Apr 29 2011

Special Cohost



Recently nominated for a Dove Award for "Best New Artist", worship leader Kristian Stanfill fills in for Lisa today as our guest co-host.  You may know Kristian from the Passion Conferences with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin or from his song on K-LOVE "Day after Day".

An area is passionate about is an effort to help rebuild Haiti called Haiti Rising.

For more on the Passion movement and conferences, check out this link


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4/29/2011 5:49:27 AM
Paula Fisher United States
Paula Fisher
I just wanted to share with Kristian that I was unaware until recently that he was a "new" artist.

I volunteer with the youth ministry at my church.  A couple years ago one of our worship leaders (Billy Linnehan)  performed 'Kingdom'.  I loved the song so much that I wrote down the name of the song and the artist.  When I got home I suggested to my husband that a copy of the CD would be a good gift for Christmas. (It was in November.)  He's such a wonderful husband, I've had a copy of Kristian's CD 'Attention' since Christmas 2009.
I really enjoy your work!  Thanks so much for all you do.  Smile
4/29/2011 6:09:19 AM
Sharyl United States
I just wanted to let Kristian know that I attended the Good Friday worship service in Atlanta last week and it was amazing.  I had never heard the song "Like a Lion" before and loved it, then was excited to hear it on KLove this morning.  My friend and I thought that his part of the service was particularly heartfelt and sincere.  I pray that God continues to bless and keep you through your ministry and your travels.
4/29/2011 6:12:04 AM
Cathy Munoz United States
Cathy Munoz
I just wanted to let you know how much your song All of Me touched me.  I went through a period of this with my first husband.  He had COPD and passed away in 2005.  I didn't even realize I had shielded myself by pulling back until I heard your song this morning--then the realization hit me and the tears started.
Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.
God bless you,
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