Oct 27 2011

Craig West

Over the past few months, JD Chandler has been blessing your mornings while we have been eagerly looking for a new Morning Show team. After much searching and praying, we've found the perfect match! Listen on Friday morning, November 4th, to hear who it is and in the meantime get to know the voices you will hear:

Craig West

  • I was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in Atlanta, GA, and went to high school in Wisconsin. 
  • In '90 my wife and I eloped in my '67 VW Bug to Carlsbad, CA and have been together ever since! We also have two kids and a dog that sings on command.
  • My wife teaches a lot in the Middle East through a ministry we started over a decade ago.
  • I heard "The Basics Of Life" from 4Him on a radio station in '94 while driving to host a "shock jock" morning show on a classic rock radio station.  One month later, I was doing mornings on a Christian music radio station.  Ha! That's our God for ya'!

Now you know who I am, share your family photo with us by tagging the K-LOVE Morning Show Facebook Page

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Comments (38) -

10/28/2011 5:45:19 AM
Darrell Jordan United States
Darrell Jordan
Well. Google is a wonderful tool. Smile How about Mike Kankelfritz? Smile
10/31/2011 11:16:15 AM
Sarah Rowe United States
Sarah Rowe
Well, it's not me...I had to cheat and Google the name Darrell left! LOL!
10/31/2011 12:00:15 PM
Darrell Jordan United States
Darrell Jordan
LOL Sarah. I found a site that mentioned him leaving for Klove. Now if they just post the other person's clues so we can figure that one out. Smile

10/31/2011 2:28:38 PM
Pamela United States
I think its John and Sherry.
11/1/2011 4:53:18 AM
Sharon Gault United States
Sharon Gault
I think it is Ben Mathes and his wife.
11/1/2011 6:41:36 AM
Nikki United States
I hope it is Lisa and Eric!!!!!
11/1/2011 9:44:11 AM
Leslie United States
well the kind of gave it away. when you click on the like it takes you to Lisa and Eric's old blog. so I think it is Eric.
11/1/2011 10:48:16 AM
Jane Mouttet United States
Jane Mouttet
Not sure who, but I don't think Darrell is right. The bio doesn't match what I found using Google for Mike Kankelfritz.
11/1/2011 12:37:20 PM
Sheilah United States
I HOPE it's Jon and Sherry!  Miss them!
11/1/2011 1:41:44 PM
Michele United States
Me too.  I would love to have John and Sherry back.  They are the voice of morning radio for me.
11/1/2011 3:41:41 PM
tgk United States
Here is the answer for 1 of 2...the question now is who is his "best friend?"  Maybe it's you Jane! Smile

11/1/2011 3:43:09 PM
tgk United States
Might have to copy/paste link into your browser to get it to work.
11/1/2011 5:13:26 PM
Kathy United States
I wish it was Jon and Sherry, too, but the one glitch in that, from the clues given, is they only have 1 daughter, and it says the "Mystery host(s) have two children.
11/1/2011 5:43:21 PM
Kathy United States
It's not Mike Kankelfritz
11/1/2011 6:42:42 PM
Kathy United States
FOUND THIS AT http://www.hisair.net/news1.htm  sorry, guess it is Mike.

KSBJ/Houston morning co-host Mike Kankelfritz has announced he is leaving KSBJ. After five years as the Morning Show co-host, Mike's last day will be Wed 10/19 and he will be headed to mornings with KLOVE in Indianapolis. KSBJ has begun a national search for a new Morning Co-Host for Coppelia. More details coming soon. Click here to hear the audio of  Kankelfritz announcement on KSBJ. EMF officials say details regarding the morning show will be released next week. (10/10)
11/1/2011 7:42:31 PM
Barbara ann sheel United States
Barbara ann sheel
It's Craig West. Smile
11/1/2011 9:55:13 PM
Alex United States
Eric is from Chicago, I'm pretty sure. So I dont think it's him... He works for Air1 now. I think it's Mike.
11/2/2011 8:35:37 AM
Brenda Horton United States
Brenda Horton
Dang I hoped for JD and Amy.  I heard JD was moving and was hoping to Indiana.  I love JD and am really gonna miss him
11/2/2011 8:57:30 AM
Jane Mouttet United States
Jane Mouttet
My guess is that Mike Kankelfritz is mystery host #2. Still don't have a guess on #1.
11/2/2011 11:45:46 AM
Davud Lewis United States
Davud Lewis
Is it John from the ranch in Texas? Him and his wife had the morning show 2in years ago.
11/2/2011 12:08:57 PM
rogernunn United States
11/2/2011 12:34:43 PM
Natasha United States
I really doubt, as much as I miss them too, that it is Jon and Sherry.  I am sure that whom ever it is will be a great addition to the KLOVE family. Having said that, Jon and Sherry were a huge part of anyone's life that listened to KLOVE.  We miss them and would love an update, I'm just saying Smile
11/2/2011 1:47:03 PM
Cris United States
I, too, would love to see Jon & Sherry come back!  But I agree, the bio info doesn't match them.  In an interview, they said they got married in 1989, not 1990.

I am confident that whoever it is, I will love them, just like I loved Jon & Sherry, just like I loved Lisa & Eric!
11/2/2011 1:59:52 PM
steve fazzini United States
steve fazzini
Your new KLOVE Morning Show team is:
Craig West & Michael Kankelfritz, you gotta love you tube & google.  
11/2/2011 3:10:02 PM
Marian United States
I use GoodSearch.com for my search engine & I found out that is IS Craig West & Michael Kankelfritz - here's a link for a story about it:
11/2/2011 3:26:17 PM
Michele United States
Yes, I too would love an update on Jon & Sherry.
11/3/2011 10:14:39 AM
Jamie Clark United States
Jamie Clark
I would love to have an update on Jon & Sherry & little Lexie.  Who I'm sure is no longer so little.
11/3/2011 10:26:40 AM
shannon United States
i think it's Craig West and Mike Kankelfritz, not sure who # 3 is..
11/3/2011 8:01:52 PM
Jesika Moore United States
Jesika Moore
If it is Craig West, Mike K, and Amy B, it will be another brilliant connection...hopefully there will be sparks and fun...we all know the world we live in isn't getting any easier or less chaotic!
Looking forward to the announcement on my drive...
11/4/2011 5:10:59 AM
Jeff Brown United States
Jeff Brown
The bearded guy with the glasses is Craig West. He just left a Christian morning show in Tulsa to join KLOVE. He's great.
11/4/2011 6:46:03 AM
suzy United States
IT'S CRAIG WEST!  An incredibly brilliant voice for God - funny and invigorating - It's going to be a whole new kind of wonderful!
11/4/2011 9:10:18 AM
Leslie United States
Oh it is Craig! Oh how the KXOJ family misses you but I am thrilled to know you will be on KLOVE! You are an amazing person and the KLOVE family is beyond blessed to have you working with them!
11/4/2011 9:52:32 AM
J&J United States
Hey Craig, got a big kick out of you and Mike; both of you and Amy are well suited.
I noticed in your travel map with Mike, you took a rather circuitous route. Oh well, you get to see more corn fields that way. May I pass along info from a this ol'seasoned traveler, always know exactly where you are lost. But I always knew which way gravity flowed.
11/4/2011 10:36:39 AM
Jackie United States
Welcome to K-Love!!  I'll be anxiously listening Monday AM.  May God bless you as you begin this new season!
11/4/2011 9:22:34 PM
Kristin United States
That video was a riot!!! Can't wait to get to know you all. If you made that video, I know there will be a great sense of humor along with the Morning show. Welcome, Welcome!
11/4/2011 9:41:51 PM
Stephanie McFadden United States
Stephanie McFadden
GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  Craig, Kanklefrizenegershnaglefritz and Amy are going to be wonderful!  Rock on....remember you are actually playing for "An Audience of One" - all for the Glory of God.  May your talents reach far and wide to bring more  people closer to God!  Have a great time and I look forward to following you for years!
11/4/2011 10:43:25 PM
katie United States
Welcome to klove In look forward to listening to you
11/5/2011 5:17:55 AM
Alice United States
Craig is the best! I love his family stories! Congratulations to the whole new team!
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