May 16 2011

From Third Day's "Make Your Move" benefit concert Sunday night in Birmingham

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5/16/2011 8:01:46 AM
Michelle Thompson United States
Michelle Thompson
You are all in my prayers!!!
5/16/2011 8:01:58 AM
Velma Hernandez United States
Velma Hernandez
Wow!!  As I sat here and watched in tears, I couldn't have be think of how Great our God is!!  He is the Master of Wind and the Maker of the Rain!  He can pick up and can put down!  I praise God that He IS a Merciful God and He Will save us!
I will continue to keep all those who were affected by this terrible situation!  My heart and love goes out to all of them.  God Bless
5/16/2011 8:03:05 AM
Annmarie United States
My God. My God, I am so ever blessed. I see what these people went through losing everything,but these material items are replaceable. May God restore the hearts of all those that have lost faith for what has happened to them and may God give strength to those who so blessed to be alive.  
5/16/2011 8:15:40 AM
stephanie United States
Living in "Tornado Alley" I hope I never have to go thru something like this.  I will continue to pray for the people of Alabama.
5/16/2011 11:21:25 AM
Laura Knutson United States
Laura Knutson
My sister-in-law was in this Alabama tornado. I cannot watch this video without tears running down my face and being thankful that she was physically protected on this April day.
5/16/2011 12:37:26 PM
Karin United States
I am in awww, I am here at my desk at work on lunch break and watching this, I can't even fathom losing everything and seeing neighborhoods gone, I pray for these families and knowing that the Lord God Almighty will not leave nor forsake them. He will provide all of their needs; physically, mentally, and spiritually.. God Bless. I am keeping you all in my prayers.
5/16/2011 2:31:47 PM
Janet United States
I can't watch this without crying. My hometown of Phil Campbell was destroyed that day as was much Tuscaloosa, where my husband and I attended college and lived as newlyweds. My aunt and uncle's house was destroyed and my aunt remains in the hospital awaiting surgery on her leg. But God can bring beauty from tragedy and my uncle accepted Jesus as his Savior this week. Praise God!

I know so many people impacted by these storms. I have seen the devastation first hand but I have also seen the outpouring of love as a result. Thankful for all the help being given during this time of great need. And so thankful for Jesus who brings hope to the hopeless and meets us where we are.
5/17/2011 7:22:33 AM
Lauren United States
My youth group was just there from friday night to sunday afternoon.
"For the children around the world without a home, say a prayer tonight."
Beautiful... Cry
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