Jun 27 2011

This can't be good for his self-esteem...

Do you say "congratulations" for being named the "World's Ugliest Dog"?  That's the "honor" that was bestowed upon Yoda, a 14-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix, at the 23rd annual contest at the Sonoma Marin Fair in Northern California.


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6/27/2011 6:09:55 AM
Frank United States
You say, THANK YOU!!!
6/27/2011 6:15:20 AM
Jerrilyn Richards United States
Jerrilyn Richards
The name is totally appropriate.  
6/27/2011 6:17:17 AM
Keri Lynn United States
Keri Lynn
My roommate in college had a Chinese crested, which I always thought was the ugliest dog. What made her dog even worse was that it had to wear ugly "christmas sweaters" since it lives in Chicago and has no hair. Apparently, her dog was not built for the climate. But adding the Chihuahua mix does make it worse. Poor thing...
6/27/2011 6:18:20 AM
Debbie Petfield United States
Debbie Petfield
I bet ya he is such a loving dog,gotta love him.
6/27/2011 6:19:11 AM
Nicole United States
Oh! He so pitifully cute
6/27/2011 6:21:02 AM
cindy United States
poor baby just want to hold him and give him some
6/27/2011 6:28:53 AM
Jolene Gil United States
Jolene Gil
Poor little thing! We feel sorry for it.
6/27/2011 6:32:51 AM
Sherry Ables-Privette United States
Sherry Ables-Privette
I'm just so pleased that the lady had the heart to take this little guy home. I'll bet over the years YODA has brought alot of happy (and funny) memories. No doubt he gives her lots of love for taking him home. This picture and story makes me cry for some unknown reason. Maybe because people probably laughed and made fun of him all his life.
6/27/2011 6:39:51 AM
chuck United States
This dog is just having a bad hair day that's all.
6/27/2011 7:08:55 AM
Lauren United States
Awwww!!! He's nothing but a big sweetheart! I feel so sorry for that poor dog.
The thing is you don't know what the poor thing is thinking! I mean, how would you feel if you were named the ugliest human is the world in front of hundreds of thousands of people?! It may be a new record, (which I'll admit is pretty cool) but in THIS case, I don't appreciate it weather It's dog or human I don't.
I'll go for cutest dog but not ugliest. It is God's creation and people shouldn't be making fun of it.

Just consider what I said. It was just my opinion.
Thanks for listening from Lauren in Winchester KY.  
6/27/2011 7:40:51 AM
Mark Navarro, Texas United States
Mark Navarro, Texas
awwww God loves him just as he loves us all
6/27/2011 7:43:10 AM
Naima United States
"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals"-Immanuel Kant

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself." ~ Josh Billings

"Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

I thank God everyday for my Dogs ( aka my kids)he has blessed me with this wonderful friendship.
6/27/2011 7:45:27 AM
Michele United States

That puppy is truly blessed as well as the owner who has been blessed by this little guy!  Look at his adorable little nose!!!  Way too cute!  This relationship was just meant to be.
6/27/2011 7:45:35 AM
Danielle Curtis United States
Danielle Curtis
He one of a kind just like us all his differences make him special! I love this dog he is cute and interesting at the same time.
6/27/2011 7:45:56 AM
Jason United States
he looks a lot like yoda only he isnt green.
6/27/2011 7:46:08 AM
Chris United States
There is something very lovable about this dog. I don't think looks determines how attached one could become.
6/27/2011 7:46:54 AM
Matt Wetherell United States
Matt Wetherell
I don't think the dog cares if it is ugly, I think it cares if it's loved. God Bless the person who owns that cure ugly dog!
6/27/2011 7:50:01 AM
Maggie United States
I am reminded of Proverbs 12:10--"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." (NIV)
I'm not sure that it's possible to love people and not love, or at least have compassion for, animals. It reflects a godly heart to love all of God's creatures.
6/27/2011 7:50:49 AM
Toni United States
Poor dog it's so ugly that you can't help but to love it !
6/27/2011 7:51:05 AM
Matt Wetherell United States
Matt Wetherell
6/27/2011 7:51:42 AM
David W. Gilbert United States
David W. Gilbert
I do not think that dog is ugly at all that dog is a living breathing creature created by our Father! I think that dog is amazing with an incredible story of pain suffering and now rejoicing with a new life! True example of exactly how God moves in all of our lives even animals lives, bringing us all from the darkess times in our lives to the light. A task only God can do and he does this because he loves us all so much and he has proved that saying once again, by pulling this animal from the depths of sorrow to a happy home! I tip my hat to this dog!
6/27/2011 7:53:16 AM
Lori del Sol United States
Lori del Sol
I think the most touching thing is that we all can agree that this is an ugly dog, but God the Creator of ALL.  Gave him life....that woman saved him from the Heart of God she has and that is touching.  Ive heard it said that if we could see on the outside what smoking or drinking does to the inside of us.....who could ever love us?  God says HE WILL, HE CAN AND HE DOES! Love to ALL!!
6/27/2011 7:54:40 AM
Lisa United States
With Yoda being part Chihuahua, I doubt he has self-esteem issues!  From the picture, it looks like he's thinking "WHAT? You think I'm ugly? At least I won a title - how many titles have YOU won????"
6/27/2011 8:09:41 AM
tim and Novina United States
tim and Novina
good picture    seems  we are all like this. until God   bends down and takes us in to his arms and  we are longer as ugly, since we have been made in his likeness. our eyes have opened to a new world. we  have been set free   of this worlds and have a new image to look forward too. thanks for  your work on this station  
6/27/2011 8:13:46 AM
Annette United States
Aw-w-e-e!! I am a big rescuer of pets and have been dubbed Dr. Doolittle at work as they always bring me animals that have lost their parents. (Raccoon Baby being the latest).  I can't turn them away no matter how abused or "ugely" they are.  They are God's creatures and haven't been given a fair shake in this cruel world.  God bless Yoda's adoptor and may he live the rest of his days knowing someone loves him.
6/27/2011 8:19:16 AM
Cindy brown United States
Cindy brown
My daughter Catherine (11 years) said, "Aw he isn't that bad, except his tongue hangs out all the time." She also thinks his name Yoda suits him well.  I personally think he is indeed ugly, but I am glad he found a home.  
6/27/2011 8:34:13 AM
Leslie Webster United States
Leslie Webster
Hey, I'm not as pretty as I used to be either! This dude isn't so bad for a 70-year-old!
6/27/2011 9:28:45 AM
jasmine hubbard United States
jasmine hubbard
awww it is soooooooo cute i dont care what it looks like it is just soooooooo cute!
6/27/2011 10:12:24 AM
Missy United States
I will probably never have a dog like this but he seems so sweet, I am glad to hear he was rescued.
6/27/2011 6:08:58 PM
Becky United States
Well...at one time I bet he was the cream of the crop. Besides everybody knows a time when a picture was taken of them and it caught them off guard when they had something they didn't quite like about their picture. I have both Chinese Cresteds and Chihuahuas and they are all so wonderful and happy. He's definitely a star in my opinion!
6/28/2011 6:46:32 PM
Caroline Aikin United States
Caroline Aikin
That poor thing!!!!!!! Well I think he is pretty
6/29/2011 6:32:13 AM
Shelley United States
Yoda -you're beautiful. God didn't make such a thing as an 'ugly duckling'.We are all beautiful in God's eyes and little Yoda you are no exceptions! Congratulations on your award for being the World Most ugliest Dog. You r beautiful to GOD! and to me too!!!!!!
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