Dec 06 2011

Video, Cattywampus, and more

Check out this adorable video - can't help but laugh with this little cutie!


Here is the 'word of the week' - thanks to K-LOVE Engineer, Bob!


How would you use 'cattywampus' in a sentence this week?


Christmas Cards or Christmas Letters? We've been debating this - Amy loves letters, Craig and Kank prefer to get cards....what do you think?


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12/6/2011 8:24:37 AM
Toni United States
"A leg on my tree stand broke now my Christmas Tree is all cattywampus."

And... I did a Christmas Letter one year only and prefer good old-fashioned Christmas Cards with a little hand-written sentiment.
12/6/2011 12:24:26 PM
Tammy United States
I just wanted to stop by and say Thank you!  I listen to Klove everyday and I don't think I could make it through my day with out it. Your words and music lift me up and start my day off in the right direction. I thank God for all that you do.  Love and prayers Tammy Gue
12/6/2011 9:45:59 PM
G.F.M United States
I've heard this word before.
I tried to ride a unicycle and I was all cattywampus.
12/7/2011 5:04:05 AM
Jason United States
I was pulling christmas decorations and fell on my kastuzywoppy. Now my back is all cattywampus.
12/7/2011 7:27:05 AM
Shari Morris United States
Shari Morris
Cattywampus is used for giving directions in the Texas Panhandle. For instance, you are standing on the curb of a four-way intersection, and you want to go from that curb to the curb on the other side of the street diagonally. My sentence - There is my friend on the corner cattywampus to where I am. Smile
12/8/2011 8:59:10 AM
Leslie United States
That is the most cattywampus Santa I have ever seen.

I love a letter if one can summarize their year on one page. If not, we have story time after dinner and I use vocal expression to make it more interesting. Otherwise, I send cards.
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