Jun 01 2011

Wow, God - "HE" brings "HOPE"

The Joplin tornado blew off the J, L, I and N. And then someone took time to speak a clear message to everyone...

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6/1/2011 4:35:46 AM
Elijah United States
Wow God is so sovereign. He can use even devastation as a way to raise people's spirits  He never fails to help people and use them for the furthering of his kingdom. All my prayers are with for Joplin.
6/1/2011 4:55:29 AM
Priscilla United States
I am from Joplin, MO. The tragedy around us every day is still very horrific, yet in the midst of it all, every day there are WOW God stories. Like the six people who were in a car that overturned so many times the passengers lost count, or the people who's home lay in the very center of the tornado - house flattened and they were able to crawl out of the rubble and nothingness of their home without a scratch while others along the same path did not survive. Seeing how the people of Joplin are pulling together and helping their neighbor each day is really a wonderful thing. The church I work in is now housing the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team and many of them have said things like "I've worked in a lot of Disaster Relief areas and never have I seen people so willing to help their neighbor." These are people that worked Katrina and 911. This statement alone has been encouraging. Each day is very hard to get up in the morning and move forward, but God is still here with us through it all and he will use us all in our own way - even if it means answering phones all day long at work - even if it means getting out into the rubble and helping sort through a friends pile of broken lumber. Even through the pain we are all very thankful for our lives and the lives of loved ones and friends. Nothing else besides Jesus and that seem any bit of important anymore. And all who know Christ here in Joplin will agree that WOW God is SO big and SO good - we are all SO blessed by Him.
6/1/2011 5:35:26 AM
Laura United States
Amazing that you add HE to make it hope. Our hope is in the Lord!!
6/1/2011 5:53:04 AM
Bonnie United States
I live in Joplin, Mo.  Devastation is all around.  My WOW is my son is alive.  He was in the Christian Theater by St. John's Hospital.  He has a punctured lung and 2 broken ribs.  After seeing the rubble, it is a true miracle any of them are alive. I lost a 16 year old son 6 years ago.  A loss that only God can get you through.  Many churches in Joplin are totally destroyed, but the crosses are still standing.  My son said that on the way to the hospital on Sunday evening,in the back of a a good Samaritans truck, they were singing "God will make a way".  I told him God is still writing his story.  First, the loss of his older brother, then this. God is our strength, our hope is in Him.  My son said in the distance the sun was shining through the cross, the only thing left standing. God is here.  He is showing His goodness all around town.  Many miracle stories.   Lots of hope. We give God the praise and the Glory.
6/1/2011 6:19:19 AM
Rose United States
He took everything to make room for HOPE.....
6/1/2011 6:21:02 AM
Shannyn United States
How amazing is God's love for us!!! HE is our hope!!! Joplin,thank you for the example of God's love you have shown this country.
6/1/2011 6:24:25 AM
Britta United States
I live in a God created family, the kind where God brings together 2 more people and quickly makes them family. We have had our ups and downs over the last 2 years. But God has provided us with his love and provision. Recently, we have been going through some really rough time with one us having cancer, the death of a beloved pet, the loss of a job, an accident to one of our great nephews and an ever shrinking bank account. All through we have prayed and asked for prayer form our fellow church family.
Everyone agrees we have had a rough go of it lately, but through it all we have held our heads up and trusted HIM. We firmly believe he has and will bless us big.
Yesterday, we got the news that there is no cancer. The great nephew, a 9 year old boy hit by a car, is going to be just fine. Then the mail came and with came a check for more them enough money to see us through another month or 2. Enough time for me to find a new job, and my sick room mate to heal and start working again.  
I am still shaking my head and just say WOW!
6/1/2011 6:25:47 AM
Bekah United States
I just looked at that picture HE brings hope and my WOW God is that he gives me hope and strength EVERY SINGLE DAY! One of my friends lost his mom to breast cancer in January. Our families are very close and she quickly became like a second mom to me.when she died, I wasn't sure what to do. The only thing I knew to do was pray and ask for strength and turn K-LOVE on. God used every song  that day to minister to me. Right after i got the news that she had passed, from my parents who were at the hospital with her, I got very angry with God. My question to Him for the longest time was, "Why did you let her die without let to ting me? " ay goodbye?" To be honest, I still don't know, but I do know that God has given me the strength to get through this. A few weeks ago, the one of my best friends and I sang Laura Story's "Blessings" in church. There was not a dry eye in the place. The friend who sang with me was the boy who lost his mom. The good news is, we didn't lose her; we know exactly where she is. She is singing in that angel choir in Heaven. WOW GOD!
6/1/2011 6:29:31 AM
Pamela United States
my WOW moment has been very recently, I have been paralyzed for almost 7 years and have been told that I may never recover from the muscle damage. After tons of medical treatment I have gotten no where.  Recently I have started with TCM and within just a few weeks of fasting/constant prayer there are results. I can now feel pain, and starting to have muscle twitches. I have video from yesterday that I just had to share with my family from across the miles...  God is SOO Good and His miracles are in the making, not only with me, but with Joplin and across the world
6/1/2011 6:41:11 AM
allen United States
We drove through Joplin Monday.  Pictures and videos don't do the devastation justice.  18 years ago we had lived in joplin for 9 years and had worked at St. John's.  It was very difficult to watch and see the distruction but when we drove by the High school and saw the sign with Hope on it, it was then that the glimmer of the people of Joplin accured.  They are loyal to each other,to their neighbors and God.  The hope that God gives them will be the hope that will shine to the world as they rebuild and deal with life! Blessings and continued strenght to the people of Joplin- God and our prayers are with you ALL!!
6/1/2011 6:53:55 AM
Deana United States
I live in Joplin and all I can say is GOD is with us. It looks bad but the people are all so hopeful and continue to pray and encourage each other. My family all lives in california and cannot understand why I wont move back this second. truth is this is my home. I got to see GOD's mighty hand over my life and my families. I am very blessed and very lucky.
6/1/2011 6:54:21 AM
Julie Chelette United States
Julie Chelette
God is so wonderful. Joplin is in my prayers. Thank you everyone who is able to go help this town. "He" is the only one who makes "Hope".
6/1/2011 6:56:24 AM
Jessica United States
I am from the Joplin area (Carthage) but my husband and myself both work for the City of Joplin! I am so proud to be a big part of this town and I am so proud of my husband, who is a Joplin Police officer! He has worked non-stop helping anyone he comes across that needs it even though he is so worn out emotionally and physically! Hope for Joplin is all around us and it is amazing to see!
6/1/2011 7:10:00 AM
Debbie United States
I work at a university. Our physics professor's home was completetely destroyed by one of the Oklahoma tornadoes a week ago. It was a miracle they weren't able to get home to take shelter.  He was talking to a group yesterday that had taken a donation for them.  He touched our hearts telling us that tornadoes aren't "acts of God", they are nothing more than physics.  But the "acts of God" come after the tornado or disaster.  It's the people, friends and strangers that come to work, help, encourage and give from their hearts. That is the real "act of God".
6/1/2011 8:24:24 AM
Susan United States
My WOW God story:

This Princess had stumbled. I was sore and bruised. My face was cut and my dress was torn. I could hardly move. Who could possibly find this Princess appealing now?

God responded: Me! I Will! Look at Me!

  Well, my Bible study group got just as much of a kick out of this one as I did for they had heard me profess my unbelief that God’s romancing or hand in my life could be better than that of a man’s. For my heart was still hurting from my separation with Joe. But nonetheless, God responded to my heart’s challenge. In fact, my good friend Melissa was with me when it happened, and praise God that she had her camera on her or no one would ever believe me, not to mention simply her being there so she can testify about it. But anyway, we were having lunch at a Christian Thai restaurant sipping Jasmine tea which was not a common practice for us. But anyway, the tea pot had tons of tea leaves that would pour out into our cups each time we went for more. Well, then eventually while I was listening to Melissa talk, I looked down at my small cup and my jaw dropped open! All of the tea leaves that had floated to the bottom of my cup had moved into the configuration of a perfect happy face. My friends, I kid you not, a perfect happy face. Every leaf was positioned perfectly and Melissa instantly yelled out, proclaiming that God was romancing me. She had seen me “gag myself” in my hurt at the concept of having to resort to God’s romancing instead of that of a man, during Bible study, and so she knew that He was proving Himself to me. God was saying “LOOK AT ME! I smile at you. I look past your tattered state My Princess. I love you unconditionally. I am right in front of you. Princess, turn away from Joe and look at Me.” Well again, I believe that my whole Bible study group was ministered too by this moment. It gave them a chance to see God’s super-natural power and how much He loves His Princes and Princesses. And well, even with Joe back by my side as God promised, through this journey that God took me on, I can honestly now say that God’s love is truly all we need.  

This is a true story. Read more at Christiantestimony.org
6/1/2011 12:01:12 PM
Suzan Bafford United States
Suzan Bafford
This picture of HOPE is absolutely God... Thank you Joplin for being such an awesome example of America & your faith... I live in AZ, never even been close to a tornado and seems super scary.  But you have been an example of Godly people in our nation. I take my hat off to you and your love of God, life & country, your beautiful little town is in my prayers. One day I will plan to visit Joplin..

Blessings~ Suzan
6/1/2011 12:12:31 PM
Angie Williams United States
Angie Williams
On Sunday May 22, 2011 my family and I got up to get ready for church. I took a few moments to check facebook. God laid it on my heart to post as my status

Joshua 24:15

"...But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”
If you don't have a personal relationship with Christ I pray you will find him today.

Little did I know the horrific event that would take place later that day.

After we got home from church and had eaten lunch the girls and I took an afternoon nap while daddy had to go to work. After we woke up I started to do dishes and was going to get dinner ready. Adley was watching a movie so we didn't have the local newstation playing, completely unaware of the weather. Treay called which is unusual to tell us to watch the weather. I turned the tv on to the newstation and he and I decided together we were safe that the storm was heading north of us. so we hung up and I started back to what I was doing. Then my mom called and said "do you know you are under a tornado warning?" I said "really? No" and then the sirens started going off. I hung up and took the girls to the bathtub and sat down. The sirens quit going off so we got out of the bathroom and started to resume our evening. I put Averie in a stand up bouncer seat in the living room and Adley was sitting on the couch. My mom called again to check on us. While on the phone I continued to look through the windows keeping an eye on the extremely dark sky. When looking out my front window the sky to the left was a pretty light blue while the sky to the right was black. I kept hearing the weatherman saying the storm is "over the heart of joplin" "I thought is that me?" Then I noticed hail sparatically falling out the front window. I told my mom who is still on the phone that it is hailng. She said "get in the hallway this is not a good sign." So I told Adley to get in the hallway and I picked Averie up still in the bouncer seat and placed her in the hallway. I went to Adleys room and grabbed her bed pillows and her special puppy dog and blankies then shut her bedroom door. I went to my bedroom and grabbed just a few more bed pillows and shut our bedroom door along with Averies bedroom door and the hall bathroom door. These things I don't always do.. Then something told me to remove Averie from the bouncer seat and hold her in my lap, so I took her out and put the seat back in the living room. Then I realized the tv was too loud and it wasn't telling me anything worth hearing, it was playing the tv show Seinfeld so I got up to turn it down so I could hear more of what might be happening outside. It felt like seconds after I sat in the hallway the hail and extreme winds began banging on the front of the house. Still on the phone with my mom I was giving her a play by play of what was happening. I said its hitting the front of the house and its really strong, then the power flickered and I let out a shreik then it flickered back on then off. The I heard the sound of a train...I told my mom and she said thats it "cover your heads and get as low as you can! get low!"  The force pushing on the house got stronger until it ripped through the house taking everything in its path The noise was unbelievable, it was so loud! The wind was so strong and the skies were dark!. All I could do was cover my babies and yell "God PLEASE keep us safe! PLEASE put your Angels all around us!" I begged and pleaded God to keep us safe. The tornado seemed to go on and on, the thought of what it would be like to wake up in Heaven passed through my mind. The pillow that was on my head flew immediately off and I thought man its me against the tornado now, so I got lower down on my girls. I begged God to "PLEASE let it end! PLEASE let it end!" When it finally came to an end and I sat there checking on the girls and I hear a voice that I know very well yelling "Ang? Ang? Ang?" It was my mom! She had been on the phone the entire time the tornado ripped threw my house! I couldn't believe it. I had to search a little through debris and I finally found my phone. First words out of my mouth where "Everything's gone!" It was so surreal. I covered the girls with there daddys coat that landed nearby us. It had started to rain huge rain drops. I sat there thinking "what do I do?" "Where do I go?" "Should I stay here or go for help?" I decided I needed to get the girls to safety. The lightening was stricking extremely close and the rain was really coming down. So I had Adley stand up and then I stood up with Averie (we did not have to crawl or dig out, just stood up from where we were sitting, everything was gone around us, not a single wall was standing) then picked Adley up and carried both girls in my arms along with Adley's  favorite blanket and stuffed puppy dog and carried them barefoot to a nearby church. I can't believe I carried them that far not to mention barefoot. I didn't look around much, I was too afraid of what I would see. The girls and I just held each other close and walked to where we knew we would be seen. I walked to 20th and Wisconsin. I heard screams and cries. It broke my heart knowing there were injured or even trapped people out there but I had to keep walking to keep my girls safe. My mom still on the phone tried to figure out a place for me to go but communication was hit and miss. Once I reached the church we were all cold and tired and scared. We sat down on the church parking lot. Everywhere we looked had been destroyed. A nice Chrsitian couple drove by and saw the girls and I sitting all alone in the middle of a deserted parking lot and told us to get in theor truck. I am so blessed by this family. They gave us towels and blankets to warm up. They drove to the grandparents house and got the girls new t-shirts to wear, Averie was beginning to turn blue because she was so cold. Both girls were so brave and barely cried. Adley was worried about daddy and so was I but we couldn't reach him by phone. I knew in my heart he was ok. Adley and I said a prayer for daddy trusting that God had took care of him too. (Treays work was not hit. Praise the Lord!) The sweet family took us to the home depot parking lot where I saw a Highway Patrolman. My mom had told me that a trooper would be looking for me so I knew I had to talk to them. I finally got to talk to a trooper and he helped get word to my dad where I was. This nice trooper drove my girls and I down 20th street to my mother in laws house, which thankfully was not hurt by the tornado. Not much long after I arrived a familiar vechicle sped into the driveway and it was my mom and dad! I have never been so realived to see them in my life!! I gave my mommy a huge hug and started to cry. I had stayed so strong until that moment.

Thinking back over that night I can see how God had a hand in keeping us safe.

1. Treay called and told me to watch weather, he normally does not call me while at work.

2. My sister in law accidently text my mom that their is a tornado warning in Joplin.

3. My mom called and told me about tornado warning just seconds before sirens went off.

4. I got out the of bathtub and stayed in the hallway.

5. We just stood up and walked out of tornado basically untouched. (I had a few cuts and bruises but no big deal)

6. The houses surrounding my house which there are 5 of them all had atleast one wall still standing in their home and I had none. Not a single one.

7. Adleys dresser was knocked over at a 45 degree angle holding the outer brick wall up to act as a ramp at the exact spot where we were sitting across the "hall" which we believe helped things go over our heads.

8. I believe God put us in the exact spot we needed to be during the tornado. IF we were further back we would have been crushed. If we were further forward we probably would have been blown away.

9. We can't find our major applicances but Treays gmas glass candy dish we got after she died was untouched.

10. Two cars flew into my house on either side of us...they could have easily landed on us!

6/1/2011 2:24:45 PM
J Allen United States
J Allen
Hope is my one word for 2011. Looks like it is someone else's too!
6/2/2011 1:40:33 AM
Deana United States
Angie Williams praise GOD. I am so happy to hear your story. So I glad to hear how GOD protect you and your family from the storm.
6/2/2011 1:42:52 AM
Deana United States
We then went to my twin nephews’ high school graduation at MSSU. When we were leaving MSSU we heard the tornado serines, but we didn’t pay much attention to them since they always go off in bad weather. We started to head to sonic for the slushie we promised Libby for being so good during the graduation. Then we heard on the radio that there was in fact a tornado heading to Dennis Acers and other areas near my parents house.  I called them in a panic and asked them to meet me at Wal-Mart on Rangeline. We were hoping to ride out the rain or hail, not thinking a tornado would come this far east into town.  We made into Wal-Mart with just a few minutes to spare. All the employees were showing us where to go in the back of the store. They wanted everyone into the layaway department. I can understand their thinking. It had double walls and was supposed to be the safest right? I took off my shoes because my feet hurt and I was having some contractions. The Layaway filled up and they then suggested we move into the aisle adjacent to layaway. My husband and I were overcome by a feeling. You may call this a “gut feeling”, “luck”, “Coincidence”, but I say it was GOD speaking to us on where to stand. I grabbed a pillow off a shelf on the way to protect Libby “just in case” not thinking the tornado would really hit. My husband told me to put back on my shoes “just in case” They employees kept asking us to come in closer to them, but the feeling not to go, over came any sense of logic. We stood in the main aisle of the toy/ electronic department and waited. Although I was terrified I knew GOD was with me.

Then the employees from the front that were directing people to the back of the store came running to the back of the store yelling its coming. I am sure everyone felt something different. This is what I saw and felt. I heard the rumbling of the store kind of like an earthquake. I heard the sound of the wind, and then I saw the roof start to pop off, starting from the grocery side of the store coming toward us. I saw the wall of the layway department to give. I then put my body over my 3 year old daughter Libby. My husband, my daughter, my father, my mother, my nephew (9) and my self began to call out to GOD and pray.  We felt a beam hit us in the back (My dad, my mom and husband and me) we fell to the ground over the children, protecting them. I felt scared but in my heart when it was over I knew either way I would be happy. I would either be in heaven or I would continue here. Then felt the peace of GOD and the winds lifted. Hail then began to hit us for a few seconds. Then I stood up and Libby says to me “lets never do this again I don’t like it” I told her either did I and that she was doing so good. My whole family stood up expect for my dad. I remember looking around and thinking how am I going to get us out of here especially being 35 weeks pregnant in heel? I also looked around and I saw that completely around us was an empty space. I was in awe of it. I knew right there GOD saved us. We were never covered in debris or merchandise or shelving we were completely shielded from the damage. I felt the pain in my back from the beam but I didn’t think I was seriously hurt at that point. My husband Shaun’s arm was broken, we took off his polo and I ripped it and made a sling out of it. My mom was in pain but able to move. The children Jordyn and Libby were perfect. They didn’t get one scratch or bruise.  My dad was unable to move. Then it started to rain. Three men tried to get my dad to stand but he just couldn’t do it. With much regret we had to leave to find help. We tried our cell phones and quickly we realized that the towers were down. I remember my dad giving us a smile and telling us to go and he would be okay as we looked for help.

We started to climb out of the rumble I looked back into the layaway and saw the walls had collapsed. I couldn’t even see the people back there anymore. I wanted to help but all I could think of was getting the kids out of there and getting my dad help. Conflicted and wanting to help but realizing I can’t. My mother says we need to get Deana (me) to the hospital. I then realize my baby could be hurt. Everything was in slow motion for me. We started to climb out. Poor Libby my 3 year old was in a dress and flip-flops. She never cried and never complained as it rained and she was shivering. She just kept climbing and maneuvering out of the rumble. As we made our way through I kept trying to call 911 and my sister Pam. I had hope that she was still at the college. But I couldn’t get through to anyone. When we got to a point where we had to lift Libby Mr. Filarski was there to help. He lifted her threw the tough parts because we couldn’t do it our selves. Big thanks to him. I saw so many people helping each other and everyone’s genuine concern for complete strangers. If someone slipped someone behind them caught them. I saw some teenage boys towards the front that climbed up out of the way so I could walk on the flat part because I am pregnant. My husband kept urging us on. “All we have to do is make it to the car and we can get help.” When we made it out to the parking lot, we saw complete devastation. People came running into the store looking for their loved ones asking if I saw teenagers and kids. I told them I saw lots of people climbing out and lots of kids and to be hopeful. I told them not to go in because so many people were making there way out the same way we were. Then we saw the cars. Most the cars where piled on top of each other. We didn’t find ours at first. We found my parents Jeep. It looked like it had been flipped a few times.  My mom happened to have blankets in the back. We dusted out the glass and had the kids climb in the back with the blankets since it was raining and they were shivering. When Libby sat in the car she looked at me and said “momma GOD saved us.” I told her yes he did. We stood together and praise GOD for saving us, we prayed for everyone effected by the tornado. We gave thanks, we prayed to broken hearts and bodies. We prayed our family is safe. So many things but mostly we thanked GOD.  

As we looked around I could see the other side of town. Everything was flat. I remember looking at a building far off and being in shock of how far I could see. I saw that all the trees were gone. Everything was leveled. I realize now the building I was looking at was St. John’s hospital I could see from Rangline. I then realized that no one would be coming for us, there was so much devastation. I felt Jackson (my baby) kick. I was so happy to feel him. To know he is alive in my belly. I don’t know if I was contracting before because of all the chaos but I sure felt them then. My husband searched first for our car and found it buried under other cars. Then he set out to find a ride to his grandparents so we could get help. They only live up the road from Wal-Mart.  Shaun came across an amazing couple named Brendon and Jennifer from Kansas. I didn’t get their last name. I remember feeling like they were sent for us. I am usually standoffish with strangers but with them and their kindness I felt a since of peace and was willing to go with them. Jennifer was four months pregnant and I know she knew what I was going through and my fear. They were so wonderful to take all five of us completely soaked and wounded. They helped us all into their truck. I lay on my mom and has we drove she kept telling me what was outside. She let me know that as we went up 7th street everything looked better and the tornado didn’t come this far east. I was so happy to see that Shaun’s grandparent’s house was in perfect condition and they were safe. They helped me out of the truck and we said our goodbyes and I am pretty sure they went to go help more people. I wish I could thank them all over again. Without them I think I would have had my baby right there in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  

We got Shaun’s grandparents car and went to our house which seems silly now but Libby was shivering so bad I had to get her some dry clothes before we went to the hospitals. We only live a couple of blocks away so I figured I could hold out. I came to this thought that we may not have hospitals and if we did they would be over loaded with people. So I called McCune-Brooks in Carthage. They assured me they were fully functional. So we got dry clothes and dropped them off to Libby. We gave my mom the keys to our truck that was safely at house so she could get her and Jordyn looked at. She wanted to go to St. Johns and figured that when help came that’s where my dad would be. So we separated and went off on our ways. I think the adrenaline must have wore off because my whole body was in pain and I couldn’t control it and began to yell out in pain something I have never done.  My in laws caught up to us and they ended up driving us to the hospital. When we got there I was confused of how empty it was. I figured everyone would be there and it would be chaotic.

I was every lucky to have amazing Doctors and Nurses. Especially the nurses. Dee, Novetta, Terrie and others. They never left my side expect to either get me something or to switch shifts. I am so thankful for them. They held my hand and kept me clam. I told them I was a nursing student and they explain everything on a level I understood. I couldn’t see the screen but they walked me through everything they saw. Baby Jackson is in perfect condition. They were able to stop my contractions. I am still on medicine every four hours but they have stopped. They found I had two fracture ribs and two fracture vertebrae. I could barely move by the time everything was figured out. They tried there very best to keep me comfortable but being pregnant there is only so much medicine I can take. They were very good at explaining it all to me. My mother in law stayed with me the whole time as Shaun got his x-ray and temporary cast. I was there for two nights trying to manage my pain and contractions.  While in there Shaun called my family in California. Shaun and my Brother in California began tracking down my dad. They called every hospital in the four state area and every hotline they thought that could help. Shaun kept me updated and found all my family members for me.

My poor dad has the worse part of all this. I believe he took most of the impact of the beam. He wanted three hours for help. He was unable to walk so they had to strap him to a board. They cut off all his clothes to check for injuries. So he was carried out of Wal-Mart naked. They dropped him four times on the way out. But they made it. They took him to three different hospitals. Finally he ended up at Cox hospital in Springfield. They found a broken pelvis which they bolted back together, and injuries to his kidney and pancreas. He had to have multiple blood transfusions. (tip: know your blood type) He had surgery on both. He is in rehab in Joplin recovering.  

My sister Pam and her children were in her Tahoe. She was in front of her house but couldn’t get out of the car because of the wind.  She could see her grandbaby on the front porch with the other grandma. They were all meeting at her house after the gradation to go out to eat. Because my sister and the kids couldn’t get out of the car and get to the house the other grandma took the baby and ran to the neighbors.  My sister lives right off of 20th near the high school in the direct path of the tornado. She watched as her house was destroyed. The Tahoe was picked up and turned around off the street and they landed on the front lawn with all the widows busted out. They all survived with minor injuries. It was my Sister (Pam), her twin sons (Jessee and Jozef) and both of their girlfriends (Katie and Bre) and her other son (Justin) My sister being a single parent watched everything get destroyed. Bre’s mom and her daughter made it safety out of the neighbor’s house and were completely fine. GOD had his hand on her. I don’t know how she survived it and without any major injuries. It could only be GOD.

Our home, my parent’s, Shaun parents, and Shaun’s grandparent’s homes are all fine. My sister was the only one in our family that lost everything. We all feel so blessed to be alive and that we all have each other.  Looking back it seems so unbelievable that we survived the direct path of a F5 tornado. All I can say is it was GOD. I saw the miracle and I feel so thankful
6/2/2011 5:40:36 AM
Melissa Spatafora United States
Melissa Spatafora
Thank you for sharing your stories! My family and I live 25 miles from Joplin, we go there almost weekly for groceries/supplies.  My step-daughter was in the Wal-Mart that was hit, but walked out without a scratch.  When we heard she was there, my husband insisted on racing it to Joplin to get her, even though her sister was on her way, as well.  What we saw, I will never forget.  I stayed in the car while my husband walked a couple of blocks to where he thought he would find his daughter. People were walking all over the place in shock. What he saw, he will never forget.  Much worse than what I saw.  

Reading Angie's and Deana's stories brought tears to my eyes and aching to my heart.  Hearing Lisa read Angie's story was very emotional.  God was most definitely watching over Joplin on that fateful day.  My heart still breaks for those who lost so much...children, spouses, friends, homes, cars.  This has left it's mark that will never go away, but with it has come goodness, hope, love...God is good.  All the time.
6/2/2011 5:43:56 AM
Margaret United States
I just wanted everyone in Joplin to know that my prayers are with them. I live in Minneapolis, MN and the devastation in Joplin was overshadowed by the tornado that hit our city the same day. It has been amazing to hear the stories that have come out of both cities.
6/2/2011 5:44:27 AM
Karen Baca United States
Karen Baca
  I live in Quapaw, OK. which is only about 25 miles from Joplin. I remember taking cover and being so scared and the tornado didn't even hit us so I am so glad that you guys are alright. I can't imagine the pain and fear you all have been through and I haven't stopped praying for all of you since this horrible disaster happened. God bless you all!
6/2/2011 5:48:32 AM
Nicole United States
I listen to K-Love every morning, and I enjoy you guys and the ministers to me. My heart goes out to the people of Joplin.
I am at work, and as Lisa was reading Angie's story..I stopped, I had to hear it. I sat and pictured what that must have been like. My phone started ringing but I couldn't answer, I had to hear this story. After Lisa finished reading, I sat here and tears welled up in my eyes. All I could do is close my eyes and say "Jesus".

I pray for healing, comfort and restoration for Angie and her family and all the people of Joplin.
6/2/2011 5:48:45 AM
Tim Olson United States
Tim Olson
I survived a tornado in the mid 1970's in Michigan.  It destroyed the intersection we were at and leveled about 10 buildings right next to us and a whole neighborhood, we were about 50 feet from the funnel.  I too saw the skies turn black and heard the train whistle, but by the time we got under cover it had already passed.  It's only by the grace of God we (my Parents and I) were saved.  3 people died right next to us and a full-size motor home was pick up like a leaf and thrown through a Bank front window.   It was only about an F2 tornado, so it didn't have the complete devastation that Joplin has.  I too cried when you read the story on the radio about the survival of of the family ... amazing what God can do !!!

God Bless everyone and especially the folks in Joplin !!!
6/2/2011 6:03:26 AM
Patti United States
Every time I hear a WOW story, I am brought to tears and I think I should write in.  I cried all through the Joplin story.  4 years ago my sweet daughter was in nursing school at a small Christian University in Jackson, TN  when a powerful tornado ripped through that school and destroyed everything.  But not a single young person died.  What makes this story so amazing is that our daughter is one of the oldest with a heart like "Bowen's."  Why did we worry all those years of surgeries and doctor appointments?  My baby walked away from an F4 because she was held firmly in the grip of an Almighty God and He has numbered each and every day of our lives as a blessing.  Psalm 42:11
Psalm 42:11
New Living Translation (NLT)
Why am I discouraged?
      Why is my heart so sad?
   I will put my hope in God!
      I will praise him again—
      my Savior and my God!

6/2/2011 6:19:09 AM
Chloe United States
This whole Joplin disaster kind of reminds me of the song "Legacy" by Nichole Nordeman. Those helping in Joplin and those who live in Joplin want to leave a legacy that says how great God is.
6/2/2011 6:19:54 AM
Scott Parsons United States
Scott Parsons
Just wanted to share this:
     The next time you feel like GOD can't use YOU, just remember...
A.. Noah was a drunk
B.. Abraham was too old
C.. Isaac was a daydreamer
D.. Jacob was a liar
E.. Leah was ugly
F.. Joseph was abused
G.. Moses had a stuttering problem
H.. Gideon was afrid
I.. Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer
J.. Rahab was a prostitute
K.. Jeremiah and Timothy were too young
L.. David had an affair and was a murderer
M.. Elijah was suicidal
N.. Isaiah preached naked
O.. Jonah ran from God
P.. Naomi was a widow
Q.. Job went bankrupt
R.. John the Baptist ate bugs
S.. Peter denied Christ
T.. The Disciples fell asleep while praying
U.. Martha worried about everything
V.. The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once
W.. Zaccheus was too small
X.. Paul was too religious
Y.. Timothy had an ulcer...AND
Z.. Lazarus was dead!

No more excuses now!!
God can use you to your full potential. Besides you aren't the message, you are just the messenger.

I hope this helps
Thank you
God Bless
Scott Parsons, Michigan
6/2/2011 6:55:56 AM
Kathy United States
Hi Lisa and Eric- I listened to you tell Angie's story about living through the tornado in Joplin and it brought back vividly the memories of the tornado myself and my then, 6 yr. old son survived.  God is definitely FULL of Mercy and he hears your prayers!  We had left my parents house ane were heading back home one night. It was raining and there were tornado warnings and watches in various areas around us. Traveling down a 10-mile long 2-lane unlit road back home it did start raining harder and harder; and then the hail came.  It started pounding our car mercilessly and the whole road ahead of me was covered with ice balls.I had to stop because I knew there were many turns in this road and I didn't want to wind up in a ditch because I couldn't see where we were going.  I heard a low but loud rumble and I knew it was the wind picking up.  But it got louder and louder like there was a train right over our heads!  At that moment I knew we were in the midst of a tornado and all I could do was cry out for Jesus to help us because I thought the hail would break our car's windshield and my son and I would get sucked out.  I just kept crying out God help us, please let this stop, please don't let my son be scared.  I was literally crying and screaming at the top of my lungs.  The car shook and shook.  Then this sense of peace slowly started coming over me and I heard this little voice telling me not to worry everything would be fine.  I wasn't sure if that meant my son and I would soon be seeing Jesus face to face or the tornado would leave.  I just sat there paralyzed in fear and awe at what was going on; and then ahead through the still hail-filled sky I saw two dim red lights ahead of me.  I strained to see what they were and realized they were tail lights.  I put our car in gear again and now crying that God please let us follow those tail lights and not drive off the road.  Slowly we drove what seemed like an hour but probably wasn't more than 10 minutes or so and then the hail just stopped and the train roar was gone!  As I cautiously continued following these red lights I suddenly realized I hadn't hear a peep from my son in quite a while. I briefly stopped the car to look in the back seat and found him sleeping soundly!  Unbelievable-had he slept through the whole thing?  Through my crying and screaming? I looked back to the road ahead and the red lights were gone.  Panic started to take over again as it was very dark and morning wouldn't come for another 8 hrs., and the road was still blanketed in ice as was everything else.  But I slowly continued  to drive praying again not to drive off the road.  Then all of a sudden I could see the road again.  My headlights were able to distinguish the road from the roadside!  But for the life of me I don't know what happened to those tail lights because there were no side roads or homes for them to turn into! I just started crying and thanking God for sending us an angel and saving us from disaster.  When I got home I looked at my car and there was not a single indentation from the hail, no cracks in the windshield and my son wanted to know why I was crying....!  I told my husband what had happened and he said the wind swept violently through our neighborhood as well; but no damage.  And at this point the weather reports were still reporting that there were no tornados; just heavy winds.  But I was pretty sure what my son and I had just lived through was a tornado. The next morning I looked outside to see a massive amout of shingles in my neighbors yard, but their  roof didn't seem to be out of place.  It was our roof!  And later as I drove back down the road my son and I were on the night before I saw the damage the tornado had done.  It looked like it had kept jumping from one side of the road to the other as there were various trenches with trees down and horse fences scattered; dirt everywhere.  There was a very deep, wide and very long trench approx. 75 ft. from the side of the road where I last remember stopping because the hail got so bad.  There was a good 10 miles that this tornado had jumped back and forth across the road playing havoc.  It had struck a farmhouse and pretty much destroyed 2 huge barns they had.  I just pulled off the side of the road and cried again.  God is so loving, very merciful and He does hear your prayers even though I was screaming them Smile  And many times when He answers your prayers they are beyond what you could have hoped for; and then he answers payers u didn't even think of!!!  So I am very relieved that Angie had family to be there for her, but not surprised at all for the miracles of mercy and safety that God gave them that night.  Thank u Angie for telling your story and making fresh in my mind again how His mercy abounds, and how awesome He is!
6/2/2011 7:18:33 AM
Sandra Vogel United States
Sandra Vogel
I will never forget the first images I had of Joplin Monday morning. I never turn the TV on when I get ready for work as I'm so easily distracted I'd end up watching TV and be late for work. But this morning I I had the weather station on and it was just as the day was begining to lighten and you could see some of the devestation. I hadn't heard abouot the tornado due to getting home late and not bothering with TV before bed so I was completely unaware for what my eyes were seeing. My heart was just broken for for all those poor people that I knew had lost so much in such a few short moments of time. I immediatly began to pray, lifting up all those in Joplin, and those that would be comming to help. As I watched the emotion on the face of the weather man and the grief that was so transparent on a face of someone who has probably been trained to remain detached and unemotional so that they can do their job in a professional manner, I knew it was far worse than anything I could ever immagine sitting in my livingroom so far away in West Virginia. I remember listening to Laura Story's song Blessings and thought somehow in all this tragedy there has to be something that will glorify you Lord. Someway Lord, somehow Lord something good. Reading and listening to the stories of those that experienced life through that horrific time reinforces Jesus's words as He said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you". His faithfulness is overwhelming, and His mercy will endure. Thank you to all those that shared your stories of how God was with you during your darkest of times. It just reafirms my great faith that what ever comes our way that when you know Jesus as your saviour you're a winner! Whether we stay here or go be with Him as Melissa said huddled in the remains of the WalMart, pregnant, hurt, and scared, you WIN! So as I continue to pray blessings for Joplin, I know it may be in the midst of tears that you see Him best. I love you guys! God Bless You! Please knoe that you are bathed in prayers by those that won't forget you in West Virginia.
Love, and Prayers
Sandra Vogel, West Hamlin, West Virginia    
6/2/2011 7:38:40 AM
Sandra Vogel United States
Sandra Vogel
Deana I'm sorry, I gave Angie credit for your comments and pregnancy. OOPS!! Bless you Sandra  
6/2/2011 7:50:13 AM
Sandra Vogel
Sandra Vogel
Deana I'm sorry, I gave Angie credit for your comments and pregnancy. OOPS!! Bless you Sandra  
6/2/2011 8:17:21 AM
Penny Bowers United States
Penny Bowers
In 1979 I was a new Christian when the tornado hit Wichita Falls, TX.  Forty-five people died as the tornado tore an 8-mile long path through the city.  An 8-mile stretch of slabs and debris right through town, including a hospital and only 45 died.  God is so good.  I was on the phone with my mom when the sirens went off.  This was before cell phones, so I just told her I needed to go because the sirens were warning there was a tornado.  That was the last she heard from me for 48 hours.  I grabbed my Bible and our parakeet and got in our hallway, under a mattress.  We were at the edge of the devastation.  We only had branches and debris hit our home.  After the noise seemed to stop we drove to a friend’s house, where we knew there was a storm cellar.  On our way we saw roofs and brick walls with branches stuck in them like toothpicks in a grape.  We were hoping to get in our friend’s storm cellar if we were hit again, but all that was left of his neighborhood was slabs.  We knew we were in the right area, because of the school yard across from his home, although the whole school was gone.   They told us six families had stayed in that one small storm cellar.  

There were so many “God” stories with that tornado as there are all the time with other disasters.  A baby was picked up and carried one block and set down.  If a family was in the hall it was all that was left of the home.  If people were in the tub, that is all that was left.  And the stories went on.  And as people were clearing up afterward signs began to appear on debris in yards or on buildings all over town – “We’re still here.”  “We’ll trade for 3-Mile Island.”  “House for sale.”  I know God was at work that day.    
6/2/2011 9:10:56 AM
Cindy United States
I was forwarded an email that contained this description of the tornado through the eyes of an ED Physician.

45 Seconds: Memoirs of an ER Doctor from May 22, 2011
Emergency Department
after May 22 tornado
View more photos from our Flickr
My name is Dr. Kevin Kikta, and I was one of two emergency room doctors who were on duty at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO on Sunday, May 22, 2011.
You never know that it will be the most important day of your life until the day is over.  The day started like any other day for me: waking up, eating, going to the gym, showering, and going to my 4:00 pm ER shift. As I drove to the hospital I mentally prepared for my shift as I always do, but nothing could ever have prepared me for what was going to happen on this shift.  Things were normal for the first hour and half.   At approximately 5:30 pm we received a warning that a tornado had been spotted. Although I work in Joplin and went to medical school in Oklahoma, I live in New Jersey, and I have never seen or been in a tornado.  I learned that a  “code gray” was being called.  We were to start bringing patients to safer spots within the ED and hospital.
At 5:42 pm a security guard yelled to everyone, “Take cover! We are about to get hit by a tornado!”  I ran with a pregnant RN, Shilo Cook, while others scattered to various places, to the only place that I was familiar with in the hospital without windows, a small doctor’s office in the ED. Together, Shilo and I tremored and huddled under a desk.  We heard a loud horrifying sound like a large locomotive ripping through the hospital.  The whole hospital shook and vibrated as we heard glass shattering, light bulbs popping, walls collapsing, people screaming,  the ceiling caving in above us, and water pipes breaking, showering water down on everything.  We suffered this in complete darkness, unaware of anyone else’s status, worried, scared. We could feel a tight pressure in our heads as the tornado annihilated the hospital and the surrounding area.  The whole process took about 45 seconds, but seemed like eternity. The hospital had just taken a direct hit from a category EF5 tornado.
Then it was over.  Just 45 seconds.  45 long seconds.  We looked at each other, terrified, and thanked God that we were alive.  We didn’t know, but hoped that it was safe enough to go back out to the ED, find the rest of the staff and patients, and assess our losses.
“Like a bomb went off. ”  That’s the only way that I can describe what we saw next.  Patients were coming into the ED in droves.  It was absolute, utter chaos.  They were limping, bleeding, crying, terrified, with debris and glass sticking out of them, just thankful to be alive.  The floor was covered with about 3 inches of water, there was no power, not even backup generators, rendering it completely dark and eerie in the ED.  The frightening aroma of methane gas leaking from the broken gas lines permeated the air; we knew, but did not dare mention aloud, what that meant.  I redoubled my pace.
We had to use flashlights to direct ourselves to the crying and wounded.  Where did all the flashlights come from?  I’ll never know, but immediately, and thankfully, my years of training in emergency procedures kicked in.  There was no power, but our mental generators were up and running, and on high test adrenaline.  We had no cell phone service in the first hour, so we were not even able to call for help and backup in the ED.
I remember a patient in his early 20’s gasping for breath, telling me that he was going to die.  After a quick exam, I removed the large shard of glass from his back, made the clinical diagnosis of a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and gathered supplies from wherever I could locate them to insert a thoracostomy tube in him.  He was a trooper; I’ll never forget his courage.  He allowed me to do this without any local anesthetic since none could be found. With his life threatening injuries I knew he was running out of time, and it had to be done.  Quickly.  Imagine my relief when I heard a big rush of air, and breath sounds again; fortunately, I was able to get him transported out. I immediately moved on to the next patient, an asthmatic in status asthmaticus.  We didn’t even have the option of trying a nebulizer treatment or steroids, but I was able to get him intubated using a flashlight that I held in my mouth.  A small child of approximately 3-4 years of age was crying; he had a large avulsion of skin to his neck and spine.  The gaping wound revealed his cervical spine and upper thoracic spine bones.  I could actually count his vertebrae with my fingers.  This was a child, his whole life ahead of him, suffering life threatening wounds in front of me, his eyes pleading me to help him..  We could not find any pediatric C collars in the darkness, and water from the shattered main pipes was once again showering down upon all of us. Fortunately, we were able to get him immobilized with towels, and start an IV with fluids and pain meds before shipping him out.  We felt paralyzed and helpless ourselves.   I didn’t even know a lot of the RN’s I was working with.  They were from departments scattered all over the hospital. It didn’t matter.  We worked as a team, determined to save lives.  There were no specialists available -- my orthopedist was trapped in the OR.  We were it, and we knew we had to get patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible.  As we were shuffling them out, the fire department showed up and helped us to evacuate.  Together we worked furiously, motivated by the knowledge and fear that the methane leaks could cause the hospital could blow up at any minute.
Things were no better outside of the ED. I saw a man crushed under a large SUV, still alive, begging for help; another one was dead, impaled by a street sign through his chest.   Wounded people were walking, staggering, all over, dazed and shocked.   All around us was chaos, reminding me of scenes in a war movie, or newsreels from bombings in Bagdad.  Except this was right in front of me and it had happened in just 45 seconds.  My own car was blown away.  Gone. Seemingly evaporated.  We searched within a half mile radius later that night, but never found the car, only the littered, crumpled remains of former cars.  And a John Deere tractor that had blown in from miles away.
Tragedy has a way of revealing human goodness.  As I worked, surrounded by devastation and suffering, I realized I was not alone.  The people of the community of Joplin were absolutely incredible.  Within minutes of the horrific event, local residents showed up in pickups and sport utility vehicles, all offering to help transport the wounded to other facilities, including Freeman, the trauma center literally across the street.  Ironically, it had sustained only minimal damage and was functioning (although I’m sure overwhelmed).  I carried on, grateful for the help of the community.  
Within hours I estimated that over 100 EMS units showed up from various towns, counties and  four different states. Considering the circumstances, their response time was miraculous.  Roads were blocked with downed utility lines, smashed up cars in piles, and they still made it through.
We continued to carry patients out of the hospital on anything that we could find: sheets, stretchers, broken doors, mattresses, wheelchairs—anything that could be used as a transport mechanism.
As I finished up what I could do at St John’s, I walked with two RNs, Shilo Cook and Julie Vandorn, to a makeshift MASH center that was being set up miles away at Memorial Hall.  We walked where flourishing neighborhoods once stood, astonished to see only the disastrous remains of flattened homes, body parts, and dead people everywhere.  I saw a small dog just wimpering in circles over his master who was dead, unaware that his master would not ever play with him again.  At one point we tended to a young woman who just stood crying over her dead mother who was crushed by her own home.  The young woman covered her mother up with a blanket and then asked all of us,  “What should I do?”  We had no answer for her, but silence and tears.
By this time news crews and photographers were starting to swarm around, and we were able to get a ride to Memorial Hall from another RN.  The chaos was slightly more controlled at Memorial Hall.  I was relieved to see many of my colleagues, doctors from every specialty, helping out.  It was amazing to be able to see life again.  It was also amazing to see how fast workers mobilized to set up this MASH unit under the circumstances. Supplies, food, drink, generators, exam tables, all were there—except pharmaceutical pain meds. I sutured multiple lacerations, and splinted many fractures, including some open with bone exposed, and then intubated another patient with severe COPD, slightly better controlled conditions this time, but still less than optimal.
But we really needed pain meds.  I managed to go back to the St John’s with another physician, pharmacist, and a sheriff’s officer. Luckily, security let us in to a highly guarded pharmacy to bring back a garbage bucket sized supply of pain meds.
At about midnight I walked around the parking lot of St. John’s with local law enforcement officers looking for anyone who might be alive or trapped in crushed cars.  They spray-painted “X”s on the fortunate vehicles that had been searched without finding anyone inside. The unfortunate vehicles wore “X’s” and sprayed-on numerals, indicating the  number of dead inside,  crushed in their cars, cars  which now resembled flattened  recycled aluminum cans the tornado had crumpled  in her iron hands, an EF5 tornado, one of the worst in history, whipping through this quiet town with demonic strength.  I continued back to Memorial hall into the early morning hours until my ER colleagues told me it was time for me to go home.  I was completely exhausted.  I had seen enough of my first tornado.
How can one describe these indescribable scenes of destruction?  The next day I saw news coverage of this horrible, deadly tornado.  It was excellent coverage, and Mike Bettes from the Weather Channel did a great job, but there is nothing that pictures and video can depict compared to seeing it in person. That video will play forever in my mind.
I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved in helping during this nightmarish disaster.  My fellow doctors, RN’s, techs, and all of the staff from St. John’s.  I have worked at St John’s for approximately 2 years, and I have always been proud to say that I was a physician at St John’s in Joplin, MO.  The smart, selfless and immediate response of the professionals and the community during this catastrophe proves to me that St John’s and the surrounding community are special.  I am beyond proud.
To the members of this community, the health care workers from states away, and especially Freeman Medical Center, I commend everyone on unselfishly coming together and giving 110% the way that you all did, even in your own time of need. St John’s Regional Medical Center is gone, but her spirit and goodness lives on in each of you.
EMS, you should be proud of yourselves.  You were all excellent, and did a great job despite incredible difficulties and against all odds
For all of the injured who I treated, although I do not remember your names (nor would I expect you to remember mine) I will never forget your faces.  I’m glad that I was able to make a difference and help in the best way that I knew how, and hopefully give some of you a chance at rebuilding your lives again.  For those whom I was not able to get to or treat, I apologize whole heartedly.
Last, but not least, thank you, and God bless you, Mercy/St John’s for providing incredible care in good times and even more so, in times of the unthinkable, and for all the training that enabled us to be a team and treat the people and save lives.
Kevin J. Kikta, DO
Department of Emergency Medicine
Mercy/St John’s Regional Medical Center, Joplin, MO
6/2/2011 9:59:24 AM
Bart United States
I just want to thank Angie Williams for her willingness to share her story.  Also, thank you our Lord for giving Lisa that strength to read it on the air this morning.  I brought me to tears as I was driving.

I was on the ground in Joplin this past weekend. The Lord laid it upon the hearts of a group of 3 men from our church to just pickup and go to Joplin to help.  We didn't really know where we stay at first, what we would do when we got there, or even if the city would let us in to work.  As always, the Lord provided everything that we would need.  We worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday by simply driving our skid steer up and down the streets looking for folks that needed help with trees, rubble, or just an ear to listen.  We were so blessed by the strength of this community!  As it has been said in a few of these posts today, the people of Joplin and the volunteers coming in have nothing by willingness to help their neighbors and complete strangers alike.

While I was listening to Angie's story, I remembered the many homes that we saw during those days.  While I doubt I actually say her home, I can picture exactly what it would have looked like after the storm.  The Lord had his hands wraped around so many people that day to keep them safe.  We serve an AWESOME God and all things are possible through Christ who give us strength!

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  
James 1:2

6/2/2011 2:08:06 PM
Andy Norway
How amazing that you actually thank GOD because someone put some duct tape on a sign! Was god so busy putting on the duct tape he didn't have time to save alle the people living there?
6/2/2011 2:11:37 PM
Adam United States
Are you kidding me?!?! According to most of you, this was your Gods plan. Your God destroyed your whole town... He did this... and yet you still praise him for the fact that you are still sucking in air? He killed a bunch of people and you call him wonderful? Imagine if I were to come to your house with a bulldozer and just knock it flat, With you still inside! Would you turn around and say "Thank you, Sir, You have given me a new lease on life!" No, you would would be furious and probably prosecute me to the full extent of the law.
Please for the sake of humanity, enlighten yourselves...
6/2/2011 2:27:48 PM
Brian United States
So god destroyed the town so that someone else had the ability to take duct tape (apparently the most holy of all tools) and make it Hope...

Does that HONESTLY sit right in any of your minds? Or are you throwing away logic in favor for grabbing the slightest amount of proof you can?
6/2/2011 3:43:40 PM
Sandra Vogel
Sandra Vogel
As always when tragic things happen people look for someone to blame, and as always it's God that gets the blame. It's not Gods nature to do harm,to destroy or sacrifice something that He loves so much that He gave His only son Jesus that we may be saved from true distruction. After reading these posts from those that went through this horrific event and can see God's faithfulness, and His deliverance and testify of His great mercy, I know that they understand the nature of their God and Father. They see his love in the midst of the storm and they believe that through everything they can make it when they are in Christ. This is not our home. This is only a temporary place until we enter a place who's maker and builder is God. A place that those who love God and and have accepted Jesus as their saviour will dwell for all eternity. A place where there will never be a fear of tornados, earthquakes, fire or flood. So I pray you really read the sign and find your hope in Him. Jesus is your only hope, and without Him your sign will be Looser. Lost out on Heaven, an eternity with the Father , Son and Holy Ghost and all those that love you that are there waiting for you. I pray you don't wait. Accept Him while you have a chance. As the good doctor in the ER said 45 seconds. 45 seconds was all it took for the lives of so many to be changed forever. God Bless You, He loves you! He wants to be your hope for this life and your eternal life. Without Him you are without hope. And duct tape won't save you.
My prayers are for you to see that there is hope and it is in Jesus. Call on Him and you'll never be the same. God bless! Sandra
6/2/2011 4:08:16 PM
Matt United States
God gets the blame because according to your holy book he is all knowing.  He knew that this would happen and he could have saved the 140+ people who were killed.  Instead he trolls you all and puts some duct tape on a sign.

And really?  "It's not in gods nature"...?  I guess it wasn't in Gods nature to cause a world wide flood that killed all but 2 people.  
6/2/2011 4:12:46 PM
Adam United States
Surely I will never be the same if I call upon Jesus! I will be throwing in with the brainwashed majority... No thanks. Your God isn't even strong enough to save a small town. How could I believe he is powerful enough to give me eternal life? There is no one on the other side of this life, for there is no afterlife.
All the people that survived this event did so by shear luck or skill. As well as every person helping with the relief is doing so out of innate compassion for the well-being of their fellow man. They may say they are doing Gods work, but I bet if you asked around some would be doing it even if they didn't believe in your imaginary friend.
And what of those others that DID accept Jesus, that didn't save them from an agonizing death. Or did it save them Grief, those that have to live on with the loss of a dear one?
I think not!
6/2/2011 5:12:18 PM
Rob Australia
Gotta say the states is about the only place I know where 'god' knocks the crap out of you and you like him for it.

I know most people weren't thanking god when the flood was wiping out half of Brisbane or bush fires are spreading devastation.

I'm just curious but at what point did you guys get it into your heads that a tornado ripping your town to shreds is an example of an omnipotent beings love? Seems just slightly illogical to me.
6/2/2011 7:19:55 PM
vicki United States
"Bad things happen to great people" then God moves in. I don't think anyone is thanking God for the tornado and its destruction. They are not saying it was his "plan". But these very very brave souls know "Bad things happen to great people" as a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse I know this first hand. Its when the very very bad things happen that we "believers" try to find the good and God. I know from the Emergency Room doctors account of this horrific event that it is my faith that would keep me moving in that instance and my faith that would help me help others, so I ask you non-believers as I am saving your loved one, especially your child... "Aren't you glad your nurse and medical staff have faith even if you don't?"
6/2/2011 8:27:42 PM
Deana United States
I am so sorry for the people who cannot see the glory of GOD in all this. I am here I personally see the power GOD has. over 8,000 homes were destoryed and only 138 people died. Most of them over the age of 75. I think their Job on earth was done. They got to go home to heaven. This event has brought our whole town together. So many people have seen the love of GOD and have commited themselves to the LORD. I pray for those that are blind. GOD is great and Joplin has hope.
6/2/2011 8:41:22 PM
The Warick Australia
The Warick

"Aren't you glad your nurse and medical staff have faith even if you don't?"

I don't believe faith helps a doctor perform any medical duties. They did they hard yards to learn everything they needed to know. They relied on medical equipment that in turn relies on science to get the job done.

It's great that many people of different religions feel that they can rely on science and become doctors. However faith has little to do with the work they perform. Any atheist doctor who is talented could easily do the same job as any other talented doctor of a religion.

"Bad" things happen to people in general just as much as good things. We control our actions and sometimes our circumstances are out of our hands, someone who is praying just wants to try control what they can't.

Any god that exists and allows for atrocities to happen, where it could have been prevented isn't worthy of admiration or worship.

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"
6/2/2011 8:52:32 PM
Matt United States
8,000 homes were destroyed, yes.  But it was SCIENCE that warned them of what was coming.  SCIENCE alerted them in time to get into a position that would best help them survive.  NOT GOD.
6/2/2011 9:02:11 PM
Deana United States
Like I said I will continue to pray for you. I am a science major and all my education has only strengthen my faith. My heart breaks for you. I wish you can see what I see. I pray one day you will. I pray you can one day have the peace and joy I feel.
6/2/2011 10:06:28 PM
Matt United States
I see ignorance in the face of facts.  
6/3/2011 6:52:16 AM
Penny Bowers United States
Penny Bowers
I find hope in the fact that people are listening to K-LOVE.  They may be bashing our faith and our God, but the seeds are being planted.  They are listening.  "Praise the Lord."
6/3/2011 9:06:56 AM
Eleanor United States
I have read all of the posts, tears coming to my eyes reading most of them.  The survivors of Joplin that have posted have painted a visiual picture of the devastation your town has endured and a wonderfully vivid picture of the HOPE that HE our Almighty God has brought to your town even through this utter chaotic time.   You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.  

It is sad to see posts on here of those who after reading these stories can not see the HOPE, the love, the mercifulness, the encouragement the peace that The Lord brings and gives to us. My heart aches for you that have hard hearts and do not see the GRACE that has been bestowed on you if only you where to sincerely ask for it.  My prayers go out for you as well that one day your hard heart will be softened and the light of Jesus will shine through your life as it did in the life of Paul.  

Also after reading all of these posts I find it odd that non beleivers are posting on a Christian radio station site.  The devil is trying to make a distraction of the grace and goodness of the LORD but it will not work for The Almighty Father has PREVAILED.  
6/3/2011 10:28:28 AM
Deana United States
For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18 NIV
6/3/2011 12:50:03 PM
Brent S United States
Brent S
"GOD was SOOoo merciful!!" Yeah right...What does the DEAD neighbor (you know, the one that went to Church religiously) have to say about it?!?...Still waiting.. God may have been "merciful" to you, but your neighbor got killed... You have no clue how STUPID and illogical this double-think sounds outside of your petty cults. "Oh but the dead were all frail old people ready to be taken up to Heaven anyway!!" OH really!?!?
You people are SERIOUSLY deluded. I'm thankful I found enough time to put the light of Reason on your silly mind-numbing religion and threw it into the trash where it belongs!.. GROW UP!
Oh!...As for spouting scripture, I can do that too! Except it would be the ugly, vile, petty, vindictive tripe from the OT...
6/3/2011 12:59:23 PM
Matt United States
Check out the hypocritical ignorance of these posters.  Calling others "non-believers", it's outright hilarious.  You realize that you too are a "non-believer"?  Thousands of Gods have preceded your God.  You have chosen to not believe in them either.  Atheists have just chosen to take their non-belief one God further.

And thanks for bringing The Devil into this conversation Eleanor.  You realize that the only power The Devil holds over man is his ability to trick them?  The only being that has the power to cause massive destruction is God.  God created the tornado that ripped through Joplin.  The same tornado that killed 140 and counting people.  Yet instead of condemning him for this senseless murder you praise him for putting duct tape on a sign.
6/3/2011 1:58:49 PM
Brian United States
I should use this as an experimental sample of this ridiculous self-defense mechanism built into christianity.

Please note no one was saying that this was gods fault and that it's not his will to destroy. It WAS the supposed "god's" will to have the word HOPE placed on a destroyed sign.

They don't blame god for the bad, only praise him for the good.

This is delusional cherry picking that is the foundation of christianity.
6/3/2011 6:46:55 PM
Amy United States
Why do you come on these pages if you don't believe in God?
6/3/2011 9:42:49 PM
Brian United States
Freedoms of speech, expression, and religion. Combine all three and I am expressing my beliefs about religion. I'm allowed to be on here if I want to. And I want to.

As for WHY I came to this specific page? Well I've never once been on this website (actually I was unaware it existed) until someone sent me this link, and I find the level blind faith and cherry-picking occurring here to be a little bit higher then what I normally see:

This is a terrible event and yet somehow everyone here has taken the focus from helping those harmed (which should be the focus) to PRAYING for them, and praising "god" because someone wanted to lighten the mood and wrote "hope" with the remaining letters on the sign.
6/3/2011 10:11:48 PM
Amy United States
You should know that this radio station talks constantly about how to help those affected by the tornado in Joplin. They are partnering with groups like Convoy of Hope who is bringing supplies and assistance needed to help Joplin get back on their feet. Yes we do pray constantly that those affected are able to get going again. We are saddened by the fact that over a hundred people lost their lives in this tragedy, but is it so wrong to look for hope in the face of despair? To try to bring a smile to a face that's lost everything. What's wrong with giving someone hope that things might be ok again?
6/4/2011 6:32:42 AM
Deana United States
Well said Amy. GOD bless you.
6/6/2011 9:43:01 AM
Michelle United States
Psa 33:18  The LORD'S eyes are on those who fear Him, on those who wait with HOPE for His mercy.

God has been working on me lately in regards to hope. The last six months of my life have been the most difficult I have ever gone through. Six months ago, my house burned to the ground - we lost everything including our three dogs although we were not home at the time and therefore were safe. The next day, the brakes went out in my vehicle and the mechanic said the entire bottom of my vehicle - brake lines, fuel lines, and frame - were rusted out and the vehicle was not worth repairing so now I was out of a vehicle too. Within the next two months, I lost a job and had a scare with my eye/vision. In March, I was driving an older car someone had given me and a man ran a red light and hit me, totaling my car, and leaving the scene. The very next night, my husband of 6 1/2 years told me he didn't love me and within 6 weeks he had managed to obtain a divorce.

Through the grace of God, I have not lost my faith, but I was really struggling with my hope. Was my life going to continue along these lines or was it going to get better? I love the Lord and have been serving Him since I was in high school. Never did I think that this is where I would be at this point in my life. I married a man who is a Christian and wanted to serve God and yet he has walked away from all of that. But God has been taking care of me, my church has been so wonderful to me, and I have been daily reading God's word and praying.

This last Friday, I was really struggling with depression and while I was praying, I cried out to God to please help me. At the moment those words came out of my mouth, my phone beeped and I read a text with a friend's prayer for me and words of encouragement. I felt like God was showing me that He was right there with me, giving me exactly what I needed. Later that day I used the E-Sword program on my computer to do a word study through the Bible on hope. Wow! Spending time meditating on the Scriptures of hope has lifted my spirit tremendously! Hope is different than wish. It means to confidently expect with desire! He has also reminded me that "faith is the substance of things hoped for" (Heb. 11:1). So how can I have faith if I don't have hope? I MUST hope - I must expect God to work on my behalf! Not because of me, but because that is who He is! So anyway, hope is something I am working on that I might trust more fully in God to work all things out for my good because I love Him and am called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28).
6/7/2011 8:34:01 AM
Lucy DelSarto United States
Lucy DelSarto
I write an e-newsletter every month for my TCOY Wellness company. I let God put on my heart what I should write about, this month I was torn between two topic...one was HOPE, when I saw this picture, it sealed the deal.  Here's hoping some of my readers will tune into KLOVE and feel Jesus and all his hope and love for us.

TCOY = Take Care of You!
6/8/2011 7:49:12 AM
MINDY GUY United States
Lisa and Eric

I just wanted to share what God has done in my church here in a small town Saint Albans, WV the name of our church is Maranatha Fellowship we just came out of a spontanious revival that started on March 20th and ended June 3rd, 89 services 657 decisons for christ it was amazing we have blind eyes opended,deaf ears opened, brain tumors removed, cervical cancer healed, marriage restored, lots of restoration,we had people saved in the parking lot of the church it was a amazing thing and i so thankful that God allowed me to be apart of something so wounderful that we can talked about for years to come, although the meetings have stopped the revival still moves on

Thank you for making a difference i listen everyday when i am working
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