Jul 21 2011

It's so hot...

...the ice cream truck melted.  :)

Okay, you're turn.  

It's so hot...

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7/21/2011 4:10:57 AM
Laura United States
My 3rd old is melting his crayons on the sidewalk. He says the sun is making him bigger crayons when they're flattened. Smile
7/21/2011 4:15:44 AM
Laura United States
It's so hot you can bake granola in your car because your oven is broken. (Courtesy of my cousin's friend).
7/21/2011 4:15:46 AM
Chad Taylor United States
Chad Taylor
It's so hot....could you imagine it everyday forever?  Or even hotter than now???  Let this weather be a reminder of how much we do NOT want to land in Hell for all eternity!  Let the coolness of God's peace bring you comfort everyday!
7/21/2011 4:24:00 AM
Brenda United States
It's so hot....I plan on putting dinner in my car while at work and letting it reheat without the heat in the kitchen :o) But seriously..I can grab anything I want to drink and people in hell will be begging for just a drop that will not satisfy.  Makes you rethink your witness to unbelievers.
7/21/2011 4:25:48 AM
Judy United States
It's so hot my water bottle melted in my cup holder and now forever has an awkward handle that wasn't there before..
7/21/2011 4:50:00 AM
Kenyon Moran United States
Kenyon Moran
Its so hot here in Kansas, the devil's complaining to God about the unfair competition!
7/21/2011 5:27:48 AM
Beth Stiffler United States
Beth Stiffler
Local Pittsburgh meterologist, Dennis Bowman, said this morning on KDKA-TV, it will be so hot today that when you see a dog chasing a cat . . . they will both be walking.
7/21/2011 6:01:32 AM
Robin United States
Wow, I feel like this truck - I am melting inside - I need to try to live the verse this morning but just feel so overwhelmed.
7/21/2011 6:29:24 AM
Monica United States
It's so hot that yesterday a man robbed Wal-Mart for a kiddy pool at gun point. (True story)
7/21/2011 7:35:36 AM
Kate United States
It’s so hot and dry in Kansas that the Baptists are starting to baptize by sprinkling, the Methodists are using wet-wipes, the Presbyterians are giving out rain-checks & the Catholics are praying for the wine to turn back into water.
7/21/2011 7:35:49 AM
Kristy C United States
Kristy C
It's so hot that this morning I saw a robin pull a worm out of the ground with a potholder. ;)
7/21/2011 7:36:03 AM
Jen Rayburn United States
Jen Rayburn
It's so hot we had to build a fire to cool off!  ( my uncle said that this weekend!!)
7/21/2011 7:36:25 AM
eric United States
It is so hot:
The Baptist are sprinkling
The Methodist are using wet wipes
The Prespyterians are giving rain checks
The Catholics are praying that the wine be turned back into water
7/21/2011 7:37:04 AM
Debbie United States
My 89 year old Mother said "if hell is this hot we better be good".
7/21/2011 7:37:24 AM
Ali Rogers United States
Ali Rogers
It's so hot... That it's Florida and everyone is scared to leave the house.
7/21/2011 7:37:45 AM
Andrew Fields United States
Andrew Fields
It's so hot that I cooked my entire breakfast on the dashboard of my car on the way to work.
7/21/2011 7:37:46 AM
Chris United States
It's so hot that birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground...
7/21/2011 7:38:12 AM
Debbie C United States
Debbie C
It's so hot that I have found out (the hard way) that my seat belt buckle could be used as a branding iron.

7/21/2011 7:38:15 AM
Kelly C. Fargo, ND United States
Kelly C.  Fargo, ND
Its sooooo hot...that when i fill the kids' pool in the back yard using the hose...they feel like they're taking a bath,alls that is missing is the bubbles!  Smile
7/21/2011 7:38:35 AM
Doug C United States
Doug C
It's so hot... I saw a chicken lay a fried egg. Smile
7/21/2011 7:38:49 AM
Laurie Payne United States
Laurie Payne
The rest of the country now understands how us Florida folks feel every year, lol! Here are some tips from florida to stay cool. Drink plenty of fluids,to remain hydrated. Wet a hand towel and place around your neck. Find shade when possible, stay cool my friends.
7/21/2011 7:40:15 AM
Tucker United States
Its so hot that my friends mom left popcorn in her car amd it started popping. True story!
7/21/2011 7:40:23 AM
La Homa United States
La Homa
It's so hot our chickens are laying boiled eggsSmile
7/21/2011 7:40:51 AM
Ryan H United States
Ryan H
Satin is singing along with Switchfoot This is home.
7/21/2011 7:41:33 AM
Krystal United States
that I was at a water park yesteday and felt like I was swimming in a hot tub.
7/21/2011 7:43:51 AM
Chris United States
It was so hot today I saw a funeral procession pull into a Dairy Queen.
7/21/2011 7:44:51 AM
Chris United States
Its so hot that water now comes out of both taps.
7/21/2011 7:46:05 AM
Leesa Clark United States
Leesa Clark
It is so hot the snow fall we are suppose to get this winter has already melted.
7/21/2011 7:46:46 AM
Teri Nelson United States
Teri Nelson
It' so hot outside the shadows are sweating....
7/21/2011 7:48:48 AM
Marni United States
It is so hot that my son now thinks baby powder is an acceptable fashion statement Smile
7/21/2011 7:51:56 AM
Laura United States
I had a thought yesterday about all this heat. Hell must be even hotter. Why would anyone want to go there? THANK YOU K-LOVE for putting the Word and the music out there so people can know of His Love and believe in Him.
7/21/2011 8:01:22 AM
margaret elson United States
margaret elson
It's so hot the corn in my fields started popping.  My dog is so dumb he thought it was snow and froze to death.
7/21/2011 8:02:17 AM
eric United States
The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.

7/21/2011 8:16:10 AM
John United States
It's so hot that trees are whistling for dogs!
7/21/2011 9:24:58 AM
Jamie United States
These aren't jokes...actual stories.

Its so hot that when I used the windshield washer on my car the solution evaporated before it ran off of the windshield...didn't have to worry about water marks on the windshield Smile

I went outside at 8:00 a.m I thought it was cool outside, when I saw a bank sign with the temp. in Topeka KS, at 8:30 it was 93 degrees, and I had my window down rather than the A/C on. Smile

and finally...its so hot that a refrigerated bottle of water was HOT, like make a cup of hot tea with it, after being left in a car for 45 minutes (with a sun-shade in the window). Smile

Not to mention we have humiditity so high just opening the door causes you to start sweating...gotta love Kansas heat and humidity Smile
7/21/2011 11:09:02 AM
Bailey United States
It's so hot here I took two steps from the kitchen table where I was plastered in front of a fan to the freezer to get some ice cream and the sweat was pouring off of me!
7/21/2011 2:05:08 PM
Janice United States
It's so hot, the farmers are feeding the chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard boiled eggs, and the cows are giving evaporated milk!!
7/21/2011 3:56:00 PM
Jeremy United States
Its so hot... you dont have to check your hot mail on the computer... just check you mail box!!
7/21/2011 5:13:29 PM
Kent B. United States
Kent B.
It's so hot my cars are breaking down. Monday my car wouldn't start after work so I had to get it towed. Tuesday I drove my other car and the heat caused it to overheat, leaving me stranded on my way home from work... again. Wednesday was the most embarrassing. I was driving my freshly fixed car home from work in the 100 degree heat when the electrical on my car malfunctioned causing my car alarm to go off as I was driving. It was humiliating driving past my neighbor's pool party with my lights flashing and my horn honking non-stop. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. It's just proof that God has a sense of humor.
7/21/2011 6:54:40 PM
Derek United States
It's so hot, I burned my fingers typing this...
7/21/2011 8:07:02 PM
Sean Pritchard United States
Sean Pritchard
It's so hot mirages are drying up!
7/22/2011 3:52:47 AM
Briana Foster South Africa
Briana Foster
I am in South Africa so it is cold here so i want the heat to come here!
7/22/2011 6:50:32 AM
Amy Saunders United States
Amy Saunders
I love this picture. With how hot it is hot outside I would not be surprised to see that.
7/22/2011 8:54:39 AM
Susie Lindsay United States
Susie Lindsay
Satan called and he wants his weather back.
7/22/2011 10:12:27 AM
Austin Staggs United States
Austin Staggs
Its sooo hot.... oh wait I live in PHX, AZ its always like this...
7/22/2011 6:50:21 PM
Sean Pritchard United States
Sean Pritchard
It's so hot people are running out of sweat!
7/22/2011 11:41:12 PM
Sean Pritchard United States
Sean Pritchard
It's so hot that a solar eclipse would be the only sun block that would work!
7/23/2011 10:34:30 AM
Rebecca United States
It's so hot... my cat is panting
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