Nov 18 2011

Good News and a Love Story

recent CareerBuilder survey found that 29 percent of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers for the holidays, with 30 percent of employers planning to transition some holiday help into full-time, permanent staff.

Want some more good news? Here’s a list of 10 companies hiring:

1. American Management Services  Industry: Consulting, sales/marketing, management  Sample job titles: Field sales manager, consultant/senior executive analyst, business coordinator

2. Bob Evans  Industry: Restaurants  Sample job titles: Restaurant assistant manager, marketing intern, GM

3. Cardinal Health  Industry: Health-care distribution/supplies  Sample job titles: Sales representative, marketing, courier driver, customer service, IT

4. Certified Payment Processing  Industry: Finance/banking  Sample job titles: Sales, account manager, customer service

5. Cracker Barrel  Industry: Restaurant and retail  Sample job titles: Restaurant manager, retail manager

6. Family Home Health Services  Industry: Health care  Sample job titles: Business development managers, nurses

7. Harbor Freight Tools  Industry: Retail  Sample job titles: Senior financial analyst, manager – store operations, sales associate

8. Reyes Holdings LLC Industry: Transportation  Sample job titles: Drivers, warehouse workers, sales account managers, IT, finance

9. The Delta Companies  Industry: Health care Sample job titles: Physical therapist, OT

10. Walden Security  Industry: Security services provider  Sample job titles: Unarmed security officer, EMT/security officer, force protection officer, general manager 


Here's a romantic story for you that we just love!

After dating for 17 years, elderly couple gets married.

LEWISTON, Maine — A Maine couple has proven that true love knows no age limits.

Eighty-eight-year-old Paul Walker married his longtime sweetheart, 87-year-old Ann Thayer, in a Lewiston rehabilitation center Tuesday in front of a small group of family and friends.  Seated during the ceremony, the two leaned toward each other to kiss not just once but three times after being pronounced husband and wife at the Marshwood Center, where Walker is undergoing rehabilitation.  "I don't think I've seen a bride and groom kiss three times," rehab center administrator Sheri Nadell told the Sun Journal newspaper after the ceremony. 

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11/18/2011 6:40:53 AM
Rolly United States
I was listening this Morning when that young man came to Christ.  Started rejoicing driving down the road, got me to thinking about the rejoicing in the presence of the angels! What a great way to start our day!
11/18/2011 9:49:52 AM
Luiza berbereia United States
Luiza berbereia
What happened to Kelly...I love she still with klove
11/18/2011 5:47:44 PM
Shara United States
I had to go into work just as Todd said he wanted to accept Christ this morning.   I wanted a follow-up report - did he pray to receive Christ?  Any word on the outcome of his sentencing today?  THANK YOU for jumping on that opportunity so quickly and so naturally today - it was a model for us all.
11/19/2011 11:27:00 AM
Pearl Barman United States
Pearl Barman
Thanks Amy and the rest of the morning show I am enjoying listening. I will always miss Eric and Lisa, but we all know that God has his plans for them. Welcome and so proud of what happen with Todd the other morning. God works miracles to those who are searching. I hope and pray for him to continue to get to know God and turn his life around.
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