayed me and left me all alone. The song helped me in understanding why the things that happened, happened to me. I am so happy now with two beautiful girls and another baby girl on the way. The song was exactly what I went through. God has blessed me with so much now. Thank you for all that you do everyday for all of us. I have raised my donation to Klove and will continue on doing so as I can. Thank you again. I love you all. God Bless you all.

4/6/2011 7:58:58 AM
Rick and Vivien Reilly United States
Rick and Vivien Reilly
Dear Lisa and Erik...
It is so encouraging to hear you guys once again pray on the air first thing in the morning during the Pledge Drive... We have missed that prayer time, first thing. We realize you pray off the air as a team, but praying on the air with the KLOVE family listening, is very, very encouraging.  It's a great start for our day here in NJ.    

Vivien and Rick Reilly
Lumberton, New Jersey
4/6/2011 8:11:07 AM
Janet Phipps United States
Janet Phipps
Today is the anniversary of my mother's passing. She got ill very suddenly early last year and after several trips back and forth from NC to NY I stayed with her until her last breath. I was so blessed to be able to be with her. My oldest brother who had been estranged from our family for 15 years came back into our lives and my mother was able to spend time with him even as short as it was. My two siblings and I had our first family reunion in 15 years-God works wonders! We sold my mom's house (very sad), the only house I had ever known and it's true what people say you feel like an orphan once both parents are gone. Feeling so full of grief I turned on the radio and K-Love was playing. This station had gotten me through the last 10 months. After the funeral and home selling last June my husband had a heart attack at 48 yrs old. Talk about stress! But through all of this God has blessed with wonderful music (K-Love) to listen to and has jump started my faith. I'm spending more time listening to his word and talking to him on a never ending basis-AWESOME! Thanks K-Love!
4/6/2011 11:05:56 AM
Sabrina Hannigan United States
Sabrina Hannigan
Hi Lisa & Eric,

I 'shared' a story today that you might find a way to use for your pledge drive.  I donated not because I believe in a God or that a God loves me ... but that should She exist, I want others to have the chance to know Her.  I am lost, but others may not be.


4/6/2011 1:14:07 PM
c. davis United States
c. davis
Kelly..I will hold you in my prayers...I have been a single mom 2 times around....I prayed almost 4 years ago from the bottom of my heart.."Dear God...please let someone love me for me.." He brought a wonderful guy into my life...who did just that! Two weeks before Christmas this year..this same man told me he wasn't sure he wanted to have to raise a child(mine from baby's dad)again...he tore my heart into two pieces...As a single mom, I already feel like I carry the weight of the world on my back...so when more is added to my load I feel like I am being crushed...I recently started to see a therapist, because I needed help dealing with issues in my life. I went for a massage(at the advise of my therapist).While getting the message(which is something I never do) the girl and I were talking about some of the things going on in my life..she said "you know..i was just reading a post my friend made on facebook...she said when you say why does everything bad always happen to me...you need to remember that is God's way of reminding us to turn to him for help..we don't need to do it by ourself..." As I drove home I had tears in my eyes...the answer really has been that simple all along! I was saved at a young a age and attended church regularly..I was reared in a "Christian home", but after church was over and we at home there was abuse,yelling, and fighting...no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors... I got married and this pattern followed me...but now there was cheating involved as well...to say the least I have a problem with "Trust"(but I am praying for strength and to build up my ability to do so)...I have been listening to K-LOVE an the songs have been so inspirational....Two songs that have been my right songs are 1)Love me for me....God does do this...He loves us just the way we are!
2)7x70...This song reminds me that even though someone hurts us and lets us down we are to forgive them....as God forgives us! I want to close by saying I appreciate this station...I also want to say...as a single mom I really don't have too many extra coins in my pocket (ok hardly ever..haha), but this morning I felt compelled to make a pledge to this station...if the money I pledged can assist this radio station to help get God's message across to help people who are in the healing process as it has helped me during mine  ...it is very well worth every penny of it!!!Matthew 19:26 with man this is impossible, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS *ARE* POSSIBLE!!!!Please hold me in your prayers as well...
4/6/2011 5:39:46 PM
Laura United States
I have been listening to K-Love for about a year.  It is the only radio station I listen to, and find that many of the songs speak to me, but the one that speaks the loudest is "I Can Only Imagine." When I feel sad and lonely here on earth, I remember that song and the lyrics and I smile because no matter how horrible this world can be, life in heaven with my LORD will be awesome.  Thank you for bringing that music to the world.  I will pray for you and pray that the music continues.
4/6/2011 5:45:47 PM
Aimee Fleeman United States
Aimee Fleeman
I first started listening to KLOVE this past year. You have all been such an inspiration to me. I wanted to share with you my most recent WOW GOD moment because I feel KLOVE had a part in the awesomeness of it all. I have been a struggling for the past year to find a teaching job here in Kansas City. I have had over 25 interviews and with each one a rejection letter has followed. The job market in education is so tough around here, it has been very discouraging at times. I was recently given the opportunity to interview with a local district last week. I was so very nervous, I could not stop shaking! I pulled into the parking lot of the Board of Education building for my interview and realized I was almost 30 minutes early. And as time went by I started to get more and more nervous. Then KLOVE played "Shout to the Lord" by Lincoln Brewster and all my nerves went away. For that was the song that was played at my good friend's funeral and memorial who passed when we were kids. I felt as if I had a special angel with me in him and the ministry of KLOVE helped me realize his presence. I just got the phone call today, that I got that teaching job and I wanted to say thank you so much for your encouraging word that day! You all are such an inspiration!
4/6/2011 8:22:15 PM
AnnelieShortly United States
This morning you talked about the Blessings song and how it really helped a woman who is going through infertility. Well, I listened to that story, had to stop the car and then listen to the song once again.
At 28 I had a full hysterectomy and went into severe depression because the dream of being pregnant with my own children someday was dead. I really felt God had left me at that time in my life, but the truth is, I walked away from Him in anger that He would rip away my dream and my heart. Shortly after that I got married to the wrong guy and ended up in a very abusive marriage that just ended only 2 weeks ago. I have since turned back to God but struggle every day with my own infertility as well as severe chronic pain and now the emotional trauma from my marriage.
When I heart "Blessings" today, I felt God wrap His arms around me and hold me close. The words and music of that song ministered to my wounded heart and I am trusting in God for healing in every way.
Thank you for your ministry and all that you do. I am blessed every day by it!
4/7/2011 4:46:04 AM
Erin United States
Three years ago my sister started listening to Klove and she decided to preset one of my radio stations to it in my car.  I always listened to my i pod or the local pop station when i was in my car and never really paid it any notice.  Anways about 6 months later I had quite a few bad things happen to me all at once and i started to suffer from depression to the point of me contimplating taking my own life.  As I was driving home one day my ipod died so i went to turn on the radio and accidently turned on Klove instead of the local pop station.  I'll praise you in this storm by casting crowns was playing on the radio and I just pulled over on the side of the road and cried because through all that stuff I had forgotten the most important thing that god was still there with me and he never leaves.  K love help me remember what was truly important in my life.  Thank you
4/7/2011 7:59:26 AM
Kristin Hurtig United States
Kristin Hurtig
Just wanted to tell you I love listening to the morning show with eric and lisa. You guys just make my mornings, especially since I am commuting to school fulltime, I just quit my job to focus entirely on school, I am in the IL national guard and have been for almost 12 years. While i was deployed in 07-08 i was lost before that and during, than i opened my heart to God and started my faith journey and finding my way again. One of the first songs i heard on klove when i started listening in 2008 was East to West by casting crowns and it just hit me like a ton of bricks and just broke down in tears, there has never been any song really that has made me do that before and since then everytime, i turn on klove theres a song playing at the perfect time that i need it. I just pledged $30 a month for the first time on wednesday, just felt like i was compelled to and it was another way for me to say thank you God!
Kristin from glen ellyn, il
4/8/2011 4:58:02 AM
Alyssa United States
Over the past few days, listeners have shared how KLOVE has made major, life-transforming changes in their spiritual journeys. KLOVE undoubtedly has the power to change lives, but sometimes KLOVE’s purpose is a little more understated.  Sometimes it serves simply to prompt or encourage people through music in ways that words cannot.  This was recently the case with my grandfather.  To provide some background, he was once a committed follower of Christ, a man that spent every spare minute sharing the gospel with the community, but over the course of time, his heart has become hardened and he has lost sight of his faith.  My mom and I have been praying for several years that God would somehow prompt him to return to the fold, but as each year passes, my grandfather’s heart seems to grow more callous.  He refuses to listen to anyone talk about church or faith, but on Christmas Eve, as he and I were running errands, he asked that I find a radio station that played Christmas music.  I, of course, turned the radio dial in his truck to KLOVE and held my breath, praying that he would not turn off the radio in anger.  A rendition of O Holy Night was on the air, and as my grandfather paused to listen, he turned to me and said “this is really good music.” We listened for the remainder of the afternoon as we ran errands.  I’m not sure how long afterward his radio remained tuned to KLOVE, but I do know this—for one afternoon God was able to speak my grandfather in a way that was non-confrontational and that seemed to resonant.  Because of this breakthrough, I was encouraged to keep praying for him, realizing that somewhere hidden deep in his heart was a longing to hear God’s word.  God has laid it on my heart to share this story with you during the pledge drive.  I hope that it encourages those who are able to give to do so generously and prompts all listeners to pray diligently for this wonderful ministry.  KLOVE has the power to touch people in way that words sometimes simply cannot, making it a vital outreach ministry. Thank you for all you do.
4/8/2011 6:14:59 AM
Audrey United States
klove truly is a blessing....i am 14 years old and i do beleive klove has saved my life trough song. i had a terible eating disorder.. i was bulimic and anorexic.... it caused me to have bipolar depression and that caused me to be suisidal .... i was hurting the people around me and so much i could hardly stand it nobody knew wat was going on with me so i finally told someone and they are trying to get me help...last night i turned on klove and this song came on i forgot what it was called but it went kinda like this"you are more then the choices you have made you are more then the summer of past mistakes youv bean remaid" in that song i felt like that girl.. and god gave me a vision.... there were two roads. one was dark and short and the end indicated that i was going to die through wat i was doing i could realize that that was the road i was taking... and the other road was great and long with so many good things and that is the road to recovery..... and then i realized one road was powerd by god and one was by satan.... i am taking gods road klove thank you! i am trying so hard to get better and i know with gods help i canSmile
4/8/2011 8:28:43 AM
Kelly McGlothren United States
Kelly McGlothren
I pledged the $30.00 a month because I sooo believe in what Klove is doing and how it has impacted my life. I know that your "song at the right time" may be over, but I wanted to share mine. For the past 3 years I have had so many trials and tribulations! From separation from my marriage, to losing my job last August, so along with that became financial issues. In fact, at the moment, we are trying to fight foreclosure proceedings on my house. I am a born again christian and my faith has always been so strong! I have been married for 15 years and my husband believes in God, but does not have the faith and reliability on God as I have. In return, we have many "spiritual battles"! At least that its what I call it. Through these rough times, I rely on the Lord for faith and comfort that he will see us through. My husband on the other hand, does nothing but stress out so in return causes conflict. He gets angry with me because I do not show the "concern" that he does. In his mind, if you don't worry or stress on a daily basis about financial issues, or wether we are going to lose the house or not, you "just don't care". The song "WHAT FAITH CAN DO" is the MOTTO OF MY LIFE! I cannot explain to him in words how the Lord gives me the "inner peace" to know that we are going to be okay. So, one day I printed out the lyrics to the song, and secretly taped it to his clipboard in his company truck. In doing this, I was hoping that him reading the words to that song, could give him some insight on how I am able to stay calm and unweary over our situation. That song has made such an impact on me, I wanted to share it with others to let them know that whatever you are going through, your "FAITH IN THE LORD" will always give you peace and see you through!
4/11/2011 1:34:59 PM
teresa United States
im 17 years old and in the 10th gread i come home every day mad and angery becoues i stugle in school every day but when my mom turns on Klove in the car on the way home the right song is all ways playing my favoret song has to be stonger.it lets me know that gods there for me no matter what went down that day. thank you Klove for being around
4/14/2011 5:15:43 AM
Erika United States
Good morning Lisa & Eric! Love listening to K-LOVE everyday, it has brought me through more days than I can count! Through the music, God keeps me going from day to day.
Thought you'd like to know Lisa, while you were mentioning this morning that 'maybe you're in your truck, driving down the interstate with tears in you eyes'..... I was in my truck sitting in my driveway crying my eyes out. I've been dealing with so much lately and it seems everyday presents a new challenge for me. I thank God for having this station, this music to hear and feel His love....I don't think I would have made it through the past few years without the wonderful, encouraging music and stories that I've heard through K-LOVE...you guys are awesome! Love you all and have a truly blessed day. Smile
4/15/2011 8:51:01 AM
Celeste Simpson United States
Celeste Simpson
Hello Lisa & Eric.  First of all, thanks for your encouraging words.  I prayed for you Lisa when you asked for prayer as you go onto your trip.  You were praying for glory and for you to be able to do what God is calling you to do.  I just don't see how you all at KLOVE could get any better!  I only dream and aspire to reach out the way you all do.  I started to listen to KLOVE in 2006.  My manager introduced me to it.  Since then, I heard all of the amazing stories and so I wanted to be apart of God's kingdom so bad.  First song (Grace like Rain) by Todd Agnew.  I prayed and prayed for him to come into my life...and boy did he! Since then, I learned how to forgive my mother for her wrong doing over the years, lost my father in law when I was 5 months pregnant, had a wonderful little bundle of joy, defeated a very bad post partum deppression and could have died due to 6 lbs of placenta left inside a week after I delivered and am 4 months pregnant again with my second one Smile 2nd song (Born Again) Third Day-this one pulled at me and helped me through my depression...and here I am again.  Since I have come closer to God and his purpose for me.  I feel something CONSTANTLY tugging at my faith.  I WANT SO BADLY to pledge to KLOVE and start making a difference in others lives as I have been done.  He doesn't mind me donating to St Jude Childrens Hospital but he doesnt want to pledge to a radio station. (I'm like...WHAT!?! Its not just a radio station... they save lives speak to people throught the love of Christ!!!) I want to praise God and lift my hands in church and jump for our Almighty Amazing God, but I feel like I want that with my husband along side me...  Is this wrong?  Almost a year ago I won a copy of Outlive Your Life and promised God I would read this before our anniversary this year.  I won it on our anniversary last year.  I was thinking that maybe there is something in this book that will make Matt believe in God again...Only I"M reading not HIM.  I have been praying for my husband to find faith in God again.  He lost all his faith and I'm not really sure how or why.  I was going to church with our 2 yr old son.  And reading the bible, I STILL listen to KLOVE and he can criticize me all he wants but that is my station and he has to deal with it.  But, over time I find myself back at the mercy of God, broken.  I want my husband to find his faith again.  I pray he will go to church, listen to Christian music, instill Godly morals into our children...He even asked me since he doesn't believe in God, am I going to leave him?  Because if I stay with him, then I am doing wrong by God.  I said of course not, I love you and you are my husband and I believe that God will have his time with you.  When he is ready, he will call on you...  He said, you mean God is going to talk to me?  I said, yes in his way but you have to LISTEN.  This happened over 6 months ago and NO LUCK.  We are at a stagnant and I find myself not reading my bible or books or going to church. Please pray for us!!!  I won't give up.  God is a powerful God and thank you for that scripture this morning, it made me smile and made my day...And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow - not even the powers of hell can separate us from God's love.  SO SO STRONG...I will this as my armor Smile AMEN!
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