Jul 25 2011

Greatest Moments

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us over the years. We wanted to retrace our steps and take you back through some of the moments on the K-LOVE Morning Show over the past few years...

WOW God - You have WOWed us time and time again, and here are some samples...

An Operation Christmas Child donor "randomly" meets the recipient of the gift in Armenia:

Woman takes picture of husband years before meeting him:

Becky in Louisiana and her adoption story:

The mother of John John, graduating kindergarten today:

Angie Williams was one of the survivors of the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri this spring. Read Angie's full story and see pictures 

Adventures across America - As we've travelled and spoke with you from all parts of the globe, here are some of the adventures we've encountered:

Lisa leads a caravan of strangers to Chicago:

Debbie shares from Plato, MO, the census bureau's exact center of the population bureau of the United States:

The birth of Producer KC's daughter Elianah:

The communication plan with Lisa and Eric once the baby is born (KC to the baby in the womb: "Leave everything the way you found it"):

Lisa reporting from the hospital:

Parenting advice from France to Producer KC, as he awaited for the arrival of his daughter Elianah:


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7/27/2011 3:49:16 AM
Joan Campbell United States
Joan Campbell
sorry to hear you 2 are leaving the show. my husband and  i wake up to your show on K Love every morning on 88.9 out of myrtle beach. i wish you both the best of luck on what ever your going to be doing after K Love morning show. yesterday i heard you this was your las show for the week and i was like what the heck and this morning i told my husband ok i gotta see why they are leaving.
good luck and God bless
Joan Campbell
7/27/2011 4:08:15 AM
cindy adams United States
cindy adams
Why are you guys leaving?
7/27/2011 5:43:27 AM
Terry Easterling United States
Terry Easterling
Sorry to hear you guys are leaving. Klove is all i listen to. But if you are following the paths that God is leading you down. It's all Good because it's all God.... Good luck in your new adventures.
7/27/2011 6:06:51 AM
Marsheli Mullins United States
Marsheli Mullins
I listen to your show every morning as I get ready for work, on the way to work and when I get to work. I feel like you guys are family and I'm sure gonna miss you! But if God is leading you somewhere else, all will be well. I pray His blessings on you in whatever He leads you to. I know God will send us new DJ's to encourage and uplift us the way you both have. I would say God Bless, but I know He already has! So I'll just say 'God Speed'!
7/27/2011 6:08:59 AM
kenneth -n- janet hyman United States
kenneth -n- janet hyman
thank you both for being so real. what a blessing you both have been in our morning. may G0D CONTINUE to be the biggest part of your life. I pray blessings to follow you and your families always. in CHRIST,your friends in texarkana,arkansas
7/27/2011 6:09:26 AM
Angie Newton United States
Angie Newton
I'll miss you guys! I love listening to you every morning and I'm sorry to hear you are leaving. I know God will bless your futures since you both are such good examples of cheerful, loving Christians. What's going to happen on Monday?
7/27/2011 6:13:55 AM
Myra United States
Lisa & Eric, it has been a blessing to listen to you in the mornings after working a long shift at night as an Emergency Responder.  May God continue to bless you each richly and abundantly and from His willed path, may your devotion to your God and your families shower you with God's grace and mercy.
In His Blessed Name,
Myra in Texas
7/27/2011 6:48:48 AM
Rochelle United States
I have tears of sorrow and joy right now...you will be truly missed I promise you that, but on the other hand I am so happy to hear the plans God has for your future! You have been loved by all your listeners, we will miss you, and may God bless your new adventures!!
7/27/2011 7:06:19 AM
Laura Evans United States
Laura Evans
You will be missed, It hardly seems over 2 years. Thank you for how you have shared with us and spurred us onward and upward. Lots of Love and prayers,
In the strong name of Jesus!
7/27/2011 7:12:07 AM
Rusty Parrish United States
Rusty Parrish
In February 2010 we moved from Nashville to the Chicagoland area.  I was SO used to listening to WAY-FM in Nashville every morning and knew they didn't have a station here in Chicago.  I was excited, however, to find KLOVE when we moved here.  You have been my morning friends for the past 18 months and have SO encouraged me!  I pray God's blessings on you both and thank you for being faithful to His calling on your lives!
7/27/2011 7:28:13 AM
Edith United States
NO WAY!!! You made my day brighter!!! I tuned in this week, while driving to work and thought I heard wrong.........you will  be greatly missed. Thanks for making my day every morning!!
7/28/2011 4:33:03 AM
Joan Greenwaldt United States
Joan Greenwaldt
Just wanted to say Thank you! for the past years, I lost my oldest son to suicide 3 years ago and really needed something to HELP me through and both of you along with God did help me through.
You both and Klove are truely a BLESSING . gOOD lUCK WITH YOUR FUTURES!
7/28/2011 5:04:22 AM
Cece Lamascus United States
Cece Lamascus
I have never sent in a comment before this, even though KLOVE has been the only station I have listened to for years.  Lisa, I remember your first day on Klove in the afternoon.  You were so excited that it was infectious.  People fell in love with your wild and cheerful ways immediately.  When you took over the morning spot, you did it with such grace and love.  It has been such a pleasure to listen to you over the years.  I have really appreciated your love for the LORD and your desire to be pleasing to GOD.  When Eric was added, I wasn't sure that it would still have that flow to it. Instead, the two of you have become even better together and have been a great team.  I have grown spiritually with you and have really come to turn toward the LORD with your encouragement and suggestions. You have helped me with a couple of very dark years.  I have overcome the separation of my husband, the loss of my company and the passing of my mother. All of those things came about in the space of a year. Listening to your program helped me turn to the LORD everytime I felt a frustration or sorrow. I will miss hearing your joy and devotion to the WORD. Thank you for your dedication! Bless you on your continuing adventure with the LORD!  Lisa, did you say you will be moving to Denver? Lucky us if you are!
7/28/2011 5:17:23 AM
Michelle United States
I just started listening to K-Love late last year and I fell in love with you both.  I love listening to you on my ride to work each weekday.

I couldn't let you leave without giving you both a great big virtual "hug" wrapping my arms around you so tight and being the last one to let go!

Best of luck and blessings to you Lisa and Eric!  

7/28/2011 7:15:05 AM
Jennifer & Frances United States
Jennifer & Frances
Lisa and Eric,
I listen to you guys on my way to work every day and while I am at work I listen on KLOVE.COM and I am so blessed every day by your stories and your hearts. My 15 yr old daughter Frances listens every morning as she is getting ready for school or whatever the case may be. You have made us laugh, and made us cry and laugh until we cry. We will miss you greatly, but pray only the best of God's grand design for your lives and your families. God bless you as you begin new chapters and maybe once in a while you will call in and surprise the listeners with a "hello".
7/28/2011 11:45:35 AM
Nathan Bise United States
Nathan Bise
I have never commented before on K-love, yet just yesterday I sent in my first Prayer request for my marriage that seems to be at its end...so with that siad...It is with tremendous mixed emotions I write to you both and wish you the best through your new path that you've been called to go down. I will greatly miss sharing my morning worship, devotion, and educational experience you have provided to me when it was most needed. I have had moments of great laughter from the moment I turn you guys on as well as uncontrolable crying when God is speaking directly to me through either of you or the guests you bring on. Not to mention the times I turn K-love on and instantly know that the song playing is meannt for me to be listening to to pull me through my trials in life. You two have given me a place to feel completely imperfect yet perfectly loved by the God I give my life to everyday. Eric I will miss your humor and your bold on the line comments that always need to be said. Lisa, I will miss your laugh and your lack of humilaty for the real life questions you ask that not many others will ask because of humilaty and imbarrisment. I am sure I will learn to wake up to the new morning show in due time as will you learn to enjoy this new path your both embarking down. So please stay intouch with us and let us know the wonderful things God brings into your life as they come. Thank you for all you have done in the name of christ. "Soli Deo Gloria"  God Bless and Good Bye.
7/28/2011 2:25:05 PM
Heather Jacobs United States
Heather Jacobs
Lisa and Eric,

I just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed spending my mornings with you the last 2 years. You both are amazing. Both of you brought a lot of laughter into my life and you also were a huge encouragement to me. I will miss spending my mornings with you. I just wanted to say thank you and I'll be praying for God to use you in even bigger ways in the days and weeks to come. God bless you.
7/28/2011 2:43:44 PM
Lori United States
Lisa & Eric-
I just found  K-Love a little over a year ago . What a wonderful discovery for me at a time when I needed it!!  I started off just listening when I was in my car, then changed the settings on the radio in my bedroom and eventually even changed the radio setting on the radio in the family room. Starting the day off with the two of you is great! I will miss hearing your voices, your sense of humor, the wonderful stories that you share (some make me cry, some make me laugh and I feel like at times what you are sharing was meant for me.) Best wishes to you both as you begin your new journey!
7/28/2011 6:45:59 PM
Mary-Margaret Miles United States
Mary-Margaret Miles
Lisa & Eric,
Where do I begin?? I started listening to K-LOVE when I was 18 taking summer classes at the Columbus Air Force Base.  The base is 45 miles from my house.  I was riding down the road in my orange honda element trying to find a station to listen to and I found K-love!!On my way back home I tried to find the station again at 104.5 but it wouldn't pick up. I listened to static-y k-love the whole summer. Two years later I started nursing school in Columbus.  That is when I found you guys! I have listened to y'all every single morning during my 45 minute commute. I am now 21 and every morning I wake up looking forward to listening to you on my way to my new job in Columbus at the hospital there. Y'all have been so inspirational to me and just really a blessing. Monday when y'all announced Friday was the last day, I felt like I was being broken up with haha. I will miss laughing with you, listening to you, crying with you (Lisa), and learning with you, but I know that God has bigger plans for both of you, but thank you so much Lisa and Eric and K-Love for being in my life and letting me grow with you in Christ.  May God bless both of you!

7/28/2011 6:59:54 PM
Rick R United States
Rick R
  Lisa and Eric, Thank You for making even the very early morning drive a good a time when we all could begin to get our focas on the Lord. Your genuine Love for God diffenitely comes through. You guys mad me laugh even times I didnt want to. From many many many listeners we Thank You and pray Gods best for you both.  Jer. 29:11                    
7/28/2011 7:15:14 PM
Linda United States
Lisa -
Years ago, I was totally attached to the previous Morning Show DJs and I did not want to like you....I could not help but fall in love with you..You were the perfect person to bridge the gap in the sudden change.  I have been listening to you on my way to work ever since, for all these years.  I am so sad to see you go...I will miss you...and I will keep my heart open to the next Morning Show DJs, thanks to you. Thank you for giving of yourself to all of us everyday in every way!  I'm happy for you to have to opportunity to be a full time mom.
7/28/2011 8:16:51 PM
Colleen United States
It broke my heart when I heard you were leaving.  I have listened to you every morning on the way to work from your beginning.  You have touched so many lives and I know that God is so proud of you.  You will be so missed but I am very happy for you both and wish you well and God's continued blessings!
7/29/2011 4:27:41 AM
Sheila United States
Dear Lisa & Eric,
I woke up to you guys the 1st day that you took over 88.1 in Jacksonville, FL. You have been such a blessing to me as well as ALL the KLOVE listeners. I was heartbroken to hear that you were leaving. But I do understand why. Lisa, God has given you an amazing gift of His words for prayers. You touch my heart deeply every time you have prayed on the air, that is one of the ehings I will miss the most. God bless you as you do what is best...raise your precious boys. The fact that you are able to do so is awesome. Enjoy the time with them while they are little.
Eric, you are very brave to listen to what God is leading you towards. I pray that our Lord watches over you both. Thank you so much for blessing me with your voices and yourselves. I am going to miss you SO much. Lisa, wish you had a FB page so I can keep up with your prayer needs with the boys.
God bless you both,
7/29/2011 5:04:50 AM
Beenda United States
Dear Lisa and Eric
I am so going to miss you all. You see I was having a problem finding a good job as a nurse so I took a travel job on NYC. I am now 280 miles from my children and my husband. That I miss so much, I keep telling myself that god has a plan for me and that I am ment to be here for some reason. My son told me about Klove I found so much comfort in the music and made my time here bearable.  So thank you for all your kind words and bringing my faith to a new level . Like you say with god anything is possible god bless both of you.
7/29/2011 5:40:31 AM
Marla United States
You will both be missed greatly, you have been such a blessing to so many people. I wish you both the best of luck on your new adventures no matter what they may be. God bless the both of you and your families.

7/29/2011 5:48:48 AM
Kalyan C India
Kalyan C
Dear Eric & Lisa,

You will be terribly missed. Thanks for all the laughs and great music that you guys played, you made my day at work wonderful.

Love you and God Bless you guys.
7/29/2011 6:24:17 AM
Matt United States
Thank you for the wonderful start you have given to me each morning.  As someone that just over the past month started listening to K-Love again, I hope they leave you page up for awhile so that those of us that have missed some of your past shows can relive them and be blessed by the messages.
7/29/2011 7:20:49 AM
Esther Njuguna United States
Esther Njuguna
Thank you Lisa and Eric ,as i drove to church for morning fellowship this morning i realised im really going to miss you .sometimes i got the word i would share just by listening to you when driving .May God bless you and yoou have been a blessing to us ,loved your energy !
7/29/2011 7:25:34 AM
Geri Bankston United States
Geri Bankston
Thank you so much Lis and Eric for your ministry to me and many others these past few years. You ministered to me through the darkest days of my life after my husband was diagnosed and eventually died from pancreatic cancer. He is now rejoicing in Heaven free from cancer. I cannot begin to tell you how many times the topic of conversation for the morning, a song that you played, or a story that you shared ministered to where I was at that very moment. I have looked forward to hearing you every morning and will miss you both as you follow God's prompting in your lives. I pray that God continues to use you both in a mighty way. God bless you!
7/29/2011 8:27:25 AM
Judy Horey United States
Judy Horey
Lisa and Eric- I am sadden to hear that you are leaving but truly inspired with your committment to follow God's direction for you.  I play K-Love in my ofice daily all day.  I am an Licensed  Clinical Addiction Specialist for a Private non-profitt Comany.  The population I serve is of course addicted to drugs and alcohol but they also have issues that involve anything from legal to Mental health. Many have had trauma in their lives.  I try to show them Jesus' love and the music has cause many of my client to ask about my faith.  I pray that through the music I can have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus' love for them.  He took away my alcoholism and restored my brokeness.  My marriage ended after 7 years due to my drinking and then three later when I got sober God reunited my mariage to my first husband.  After our divorce we each married other people.  I unfortunately married another alcoholic. This turned out to be an emotionally abusive marriage and so I ended that marriage and decided to get sober.  I started to AA and this led me back to God. God has restored my life, my sanity and his redeeming Grace is what I want others to see.  I heard Steven Curtis share that we may not think we are doing anything because we aren't writing the songs or doing the things that stick out (paraphrased)and hearing things like that encourages me because I pray that I am being  light and salt to others.  I give him all Honor, Glory, and Praise, for He is the one true God and He is ALWAYS_ALWAYS FAITHFUl.  I pray blessings upon both of you and your families and I know that God will bring people to step in and provide for the morning show.  God Bless! Judy Horey
7/29/2011 8:59:00 AM
Judy on the North Shore (Chicago) United States
Judy on the North Shore (Chicago)
My heart is breaking, but I am so happy for you both;  God is so good and He is indeed in control.

Thank you for bringing all of His blessings and goodness to us.  We have loved all of your "WOWs" and your other great projects.

There really isn't enough space to write about all that you and KLOVE have done for me and others as well!  (Tears coming!)

You will both be in my prayers as you follow Him;  hope we hear how you are both doing! Smile

God bless you both as you and your families continue on your journeys...with Him!  

Keep looking up!!!  See you in Heaven!
7/29/2011 9:35:23 AM
LanaRose Canada
I've been listening to K-Love for oVer 9 yrs & enjoyed all the great new music & what the radio station has done for people through answering phones & hearing burdens~Christ is King~
May GOD bless us all & you on your new journey wherever that may lead~
7/29/2011 9:36:11 AM
Patti Willams United States
Patti Willams
Dear Lisa and Eric---you guys will be sorely missed. I have listened , laughed and cried so many days to work while listening to you--love , love love you both--you have such a great relaxed and warm sense of humor and deep caring attitudes that will be impossible to replace--may GOD bless you and keep you and all your families safe. You both will be a blessing to whomever and whatever you endeavor--thanks for the memories!!!!
7/29/2011 10:42:18 AM
Josanne Campbell Trinidad and Tobago
Josanne Campbell
All i can say is thank you ever so much for allowing God to use throughout the years you've been at K-love, You guys have been such a tremendous blessing to me as a young adult and the love of Christ is just evidently flowing in and through your lives... i thank God for the opportunity of getting to listen to the k-love morning show and being apart of that family. As you (both) move on to that which God has called you to do i pray that you take the same passion (and so much more) into the paths God has so specifically designed for your lives. I'll miss  you... but i also know that God has great things planned for you both.. God bless you!! (and yes this is coming all the way from the Caribbean with a whole lot of love)
7/29/2011 1:42:04 PM
Julie woods United States
Julie woods
Thank you for your encouragement over the past years. I have prayed with you most mornings. Thank you for letting God use you and continuing to be open to His leading.
Julie. (93.3 charleston west Virginia)
7/29/2011 2:05:12 PM
Luisa Penaherrera United States
Luisa Penaherrera
Lisa & Eric,
Waaaaaahh! That's me throwing a fit. I am going to miss you guys sooo much. Thank you for being real. I have enjoyed my morning drive to work with you guys and God. I have been encouraged, I have laughed, and cried. Thank you so much and God bless you in your new adventures.
With lotsa love,
Luisa & Erik
7/29/2011 3:07:08 PM
Dorthey Jacobelli United States
Dorthey Jacobelli
It is indeed bittersweet to see you go.  You have been like friends I have never met.  Again and again, God has touched my life through your show.  I am thrilled for Lisa.  I had the pleasure and honor of being a stay at home mom for 11 years.  I still still so miss it. I believe you will find it to be hardest yet best paying job you will ever have.  Eric, I am so impressed by your courage to step out in faith.  I struggle with fear and control issue.

You will both continue to be in my prayers.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  SO many lives have been changed by you!
7/29/2011 7:55:11 PM
Paulla Poteet United States
Paulla Poteet
Since my son introduced me to KLove I have listened to the two of you  via iPhone app, you aren't available in my area.  You ride along with me on my 1 1/2 hour drive every morning to work. You have been a joy, inspiration and a blessing. I wish you both the best. As Casting Crowns sing, "I choose to listen and believe the voice of truth" it is a path that God has chosen for you and you heeded the call. Even in your parting, you are still a testimony.  Both of you and your families will be in my prayers. Thank you for giving of yourselves.
7/31/2011 2:27:20 AM
Dee Miller United States
Dee Miller
May God continue to walk along side with both of u, leading ur path. I admire ur courage to follow God's plans instead of ur own. Thank u for all the mornings u made me laugh, cry and most importantly all the mornings u helped me to focus on the single most important thought....God. Thank u for becoming a companion on my commute to work...You will b missed.
7/31/2011 12:24:31 PM
star atherton United States
star atherton
I have been out of town and didn't hear why you are leaving,but I hope it is something amazing!I sure have enjoyed listening to you on KLOVE in Charlotte,NC.I wish you both all of God's blessings for you and let you know that you will be missed!Smile
8/1/2011 10:22:21 AM
Pearl Barman United States
Pearl Barman
Lisa, Eric, its so hard to know that you will not be on the radio on my drive into work. I will truly miss the both of you. I know that God has bigger plans for the both of you and I send my blessings to you. You will be dearly missed!!!! May God continue to bless you and your families.
8/1/2011 10:27:21 PM
Gina Meis United States
Gina Meis
So sad to see you go Lisa and Eric.  Hope I can continue to listen to the morning show, not sure.  Sometimes they overplay the push for fresh water or thought for the day.
8/4/2011 7:28:17 PM
Cathy Canada
I can't believe that I will know longer hear your voices each day, I so have enjoyed listening to you.God bless you both and your families.Smile
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