May 19 2011

"Candy Wrap"

Check out Chris August's video of his "Candy Wrap"

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5/19/2011 5:12:00 AM
Oladeji United States
Chris that is some serious talent. U need to come out with an album all about candy.
5/19/2011 5:15:05 AM
Cathy Collinson United States
Cathy Collinson
I love the video, but I much prefer the version of the song he did on your show, it was faster and had a better rhythm. The "YouTube"  version is too slow!
5/19/2011 5:25:43 AM
Lou Ann White United States
Lou Ann White
i heard the song on your show..Hilarious..i had to send to my daughter and facebook friends..that could be her song! so cool Chris!
5/19/2011 5:29:38 AM
sheila United States
L O V E    I T !!!!!!!! I can't wait for my 6 year old little girl to get home from school and show it to her. She will love it. I am sure it will be her new favorite song!! I noticed it said e-mail required. I put it on their but mine is not currently working.

5/19/2011 5:37:26 AM
Alex United States
I thought that this video was HILARIOUS!! I emailed it to all of my freinds, and I heared it on K-Love because thats what I listen to 24/7
5/19/2011 5:52:06 AM
JoAnna United States
That is so cool. I am glad that all the kid will get to see that it's cool to be Christian.
5/19/2011 6:00:12 AM
Uche United States
Wow! Anyone still thinks that christians are boring and do not know how to have fun should check this out. A christian havinf clean fun without taking himself seriously. Of course, Chris August is one of my favorite christian artists, and I could be biased in terms whatever he decides to whip out with his God-given talent. I would like to send to him to a store in the San Francisco Bay Area called Sugar Palace so that he can acquire more collection of candies to add to his Forth. :')
5/19/2011 6:02:27 AM
erin stanley United States
erin stanley
I love this song, and the video! Chris is the craziest guy, and so funny!

One correction though, you're calling it the 'Candy Song', and it's actually called the 'CANDY WRAP'. Because he's "Raping" about candy, and since candy comes in 'WRAP'ers, it's the CANDY WRAP.  :o)

Chris gave those who bought his CD at WinterJam a free download to the song.

5/19/2011 6:05:15 AM
Uche United States
Wow! Anyone who still thinks that christians are boring and do not know how to have fun should check this out. A christian having clean fun without taking himself seriously. Hilarious! Of course, Chris August is one of my favorite christian artists, and I could be biased in terms liking whatever he decides to whip out with his God-given talent. Next time he gets paid, I would like to send to him on a shopping spree to a store in the San Francisco Bay Area called Sugar Palace so that he can acquire more collection of candies to add to his Fort. :')
5/19/2011 6:09:04 AM
CJ United States
Wow that's a classic, not sure there is ever any topping that. LOL
5/19/2011 6:40:38 AM
Bennett Richards United States
Bennett Richards
yall gyes are so amazing and keep up the great music
5/19/2011 6:45:34 AM
Tonya United States
Did you hear about 99.5 and their comments this morning? Disgracing Christians?  I think it is so discouraging.
5/19/2011 7:04:13 AM
Christine Clark United States
Christine Clark
Good morning Lisa and Eric...I'm commenting on the "glich" gas price tank..(I'm probably on the wrong page!) but if that were me...I would actually be one of those "good 2 shoes" that would get a store manager and say "Hey..just thought you might want to know....."  I live my life as though God sees EVERY single little thing I am doing....because HE DOES.  When I take my youngest son grocery shopping-he always has to grab a chocolate milk from the milk section and drink it in the store..sometimes he will even eat a donut from the bakery while I'm when I check out...I hand the cashier an empty chocolate milk bottle and I tell her "charge me for one donut please"....I always get weird looks..but it's the right thing to do!!!   Smile
5/19/2011 7:29:47 AM
Candi United States
I LOVE IT!!! After hearing it on air this morning again, I came to watch the video.  I just bought the song off of I-Tunes.  I LOVE IT!!
5/19/2011 7:32:09 AM
Keri United States
My new theme song!! LOL!
5/19/2011 7:35:32 AM
Pete United States
Awesome!  This song made my day.
5/19/2011 7:37:24 AM
Debbie United States
I hate to be negative, but I HATE the "Candy Wrap" song.  I cringe everytime you play it, which has already been twice this morning.  I don't find any humor in the song and would prefer you play music that uplifts our Lord Jesus Christ because that is why I listen.
5/19/2011 7:40:42 AM
John C Freeman United States
John C Freeman

I'm sitting post diggin' some K-Love...always AWESOME music selection/programming (btw)..ALWAYS!!!

...& I hear check out Chris' "Candy" rap song. I'm from Arkansas & Chris is synonymous here w/ Kris Allen; he's hip & you might remember his American Idol success & Christian influences coming through in the contest too.

BUT I get my eyes opened when I check out the video, 'cuz no one can JUST hear the song. Although I must confess the faster beat version he demo'd on air for your show is by far much more "my cup of chocolate milk"! Dat's right...dude, Chris August, you ROCK!!!

Keep bust'n those rhyms out for those who challenge the christian concept of comedic expressionalism. I'm sure the BIG "G" upstairs is smiling & all that.

Can't wait to share the rap song w/ my sons, nieces, & nephews...a few coworkers who are musicians too & their kiddos!!!
5/19/2011 7:43:28 AM
Shawna Greene United States
Shawna Greene
I heard the song on K-Love.  The wrap was AWESOME!  Loved it.  Video was funny too....My sister loves candy so I forwarded it on to her.
5/19/2011 8:32:02 AM
joshua United States
I am 11 and I am home schooled so while doing work on my computer they start playing the song. so I went to the DJ's page and listened to the song. AND I AM MAKING IT VIRAL BABY SENT IT TO MY FRIEND AND PUT A NOTE TO SEND IT THE THEIR FRIENDS, TOO  
5/19/2011 8:32:50 AM
joshua United States
5/19/2011 8:43:49 AM
Jen United States
That was awesome! Can't wait for my kids to see it. And to the skeptics I saw in the comments, well, yes, K-love is awesome for the uplifting music, but Christians are allowed to have fun! If not, then I missed something! LOL God very much has a sense of humor. Thanks to Chris for this song! Too funny dude! And love the ink! Smile Oh, And I didn't get to comment on the licorice debate yeaterday, but YUCK! I can't stand licorice, but my dad get black jellybeans by the bagful! Ewwww! LOL
5/19/2011 9:19:51 AM
Tim United States
Nice chris. That was classic!
5/19/2011 9:59:09 AM
Becky United States
Oh my gosh, i loved it, like a really big kid, its just awesome to make a song about something so simple, i loved it so much, i could watch this over and over and never get tired of it. i get chocolate craving alot, im due to have a lil baby, his name is issac, in about 3 weeks, lol this video made my day!! Thanks Chris!
5/19/2011 10:12:50 AM
Rachel Banks United States
Rachel Banks
I like this version but I definitely like the version he did on the show better.  Only 'cause of the crazy improvs that he did.  And the narrations about all the crazy notes or voices that he did.  I was laughing the whole way through!
5/19/2011 10:19:24 AM
Hayley United States
This made me smile Smile
5/19/2011 10:19:44 AM
Ann Marie United States
Ann Marie
Loved it, but thought the version on the show was better.
5/19/2011 11:40:46 AM
Carey United States
My daughter (7rs old) heard this on the way to school this morning.  She loved it!  Of course she then asked for some candy.
5/19/2011 12:13:49 PM
dubndun United States
it's not working for me. It has a news report thing and another song going at the same time.
5/19/2011 3:23:55 PM
Kristen United States
Heard this on my way to work this morning, definitely made me smile! I love it!
5/19/2011 4:09:18 PM
Dani United States
Hi Im Dani Im in 4th grade 10 years old and I go to Wilder scool,I live in Colorado. My Dad herd that Candy rap on the way to school and he started raping I like Dani  shes sweet shes nice like a big fat kiss. I started laghing so hard.
5/19/2011 4:26:24 PM
Crystal United States
This video is awesome!! The introduction was hilarious! I heard it on Klove this morning and it sounded great live too.
5/19/2011 5:38:18 PM
Cecilet United States
OMG, ilovethissong SSSSOOOOO much im about to post it on facebook!!!!!! <3
5/19/2011 6:15:16 PM
Glorita United States
Me and my daughter watched this and she said I want this song on my ipod  so maybe a free download???????
5/19/2011 8:24:45 PM
Jessika Canada
Totally made my daySmile
Thanks for all u guys do!
5/20/2011 4:39:45 AM
Dawn United States
I do not even know this couple but I love them! The traditional values they obviously share are amazing! Both families should be extremely proud!!
5/20/2011 5:39:55 AM
OS United States
That song and video gave me the laugh I needed today.
5/20/2011 7:43:30 AM
Kristin United States
This is hilarious :]   Chris August is a great talent, love to see a mix of music and this is great! Funny, and who doesn't like to laugh? I beleive God has a great sence of humor. Thanks Chris, continue doing what you do, you're a blessing to the world.
5/20/2011 8:37:24 AM
Michelle United States
awesome..too fun!
5/20/2011 10:33:03 AM
Pamela woods United States
Pamela woods
That was cute!
5/20/2011 11:32:51 AM
Deanna United States
I LOVE IT! This is one of those songs that I keep on my fav's just to make me smile!

For all you that said it was sac-religious .... Lighten UP!  Even Jesus likes to smile!
5/20/2011 12:14:45 PM
Taylor United States
That is sooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!When I heard it the first time on the radio, I died out laughing!!!!!!!!Even though I'm with you Chris,I love candy!!!!!   Smile
5/20/2011 12:16:37 PM
Taylor United States
The first time I heard this rap I died out laughing!!!!!I am with you though ,Chris, I love candy!!!!!! Smile Laughing :0
5/20/2011 12:19:09 PM
Taylor United States
The first time I heard it ,on the radio, I died out laughing!!!!!I am with you ,Chris:I Love Candy!!!!!! Laughing Smile
5/20/2011 5:57:25 PM
Jennifer United States
Love this, Chris August already a favorite of mine but even more so now.  Too cool
5/20/2011 7:33:50 PM
theresa United States
I LOVE the song!!! It's so funny and the video is awesome. love me some Chris August too. Thanks for making my day.
5/21/2011 4:16:37 AM
Hope Eckert United States
Hope Eckert
chris august has a ton of talent!!!!! Laughing
5/21/2011 4:48:00 PM
Monica United States
awesome Chris...such talent!  My kids have been singing this song since they heard you sing it on K love the other day! What a blessing you are...keep singing You have a wonderful voice!
5/23/2011 6:05:23 AM
Taylor United States
I know that I have already posted 3 times,but only the third one & this one count!I really did love the song, though!It is still stuck in my head! Laughing Smile
5/23/2011 10:17:47 AM
joshua United States
I posted this on a game that play called roblox to that all friends can see...... I love candy y'all
5/23/2011 10:19:37 AM
joshua United States
>_> >_>   <_< <_< v_v v_v ^_^ -_- -_- @_@ lions tigers gummy bears OH MY
5/23/2011 10:24:53 AM
joshua United States
I posted this on my moms facebook without her knowing XD
5/24/2011 11:21:42 PM
Amanda United States
Welllllllll .
This is deff. going to be in my head for like a week. bahaha. i love candy i love candy. its cute though :] gooooooood job chris! Two thumbs up!
5/26/2011 12:58:42 PM
Christina United States
This song describes my life, lol Smile
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