Jul 20 2011



A familiar voice to K-LOVE, Sean Dunn with Groundwire.net, joins us this morning. Groundwire offers you the opportunity to leverage the world's technology to connect thousands of un-churched young people with the Gospel of Jesus. Their mission is to reach outside of the church walls by placing thirty and sixty-second Christ-centered spots on aggressive and influential secular radio stations and TV networks, like MTV.

By partnering with them you can shine light in the midst of darkness, speak hope to the hopeless, and truth to those drowning in lies.

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7/20/2011 7:46:05 AM
Jon United States
I don't know if this is a question comment area but I have had this thing come up and heard about sean while listning and I didn't think twice about asking but its about a friend and they have givin their life to christ there just strugling with some a continual sin in their life and i prayed for them as they denied it the other night , it awesome but they keep questioning why do i have to give it up i only do it once in a while and then said many other kids are doing so much worse, what does it matter i just wanna have some fun once and a while. my response was God can come any day and you must abide and im not perfect either but if you just love God and realize everything he's done for you, you can give that one thing up through him and he will take it away if you pray and have faith and he'll guide you. but it was kinda stopped there cause i didn't have any verses or etc to share and it kinda was left untied at ill stop later ik its wrong but its just dumb that others can come to christ later and not have the guilt. So either an email or a answer on the show would be greatly apreatiated. thank you so much. God bless
7/20/2011 1:18:09 PM
Cheryl United States
Eric- Hubby and I taking my father in law to a baseball game Sunday.  CWS vs. Indians.  GO TRIBE!!!
7/22/2011 4:03:31 AM
Briana Foster South Africa
Briana Foster
My family and I are missionaries here in South Africa so I try to share my faith but it is hard to find the right words and you guys have been such a great encouragement! I love K-Love! I listen to it every day. Thanks
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