Apr 08 2011

Nicky's heart ("The right song at the right time")

Most of the time, a song is just background noise adding flavor to your day with guitars and lovely harmonies.  But at certain times, the right song and the right time is an outstretched arm to a drowning person.  If you support K-LOVE, you are a part of God using Jason Gray's song “I Am New” to grab someone’s heart. 


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PLEASE share YOUR story of "the right song at the right time" in the comment section here.

-Lisa & Eric

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4/8/2011 8:12:37 AM
Kellie Adams United States
Kellie Adams
I want to challenge people from where I am from Big Stone Gap Virginia to donate. I was flipping through the radio one day and heard "It happens in a blink" and right then and there my life was changed! I don't listen to any other radio station and God has shown me the way through K-Love! I donated $40 a month and challenge people in my small area to do the same because this station is a blessing to me and others across the world!
4/8/2011 8:15:33 AM
Marlene United States
My husband of 32 years heard "You lift me up" sang by Selah on KLOVE in January 2007.  We went to the bible bookstore to buy the album and both fell in love with it.  Little did we know that he would be diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme stage 4(Brain Cancer)just a couple weeks later, in February 2007.  He underwent brain surgery and suffered a stroke, and 3 weeks later the tumor was back bigger than before they took it out and there were more.  He received 2 radiation treatments  and we were told it wouldn't help, the cancer was too fast and aggressive. We were sent home to make him comfortable in the time he had left.

During his last very short 4 months, I would play KLOVE softly in the back bedroom next to his because I firmly believe that we hear it subconsciously even if it is playing softly in the background. (I could not play it in his room because he just couldn't take alot of distraction).
One day I walked into his room and he said "HEY!" And I said "what?" and he put his finger over his lips in the shhh signal and pointed to the other bedroom and smiled because he heard Selah singing "You Lift Me Up" on Klove.

During his last few weeks here I heard "When I get  Where I'm Going" on Klove and knew  I would play that and "You Lift Me Up" at his service.

I was with him when Jesus came to take him home June 12, 2007, 4 short months later, and had the priviledge of escorting him into eternity with the lover of his soul, Jesus.

KLOVE has ministered to myself and my family through that time and still continues to do so..
Thank you and God Bless you!
4/8/2011 9:09:24 AM
Amy Juarez United States
Amy Juarez
Remove PostAmy Long
The right song at the right time for me is Dancing in the Minefields! My husband, a SSgt in the Marines, was injured in Afghanistan on Sept 11 2010. He was shot in the head by a sniper. At the time I was 6 months pregnant with our third child. Through God's miraculous healing power he is walking and talking. The healing process ...is a long and difficult one though and we are dealing with the grief process that comes with such a devastating injury. One day that was particularly low for me i was listening to K Love and heard the song Dancing in the Minefields. It reminded me that all marriages go through hard times and that with God we could make it through this one. This has become mine and my husbands anthem on the hard days of frusteration and anger and sadness. Thank you K love for being there for me during this hard time...I gave yesterday so that other families who endure that storms of life have a place to turn when times are tough
4/8/2011 7:19:24 PM
Cynthia McConnell United States
Cynthia McConnell
I have a 45 minute drive every morning to school. This morning while I was driving you talked about a young man who wrote on his face book page, Mathew Wests lyrics Emotions then you played the song. I could not get it out of my mind. When I got to the library to do homework I could not concentrate so I packed up my books and went to somewhere quite, I began to pray and rededicated my life to the Lord. Since then I have had a peace in my heart. Your radio station is such a blessing to me as I am also a dialysis patient. I have a av fistula on my right arm that looks like a big question mark. It is where they put the needles to hook me to the machine, When people ask me about it I tell them about my disease and how dialysis works and then when they get real interested I tell them about my life and how I have been fighting this disease since I was 3 I am almost 48 and yes I go to school 5 days and do dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours. Anyway when I get them interested, thats when I get them and tell them about the Lord and how much he has blessed me and has worked in my life. I was not supposed to live past 25 and not suppose to have children I have 2 grown now. GOD IS GOOD! I dont always feel like getting out of bed but I make myself..God is the only reason I am still here. I have grown to look at this disease as a blessing as I use it as a testimony and have met alot of people. Thank you all for always playing what I needed to hear every morning and evening. I will pray for this station and continue to listen to you all. againthank you
4/9/2011 5:19:33 AM
Bill Tolley United States
Bill Tolley
Yesterday I took my son to stay with his mom at the Outer Banks of NC and "of course" it is his music on the way there. Coming back I searched and searched for KLOVE in the Raleigh area. I couldn't find it and I call my oldest son. He looked up the station for the Raleigh area, 106.1 and as that signal started to fade I went to my local KLOVE station and there it was strong and loud, 94.1 WWLV. Praise God for KLOVE, it is my only radio station.
4/9/2011 6:38:03 AM
Maxine Frankson United States
Maxine Frankson
My right song at the right time is "Beautiful" by MercyMe. Growing up my sister use to make fun of me and call me ugly. One time she said that this one lady said I was pretty only because she didn't want me to feel bad. As a result I really wanted to get married. I didn't realize how bad that had affected me until this boy had told me that he thought I was pretty. A few days after he told me that I realized that because I didn't get any attention from boys that I had started to believe it, and having the boy say it I felt that it had set me free because I had one boy that said what he thought. After realizing that, I then understood why I really wanted to get married and that was that I knew then at least one boy liked me. Since then I have been healing and I forgive her but I still need to talk to her about it. While crying and praying over my sister and my relationship, I had just stopped crying, Beautiful came on, and I just started bawling. I knew God was with me then and I know He'll be with me always. Thank you Klove for always being there, for me and others that are touched by your ministry.
4/9/2011 6:46:30 AM
James Powell United States
James Powell
I would just like to say thank you for all that Klove has done and continues to do in my life.  There have been a many times when God has clearly spoken to me using "the right song at the right time" on Klove.  As a worship leader myself I know what amazing things God does through music, but I still manage underestimate Him all the time.  When my family was devastated by an affair and I was so full of anger and pain, God used your station to set me straight.  I was at my very lowest and begging God to show me what to do and how to respond to what my wife had done to our family when the song "Love Them Like Jesus" by the Casting Crowns came across my radio.  It was as if God was sitting in the car with me.  He used that song to remind me that even though I had cheated on Him, lied to Him, and rejected His love time and time again over the years, that He never stopped loving me.  He was always there whether I turned to Him or not and He would always be there no matter what.  He used that song to teach me what love really is, and that love is how I was to respond to the hurt I was feeling.  I was to love this woman regardless of what she had done and regardless of whether she ever came back or not.  “No matter what,” God said, "Just Love."  It truly changed my life and my view of every relationship in it.  My wife refused to come home and refused any attempts to reconcile and we eventually divorced, but through that storm God taught me what real love is, and what true forgiveness is all about.  Since then He has brought the most amazing, beautiful, strong, courageous, loving, and supportive woman I have ever known into my life.  We were married in 2009 and our son Nathan Ezra was born this year on Valentine’s Day.  And finally, to top this story, I want to also say thank you from the depths of my heart for impact Klove has had on my children’s lives.  My 8 year old son told me he had accepted Christ recently and wanted to get baptized!  When I asked about his salvation and when this had happened he told me that he was riding in the truck with me and heard the song "I'm Forgiven" by Sanctus Real, and that through that song he realized that he needed to ask God for forgiveness.  My son prayed the sinner’s prayer in the back seat of my truck without me even knowing it because of "the right song at the right time".  Your radio station is an amazing tool used by God every day to change lives.  Thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement every single day!
4/9/2011 8:01:26 AM
Cindy Tripp United States
Cindy Tripp
I listen to Klove online every morning as I get ready for work.  During the Fall Drive I decided that I need to give every month because though I have listened to Klove for years I haven't really listened to it until the past 3 years.  I live alone so hearing uplifting songs and encouragement helps me to stay focused.  It was through Klove that I began giving to Compassion International as well. I am a teacher who was laid off and now I will need to find work.  I'm trying to not be fearful of my situation and I'm determined to continue giving to Klove and Compassion International. You have been with me through all my trials and joys and I know how this radio ministry touches lives because I'm one of them.
4/9/2011 11:16:17 AM
Arline Hazelgrove United States
Arline Hazelgrove
In 2008 i walked away from a 31 yr marriage totally devastated,I found out my husband was unfaithful. I attempted sucuide and woke up in a drug and achole rehab unit. They said i had died and God brought me back. I was at my lowest point in life alone, for the first time. I tried to pray but could not find the peace i needed. I had started listening to KLove in my car and in bed so i could hear encouraging words. I lost my job & apartment in September 2010 and had to move back home to my parents, into a small camper i had on their property. I was going to bars to be amongst people and on Janurary 13th which would have been my 33rd anniversary, i swore i was not gonna spend the night alone. I came home more discouraged than ever. I turned KLove on and heard the song by J.J. "who will love me for me" I knelt by my bed and surrendered everything to God. I told God i would never make another choice without him, i would never look for another man, he would have to throw someone at me to get my attention. The very next day while on Facebook, i had someone send me a friend request and i figured everyone needs friends so i excepted him. He was a widow with a teenager son. We have chatted daily since then and we are to meet this weekend for the very first time.I have been a faithful listener to KLove daily for three months, attended church every time the doors were open. And God has sent me a good christian man to chat with and encourage me that my life was not over. I want to than God and KLove for all the wonderful words and songs to lift us up at just the right time. God bless KLOve. I start back to work next week and as soon as i draw my first check God is getting 10% and KLove will get the next 10%. I joined as a KLove prayer partner today April 9th even though i have prayed for God to meet the needs of KLove through out the pledge drive, i just had to jump on board. Our God is an awesome God....
4/9/2011 3:32:45 PM
Viviana United States
My youngest sister Olga is a missionary in Cambodia.The other missionaries around get to be their family. She loves a family that stays next to her.Around the same time you started playing "Blessings" from Laura Story a tragic accident happened to the 4 year old girl of the missionary family.My sister was terribly sad since this was the 1st time loosing someone in that way so close to her. I sent her a youtube video of the song "Blessings" that I heard on Klove and it has really been of encouragement to her.
Pray for missionaries putting their life at risk for the love of God and others!
4/9/2011 10:32:42 PM
regina United States
Thank you klove.  We are so lucky to be able
to listen to a christian radio station 24/7, anytime
any place where we are.  We are so blessed.
   When I am listening to Klove, I feel  I am in
Jesus's arms and he is speaking directly to me.
He is always with me.I am healing and I am at
peace when listening to klove.
  Making a one time pledge in addition to monthly
pledge, I thank you klove.  I am also
praying for klove and all the DJ's as well as staff.
When I have klove on I am at peace.
4/11/2011 3:54:11 AM
Koni United States
My husband left me 9 months ago for another women.  The songs on KLove plays helps me to remember how much God loves me.  I believe the most inspiration that I get is hearing the stories of how God has worked in others lives and how the marriages have been restored through a song played on KLove.  Thank you KLove for playing the songs and sharing the stories that have pulled me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

4/11/2011 5:20:16 AM
Lezli United States
Nine years ago I went through a difficult time in my life.  I was pregnant with my first child and found out that my husband was having an affair and wanted a divorce.  I felt so lost and alone. My sister introduced me to K-LOVE while I was going through this time in my life. During one particularly difficult day, I was driving and crying and just felt like no one in the world loved me.  It was then that a song by Rachael Lampa came on the radio.  That song was "God Loves You".  I immediately felt the love of God surround me and knew I was not alone on this new journey in my life.  I now am blessed with a beautiful nine year old daughter and she loves K-LOVE and God.  If the radio is not on K-LOVE, she will ask for the radio station to be changed to K-LOVE.  

One song on the radio station was all it took for me to realize I was not alone.  I will never be alone.  God walks with me throughout all the difficult times in my life and is always with me.  Thank you K-LOVE for the right song at the right time.
4/12/2011 6:20:08 PM
Mallory United States
Recently, my husband of only six months decided he wants a divorce. I am a very tenderhearted person and of course took this very personally. I felt like there was nothing left in me to keep going on with my "happy-go-lucky" personality. The following day, something told me to switch the radio station in my car. I did exactly that and ended up on "Preset 1" on my radio, which was KLove. I heard "This Is The Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli, followed by "Hold Us Together" by Matt Maher and thought "This is EXACTLY how I feel and EXACTLY what I need to keep going!" I haven't looked back since. God put this obstacle in my life for me to overcome and to see His strength. My family has never been the "church going" type, but after the recent events in my life, we have chosen to put everything in His hands and begin going to church again. I feel his presence everyday through your station and prayers. My situation seems so small in a world of chaos, but I know that He will take care of me no matter how small or big my situations are. Thank you KLove and KLove listeners for what you do everyday to inspire the lives of complete strangers. You make a difference with each and every song and prayer, knowingly or not. Thank you! Much love and prayer to you all!
4/13/2011 7:28:22 AM
sentina Spaziano United States
sentina Spaziano
Hi Lisa and Eric! I am a fellow listener for the past 4 years! The ministry of music has alway impacted my life for as long as i can remember. Finding this radio station 4 yrs ago was huge blessing at the time as I was going through what many call "a rough patch" in my marriage. I desperately needed the encouragement and the pick me up that KLove offers to so many 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Today my 4 children AND MY HUSBAND enjoy worshiping everyday along with you all!! I emphisise my husband because through the years of my Christian music listening he used to only tolerate 5min...but GOD...My husband all on his own listens to KLove and even sings along!!! Praise God! His favorite song is "I will praise you n the Storm"! It blesses my heart and my surprises my children when we hear him worshiping allowed! As i was listening this morning to a Story about a man who turned his back on God after the death of his 2 month old, I was in tears to hear his story as well as the many others who have come to the Lord weather for the first time or they are on  their 20th time! I felt the Lord has given me an idea for your pledge drive at that moment. With all the beautiful testimonies that are given due to the ministry of KLOve, Why not publish a book that includes these life changeing stories..sort of like a "CHicken soup" book! The testimonies are soo encouraging and have changed moments in my life as i have listened.Maybe as a fund raiser during the pledge drive you could offer the books up for sale at a nominal price..what a great tool to reach the hearts of Gods beloveds.They can also be given as  thankyou's for the people who are giving! Yrly the book can get larger with its incredible stories or yrly a new volume can be introduced. I am in the middle of baking and filling a few orders for people who have ordered from me and had to STOP what i ws doing to get this to you! I really felt the Lord had given this great idea to me for you!! Pray..Pray..pray and see what the Lord puts on your heart about this! Again thank you for your intense ministry you touch my life every day and the lives of my family..I love watching what God is doing in My beautiful husbands heart as he daily runs into Gods arms for more of Him! God Bless you all!!
Sentina Spaziano Spencerport,ny
4/13/2011 1:35:04 PM
Juli United States
My song is "Untitled Hymn" by Chris Rice.  Many times over the last several years of struggle - that song came on at the right time.  Often, I'd need to stop the car and pull over because I was crying as I sang along with K-love.  Love to all who are walking through struggles - Please know that God will see  you through - Thank you K-love for walking along with us on the journey reminding us of the 'love' of our lives and encouraging our souls.
4/17/2011 3:59:30 PM
Hannah Bell United States
Hannah Bell
My song is "My Savior My God" by Aaron Shust. This song began to speak to me 6 years ago when I started noticing the lyrics were meeting me right where I was at. To me, "My God He was, my God He is, my God He's always gonna be" showed me that He loved me the same when I was an innocent baby, as He did when I was the deepest in my sin, as He would when I was fully walking in victory and obedience. At that point in my life, I was deep in sin and disobedience. Very shortly afterward, God delivered me from a disobedient relationship and though making the decision to obey God was difficult, I cut that man off and left the relationship and right afterward I heard this song!

If that wasn't enough, within a year of my obedience, God brought me my husband and right before I walked down the altar, this song came on the radio and my heart overflowed with joy and peace and gratitude. The next year I was baptized, and God brought me this song before our church service. My husband and I are now going on 5 years married & we've have had many ups and downs, and its amazing how this song comes on at exactly the right time every time. When God wants to settle my heart this song comes on. When He wants to get my attention, this song plays. When my heart is broken, this song "coincidentally" comes on. Of course I know there is NO such thing as coincidence! It's all my Father reminding me that "He's always there for me. My God He was, my God He is, my God He's always gonna be!" Now as I'm stepping into the women He's always desired me to be, I am reminded just how much He loves me.

And just this morning, I heard the song come on the radio as we were on our way to church but I didn't have any life-changing moments to connect to which was odd because usually something is going on already when I hear this song come on. What I didn't know was that God was preparing my spirit for a life-changing worship service and message at church just minutes later. My life is forever changed and I am beyond grateful for the intimate ways He finds me. Thanks KLove for playing this song, and thanks Aaron Shuster for letting God use you. Every time you guys play this on the radio, just know that God is using you once again to get my attention!
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