Dec 19 2011

Christmas goodies, blessings, and more...

Choices, choices, choices....

With so many goodies to choose from this season, it's easy to overindulge! Here is an article (click here) to help you along the way.


Joyful day for soldier's widow at Texans game.

Check out this story. What a blessing for a fallen soldier's family this Christmas! 


Brands out by 2015?

Prophet recently conducted a spot survey of some 5,000 U.S. consumers to see which brands they’d put on the deathwatch for anytime between now and 2015.
Anyone who even skims the news headlines will find their rankings no big surprise: Eastman Kodak topped the list with 27 percent of the group, with Netflix and the U.S. Post Office coming in with 19 percent and 18 percent of the vote. RIM (Blackberry) came as fourth most likely to fail (14 percent), and Sears came in fifth (11 percent). slideshow: See the 5 brands most likely to be gone by 2015.

But what was interesting about this exercise was less the polled group’s choices and more their observations about these brands’ failings:
About Netflix: “They have shown they don’t know their own clients. They are not even clear with what they want as a company. It is a mess.”
U.S. Post Office: “Inefficient and obsolete.” 

What brands do you miss?  Cereal? Candy? Cars? Restaurants?

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