Nov 22 2011

Carrying Heavy Baggage

A "nocturnal" orchid that blooms only under the cover of darkness has been discovered on a tropical island in the South Pacific — a first for the orchid world, scientists say. God uses the natural to reveal the supernatural, so leave it up to Him to give us a beautiful orchid that only blooms in darkness to remind us that out of our own dark times, beautiful things come.



Heavy bags equals heavy thoughts!

Researchers found that when we are physically weighed down, with anything from groceries to gifts, our thoughts inescapably turn to serious -- weighty -- subjects.  Apparently, the wiring in our brain sparks directly fromphysical weight to psychological weight.  When we’re toting a big haul, we're more likely to be suddenly struck by the importance of current events or issues in the world around us, according to the report published in the Journal of Consumer Behavior.

They found that carrying a heavy load leads consumers to feel an unrelated event as being more important and more stressful.  In other words, people carting around heavy bags were more likely to say lots of stuff was really important.  The study also found that psychological impact of a heavy load could be diminished when people thought about lightweight objects, such as balloons and feathers.


The 18th editon of "Emily Post's Etiquette," the quintessential guide to modern manners, has been revised!  This time it will include several chapters that cover manners in social media and technology, or “netiquette”.

Here’s one you’ve probably ignored: never interrupt a conversation to answer a call, email or text.

The book frowns upon cellphone use in a place of worship, theater, or restaurant, orduring a meeting or presentation.

Other phone faux pas include typing, eating, shuffling papers or doing anything that tells the caller your attention is elsewhere.

And put down that smartphone, flower girl: neither the bride, the groom, nor any other guest should be tweeting at a wedding.

The book further contends that human contact still matters, and it says people should talk in person whenever possible, especially to communicate important news.  You can find answers to all your burning etiquette questions on your smartphone by going to the mobile version of

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This YouTube mom may need a real bouquet after she discovers her two boys emptied a 5-pound bag of flour in the living room.'s Dara Brown reports.

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11/22/2011 8:06:40 AM
Wanda Jordan United States
Wanda Jordan
I have viewed the video, and as a grandmother of young boys. I can firmly tell you that this is totally possible. What make take great effort on our part, a three year old can preform task that they are not supposed to be able to with great ease.
Experienced grandmother for messes like these..........
11/22/2011 10:32:46 AM
JRoAnne Bergman United States
JRoAnne Bergman
I tried to call this morning but as usual cannot get through. When I'm 'full' I've said for years that I am sufficiently sufonsified (sp)!  Usually a good loud BURP lets people know you are full and now have room for a bit more! lol  Thanks for being there for me on my 45 min drive to work. My first holidays without my beloved hubby are not easy but God and K Love will get me through....  blessings, RO
11/22/2011 3:26:41 PM
Donna Santi United States
Donna Santi
Well I can tell you first hand that this can totally happen.  When my twin girls were just up and mobile they got into petroleum jelly and also a supply of baby powder.  Needless to say about five baths later and hours of vaccuming everything was fine.  I knew they were a little too quiet!!
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