Dec 05 2011

I Bought a Christmas Tree

Out of this little boot will grow a 3 inch spruce tree that I planted this morning. I think I'll have a tough time finding ornaments for it though.


Is your tree up yet?


Here's the wreath that Amy's mom-in-law made from the leftovers from her too tall Christmas tree.



Today we shared the list of gifts maybe NOT to give this holiday. Here is the list:

1. An appliance

2. The partial gift -­ satellite radio without the subscription fee paid, no batteries.

3. The improving gift - Any gift that could possibly be construed as a criticism should be struck instantly from your list.  A diet cookbook (Amy will take yours!), workout DVD, cologne.

4. The gift of exercise ­ - gym memberships

5. A puppy


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12/5/2011 6:45:31 AM
Amy Saunders United States
Amy Saunders
I think that it will be a few years before you will br able to decorate your tree. Amy I love the wreath. I love to here you in the radio you help me start my day

12/5/2011 6:34:11 PM
G.F.M United States
Our tree is up, all twelve feet of it haha.
12/6/2011 8:21:13 AM
Toni United States
Our tree is here but waiting to take it's place of honor in the living room so we can decorate it.  I usually decorate two weeks before Christmas.
12/7/2011 11:40:13 AM
Katherine B United States
Katherine B
No, ours is not up yet, waiting for family to come and get ours with them.
12/8/2011 8:38:04 AM
Leslie United States
3 inch tree! Hummm. How about glitter for the tinsil, red thread for garland, miniture jewelry beads for ornaments, and two school supply gold stars for the topper (pressed together back to back).
12/15/2011 2:28:13 PM
Danny United States
Me and my family ever year goes out in the moutains and stay untilled  we see the tree that God has for us sometimes it takes four or five hours but to us it's the tree that God has for us the best part to us is setting up the tree  as a family should  and we put the lights on together  I allways say if you work together as a family you stay as family in Gods name, God Bless.
12/15/2011 2:33:27 PM
Danny United States
And one more thing we might not have a lot of money but ever year me and my family fix lunch to the one's that don't have much we injoy it a lot our faith is in it anyways.
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