Jun 15 2011

Special Co-Host

Josh Wilson was our special co-host Wednesday.  

To hear and see Josh peforming his amazing instrumental version of "Amazing Grace", click here

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6/16/2011 7:19:39 AM
sherri United States
I love Mandisa!!! I have had the previledge of seeing her in person 4 times.  I am having a hard time right now with all the fathers day things going on.  I just lost my Godly father MArch 21  He was injured on job in 1974and has sufered for many years.  He taught us to look for God in every situation.  He was used by God so many times by God to minister to Drs and nurses. One of the last times be was admitted every breath was very painful. They finally got him to room about midnight when he got there a nurse came in crying saying it was her 1st night back aftr loosing her husband and did not know if she was going to be able tomake it until she saw him. He simply heldboout his hand and prayed with\for her. Remember every breath hurt.  When he passed there were over half of staff from small hospital attended some came in to work so everone that wanted to could pay their respects.  So even in pain he looked for God and how he cod be used. He was such an influence in my life and I miss him SO much.
6/16/2011 8:14:17 AM
Christian Finland
Go ahed JD !!

Nice to work within the flow you are serving

Praise the Lord

Visit us at

Love from Finland,

Christian Backman
6/17/2011 8:34:07 AM
Kate United States
Where can I find Josh Wilson's "Friday Song" that I heard this morning?
6/17/2011 11:46:05 AM
Kerry Skurka United States
Kerry Skurka
very enjoyable week listening to you Eric and all the wonderful guest you had on.  I especially enjoyed the focus on Fathers.  You made my mornings encouraging and comforting thinking about the arms of our Father with every positive and loving words of such true human fathers.  thank you and all for sharing with us.
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