Jun 23 2011

Special Guests from Australia

We had a chance to catch up with a great group of Aussies - Hillsong United!


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6/23/2011 5:04:09 PM
hopie United States
first i dont know on person in that picture... but:they ALL LOOK godly and amazing
6/24/2011 8:00:13 AM
Lila United States
just a comment on complaining at church...hte music..the ministry...it's not about us it's all about HIM!!! we dont go to church to be entertained but out of love for the Lord...
6/27/2011 6:28:49 AM
Nicole Allen United States
Nicole Allen
6/27/2011 5:24:17 PM
Caroline Aikin United States
Caroline Aikin
My name is Caroline and I love this radio sation. Last Monday my church and I went to their concert in Indianapoils. We were all the people in the yellow t-shirts. We were just begining our Serve week  200 6th-12th graders participated in a week long community service project bringing God's love to our community. As a surprise the orginizers were able to get tickets for everyone to the concert and at the end of the concert the drumer wore one of our yellow Serve full throttle shirts. I loved the concert. There is more to my story I would love to share but this is the part that related to Hillsong United. Serve had 362 participants this was the 10th year 149 were 6th-12th graders 200 were able to go to concert.
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