Jul 06 2011

Nathaniel's Hope

I SO hope you got to hear my bestest girlfriend Marie Kuck on Wednesday morning!  

Nathaniel's Hope encourages families that have kids with special needs, and educates and equips the local church to reach out to these families.  If you want more information about Buddy Break (a VIP kids' respite program) click here or watch the video above.  To sign up your child for the National VIP Birthday Club, click here!

Here's a video from this year's Make 'm Smile, a festival celebrating kids with special needs...


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7/6/2011 5:14:17 AM
Donna Martin United States
Donna Martin
YES! This is wonderful! Our family knows well that having special needs children can be overwhelming and isolating-just trying to attend church..my husband and I would  take turns walking the halls or huddling in a spare room with our autistic daughter, when her autistic brother was a baby and still "blended in" the church nursery. Now that he is deployed that's not an option. There is a whole community of children (and adults) who are under evangelized.. it IS a mission field, and it is in virtually every community.
7/6/2011 5:33:58 AM
Dan Curran United States
Dan Curran
Ten million thank you's to KLOVE for giving kids with disabilities some air time.  It's very touching.  It highlights the fact that no matter how tough it gets I know I'm not alone.  My disabled sons, Sean, Leo and Seamus, will live in a world that gets a little better for them each day because of you guys.  We'll be praying for you.

Thanks again!!!
7/6/2011 5:51:38 AM
Necie Byrd United States
Necie Byrd
This is an amazing program! My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and will be turning 5 on August 1st, so my family does know some of the trials that this can bring but you know every time I see her smile at me or hug me then I know God has a purpose for her life even if it is just to bring joy into others hearts! Karah, my daughter, goes to one of the only 2 special needs preschools in the US and it is a wonderful christian school that is tuition free so far and offers speech, occupational and physical therapies and this school has been a huge blessing to our family. I have wonderful christian support through these beautiful women who run this school and teach there! I get on my knees daily and thank God for them and my daughter! Please be praying for me as well as I see a need here in Mississippi a for special need daycare and I am praying for the Lord to open up a way, since I am pretty clueless on how to do this, to make this happen for all families who need 2 incomes and can't make that happen now because no daycares will take special needs kids!  Thanks again and I am so thankful that the Lord has laid it upon your heart Donna to create such a wonderful ministry!
7/6/2011 5:52:25 AM
Madeline Marr United States
Madeline Marr
This is awesome! But i would like to add something so all special needs parents could know! I am a high school student and every summer I volunteer at this camp called barnabas. It is an amazing camp deticated to letting special needs kids have a camp experience in Missouri! They each get a consoular specifically for them who love on them all week! And teach them about the love of God! So this camp not only offers the parents a week to relax and take a vacation but also let's the kids have an experience of a life time at camp Laughing so if God has given you a  special needs kid I would definitely look into it this camp Smile thank you! GOD BLESS
7/6/2011 6:14:32 AM
Mindy Marion United States
Mindy Marion
There is a church in Lafayette, CO that reaches out to families that have children with disabilities for the lady that is in Denver.  It is Flatirons Community Church.  They just held an extravagant party for those with disabilities.  Check it out at this link:  http://www.flatironschurch.com/
The video is in the lower right hand corner.  
7/6/2011 7:02:50 AM
Erin United States
Oh WOW.  This is an amazing thing.  I just sent a link to our children's ministry leader at our church...to see if they would be interested in doing something like this for our church families and the community.  We have a child with special needs.  He's not severely affected; however, it still puts a strain on us.  You feel like you are alone at times and nobody understands...but GOD does!  He gave us this special blessing of a child for a purpose.

Three hours is an awesome break for parents of kids with special needs.  We even have a hard time leaving my son with family...because they just don't understand his needs.  This would be a wonderful thing...if we could get one started in our town.

Would love to meet Marie and her husband.  My family and I live just three hours north of Orlando...in S. GA...if she is ever travelling North on I-75 Smile
7/6/2011 7:17:54 AM
Susie Knight United States
Susie Knight
Hi Marie:
I just want to thank you for your ministry. When you spoke a little while ago I was able to totally identify with you. We too were in full-time ministry but now feel like we've been placed on a shelf. We have 3 children. Our oldest daughter (8) has Asperger's. Our son (6) has severe autism and a lot of associated medical conditions and unbelievably strict diet. Our youngest daughter (5) has moderate autism. We had to move away from family to obtain specialized treatments and therapies and we feel so isolated. We leave in a crazy world that most people will never understand and the church is doing so little to reach out to. I appreciate ministries like yours. Thank you. Susie Knight
7/6/2011 7:29:53 AM
Jen United States
I want to help and live in the Raleigh, NC.  I love kids and it is breaking my heart to know there are people who need help with their kids and I don't know where to start!  Please point me in the right direction!
7/6/2011 7:29:56 AM
Myra Fowler United States
Myra Fowler
What a blessing to listen to this on the radio this morning!  I have been speaking informally about these ministries with my Church.  After hearing Marie speak I have a renewed passion to get it done.  We have an 8 year old son with Autism and I know God gave him to us for a special reason.  To God be the Glory!
7/6/2011 7:32:21 AM
Lisa Burden United States
Lisa Burden
Just sent this to out Pastor to see if we could get a Buddy break program started at our Church.  I checked and it doesnt look like there are any churches in my city of Jacksonville, Florida that offer this.  What an awesome ministry, and what a way to help our fellow man
7/6/2011 7:40:12 AM
Shelly Rishell United States
Shelly Rishell
I have been listening to your station this morning from Wichita Ks and would love to know if there are any church's in our area that have this program.  Me & my husband have a 5 year old son who was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 lb and had a grade 4 brain bleed.  He has cerebral palsy, seizures and has hydrocephelus and has a shunt.  He is non verbal and non ambulatory.  My mom (who is 60 by the way) is our only sitter.  We have friends and family members but no one feels confident in watching him so this would be AWESOME if we had a program like Nathienal's Hope where me and my husband could just go to a movie or a dinner and enjoy an evening with no worries. Carson is a true Miracle and brings so much joy to our lives.  We thank God every day for him and we know he has a special plan for his life. Your station always uplifts me and I listen to it while at work, in the car, and at home.  Thank you!!
7/6/2011 7:44:30 AM
Katrina United States
I have a child with Down Syndrome and when he was born I thought if anything I could get support from my church.  I have had to fight for my son his whole life and the place I have had to fight for him the most has been my church which is really sad.  I go to a big church and I know there are more parents out there that have special needs children.  I just wish we were pushed a side sometimes.  It would also be nice if the pastors of the church really got to know these families.  These families are hurting.  They don't show if because they have to be strong all them time for their child.  God did bless us with our son and I wouldn't give him up for anything.  He is a very loving teenager and would do anything for anyone.  My prayer is that he would be able to talk to someone and they be able to understand him.  (People need to walk a day in our shoes and she what we have to go though on a daily bases.)
7/6/2011 7:45:28 AM
Sherri United States
Amazing grace!  I'm a single mom with a 15-year-old son with special needs and for the last week or so I have been feeling an unusual despair because the work is so RELENTLESS, and it seems there is no rest, no calm space, no one to tell me that I can do it or that it's all going to be all right.

And then....this morning when I get in the car to drive to work, there is KLOVE....reminding me that there IS rest, there IS a calm space, and there IS Someone to tell me that I can do it and that it's all going to be all right, 24 hours a day, in the longest night and the brightest day.  Words cannot thank you enough for recognizing that caregivers have "special needs" as well, but that God knows them all and meets them all.
7/6/2011 7:49:42 AM
Marie Kuck United States
Marie Kuck
Hey! This is Marie Kuck! Lisa and I are reading your posts. We would love to help you get ministry started in your churches!
Reach out to us and we will get more info to you.
You can visit www.NathanielsHope.org or email me at info@nathanielshope.org!  Thanks for caring!  
7/6/2011 7:55:18 AM
Missy United States
Thanks for letting others know what we go through as parents with special needs.  We have an almost 20 year old son with Down Syndrome and when he was young it was so hard.  And I know it difficult to ask for help.  Just knowing that there are people out there willing to help if we just reach out is a blessing.  I will definately be going to Nathaniel's Hope and enourage and see if there is any way that we can now help out someone that needs a break.  God bless you!  ~Missy
7/6/2011 7:57:58 AM
Tammy Cate United States
Tammy Cate
Thank you so much for the information on Klove this morning and the prayers! We have a son who was just diagnosed with DMD and we are looking for ways for our church to be a place for our son and other VIP kids. We will be emailing you. Thank you again and pray you receive many blessings. What a perfect song to end your time on Klove-- Blessings, which is our theme song. I am glad I was streaming Klove to hear it. Have a great day!
7/6/2011 7:59:45 AM
Kim McCord United States
Kim McCord
Young Life is a Non denomination Christian ministry that strives to build relationships with kids in order to lead them to Christ.  Young Life Capernaum is a ministry for special needs kids.  They meet regularly for fun and study and offer camps for kids in the summer.
7/6/2011 8:00:45 AM
Cathy United States
I am single and have a special needs sister who is now 56 years old.  She's lived with me for the past 13 years and sometimes its a great challenge.  She functions on a level of 9 - 13 year old depending on the day.  It gets from stressful at times for both of us.  Listening to your show this morning, just reminded me that I'm not the only one who feels like running away sometimes. Thanks!!

My sister is blessing to all who know her. She's the most loving person I know.  She reflects the love of Christ in a way that I couldn't.  
7/6/2011 8:01:58 AM
Mark Mergenschroer United States
Mark Mergenschroer
I am so blessed to be the parent of a Autistic child, sitting here at work tearing up listening to this song..  Thank you Lord for giving me Caleb!
7/6/2011 8:05:01 AM
Jonathan Lally United States
Jonathan Lally
I heard about the Nathaniel's Hope this morning while driving to work in Kodiak, Alaska. I heard the letter that was read and it reminded me of a church I went to back in Texas where my family lives.

At that church a lady with a daughter who has down syndrome started a ministry for special needs children at the church. She spoke to the church of how there were no ministries at churches she had been to that are focused on that and how hard it is for families with special needs children. The parents who serve the Lord she mentioned cannot go to a church and get the fellowship with other believes like we all need, because they are having to worry about their kids.

I was a part of that ministry for a very short while before I left for college. It is true that most churches are not built with ministries like that for special needs. Something God has been showing me is that the Church, His Body, needs to break out of Her shell and get muddy stepping into realms that we are not use to. It is too easy being in our own little world like the song by Matthew West, but when God nudges us to step out of our comfort zone we fight and push back and complain. How often we forget that when we do that, the complaining and fighting God, the World sees us.

I would encourage all of my brothers and sisters in Christ out there to each take just one step out of your comfort zones and shine your light in a new area that we all are not use to. I am constantly reminded that Jesus came to love on the unlovable and show us how we need to do the same. If we want to reach them we have to move, if we want to reach them we have to love them.

I pray all of you are encouraged by the Lord and stand firm and be strong in the Lord. He LOVES US ALL!!!  
7/6/2011 8:05:47 AM
Debbie M. United States
Debbie M.
What a HUGE shot of encouragement I received this morning from KLOVE and you talking about special needs and caregivers. I too am a caregiver. 4 years ago my 22 year old son had a car accident and was left totally incapacitated with a traumatic brain injury. They thought he wouldn't survive or he would be a vegetable. Praise God 4 years later, he is still in a wheelchair but alert to everyone and everything. God's hands of mercy have covered our family and God has sent us strength through our church and friends and now you-KLOVE. We quickly brought our son home to live-they told us it would be an impossible task but God's grace has brought us through every sleepless night. Thank you for praying this morning for caregivers. Please continue to pray for caregivers all over to carry the cross God has given us for His glory.
7/6/2011 8:09:56 AM
Dianne Brown United States
Dianne Brown
Hi,it's good to hear someone talk about Buddy Break. It has been such a blessing to my son Daniel. He comes home singing praise and worship songs that he has learned at Buddy Break! As a single parent it has been a refreshing drink of water to have a few hours to myself. Thanks Marie for your vision. This ministry has been a blessing not only for me but also for Daniel. Here is a glimpse into the program http://youtu.be/1sug-lEYHLg
7/6/2011 8:19:27 AM
Chris Gentry United States
Chris Gentry
I work with families that have children with special needs and have had the opportunity to help churches become better equipped for not only ministering to but INCLUDING individuals with disabilities of all ages.  There are many good tools and  self assessments to help churches examine how welcoming they are in this area - from the physical barriers to attitudes that need to be challenged.  Too many of our churches are not welcoming places to families that have children with special needs and this is a support system that is SO needed! We need to remember that these children grow up to be adults that also need a place to worship and to minister to others.  We all have something to offer in the body of Christ.  
7/6/2011 8:35:37 AM
Debi United States
I love listening to KLove every morning.
Today i felt insprired to share - not just listen.
I am the mother of a VIP daughter, she is 30 now, but mentally 5. She is in a wheel chair, does not read or write, requires assistance to do most things. I also have 4 sons, it has been alot of work to attend to her needs, work, be a wife and raise other children,
What I have learned-
God has blessed me to live in this life with a person who is able to love with no strings attached.  She know nothing of judgement, she loves everyone, She is always happy and care free.
When I am tired, I lay down next to her, and pretend to be her.  I find rest, and joy and love in the quietness next to her. I find God in her eyes. Peace in her quietness.
She reminds me to love unconditionally.
God put her in my life to remind me of heaven.
I am so blessed to be choosen by God - to be her escort on this planet. To other mothers of VIP children,  I say enjoy each day with your little peace of unconditional love, you are so blessed that God has trusted you with this liitle peace of heaven. ..Amen
7/6/2011 8:57:31 AM
Cindy Fiscus United States
Cindy Fiscus
I was so moved by the letter you read on air this morning. My husband had ALS for five years and I was his caregiver; what you read touched me deeply due to the nature of caregiving for a loved one. As I give back to my community as a way of thanking those who helped care for me and my family during our time of need, I'd love a copy of the letter you read as a visual reminder of what its all about. Home health and Hospice helped care for us for 1 1/2 years. Would you be able to share her letter via email? I would be so honored.

Thank you, Cindy Fiscus, Yakima, WA
7/6/2011 10:19:48 AM
KAREN E. MOORE United States
I am the mother of a 16 year old special needs son. My son, Aaron is 16 but has the function of an infant. I think the hardest part besides all the care that I have to give him is... How people, especially family members ask you to do for them. Can you babysit or can you run here or there. I am a stay at home mom and the only break I get is when my son is in school. My neighbors will even ask me to watch their kids or I was asked to let out one of my neighbors dog while they were on vacation. I never get a vacation but...... Anyway. Thanks for all you do on the show and thank you for the awesome prayer you prayed for us. BTW, I am a single mother, to boot.
7/6/2011 10:41:38 AM
L. United States
I was so thankful to hear that someone, other than my immediate family, is so concerned about the caregivers of children with special needs, as well as about the children themselves.  My mother's offer to hold a Sunday School class of one for my 5 year old son with autism is the only reason that my husband and I can attend church.  While we received a few offers for prayer when my son was diagnosed at age 2, we very infrequently are asked how he is doing now....and we are never asked how we, as parents, are doing.  To say that being a parent of a special needs child is exhausting emotionally and physically, as well as horribly isolating, is certainly an understatement.  Add to all of this that I, after 26 years of never feeling "well", but continuing to do everything anyway, have finally been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus.  Most days I cry because I am so exhausted that I don't know how I am going to get through the next necessary task for taking care of a home and two wonderful children, not to mention how I am going to get through the rest of the day.  Sheer willpower has been my only way through.....and our marriage has suffered for all of the reasons stated above and more.  My husband and I are trying to pick up the pieces, and although we have shared very little of our struggle with those outside of our immediate family, it has been disheartening to see the lack of basic concern or love shown to us by the people in our church for obvious things like our children.  I am so thankful that someone, somewhere, is taking care of other families in our situation, even if the people here aren't doing it for us.
7/6/2011 1:52:48 PM
Dianne Brown United States
Dianne Brown
Hello Karen,
You are an amazing mother. I want you to know how much I admire you for displaying the love of Christ everyday to your beautiful son Aaron. You may not hear it often, but you are the hands and feet of Jesus showing unconditional love for your family and neighbors and your community to see. Be encouraged. Dianne
7/6/2011 2:22:08 PM
Dianne Brown United States
Dianne Brown
We are humbled by the opportunity to share about special needs ministry. For those of you that were touched by the letter that Marie read earlier you can follow this link www.nathanielshope.org/.../ view it. It's a blessing to be able to touch lives in a personal way through Buddy Break.
7/6/2011 2:45:51 PM
Nancy Sexton United States
Nancy Sexton
I love that you had a show on vip kids. My grandson is severely autistic and very violent. Due to this, my daughter and son in law have a hard time even finding after school help, let alone respite. For the last 3 years they have had basically no break and now they are told Justice is too violent to be placed into living assisted schools. Somebody somewhere has go to be able to help these people. In the mean time we just pray and they do what they have to do to get buy. Any suggestions?
7/6/2011 5:26:38 PM
Rosemary United States
I teach significantly physically impaired children  ages 5 to 11 years in a public elementary school . They are my definition of joy! Even in a public school it is truly a ministry, and a blessing.
I am able to freely play music throughout my day, and sometimes I start with some worshipful songs and I always sing out loud and I always see each one soar in their spirits. A few years ago my class knew all the words of "He knows my name" and I knew that was  most important for them to know ....it is a ministry indeed
7/6/2011 9:57:33 PM
Billie United States
Marie, the info you shared about your son totally describes my grandson, who is 7 years old. His name is CJ and he is at a 9 month cognitive level and used to be at a 6 - 9 month physical level. Unfortunatley, he has lost much of the physical ability he had, he is now at a 2 month level. He does not talk or walk. He used to laugh - he does that rarely now. He still smiles. CJ smiles the most when he is wheeled into the santuary at church. Our church family has been so helpful and loving. There are a few people who cannot look at him or talk to him but that is their problem. But the majority of people will say hello, touch his head and bless him as they walk by him. We have one wonderful man who has lost two children to profound medical problems. He and his wife go out of their way to interact with our grandson. His Sunday school teacher is wonderful and always includes CJ in all activities. The church even held a benefit to raise money for medical equipment. My daughter & son-in-law are very grateful for each and every prayer, acts of kindness God is truly working in our church. Marie, my heart goes out to you & your husband for the loss of your beautiful son. I know in my heart that our family will be facing that loss in the future as well. It will be in God's time. CJ has something to teach us and we need to learn it so he can go home to Jesus. CJ has more of God's grace and love in his little hand than most people have in their entire body. He is a gift from God and we are blessed by him.
7/6/2011 11:55:55 PM
Sonja Shelton United States
Sonja Shelton
I am the single parent of my 6 year old nephew who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. My parents adopted Ashton's brother who is 5 years old and has the same disability. Both boys have other health issues as well. Their permanent brain damage and delayed development is so hard to detect behind those gorgeous smiles and energy that we struggle to find anyone who even understands the daily exhaustion of a child that will not go one single day without having a screaming fit of frustration. I often miss the joy of parenting and fun outings (like church) and find myself locked in a home to keep Ashton from being over-stimulated while I try to catch up on work. This year brought a big surgery for me where I was in a cast and not allowed to use my dominant arm for 10 weeks. Only God's mercy and grace sustained this home during that time. For it seems as if everyone else forgot Ashton and I...everyone except my mother and father who are already raising a child themselves. I cried so hard on my knees by my son's bed for him to be ok. I pray he will one day find a life of independence and know Jesus as his Savior. Thank you for reminding me that God has made me strong enough with the Holy Spirit "in me" to handle every day we face until Ashton is set free from his pain.
7/7/2011 4:36:54 AM
Keith United States
WOW! I missed the radio show because I was at work but my wife told me about this and I had to come see a little. We have a son that is not quite 2 with Down Syndrome and some pancreatic problems and struggle daily to find find the help we need with him but also with his 2 older, "normal" brothers. Thanks for the ministry and I look forward to learning more!
7/7/2011 6:38:52 AM
Rebecca Maas United States
Rebecca Maas
We have adopted six children and two of them have significant disabilities.   They are the most beautiful children on the inside and out.  My life has been blessed by being able to call them my children.  The church needs to wake up.  They are missing the most amazing gift.  Every time I get a hug or a smile from one of my children I see the face of God.  God makes no mistakes.  Each one of my children is a beautiful creation of God.  I am so thankful that HE was so creative when he made them.  I thank God every day for them!
7/7/2011 9:51:13 AM
Janel Koloski United States
Janel Koloski
This is such an important ministry!  My brother has autism and I remember growing up and watching how stressed out my parents were when trying to figure out how to get the best therapy and schooling for him! He is 24 now so when he was diagnosed autism was really new.  People did not know how to react to our family and it was hard to make friends sometimes.    I really look up to my parents because I cannot fathom the stress that put on their relationship and they stuck together!  I love my brother he is 2 years older than me and the coolest person I know!!!  I am currently pursuing a special education degree so I can work with Autism.  I work with children with special needs, take them out in the community, so their family can have a break! ( because i truly understand how important this is!)
I would never consider these individuals a burden but it is important that the family gets a break.  Most families get a small break when their children grow up and start attending school.  A special needs child involves constant attention and parental involvement.  
7/7/2011 1:27:54 PM
Victoria United States
God is so good! I recieved a call yesterday at 10:51 am from my little guy's summer camp. He was in meltdown mode. I left work and headed out there and while I was on my way I began to pray and ask God to please guide me in handling him once I arrived. I am a single mom to two wonderful boys one of which has bi-polar disorder. The past few years have been a roller coaster to say the least. From the diagnosis process, to figuring out medication, adjusting to becoming a single parent, digging for information, formulating a plan, trying to educate others and the day to day stuff I find I am sometimes beyond exhausted in every aspect and completely overwhelmed.

After getting about two sentances out to God, I couldn't really say much more. As I drove in silence I heard Lisa's voice ask if they could just say a quick prayer for the families and caregivers. That is the only part of the broadcast I heard, but it was exactly what I needed. As I sat there lisitening to the prayer I knew God had heard my prayer and it was like the had His hands on my shoulder reminding me that He was right there with me. I walked into the building with renewed streangth, the un-explainable peace that only comes from God and the assurance that Alex is in fact created in the image of God and can look forward to a bright and beautiful future.

7/8/2011 1:21:05 AM
Sonja Shelton United States
Sonja Shelton
Vctoria, don't you just love how God uses K-Love to be there at the right time with the right things for our hearts?!! Tears flowed right with my smiles after I put my little man on the bus for summer school listening to Lisa too and then the song, "Stronger" heading in to work. I began to actually feel a little bit stronger when 5 minutes earlier I was so very tired and exasperated from my son's FAS hyperactive behavior issues. No amount of caffeine ever helps me wake up fast enough to prepare for Ashton in the morning. Thank you Morning Show...Lisa and Eric for NOT forgetting our children (or us)!! We needed this litle bit of encouragement.
7/8/2011 5:59:11 AM
Lynn Petrick United States
Lynn Petrick
I just happened to turn on the radio the other  am to hear Lisa talking to Maria. my daughter has multiple disabilities and medical issues requiring constant care. she is a miracle and blessing in our lives! We too were told that she would not walk or talk! by the grace of God and 24/7 care she is able to do both! she still has many medical issues(some still undiagnosised) but continues to defy the odds. she has been such an inspiration to so many people- young and old! I am in charge of the acolytes and crucifer in our church, Carolyn acolyted this past sunday(with some help) and there were very few dry eyes! there is great power to prayer and Carolyn is proof of that!! i was blessed by God with the talent/gift of being a nurse long before i had Carolyn. there is nothing in the Myrtle Beach area as far as support for parent's or childcare/respite for the children/parents. it has been on my heart for a long time to try and figure out/do something to make a "Buddy's Break" type program or daycare a possibility. to be able to help other parents like myself who do get to the end of the day and have to think "what did i eat today" only to realize that you haven't! or for the parents who truly haven't had sleep in days- most people really don't know what it is like to have to still be able to function(especially if you have other children!) i'm constantly telling everyone around me that everything happens for a reason! God puts people in our life's and things happen at just the right time (his time!) when he knows we need them. usually in my case as an answer to prayer! i thank God at this moment that I just happened to turn the radio on in the kaosis of my life to hear Lisa speaking with Maria, of course not being able to write this until now(never a free moment!). God is good, even when your life isn't! please help me get in touch with Maria so i can reach out and hopefully fulfill a need in others lives as well here where i live. (phone is much easier for me) Thank you SO much!
7/8/2011 6:25:11 AM
Sherri United States
After posting and reading the other posts from parents, it seems obvious that we are all so touched by the caring and love and encouragement from others.  I have a wonderful church which even has a school for disabled children, but my heart breaks for those who don't have this spiritual support.  Is any minister out there called to start and lead an online spiritual support group for those of us who are caregivers? It would mean so much, especially to those who cannot leave their loved ones even to attend church.  We have online resources for medical issues, doctors, etc., but we need a God-centered place to go to ask for prayers, to offer prayers for each other, and to share our prayers of thanksgiving and joy.  I don't know who you are, but I do believe that God is calling someone to help us.
7/8/2011 10:28:29 AM
Dianne United States
You are such a blessing to the parents of your students. Thank you for your love for children with special needs. May the lord continue to bless you.
7/8/2011 10:35:00 AM
Dianne United States
Yes, it is an important ministry. Many people don't understand that though children with special needs age chronologically, many of them remain children developmentally and never go off to college, get a drivers lscense, or get married. Parents that have children with special needs really need help from their local church communities.
7/9/2011 6:54:31 AM
vander United Kingdom
this is a fantastic

help us to spread the word and raise awareness far and wide on titter @specialsat on our blog http://specialsaturday.org/ or on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/104429529649897?ap=1
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