Apr 07 2011

Great stuff happening this morning! God rocks!!

“I took the K-LOVE thirty day challenge the beginning of this year to only listen to Christian music. Now it's the only thing I listen to. When I noticed a difference in myself, I decided to challenge my husband to the same. The transformation is amazing. We were on the verge of divorce and our marriage is stronger now than ever before."  To read more of Jazzmin's story, click here!


How 'bout this "blessed to be a blessing story" from Jeannie Cannon, our Facebook friend: 

"I am not sure if this is the place to post this, but I want to share the reason that I pledged $37.01 per month instead of $40 per month.  In March 2009 I walked in to Curves (a Gym for women only) weighing 318 pounds. I was barely able to walk to the door from the car.
Since then I have lost 173 pounds, walked in three 5K's, won 2 "Biggest Loser" Contests at Curves, and walk 3--6 miles almost every day. AND I am now working part-time at Curves.
The membership fee is $37.01 per month. However the Owner has waived my fee ever since I reached the 100 Pounds Lost milestone. My Life has changed completely in the past 2 years. I know that Lives are changed and SAVED every Day at K-Love. I am pledging my Membership fee at Curves to K-Love so that other lives can be eternally changed."


The scripture Lisa was talking about with "emotional emptiness" was Philippians 4:8.  Chapter 14 in Lysa Terkeurst's book Made To Crave has the deep answers to emotional emptiness.  Thank you for supporting K-LOVE with your prayers and money - to help people be filled up with God!

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4/7/2011 4:42:40 AM
Kaitlyn United States
What was the new song you guys played at around 7:35 Am this morning?  It sounded very cool!
4/7/2011 5:14:31 AM
Andrea United States
What was the book Lisa named when she was talking about emotional emptiness?  I see the scripture.

Thank you and praying for the success of the pledge drive.
4/7/2011 8:39:20 AM
Kaitlyn United States
No the song right before that I think they said it was new, but when I looked to see what it was on the "Recently Played" list it said born again by newsboys.  Granted it did sound like the Newsboys but not Michael Tate and it was not Born Again
4/7/2011 11:17:12 AM
Brandy United States
I heard the story about Jeannie and Curves, it gave me an idea about making a christian "couch to 5k" style podcast. I have been listening to different podcasts for 5k training and have picked out songs to go into my own playlist for running. I thought that I should share that as a podcast for other christians to be able to get fit while praising the Lord. I started researching podcasts and the legal issues involved and there are lots of legal issues, even if the podcast creator is not doing it for any profit! I just wanted to throw the idea out there to KLove to see if maybe they could get together with some artists and create a podcast.
4/8/2011 2:15:25 AM
kelley douglas United States
kelley douglas
“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God” (Psalm 50:23, NIV).

thought this was very appropriate for the pledge drive
4/9/2011 5:02:57 AM
cassie Meiner United States
cassie Meiner
I just want you two know just how much I love you (Eric and Lisa) I listen to you two on my way to work every morning and you two help me so much. Lisa you totally remind me of me. You are so bold and awesome and you do it for God. You are a really nice person and it is a gift from God!!

My husband is REALLY sick he is on the Liver Transplant list and really  needs a new one, but God has said it is not time yet. I question God every day and I cry but I keep the faith strong and know that the Perfect Liver will come in HIS time.

I am at Peace with whatever God's choice is.

Anyway I am a bold fighter and because of my spirit and who I am and how God has blessed me and made me, I fight like a mad bear for my husband and the daddy of my beloved son. My husband is my soul mate, and God Choose me to fight this fight with HIM and with God we will win.

thank you both for being on the air in the morning, it helps get me to work when I feel so beaten up.

We don't have much money but I gave a one time gift on Wed of this week. I love KLove!!!
4/9/2011 7:35:45 AM
Mary Bein United States
Mary  Bein
Yesterday I donated $40.  Why? Back in Feb. I switched jobs.  This week I received vacation pay from that previous job and $40 is the tithe from that unexpected money.  I want to challege to 40's:  Those making $40,000 per year or $400 per week to give $40 one time gift to make up the rest of the year.  I gave $40, need 11 more to fill the year.  God continues to provide even tho the pay is low and the medical bills are high.
4/14/2011 4:31:54 AM
Brad Bloom United States
Brad Bloom
Lisa,  The Made To Crave book is a good one.  Great to hear you share that good nutrition is important to you in your Christian journey.  Check out the article about Gluten-Free food in the new issue of Faith & Fitness Magazine: http://www.faithandfitness.net/node/372  Try one of the tasty recipes and let me know what you think! -BRAD
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