Apr 12 2011

A Song for Priscilla

Not everyone’s story is as dramatic as Priscilla’s – but just knowing that God was able to use a song in her darkest hour encourages us to, with passion, continue telling the stories of Jesus reaching into lives through K-LOVE.  If you have a moment, we hope you will read Priscilla’s story.  And then if you have even more time, please pray for God to use a song on K-LOVE today – maybe when someone needs it more than we can imagine.

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4/12/2011 4:57:53 AM
Nancy Callahan United States
Nancy Callahan
I am 60 yrs old and was raised in the church. There has been many songs over the years that has helped. If I was upset or stressed, all I had to do was listen the songs, I feel the cares of this world just fall away.
One of the songs that has come out lately "70 x
7" reminded me of an incident that happened years ago.  In my first marraige, my ex-husband cheated on me.  I cried out to God "How many times do I have to forgive this man" Immediately came to my mind  70 X 7. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but I did and my marraige lasted 15 years.
4/12/2011 5:05:21 AM
Nancy Callahan United States
Nancy Callahan
I forgot to mention, I cannot afford to send monthly payments, but I do pray for you.  
                Nancy C from Pine Hill, NJ
4/12/2011 11:25:52 AM
Laura Hollis United States
Laura Hollis
This morning, Eric read a comment from Chris in New York. He said he was not a practicing Christian but listened to K-Love. He said he had become cynical of people but that the uplifting music helped him. I was on my way to work when I heard this and I just began to cry. I have a brother named Chris in New York who is like this. I cannot help but wonder if that was my brother.

My husband and I had discussed discontinuing our monthly donation to K-Love. But, when I heard this testimony, I knew God was speaking to continue giving. And so, we have renewed our pledge.

I have just seen the hand of God in this situation. Even if that was not my brother (although I have hope that it was), what a joy to know that the Lord can reach someone and impact their life even if they don't profess Him as Lord. I am just overwhelmed to see evidence of God working "behind the scenes". Years of prayers have been poured out for him and I believe God is moving! Praise Him! And thank you, Lisa and Eric and K-Love, for making my morning a little brighter.

What a God we serve! I stand in awe of Him today. May all the Chris's of the world find the love of God today in some way and realize that there is a God in heaven who loves them!
4/12/2011 1:10:22 PM
Elisabeth Baney United States
Elisabeth Baney
I have listened to Klove for a couple of years now, but always switched between stations. But since the first of the year Klove is the only thing I listen to. I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager. A couple of years ago I was at the end of my rope and ready to end it all I felt unworthy, worthless , unloved, and just not excepted. I have fought and overcome addictions and lifestyle mistakes, but the depression wouldn't go. Well one morning I was ready to end it all when I picked up the phone and called Klove. Lisa answered the phone and I could tell she was rushed but she took the time to tell me that I was loved not only by my God but by her as well. I have never forgotten that it seemed strange to me to hear a perfect stranger say that I was loved. She was a blessing that morning ! I know that if I hadn't made that phone call I would have ended my life that day. I still battle depression but with my Fathers help I can cope! No is impossible with God! The song you are more by tenth avenue north speaks the world to me that song speaks my life. Thank you Klove for being there, for those who support it and for the dj's who show their love and passion for God everyday and a special thank you to Lisa for picking up the phone that morning when you were by yourself and trying to get a cup of coffee befor the song ended. I will continue to pray for Klove and this ministry
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