Nov 29 2011

Smart Christmas shopping

As we all begin to shop for Christmas, here is an article by Dave Ramsey for some smart shopping tips. How do you shop smart for Christmas?  Dave Ramsey's Top 10 List



It's fun to hear Linus (from Peanuts) read the Christmas Story as part of the "Why do we call it Christmas..." contest - which got us talking about our childhood blankets and the unique ways our parents finally got us to give us the blanky. What's your blanket story?

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11/29/2011 8:15:48 AM
Kim.In.Ky United States
Once again Dave to the rescue Smile God gave some people knowledge and financial wisdom and for the rest of us he gave us Dave Smile
11/29/2011 9:30:14 AM
Catherine United States
Thank you for playing Bryan D this morning! It was nice to hear him over the waves again!
11/29/2011 9:37:20 AM
Elvie Puzon United States
Elvie Puzon
When I went to see my son in Safford, drove from Tuczon airport and listened to KLove...I really love all the songs and inspirational words of wisdom..It makes the driving easy and enjoyable though I am alone.. Thank you all and God bless you....
11/29/2011 10:56:28 AM
Valerie Atwell United States
Valerie Atwell
I actually don't have a blanket story, but a silky pillow case story.  My mother was constantly making me satin pillow cases because I would wear them out.  I had and may still have a thing where the feel of something silky is comforting to me.  I couldn't sleep without it.  I haven't thought about that in a really long time and I'm swimming in wonderful memories.  Thank you for posting this.  It really took me back and made me smile.  Just like listening to you guys, I love it!  You make my drive to work in the morning really enjoyable and uplifting so that I can deal with the rest of my day.  
11/29/2011 2:14:04 PM
Amanda Gerodias United States
Amanda Gerodias
I don't think my parents really pushed me to give up my blanket. As a pre-teen, when my aunt had a baby, I just decided I did not need it anymore and I gave it to him to use.
11/30/2011 4:40:54 AM
cathy United States
Thank you for thanking the military for their sacrifice. So many times I tried to explain to family, friends and co-workers that yes, I've been all over the world in war and peace but I had to leave everything and everyone behind to do it. No one got it. All they saw was all the "cool" places I'd been. Thank you for giving it a perspective that others may be able to understand.
11/30/2011 5:56:18 AM
Phillip United States
I just wanted to say that it is funny to hear this contest.  I am the director of the drama team at my church.  We just decided a couple of weeks ago to do the Charlie Brown Christmas as our Christmas Play this year.  It will be a shorted version, but will revolve around Linus reciting the Christmas story.  I was getting prepared for that when I heard about this contest.  I believe that God sent that as confirmation that this was what we were meant to be doing. Thank you guys for all that you do in your ministry.
11/30/2011 6:16:13 AM
Allen Betancourt United States
Allen Betancourt
AAAaaaawww. I dont have a blanket story it was a teddy bear story... And I kept it till his arms tore But When i asked my Wife to date me. We were at Ingram Park Mall and I asked here to date me. It was a Friday afternoon and i waited until Monday for here response.. She said yes and i went to the same Mall and Bought two yellow stuffed duckies and we exchanged them... It has been almost 9 years now and we still have our duckies... I am in the military and left a year ago to Korea and had to leave them at home... Yes i still have the other duck... I brought them over to visit and now the Duck belongs to Our Wonderful blessing, Our Daughter, Ariella Bella  Betancourt... So it went from a bear to a Duck and well now our Daughter owns the ducks.... Merry Christmas......Allen      I love You ANA! V. Betancourt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/30/2011 6:22:55 AM
Liana R. United States
Liana R.
When I was 5 I lost my blanket and my Mom gave me a dish cloth to cuddle with. I used it for the next 2 1/2 years. I then used it as a glasses wipe. I still use it to this day. Oh! I am 18 going on 19. Smile
11/30/2011 6:23:39 AM
Liana O. United States
Liana O.
Sorry. I typed Liana R. above. It was meant to be Liana O. Sorry.
11/30/2011 8:02:55 AM
Latrissa United States
My daughter is almost 19 and she has had a sheet she carries around with her. To this day it goes with us-her everywhere .  It has been from NY to HI......and she will not give it up.  Her dad will hide it from her and the fight is on.  A grown young woman going to nursing school and carries a worn out sheet around!!! I told her when she gets married I will have to put a piece in her bouquet so she can touch it at all times.......she is our Linus Smile).
11/30/2011 3:24:00 PM
Tammy Stearns United States
Tammy Stearns
I heard you talking about Linus and his blanket, but I didn't hear anyone say thing on why he was able to let his blanket go when he dropped it. When he starts the Christmas story it was no mistake. He did it when he began saying "fear not" because he was(Luke 8:14),or peanuts creator, Charles Schulz being a Christian him self, wanted everyone to know that even though Linus couldn't be without his blanket, Linus had confidently believed that Jesus could comfort him, and that time he let go of his blanket, to be comforted by the baby Jesus his Savior. YSIC
12/1/2011 6:41:47 AM
john mulu Bangladesh
john mulu
This thread has great information on shopping.  A friend of mine told me about this cool app that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (for themselves or as a gift).  Here's the link - I think the app is coming out around Black Friday but you can sign up now:
12/1/2011 8:02:22 AM
Gennifer United States
We don't do Santa.  The children make a list of who they can get for or do for.  This  year my 5 yr old is making Christmas ornaments from fun foam I have at the house and bracelets for her teachers.  The boys are going to be doing for others like helping an elderly lady or gentleman put their packages in their car for them w/o being paid.   We have fun with it.  
12/3/2011 11:10:50 AM
Will Kelly United States
Will Kelly
I got a lion king blanket when the movie first came out. I was four. To this day I still have it and use it, partly for sentimental reasons, but also because it is legitimately the most comfortable blanket I've ever had.
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