Nov 09 2011


Caught Kankelfritz changing his brakes in the K-LOVE parking lot. Impressive!

I discovered an app that tells you who has dumped you as a friend on Facebook. Take our poll,would you want to know who Friend Dumped you, like Amy, or do you want to join Craig and I tubing down the "De-Nile" river?

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11/9/2011 6:02:17 AM
Kelli Marone United States
Kelli Marone
11/9/2011 6:02:42 AM
Kelli Marone United States
Kelli Marone
11/9/2011 6:06:29 AM
Melinda United States
My vehicle is due for an oil change, see you soon! ;)
11/9/2011 6:23:48 AM
Alyson United States
You know you love your truck when you bleed for it.
11/9/2011 6:56:14 AM
Kathryn United States
MIKE I have missed you! I moved to Midland Texas from The Woodlands were I listened to you and Susan on KSBJ. I was out of town last week and when I turned on my radio on Tuesday morning I heard your voice and I  knew it was you before they even said your name. I am so glad to hear you on the KLove family. How is Abby Grace and Sam and your lovely bride Becky? God Bless you and your family!
11/9/2011 6:57:59 AM
Amy United States
I think someone looking to see who dumped them can cause unnecessary hurt feelings or misunderstandings. I personally "unfriend" a couple ppl, but not because I had anything against them. I in learning how to use facebook accidentally sent friend requests to everyone in my email address book. My address book saves ppl when you send an email so someone that I didn't really "know" because it was a one time email over an ad I replied to or even a group project I may have been working on with some folks. I meant nothing by "unfriending" them but  they are not folks in my life on a regular basis and some may have been a 1 time contact. To see I dumped them would give them a very different idea.
11/9/2011 8:16:39 AM
Toni United States
I love the new morning show (I loved you too JD)!  And I think it's great that Kankelfritz changed his brakes in the parking lot.  I am a woman and as a girl/young woman I changed my own tire at the bank, swapped out a celanoid in a school parking lot, started my car at the 7-11 with a screwdriver wedged in the butterfly valve of my carberator (my dad taught me that one).  It saves a lot of money in mechanic and towing fees Smile
11/9/2011 8:49:34 AM
Teresa Mask United States
Teresa Mask
My maiden name is Cruikshanks so I know all about growing up with a funny last name. At least I was able to change mine by getting married. I feel for you Kanklefritz!  Scott Depot,WV
11/10/2011 5:45:43 AM
terry maguire United States
terry maguire
Mike I feel discouraged that you are hiding your first name on air, I feel you should let listners know your first name, and not introduce your self as your last name. I beleive this is a contractual
loop hole so you need to use your last name.

I ask that we be held accountable under are faith
and be truthfull.

thank you
11/10/2011 8:00:43 AM
KevK United States
Kankelfritz, I use LinkedIn alot. Did a search for you and came up with Coppelia.  Were you scheduled or did you host the Morning Show with her in the Houston area? If that was you, I hope it was an amicable separation.

Glad to have you in NY/NJ.

11/10/2011 12:27:40 PM
kelly mcgee-allen United States
kelly mcgee-allen
I was just wondering is Kankelfritz a last name?
11/10/2011 1:01:43 PM
Monica Wright United States
Monica Wright
Tubing down the Nile for sure.Smile
11/10/2011 1:39:07 PM
Rachel United States
Gross! haha I go with Amy by the way unless I dont notice their gone.
11/11/2011 5:07:16 AM
terry maguire United States
terry maguire
Mike, you are a good Godly man in my opinion.
my concern is, why dont you let us all know on air
your first name? are you hiding from something??

please, you did a great job on 89.3 KS radio.
please do what is right in the sight of our LORD.
I emailed several times but nobody will respond??
thank you and God Bless.

11/11/2011 8:02:01 AM
Ron Williams United States
Ron Williams
NICE!!!  Do what ya gotta do to keep her far as the stained hands...GOJO works the best...then lots of dishes!!! Your wife will love ya for it!!!
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